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Oi yeah nah yeah nah nah nah

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I volunteered my time and paid for a membership to old mates party.
I met with the local candidate and volunteers and during my meeting I heard sympathies for kikes, feminism and race-mixing… I ceased contact.

Sorry to double-post but I would have stayed and redpilled if everyone wasn't a boomer.


I just wanted guns…

I wanna just hunt game…

Without the bullshit…

I hope pro-gun parties gain more power. I need it for defence at home and outside.

hobbyists dont actually NEED their guns
they dont actually even OWN guns because they'll just turn them in when some NPC asks

Same too brother…

I mean, I'd love to own a Tika T3, buy some .22 ruger, and hunt Kangaroo and shit…

But no…

Oh no…

One person ruined it for everyone…

Hahaha let me give some examples, while likely doxxing myself.
"Don't bring the fact shes a woman into it." - Discussing Pauline Hanson and how her party hates her.
"Calling everyone Nazis delegitamises the suffering of the Jewish people"
"He (Indian Candidate) is more Aussie than most Australians I have met and he has a white wife!"

I did learn something interesting, one nation has been doing everything they can to make sure the party fails, like buying all the website domains with their name and trying to register parties with the same name to the electoral office before Fraser did.

You have absolutely no idea how badly I needed it.

We all badly need it user… my license was denied when I applied. (Glowies know me and my politiks)

Literally just wanted it to hunt and make friends going to a club.

Oh I hope they bring the death penalty back because there is too many habitual criminals around and are draining the tax money.

Back on topic though… there was a FUCKLOAD of green and red at my local voting booth, from volunteers and the genpop.

I am afraid of someone breaking in my house but gun defence is illegal so how am I supposed to defend myself if they point their illegal guns at me.

That sounds a bit radical for my sensibilities, I am a peaceful person.

I just ignored them and walk right through to the voting booth.

I carry a knife but I am a bushcrafter so hopefully that is considered plausible deniability.

Naturally but I'm saying my semi-rural community may be terminally infected with brain aids. Oh well, acceleration and all that.

Violent criminals do not a shit about your peaceful beliefs.

how'd that happen?


Hope all you cobbers put Anning first

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Semi-joke, I don't fed post because see below.

I joined what was likely a honeypot out of lonely desperation and Asio and the local security dpt of the police contacted me and my family, not joke.

Myself and my parents did.. sisters likely voted some nigger glovers.

It is common for the people to volunteer for the political parties that they think it benefits. Many of them are inept in politic. I wish I am lying but I am not.

the sticker ninja group or the lads society one?
got any details you want to share?

Damn, I am sorry that they screwed you over.

I did that and the independent thanked me and laughed.
…as my picks for parliament. Shit on top of shit.

Antipodean Resistance

All good, I don;t do anything illegal so it doesn't phase me, I would like a gun though.

I went:
Fraser Annings Party
Animal Protection party or some shit

What did they say? Been getting a lot of misinformation about them. Lots of speculation, but no substance. I heard their camping trips were just to get you isolated so some boomer army faggots could give you a lecture, all their 'opsec' was to make it easier for them to track shit you did online. Any truth to those rumours?

I went on a couple camping trips… was literally a bunch of friends getting into nature haha. Nothing weird went on, just set up camp and went bush walking and talked shit. The oldest members were mid 20's so I don't know about boomers or army dudes.
As for opsec, it was pretty standard stuff… they had their own messenger app that used their own server… that was what Asio wanted to know from me… how we communicated online.
I didn't talk.

heard about it on /ausneets/, but that shithole is overrun by a gaggle of /trannypol/ spergs and shitskins, so of course it would be misinformation

I think the fact it would not allow members older than 30 to join actually kept it from being a legit honey pot because surely security agencies don't have teens on their payroll haha. Before that group I was members of "dingo" type groups and had heated arguments with basically civic nationalits and stuff, they may have reported me when I left for AR.

Sounds like wild speculation based on nothing.

Did my vote early yesterday. Everyone's fucking over the state of politics here. Molyneux's video on Aussie politics gives a great timeline of the fucking mess we're in.

Oi lads my name's Steve Irwin and I'm here to show you how easy it is to wrangle an abo in the wild! Watch me steal a bindi from it's grasp, cook it alive and really piss off the locals! Hahaaaaha yeah!

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You're a fuckin tool mate. Molyneux deserves to be raped and flayed. If you need him to tell you anything then you feel fuckin ashamed.

You're a fuckin extremist mate, a real ted bundy. I mean ned kelly.

you can donate $999 to a political party and it will not count as a political donation

it only takes 60-80k to buy a politician

most leftists won't donate, they complain

get a job and get politicians hooked on the money that you give them once a year while telling them which policies you support or not and that the money will stop if they go against you. far more effective, achievable and easy than graffiti or stickers

end goal is to have groups similar to what the jews have that will sue people who make anti white comments etc but we need more supportive politicians in power first

Whatever politician you think you've bought will just tell his jewish pals what your price was (80k? seriously? lol) and his pal will just out-price you and put you on a list of stupid retards.

We have 23 minutes to go and they will start counting votes. I hope you guys used the pens, did you?

Thanks for your contributions.

It's be nice to splash that kind of cash but you're gonna need a shit load of it and a shit load of pollies to control. It'd be nice to vote our way out of this mess but I think it's only going to get worse before it gets better.


Jesus, they will alter your vote. What the hell are you thinking? I used my own pen.

It's up to OP to thank me. You thanking me is like two guests at a house party and one goes up to the other and says "thanks for coming out!" and the other one is like "why the fuck are you thanking me? it's not your fuckin house!"

I was in a hurry, I had to get to work and it didn't even register. Well, guess there's only one thing to do.

Oh well, let’s hope that your electorate isn’t corrupt,

Thanks for replying

what a fuckin tool

Thanks for suckin me off last night

Are you nigglettes serious?

Yes, I am serious. The Melbournians moved to the most right wing state and guess what they did? Work in the AEC. Why did they choose that boring job? To change the unaware voters’s papers.

Votecucks deserve what they get.

Thanks for posting

You must be a riot at parties with that kind of banter.

I voted for him.

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Did you use the pen instead of the pencil supplied at the vote booth?

I am, thanks for the compliment

Even if the pen had erasable ink (pro tip they don't) it would be so easy for someone to steal one and blow the lid off the conspiracy… also when you write something it leaves an imprint on the paper which cant be erased.
Also no AEC volunteer is going to risk voting fraud to get their gay ass party elected.
Also there are no right wing states,we live in a left wing country. Some are more left than others.

He reminds me of trump.

He's not even a citizen. He's posting from Israel.

You're just begging for that "you're welcome" like you were begging for cock last night.

Thank you for your posts

He is nothing like him. Wew, you aren’t politically smart street user.

Yeah he's trump alright.

You're really good at thanking people. Thank me again for good measure, Do it faggot.

I hate to say it but the auspol threads on cuckchan was far more exciting than these ones. Maybe partly because you could see the flags,

Anyway, let’s I g’nite the annoying faggot. Many people in my town voted the micro parties to the top and majority parties to the bottom. They knew the democracy is a joke.


Yeah really you've got to go to the relevant board. Zig Forums hasn't ever seen high activity /aus/ threads unless there's a major event.

Maybe pretty pictures will help. t. burger

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They are counting now.


We will get the result tomorrow so keep your ears peeled.

We'll get another hung parliament and more seats slipping to independents. But who will actually be in charge is a tough call. I can't stand the thought of Morrison or Shorten leading us and representing us on the international stage, but it's one or the other.

There's always the third option, throw off your yoke.

If it's BS, Wong will be the foreign minister. A Chinese foreign minister representing Australia's interests internationally. What could possibly go w(r)ong? Either way this election is the final of the decade and soon we can usher in the 20's and the beginning of organisation that will mark the end of the two party system as we know it. Keep your eyes peeled, ears open and assholes puckered.

I love hung parliament because they are entertaining and the pollies can’t stop dropping the lollies.

Many people can’t stand them at all. They would rather give them boots to the bums.

No you'll be voting until your fully displaced unless you choose to "not vote" and revolt.


You assume I voted or that I'm content to continue this descent into mediocrity. Also, I said the last of the decade, which it is.

Just know when you hear about "mad max" they're talking about me.

Centrelink need to stop giving money to non whites, its really pissing me off, we should be giving money to 2 parent families to have white children instead and have the niggers and jews pay for it.

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I'll remember to invite you to the presidential palace for a beer and to watch the gassing of enemies on Channel 9.

Honestly I believe the welfare need to be abolished entirely and redirect the funds into space agency.

Centrelink is firmly in my sights for the injustices committed against those in need, to support the perpetual welfare scroungers, liars and addicts. They have the audacity to frame good, honest white (proper) Australians as lazy, feckless bludgers; while being part of the organ that aids the growth of our enemies. "Fuck the system that fucks you."

True that is a good point, we need to find a new planet so we can send all the jews and niggers away from here.

It’s all so tiresome. Yeh it’s interesting to talk about the current election, but it’s really no consequence to the glorious inevitable race war.

Space exploration is a black hole to nowhere. Investing in our people and our nation is the solution.

Let's make sure the 2% abo population becomes 0, so we'll save $25b a year in welfare alone!

we could rape other planets for natural resources and bring them back to ours, I think its the greatest idea ever.

No. The only dealing with space I support is sending the jew on a mission to nowhere. In space no one can hear you kvetch.

Australia is already rich in resources and are worth trillions but the problem is the jews are stagnanting the Strayan technologies.

Sounds reasonable.

Crucify the abo.

Reduce the federal government to save the money and cut the red tapes down.

Why is this whole thread talking like a bunch of democratic fags. Replace the government with the Australian National Socialist Reich.

All you care about is fuckin money


Bulldyke Wong caught Annabel's crabs.

Who do you think gave you away? Was it a rat, or were they using their new electronic espionage powers?

Same here. His local guy was literally the only white non-leftist running in my seat. It hurts.

Of course I do. I don’t like the idea the money being spent on the worthless things like niggers or ragheads. I rather the funds to be spend on space colonisation,

Based on the questions ASIO asked me when they came and saw me… we give them far more credit than due, they knew fuck all, then again they may have been trying not to let on in case I went back and told them (I had left the group at this point).

I think it was a rat in the group I was in before I joined, a more white nat group than explicitly National Socialist. I got in a big fight with a dude who used to make videos but also was married to an Indian, goes by the name of Moses Apostaticus. Probably was one of my sister tbh…