The battle for your soul

The battle for your soul

God created humans with free will and therefore it's the (((devil's chosen people's))) job to entice you towards evil so your mind and soul will ultimately enter the kingdom of Satan.

Jews train verbal manipulation in talmudic studies so they can convince you that wrong is right and right is wrong, all while enriching themselves in the process.

The biblical serpent that convinced eve to eat the forbidden fruit is the jewish serpent whispering in women's ear that not only they're equal to men but better than them. They entice women to divorce rape men, to drink, do drugs, to wear the mark of the beast (tattoos), to lead good men astray etc.

Jews hate Christianity because it was created by a defector. Jesus whether he existed or not was a jew and the allegories are very talmudic which leads me to believe it might even have been the work of a rabbi.

Remember: The only thing that matters in this world is saving your soul! Everything else only brings fleeting joy!

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Daily reminder the nsdap was a christian nation along with hitler as well.


Then why did catholics not vote for hitler?

The church has been subverted to death by jews larping as christian goys.

If you're convinced by the bible it's up to you to be a real christian.

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more christian brainwash threads in reaction to luciferian pol

believe in the (((catholic church))) as a christian authority goys…

nothing to see here goys…

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The Bible is hogwash, but Jesus himself was a decent person at the very least. I don't have to be a lying Christian to accept Jesus' teachings.

Jesus wasn't a jew you kike.

Protestant Christianity literally only happened because Europeans saw that the Catholic church were heretic, literal pagans that didn't follow anything the bible actually taught.

Catholicism is the false, subversive church. Note that it's the Catholic church that gives Atheists the most ammunition.

The Catholic church and the Catholic people are not the same.

Mist Catholics disagree with the current fake pope.

We are Christians, not stupid.

This. Jesus was King of the Jews.

Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of Scotland. Does that make her Scottish?

I am quite disconcerted at times by the prospect of my soul having dimmed in the face of all the horrors I've witnessed. I find myself pondering the prospect that this is the product of something beyond the physical, beyond the political; something of the divine, a realm of spirituality where belief can change existence.

I find myself of the belief that your 'God' is in fact the very being you call 'Satan'. A mask, worn by a thing of impurity, which presents itself as a thing of light most-pure.

For this you will say I am any number of things, but I doubt that any of them will be accurate. I find Abrahamism most foul in all its forms, all its many masks. I see your soul, should you ply yourself before the patron of such cults, in the grasp of something beyond human comprehension in the scope and depth of the horror demonstrated.

If there is a God, a singular point, I don't think it would ever deign to lower itself to communing with we simple creatures, anymore than I am inclined towards trying - or succeeding - to communicate with a single ant. I could speak at him all day, and it would be as mere thunder in the skies; I could whistle him a tune and it would be as the four winds; I could gesture in greeting and it would be the shaking of the Earth.

Nature is God, that is the only way it could be. It seems so obvious now. But it is late, and maybe it will seem less obvious tomorrow, when the drink and merriment has faded and the morning light brings hard-toil and frustrating interactions with entrapped minds and spirits once more.

It is often said around here that sacrifice is necessary. That man cannot grow without sacrifice, for he is both sculptor and marble. Mankind has never achieved anything without sacrifice, and it is our struggle which grants us the wisdom and strength which has allowed us to maintain ourselves throughout the millennia.
A soul is perhaps a viable sacrifice, is it not? What more could a man give?

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So you are literally protestants who just haven't realised it. Protestantism was just Christians realising the pope and structure were fake/wrong.

Should I convert to Catholicism, then? According to you, they'll be fine with my Celtic Gods.

Your soul is the easiest sacrifice. It requires no effort or patience. Sacrificing your time, effort and life are much more powerful.

Judge things by their creations. Which deity is likely to be the true power? The one whose followers created the cathedrals, or the one whose followers create nothing, are degenerate and only abuse and destroy?

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Terrible logic, there are many pagan faiths who worship different gods and exclude others. Hindus would reject your Celtic gods, doesn't mean they're not pagan too. The Catholic God is Lucifer, which is yours too.

Cathedrals built by European hands. You keep making Racial accomplishments out to be Religious accomplishments like a race traitor, and you'll hang with your godly nigger pets.

Well, you DO have to be a Christian if you accept Jesus' teachings. Otherwise you're just a new ager.

No one wants to be a jewish worshiper though.

I don't worship made-up jewish demons, Abrahamite. YOU do.

A Christian is one who rejects Jesus in favor of (((YHWH))).

Omg gftfo spiritual semite scum

It's all the same. We're all Christian.
We're not kikes and muzzies…. We don't need fight over retarded shit.

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You're people are the only ones stupid enough to “believe” in the debil. Remove xianity, remove satanism, problem solved

Lucifer isn't made up. Lucifer is the god of rationality. You believe your rational mind is the most powerful thing in the universe, thus you worship Lucifer.

I cannot imagine that sacrificing ones soul is truly demonstrable of such little effort. It would take a lifetime to destroy such a thing, really and truly. The soul is a light which is hard to snuff out in entirety, even if most dim over time as the consequence of weathering the wretched storm.

All expressions of Abrahamism have created death and foulness. Child sexual abuse and mindless murder of kin and kind, wasteful wars for enemies who come with open hands and a rat's tilted smirk, all manner of nightmare.

The men who created the cathedrals lived in a different time, whoever they might have been, they are long gone now. What stands in their wake, wearing their mantle, huddled in their temples… I see nothing it creates which I would not destroy if able. It is evil by any conception of the world that my mind can grasp upon.
And how could it not be?
Just another mask, honeyed words and brilliant portrayals early on, great deeds, but all concealing creeping venom, and the blackest hate imaginable, degrading and consuming and wiping away anything that might compete, like a memetic mold in a petri-dish of spirits, meta-evolutionary conflict at the level of divinity. You did not even listen to what I had to say, all you could do was attempt to parlay my engagement into assimilation, into indoctrination, into consumption of my very soul by whatever that thing is that came out of the sands so long ago. Hungry and prowling.

"No", that is my reply to you, the demon behind the mask behind the shoulder of this little pawn, my brother in blood whom I will take back from you one day.

A red day ere it shall be, that the Sun rises.

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Wait, so your “god” let all our ancestors stay “pagan” even then? What kind of god is this?

What else has been built by European hands?

It's almost as if your ideology influences what you use your natural gifts to create in the physical world. Hmm…

Oh GOD, Christians are the worst, this is nog tier theology in this thread.

And who promotes them?

Defining Lucifer as rationality isn't going to make Lucifer look bad.

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To say those women are damaged is one thing, to say their souls are dead is another entirely, and makes me wonder if you have any genuine grasp as to what it would mean to destroy ones soul in sacrifice, whether to good or ill.

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…who are the people who worship Satan.

Europeans still did those things. They still enjoyed building and doing them. It's not racial ability that determines what people build, only the quality. It's their ideology that determines what their creations are - ugly or beautiful, good or bad.

Their European ability just means the ugly modern buildings are very technically well built.


Oh, my apologies, one is a deranged man.
The point stands all the same.

Yeah, rationality has really done great things for our people.

You can rationalise ANYTHING. Which is why it's a terrible way to decide what to do with your life. It's easy to rationalise easy, cowardly, selfish, evil actions.

"Do as thou wilt". Tell me you don't follow that mantra.

You are dumb as fuck, Zig Forums shill.

You don't destroy your soul in sacrifice, you give it away to the god of rationality (rationalise anything, believing you can control the consequences)


You're conflating reason and logic with relativism right now, you do realize that right?

Have you considered that you both worship "Satan", behind different masks?

What sort of ideology produces an extensive history of child sodomy and internal strife over heresies both major and minor, might I ask?
I can put a lovely mask on an ugly creature - would you be willing to fuck a pig if I make it up pretty enough? Clearly a man made up as a woman will not do - you see that its mask is a lie.
A cathedral is a lovely thing. A young boy being sodomized by the priest demanding the burning of heretics of his own blood is somewhat fouler, neverminding the bodies on the battle field, brother against brother, paid for with coins collected in such a 'magnificent structure'.

I didn't mention reason or logic, actually. Rationalism is very different to reason and logic. Reason and logic are responses to observable facts. Rationalism is essentially wishful thinking, believing you can think your way around facts. Who does that sound like?

I must dissent.

Catholicism, which I have already said is subverted/reversed Christianity. That is the central position of protestantism; the Catholic church is corrupt and wrong. Using examples from Catholicism to attack protestant Christianity is therefore dishonest and lazy.

To jews, you're Satan. I'm Satan. Everything that isn't jewish is Satan. It's a misappropriated, misbegotten form of the Persian term Shaytan, which was more concordant with reality. The problem is that jews worship (((YHWH)))/Adonai/El Shaddai/El/El Elyon as their forefathers did, and you do too. You base your religious faith on the jewish Old Testament, which jews themselves still refer to, to this day. Then you pretend that jews aren't jews but were actually White Aryanz n' sheeit like all the rest of the deluded CI fags. It's disgusting, and a good argument against what you're trying to accomplish.

Not to mention your assertion that Europeans are worthless sodomite shit-eaters without the Bible. That alone is enough to make people choose not to follow your religion - because who wants to share an eternal afterlife with an anti-White dog like you?

No True "Satanist".

And I am sure there have been no Protestant molestations… Oh, wait, you don't know, because there's not a centralized functional infrastructure in the same context as the Catholics… So we're just lacking data.

Tell you what, let's look at all the other expressions of Abrahamism, shall we? Maybe we can get a vibe for whether or no- oh, hey, child sexual molestation and murderous internal strife on all fronts! What a surprise!

Then why did you bring up cathedrals? Did only Protestants build cathedrals?

Objectively wrong. The definition of Rationality is that which is in accordance with reason and logic. Lying won't help you.

I am using 'rationalism' as it is now used in the mainstream. Rational atheists, rational scientists, rational satanists…


Begone abrahamism, the thread has spoken, go and never darken Europe's shores ever again.
We will spit as you leave.

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They're all based on the same source material written by the same backward group of goatfucking kikes, retard. A jew and a Christian have a lot more in common than a Hindu and a Christian.

So you're deliberately using the word incorrectly, got it. That's called being dishonest. Also
I'll bet my bottom dollar you're the same type of shit-eater that likes to screech "D&C"

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fetal alcohol syndrome?

Which is why they all produce the same actions right? No difference at all between Jews, Traditional (non cucked) Christians, and Muslims behaviour.

Incorrectly according to dictionaries written years ago, sure. Modern use of the word has come to mean "wishful thinking", "power of thought", "mental gymnastics", "self delusion" etc. Or do you believe the leftists who insist they're rational, know what reason and logic are?

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No, the Leftists who describe themselves as rational are also misusing the term in the exact same way you are.

The great misunderstanding of Christendom is that it is all on us. Our relationship with God and our neighbor. Christ has already done more than enough, and He is willing and eager to do more but He will NOT force Himself on anyone. We are made in His image and He is perfectly free. Love is not love unless it's freely given. It is true that Christ will judge us all according to our works on the dread day of judgement, but until then He is on His mercy seat, waiting for anyone to reach out to Him. The terrifying thing is that because we are made in His image He treats us as equals. He humbles Himself before us. We will all answer for how we responded to this unspeakable and unmerited grace. He just wants to know you. He wants you to know you. He wants to see His image restored so you can see a reflection of your authentic self in Him. Such love is too big for the mind to contain.

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whites, jews, mudshits
Perhaps the difference is racial/genetic

Your demon god didn't create shit, jew.

Matt 15:26 Jesus came only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel (white europeans are Israel in dispersion) He did not come for the Synagogue of Satan (Rev 2:9;3:9) who he says are fake Jews. If you are white He invites you to join in His salvation! Others need not apply (browns, blacks, reds, or yellows)

Daily reminder that when God was cursing Eve he let men ‘rule over her’. When she is free of the curse, this will no longer be the case. She is almost free having attained all the wisdom that could be found in Hell.

THIS is true. Christianity is a bloodline thing, it has always been a bloodline thing, it will never cease being a bloodline thing. Other races cannot know or understand our myths.

So Acts 8:26 isn't a thing? One of the first gentile converts was a literal African and Christianity has been drawing him ever since.

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"Do not dishonor your mother" is an allegory to your bloodline.

Yes, he was converted to spread christianity to his bloodline. Jesus never wanted to convert him to make him stay in the presence of other christian families. Lineages of different christians explain directly why those from Shem (europeans) are God's chosen, not the ones from Ashkenaz.

Hmmm…I would say more or less that Jesus is the King of Israel and the jews are just…whatever…who cares they have their own King, Satan.

Paul is a kike user. We do not follow Paul, not only is he a kike but he is a Pharisee kike. BOTH you were instructed to eschew.

One big redpill is learning that the (((chosen))) were selected by God to be a cursed race, since there had to be a people evil enough to torture and slaughter their own prophesied savior Christ so that redemption of sins could come to the rest of man kind.
God created a race of people so vehemently horrible so that they would kill him.

First, "Shem" is the alleged root of Shemites/Semites according to religious understanding. Not Europeans.

Second, Shem did not ever exist, and neither did his father Noah. They're both fairy-tale characters.

Hey guys, remember when I made the Evola/Grail/Fisher King = Hitler thread?
Should I make another one cause faggot demigure whorshippers like are not even trying.

Daily reminder that Hitler wanted Christianity to die.


In the Bible, the jews in question are those of the lineage of Shem, so nothing to do with today's huge majority of jews (lineage of Ashkenaz). Being the King of Israel, in this context, is like saying he's the king of the descendants of Shem, occupying the current land of Israel.

It's like if the Levant area was occupied today mostly by modern europeans.

The "fairy-tale" tells of different people of different lineages that went to corners of the world to spread the word of God. Shem went to Europe. Semites, in this context, are the Europeans. Ashkenazi are not semites; they appropriated the term because without discarding their Khazarian origins they cannot portray the idea of a domestic tribe. Khazars are nomads. "Domestic", in this sense, are people who stay and live in a specific place.

"For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse."
Romans 1:18‭-‬20

"Good", righteous atheists go to Purgatory, where they await their conversion to go to Heaven. All non-righteous atheists go to hell.

How to start a shitflinging in 1…. 2…. 3….

Of course go right ahead.

Dumbshit, you prove his point. This is the exact reason why Jesus was not a jew.

Fuck MY BAD…I'm a fucking ass. I read your comment too fast.

You're one audacious turd. This kind of bullshit is why your demonic jewish religion is dying. Good riddance.

He is cute.

Literally how? Most of your post reads like standard christcuck rhetoric, but you clearly state that the writings about jesus are likely the work of kikes.
What in the nine hells are you even advocating for?

Christkikes get the oven

chase the roasties niggers!

Faggot larpers get framed.

They all voted for the Catholic party.
Also, Hitler wasn't a Christian. He said that he was in many of his speeches, but in private he said that he did not actually believe in any of it.

Revelations 2-9 and revelations 3-9, synagogue of satan.

He was a jew, but a blasphemer to judaism which is why he was put to death. His only crime was blasphemy (wrongthink, like the political correctness of today). Christianity was actually originally meant for the jews, but they rejected it and crucified Christ. Today's jews are the synagogue of satan. Today's israel is not the biblical israel (even though "bornagain" brainwashed goons think so). "Judeo-Christian values" is a hoax. Islam was created after Christianity, almost as a response to it in a sense; the violent arm that rapes and pillages and kidnaps while the jews subvert and pervert hence them being expelled so many times.

This is why Natsoc fuses pagan and the more advanced Christian denominations together. Stop being faggos and fighting over dumb shit just kill niggers and jews and take the planet holy fuck

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Yes you really should

rope yourself

[citation needed]

Fuck off with this LARP

LOL. Enjoy your sand religion.

You're doing it because you're afraid of not having money. Fear is the enemy. Have faith, stop being afraid and do what you know you should.

The world/God will provide.

god is a psychopath

this plane is basically a video game for our souls. What is a video game without trials? You're basically asking for earth to be an eternal tutorial level where we don't learn shit. We need conflict.

LOL @ you saying the whole universe was created just for us! And Christians claim to be humble!

well I'm done crying of laughter. It's hard to fight against that pride of superiority but actually using @ is pretty great and brought much joy and peace to me.
To your the point the cancer of nihilism of existence has no practical use for us but suffering and drug abuse. Be aware of the people who say stuff like that, how they feel and interact on this planet.