Why the job market is bad

This is the redpill on the job market in America.

The reason why the job market is bad is because of liberal policies on education. Giving free loans and financial aid to every student to pursue any field they wish removes pressure on students to choose fields of study that are useful in the job market.

Giving free loans to all students also enables colleges to charge ludicrous amounts of money for courses because they know the government will cover the loan no matter how much it is.

This causes high tuition rates and removes pressure on students to pursue profitable fields of study.

If the government didn't give free loans to students then lenders would only lend to students who are pursuing fields of study that are useful in the job market. Tuitions would also be lower because lenders would only finance affordable tuitions they know the students will be able to pay back.

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How is this a shill thread? I thought shills were only Jews pushing liberalism


What's wrong with students having to get marketable skills?

Just means less ceramics majors and more STEMs.


Oh you think I'm shilling for free market lending? How do you shill for free market lending? That's capitalism.

Jews want you to submit to women and the lesser races to obtain work

Jews want to humiliate you and ultimately want your soul.


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The original post explains how socialism is the reason why the job market is bad

No, it doesn't.

Sure it does. And if you only unilaterally reject capitalistic solutions I can come up with another solution that's compatible with socialism

Hitler is a national socialist, retard.
Did you even lurk your first 2 years before making an awful post like this?

I didn't lurk my first 2 years before making a thoughtful post like this because I know how insightful it is.

No, it doesn't. You explicitly lay out how entrenched capital interests use state power to mandate crippling debt as a condition for education and employment and somehow come to the conclusion that it is because of "socialism" and the solution is only borrowing money for things those same capitalist interests want to pay for.

It probably doesn't even register with you how dumb that sounds, leaving aside all the real world examples of actual socialist states that provide free education with none of the issues you keep babbling about.


They want education to be cheap.They want to destroy liberalism. Useless jobs are desired by them. They want the price of all education to increase (useful and useless). They would prefer useless fields prosper. Lenders would only lend to those with profitable fields if immediate profit was their objective (which it is not).

How do you know the problem is only entrenched capital interests?

It could just as easily be a lack of foresight by the government. They want to make it easier to get an education by giving out easy loans but didn't have the foresight to only lend for degree programs that will lead to a good career.

what makes u think the job market is bad

What objectives do you think lenders have?

Alright cuckchanner I have to warn you though this thread is going to be deleted for being awful and low effort, lurk your two years and if you got any questions visit by in questions that do not deserve their own threads other wise refrain from posting now.

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It's not a lack of foresight. It is exceptional foresight. They have structured the entire society around crushing debt.
No, they want to make it easier to go into debt. If they wanted to make it easier to get an education, primary school would be more rigorous and higher education would be free – like it was in the USSR, an actual socialist state. The US just wants debt.

Nothing is free. You can't expect higher education to be free. If it was free in the USSR then I can't say I'm surprised it failed.

If college was free then nobody would compete to offer better education

Education didn't fail in the USSR at all. It was extraordinarily successful. Just like it was extraordinarily successful in the US when it was incredibly inexpensive and heavily subsidized with the GI Bill.
It's hard to believe anyone who lives in the United States would have the unmitigated gall to write something like this in the face of their disastrous, $30k a year nigger mills while China cranks out like a million engineers a year.

So why don't you think primary school is more rigorous, it doesn't have enough funding?

I'm going to filter you, effectively hiding your shill thread.

Glad to see someone else that thinks this.

Also of note, financialization of the economy invariably leads to nothing productive and the workforce gets hollowed out. Productive work is still a necessity so a lot of otherwise important fields go to Asia.

(((Leftists))) and (((neocons))) play the same game as they always have, create a problem and then be ready with a solution that doesn't actually SOLVE the inherent issue, it just allows it to fester so another crisis is able to metastasize.

This next crisis opens the door to more insane policies so even if a few are rolled back, the effect has already taken root and several more are in the system.

Because its a market, and you're an object to sell. What, you don't want to be? Enjoy dying from cold and hunger.

Sounds like you want the government to keep you warm and fed.


haha that's beautiful writing right there.

The job market is amazing. Trump said so on his Twitter account.

They can't even train their own, they have to come here.

Take the yellow menace seriously but understand their weakness.

I think it's doing better now than it was before.

Oh no, the travesty, secured housing and food, how could i survive.

Jesus realized this wasn't realistic. "If a man refuses to work let him not eat"

It means less responsibilities and party schools, because its competition for money, not standards.

And then multiplied food and gave it for free.

Sure, if someone is willing to lend for party schools where you learn nothing and can't expect to get a job. Which as far as I know is the government.

He didn't give food to homeless people, he did it for followers.

Gov lends money for education, that is noble, and then market decided to turn it into one giant party because learning is for losers.

People walking behind him for months - pretty much homeless.

Still, for free.

It's noble but short sighted. Socialism fails when it isn't done well. It would only work if they restricted loans to good fields of study. But everything is easier if you just let the free market do it.

Also they would have to restrict loans to good colleges too. Government isn't good at matching market demand.

Its easier just like having no standards is easier. In socialism schools belong to gov, just like all businesses, and you have everything connected and organized, no shitty majors, its education only. Market turns it into party, like everything else, because fun sells.

I can't disagree with you that capitalism is a party.

If only you knew how bad things really are.

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Socialism. Always. Fails.


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tldr: kikes kiked our society on every level.

Nice attempt, OP.

Also, the demand for hiring white males is in China at the moment. You can thank affirmative action for that.

Guess again.

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The state of the job market is a result of education.

If people were getting more STEM degrees then they would be creating jobs for themselves.

You underestimate the barriers of entry.

My physics degree definitely didn't give me entrepreneurial opportunities, but it did get me in the door at my first job.

It sounds like it would be hard to create a physics startup. It would probably be easier to start a business if you majored in technology and engineering.

Fucking hell this threat is full of retards.

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Again, you're making broad assumptions. I presently work and tech and had all the programming skills and knowledge I needed just from hobbies. Even if I had not, they would have taught me as I had a physics degree. However, one does not simply "just start a successful business" like you claim. The massive overhead from things like red tape, advertising, and legal matters will put almost every small timer without management experience out of business. You can't seriously be advocating universal entrepreneurship.

If it was possible for everyone to invent a Snuggy then people would be doing so. Everyone else needs a degree in an area of study that has market opportunities.

Through what processes are you deriving these market opportunities?

The pet rock, all of modern music, and ebay disagrees with you.

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You can't create a small business on your own. You have to team up with people. If you have a good team of people you just need venture capital.

If you have a good business idea and the skills to implement it then getting venture capital shouldn't be a problem.

You need Chad genetics for your plan, not a STEM degree. Why say otherwise?

Lenders are supposed to be the ones keeping track of what the market opportunities are in the job market, but in America the government cucks them so everyone can get a degree.

The market opportunities are where hiring rates are highest, in STEM fields.

Never go full retard, dude.

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Good businesses come from technological innovation. Being a Chad only makes it easier to start a business if you have the skills and opportunity to create one.

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It's faster to learn tech outside of college as a hobby. Why advocate for the college scam for something that can be better learned in one's own time?

Stem students do not support any constitutional amendments, they strip away any form of freedom of thought then when they graduate they are hired to sabotage free thinking platforms of thought or topics. Massive brainwashing come form that place. People who you thought would start a busniess would only do so in mind but to turn around and do all the wrong things like suppressing people's speech and rights.

You're right. All I'm saying is that STEM education creates jobs. You don't have to go to college. But most people prefer to go to college.

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That's no reason to be against STEM education.

Why primarily advocate for indoctrination centers? You had the choice of which to primarily advocate for, and you chose the indoctrination option backed by a "creates job" claim with no provided reasoning. It's disingenuous to say that those positions wouldn't be filled by self taught white men if not for government mandated hiring practices and the education zeitgeist.

In the past 15 years, I've seen nothing but brainwashing. The places that built the early internet were destroyed by these "educated" people. Where once you had a free flowing of ideas has become a marketplace for the shittiest content of dumbing down, forced to be a homosex or forced to follow a code of ethics that doesn't match with other areas of the country like morality and ethics.

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My claim is that STEM creates jobs, not that STEM degrees create jobs.

This user gets it.

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STEM has nothing to do with that, probably only college indoctrination. All of the dysfunction in colleges is due to government student loans.

Misplaced blame.

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You already denounced that claim here

Your new claim was that TE "creates entrepreneurial jobs." Science and mathematics degrees alone still put you behind Eugene who has 2 years of personal projects in React. Heck, Eugene is ahead of the TE degree holders in the "job creation" market all they have is a degree.

Stop. Advocating. College.

The problem is far more fundemental than that. The problem is with the currency itself.

When you print a bunch of currency, it dilutes the value of the currency so everything becomes more expensive INCLUDING WAGES. Your employer or your customers cannot afford to pay you because the purchasing power of the currency has dropped due to currency creation.

So we are in this double attack - cost of living indcreases AND wages stagnating (which means less purchasing power as the currency inflates)

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I don't care whether you go to college or learn on your own.

If governments weren't messing up colleges then colleges would be creating degree programs that land you better jobs than Eugene.

Not even that, the increase of societal control these "educated" people seem to be after has to be kept at their institution rather than out in the public so they can charge you till you are their debt slave. None of the ethics they obtain match with other parts of the country. Take coastal states for example, nothing they were educated even works in say the midwest. It's why you see states collapsing cause your all turning chinese and thinking the same way when you shut down the free flowing of ideas.

You misplace the agency behind this. What if, think for a moment, the same group of people were behind poisoning both? What good would just fixing government involvement in education do then, if new loopholes were exploited be the same group of people, still around, now operating as private lenders?

Only party, no responsibilities. Good luck to us all.

Are kids like you working in a mine right now? No? It won that.

Yeah, small business startups only party.

Inflation, just say inflation.

Which, btw, is entirely due to mandatory minimum wage laws, quantitive easing, taxes for welfare, and illegal immigration.

These things alone have kept wages stagnant since the 1970s. Somehow someone thought it would be good to run government like a teenage shopaholic with a credit card.

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Suckers that test the market with their own blood? Fun when you dream of being one, sucks in reality.

If they were private lenders then there aren't really any loopholes. If they give out massive loans for bad courses of study then people would just declare bankruptcy.


Which party will be pushing this through?

This has been disputed often enough, leftyshill.

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You drank the Kool-Aid and cannot be reasoned with.

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The lenders? Bankrupcy?


That's not really the case if you sought venture capital. And also that sounds like responsibility, not a party.

Its called history, try reading some.

Let him dream. Surely the same group of people will give up on the education laws they passed and any future ones when 2 congressmen challenge the scheme.

Mods not doing their job

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Really? For all the teenage capitalists that jerk off about it, it means money and luxury. Not 90% chance of bankrupcy after 3 years.

How are they not exactly like democrats and lefties again?