The two world wars effectively exterminated the masculine men of Europe...

The two world wars effectively exterminated the masculine men of Europe, that along with phalates in consumer products and brith control in the drink water leads to a generation of cucks who let their civilization slip through their fingers.

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Of course. War is dysgenic. The shabbos goys fought for Israel and let the soy-based hammers of zog shift the Overton window to complete faggotry and degeneracy while they were getting blown up. It killed two birds with one stone. It provided the Zionists with a land based on Jewish identity and killed millions of Europeans and European-Americans.. While one Weimar was destroyed, the new one was being constructed right under our noses

Did your stupid ass make this thread thinking you were making some profound point?

Maybe but world war one was conducted meant to destroy the monarchy.
World war 2 was conducted because of the new economical model nsdap germany established and had to be destroyed which took half the world to best them and for what?
To be brainwashed and turned into cucks.
Is all fucked.

This is such a trash idea. If this were true, all masculine men would've been wiped out a LONG time ago. Modern warfare is much less selective than ancient/medieval warfare. It's more akin to a localized plague than traditional combat.


Threads like this are always an attempt to blackpill by people who like to have knowledge but hate action so they justify it with the idea that everybody else is like them.

This is actually true user. There are no men left. Just women.

It's ironic they call /pol and the chan users radical extremists when most factions of /pol are anti-war. It hurts white people in every way, our military is a third world shit show as far as personel are concerned (technology and weaponry is quite superior, unique in many ways even the closest of rivals like Russia have an entirely different military structure and hardly comparable) but every time we go to war, white people are blamed, more white guilt is instilled and batters the already broken white identity, 18-30 aged military men flood the west seeking refugee status. It never ends. The only hope is that the chans and friends have effectively shifted the overton window by meme warfare and powerful irony and tact. However, the zionists have waged war on shutting down and censoring free speech to disrupt organization and wide spread think tanks. I.e. Kiwis can receive jail-time for 8channing and article 13 in Europe.

No it isn't it took brainwashing and propaganda to get rid of men not the war it's self.

Fuck off, tranny.

Sweden was neutral in both world wars but is the most cucked country in Europe so there goes your "theory".


Prisons, motherfucker. Strength is in peace.

You know, if you weakass bitches are going to whine about Ye Olde Machinegun Europe, I’m going to whine about something more modern. I’m still angry that leftists ran a moralistic purge against unacceptable videogame content and then had the gall to treat their OPPONENTS as lacking inclusivity.

Is this a big, worthy complaint I’m making? No. Neither is your fucked up obeisant slabewarrior shit, acting like shattering into violence and failing as a man is strength. Live in peace! It’s not that hard!

No thanks cobber, I'd rather rebuild my race to greatness again and destroy (you).

Thank God I am not a civilization but rather the expression of a family bloodline, looks like I will just attend to my family bloodline and not worry about civilization.

The American revolution, Australia, and the wave of European migrants at the end of the 19th century had already wrecked the European gene pool by siphoning anyone with a spine out of Europe. The world wars were the final blow

See this is what I don't really understand. The current system that exists is essentially that of chaos. Chaos with just a small lick of order that only assumes that guise in the form of money. There is no way to quantify it, no way to effectively predict factors on such an insane scale. All those in charge would be doing here is shotgunning ideas into a swamp and seeing what happens and whether or not it grants them a dime.

What people don't seem to want to realize is that these folk have dissociated from the human race so disparately that they don't consider themselves allied to any race, nationality, nor creed. These are individuals that consider themselves divine nature. They are the antithesis to Pharaohs of old to relate, where Pharaohs thought they were divine leaders these anti-Pharaohs only use what they would consider their divine heritage to subjugate those they feel outside this heritage. There is nothing else but antisocial behavior to a maxim. These people would sell you out for a bag of coffee.

You see that is the actual problem of this world. Good leaders, respectable leaders of the past were all 'defeated' or 'bred out' in favor of calloused and hardened leaders that can make decisions that would kill thousands of their own members for sake of survival of the whole. But now the "whole" is not defined as a singular race nor culture and has been infiltrated by people who sacrifice thousands for the sake of themselves. Why? Because these people who did so survived and passed on their nihilistic/psychopathic genes. So all we get is compounded levels of psychopaths which will only end with humanity. In this case we are dealing with a vicious hydra that once you sever a head, ten more take it's place. The only way to defeat it is to stop it's heart.

We can choose poison, acid, or disease. Fire doesn't burn enough, violence multiplies the beast's power, we cannot run nor hide.


Dresden was a splendid city, a jewel of the magnificent Baroque.

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85% of able bodied German men aged 20-30 were in the Wermacht in 1941. Hitler's gravest mistake was rushing to total war on multiple fronts, instead of playing the long game to win by demographics. wiping out the majority of your young men to deliver certain doom within 4 generations is the pinnacle of madness.

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And if you think they should've gone on the defensive, no they would've gotten fucked twice as hard.

Hitler, Napoleon, Frederick the Great, Charles XII of Sweden, all invaded Russia and threw away the greatest armies the world has ever seen in the futile task of conquering a land that was alternatively a bleak swamp and a frozen wasteland.

All were intelligent men.

Why would intelligent men do such a foolish thing, embark upon such a vain and ruinous action?

I have a dark suspicion about the aristocracy and high bourgeoisie, all apex leadership cadres, and how they view us, the masses. They see us the way a cattleman sees his herds; You only need one bull for hundreds of cows. The rest must be castrated and sold for meat, as steers. The excess male population is the #1 problem for all aristocrats and would be dictators. Adolescent males are inherently problematic; they steal, they rape, they don't like to work, they want to get drunk and smash shit. They want to have riots and even attempt to overthrow the government. The solution of the leadership cadres is to force them to dress up in absurd organ grinder monkey outfits and then to lead them like the Pied Piper to their deaths, preferably in some distant wasteland where they won't destroy their leader's ancient patrimony of fine objets d'art.

It has nothing to do with communism, fascism, feudalism, christianity or islam or even the jews though all these things might be useful. It's simply a technique for the farmers of men to manage their farms.

Hitler's generals said it was a good idea, hitler on the other hand said it was a bad idea
And the rest is nonsense.

There is no other explanation for WWI.

Marching 50,000 men to their death in one day in no man's land is a hideous mistake.

Doing it again the next day and the day after that and the day after that for years is no mistake.

It is a deliberate policy to eradicate the proletariat and the petite bourgeoisie by the upper bourgeoisie and aristocrats of a nation. It is the methodical culling of the excess male populations.

You must put aside your foolish prejudices and see that the ruling cadres of nations have more in common with one another than they do with their own people who they scarcely regard as being even human.

World war 1 was a thing because (((they))) wanted to get rid off of the monarchies.
World war 2 was a thing because (((they))) needed to put a stop to hitler's new economical model and eventually overthrowing international jewery.

there have been wars throughout all of history where a higher percentage of the population died than in the World Wars, this is just a meme IMO. notable exceptions would be Russia, where literally everybody worth a damn was killed in and after the communist revolution, and Germany, where literally everybody worth a damn was raped and/or killed during and after WWII

phthalates, plastics, birth control, soy/flax, and all other xenoestrogens, combined with an easy and comfortable lifestyle that doesn't require hard physical labor and strength, are much more significant factors than "muh .5% of the US population died in a war and now only fag genes remain"


yes, the Guerre de Trente Ans exterminated 1/2 the population of what is now Germany.

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Forgot was this the crusades or something else?

The 30 years war was over the protestants vs the catholics ostensibly though there were infinite subtleties of dynastic inheritances mingled in with it as well as vast social upheavals caused by economic change.

"Thirty Years War"

The Crusades, particularly the first crusade was a particularly egregious example of authorities arranging to eliminate the excess and troublesome male population.

By the 1100's all the available fiefs in Europe were taken. A fief is a parcel of land which can produce enough head of cattle to purchase a war horse and a suit of armor and sword and lance. That is the minimum ticket to the upper classes. That parcel of land must produce that price which is if I remember it correctly 65 head of cattle. The only non fief land belonged to the Catholic Church which used it to support a social welfare system of monasteries (old folks homes) orphanages and hospitals.

The problem for Europe was that there wasn't just one son born to inherit that fief. There was two or three or more sons. Those were forced into the clergy. Now I ask you would you rather be a knight in shining armor on a war horse or a tonsured priest living in celibacy? No?

So what do you do then? You rebel. There were big outbreaks of anarchy in Western Europe where second and third sons etc went on the rampage and finally they started murdering monks and nuns and stealing their monastic lands which were the result of death bed bequests by believers for the benefit of their souls. The Pope saw the emergency and declared The Peace of God and then suddenly this monk popped up and declared that it was of the greatest importance for all those idle and dangerous young men to march off to the distant holy land to fight for Jerusalem and the preservation of Christianity. Problem solved for the Church and the aristocracy. Excess male population eliminated. If they win they can go be assholes in Jerusalem of Byzantium wherever. If they lose well tough shit they're dead eh? FALLEN HEROS! We shall remember them…not.

And as a side note to all this; one effect of the shortage of fiefs was the obsession with marrying a widow of the holder of a fief. This introduced a whole culture of "courtly love" and the poetic exaltation of women. Women that could give you a ticket to the upper classes that is.

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The Fourth Crusade didn't even make it to Jerusalem. Instead of going to fight for the Christian faith they decided en route that Byzantium was damn fine country. Murder off their aristocracy, you can seize their fiefs and be aristocrats in their place. So they attacked Constantinople, laid siege to it with the help of the Venetian mariners and sacked it.

So much for the noble Christian adventure. They probably did more damage to Christendom than multiple armies of Turkish Muslims.

Go read the Alexiad of Anna Comnena.

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I'm telling you morons, one of the main problems in society is dealing with adolescent males. They get drunk they do drugs, they fill the prisons, the madhouses, they do all the rapes, most of the murders and assaults, they're given to arson. They're unskilled and don't like to work. They're nothing but trouble, they're assholes. And they eat, my god they eat more than anybody. And their demand for luxury is infinite. They want a car, they want a Dodge Charger, they want a BMW, they want a Bugatti Veyron. They want a Porsche 911 and they want to wreck it and then go out and get another and wreck that. They'd like to wreck a Porsche every year of their idiot lives. I know, I was one of them. I was evil Young men are evil fuckers, they're pricks.

The aristocrats and social leaders hate and fear them and want to eradicate them in a regular ritual war with their neighboring aristocrats who also want to get rid of their hooligans.

Truce of God
truce of God, in the Middle Ages, an attempt by the Catholic church to limit private warfare between feudal lords. It is related to the peace of God, which exempted clergy, women, children, and peasants from battle or attacks. The truce of God was proposed (AD 958) by Pope John XV and was first applied in 1027. It prohibited fighting from 9 PM Saturday to 3 AM Monday, which was soon extended to span Wednesday evening to Monday morning. Religious days were also included. That left only 80 days a year for fighting. The truce spread from France to Germany, Italy, Flanders, and Spain, and from 1123, it was backed by the threat of excommunication. The increasing power of kings (the peace of kings ) and the subsequent rise of strong national governments rendered the truce of God unnecessary and ineffective for enforcing internal peace. It lapsed in the 13th cent.


Stop with this stupid fucking meme already
30 years war had just as much damage on the European population, and yet they still remained strong
Many of the men who fought in the world wars would already have had children, and so would already have passed on their genes
And this shitty demoralisation theory doesn't explain why places like Sweden are the most cucked places, considering that barely any Swedes fought

Your conclusion builds on exaggeration and false nonsense.
Sounds more like rationalizing your own weakness and projecting it on everyone else. Fuck you cuck.

It may be much less selective but the scale was much larger and the killing much more efficient. The extent of the scale and efficiency is enough to offset the selectivity. Combine that with the fact that total war in the past took much longer. Do you think that Genghis Khan could wipe out a city at anywhere near the speed that Dresden was destroyed? It may not be the case that it eliminated most of the masculine men, but your argument for why you consider it a trash idea is trash.

Nice trips. Also Russia and eastern European countries who suffered the highest casualties have retained their masculine pride. We can too by destroying the culture of cuckoldry that has infected our nations.

Yeah, combat was slower paced in the ancient world. That doesn't mean anything because we're talking just as much about the peripheral consequences of warfare. Scale and efficiency speaks to my original point even more. Dresden, according to OP's retarded idea, is a perfect example. It was a civilian target.

Basically, look at it from a sensible perspective: modern war causes mass civilian casualties and is filled with people who would otherwise be non-combatants. THAT is the offset. A lack of selectivity means it isn't just "warrior" types getting killed, it's everyone in more or less equal measure. In fact, you're more likely to be adversely effected as a civilian now than back then in a total war scenario.

Also, Genghis was able to wipe out a city very quickly (see: Baghdad).