Whites are The Chosen Race

We are the race chosen by God to inherit the rule of planet earth, I am not saying this from a biblical perspective. Whites are not hebrews. Whites are Aryan, and in fact Whites do rule the planet earth, it is our planet.

Whites are the true rulers of the world. Jews are imposters who are trying to deceive people into believing they are the chosen race. Jews are not chosen.

The biblical concept of jews claiming rule over the earth as a chosen people were just jews copying what the Aryans in The Middle East were saying, The Aryans whom were largely exterminated by The Jews which is the story of the Old Testament. The old testament is a record of jewish crimes against aryans. The jewish extermination of the aryan folk.

The Old Testament is The Jews exterminating The Middle Eastern Aryans and robbing them of their wisdom. Much of the wisdom and customs/traditions of the old testament are jewish but much of it is aryan too. You have to sift through it.

Aryans are the true chosen race of god. We the white race are the chosen people. Planet earth belongs to us, this is our planet. We are the real rulers of the earth. The jews are not the real rulers of the planet, they are not us, they are not the whites. We are the rulers, not them.

We have to be racial fanatics. We have to be fanatical about our race, and fanatically hate jews.

The planet already belongs to us, its just an issue of realizing it and upon realizing it we can act with our full power.

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I just showed this to my Aryan gf from Honduras, and she blushed.

Here is the same picture with an extra sentence added in to drive a certain point home.

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Oh GOD grow the fuck up shills, we are not chosen, half our people at the minimum are total trash. What are we “chosen” for? Serving Jews? White kangz are so stupid they think they can invent any historical narrative they wish, see op. Also beware of this as a form of shilling, one that looks the opposite of the mainstream anti White culture, but which is effectively controlled opposition.

Need really hardcore evidence of aryans being chosen, something that can blow me away and make kikes shit their pants.

Not gonna happen, ironically it is the karmic residue of Jewish religion that makes us yearn to be “chosen” and leads us to embrace a stupidly arrogant vision of our identity, or if not, to become traitorous because we think we are only worthwhile if we are “superior”.


niggers/semites are "chosen". for extermination.


I don't need some ridiculous (((biblical))) reason to justify the love and pride I have for my race.
We have struggled through thousands upon thousands of years of success, destruction, oppression, and death, and yet our blood, our spirit, and our will is still very much alive, and even more so in those of us here.
The European race is nature's greatest creation.


Quit exporting plastic abroad, and perhaps we’ll see. Dumping toxins onto others is hardly the conduct of good and worthy shepherds.

Also, aryan means race traitor. An aryan is just a differently-colored nigger. Grow some pride and quit self-identifying as a broken mess of a person.

People who have actual pride don’t need to dissociate into racial constructs.

>Zig Forums

Enough with the sandfaggotry OP.

Wow it's getting easier and easier to spot you JIDF fags.


shut up sweaty jew

You are almost there. According to the Bible, white Israelites, not Jew imposters, are the people chosen of God to inherit the earth. That is why Jesus said in Mat 15:24 "I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel". All whites are eligible to become Israelites using the same rules as in the Law of Moses.

Your "god" is the demiurge, faggot. You all worship a fucking demon.

You will never be white moshe.

Josephus made it all up.
Sumer, Babylon, and Persia were the parties in the original stories before jewsephus plagiarized them all. jews never did anything of value. end of story.

They are incompetent. It’s the 84 IQs and the parasitism and the GIBS ME DAT mentality.


No, nigger.

We literally don't even have any Zoroastrian texts before the Sassanian period, and throughout the ENTIRE era of Greek rule in Persia, they were polytheists.

utterly uninspiring narrative that invites a lazy mentality. Aryans must secure their place by their own merit, not because it is ordained but because struggle is the way of the world.

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Agreed. Keep making threads like this. They are very helpful. Zig Forums needs to start recommending related literature, videos, and blog articles though. And then insure the viewers read and study the material extensively, so they can live properly in the image of heaven on Earth.

You're full of shit.

Yeah, nothing survived but the fucking cult existed and followed the Avesta 1500 BC.

"Jews are inferior"
"Jews control everything"
The mental gymnastics you goys go through.

Well by that logic the whites were on top for awhile and yet the Jews still maintained that they were chosen.

Unity is their strength. You're lying by omission if you don't mention it.


All I hear is jumbled words.

Did you even read the Old Testament? The Israelites of the Bible are the modern White Man, sorry to break your bubble. The evidence is there; look at all the curses and blessings that were promised to the Israelites from God, they all apply. Whites were the first to be slaves in massive proportions, that's why an entire ethnic group of Whites today are still called just that: "Slavs". Also the parts were it reads that should we not keep the faith we are cursed to be ruled over by women and children, hmm.. that sounds strange. I see no kebabs being controlled by women and children, no gooks, no spics… What I do see is feminists bashing males and parents failing to discipline their kids.

I can also go into detail about how Adam means "ruddy" or to "show blood", which only White people are able to. Also there is Laban who greets Isac and says to him: "we, brother, are of the same flesh and blood". Laban is an ancient word for – you guessed it – "White". And why do they stress that the God of the Israelites is of Abraham, Isac and Jacob (Israel)? Because this is the racially pure lineage, Isac, for instance, got a kid with an Egyptian woman and named him Ishmael, and he was of mixed descent, thus not worthy in the eyes of the Lord. The only description of Jesus (in the Bible) tells us that he had fiery eyes, curly and white hair like that of a sheep (blonde), and skin like that of brass or melted bronze, in other words tan.

Seriously, the Bible even warns us of "those who say they are Jews, but are not, they are the Synagogue of Satan" in the end times. It literally spells it out for you multiple times. Jews are all of mixed race, they carry rare diseases for this. Most of them come from an old kingdom known as Khazaria, comprised of a population which adopted Talmudism as their state religion.

People were aware of these facts before, and our people have moved through this cycle over and over before, breaking faith and returning. Why the fuck do you think people in the Middle Ages gathered to "retake the Holy Land"? You think they did so for the despised Jewish minority? No, they did so because they knew that Almighty God had given them that land. Why do you think Jews in the middle ages could follow other laws that Europeans couldn't, like charging rent for loans? Because they weren't under God's covenant, they weren't the Chosen ones.

Got mitt uns.

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Whites should be rulers of the Earth simply because they can. But they currently hypnotized by many subversive ideologies and can't realize this simple truth.

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You have right,only one thing not:the old tastement is not aryan,it's totally jewish.but it don' t care,it' s the high white culture,you can not change that any more.the jews are not white,but they are also not a low race.jews are very smart.

Long live racism!

Wow this comment along is sure to inspire people and have them believing that kikes are 'high IQ'. LMAO


THIS. I am tracking the COMPLETE END of the kikes (synagogue of satan) and they are fulfilling EVERY SINGLE PROPHECY that leads to the complete end of them forever on this planet. It is VERY EXCITING!!!

something tells me this is a way for (((them))) to make whites arrogant and prideful so as to allow them to make mistakes. sage because this is just another shitpost in a long line of shitposts that have ruined this board.

What a beautiful read. Thanks user, God bless.

Honestly this is something a kike would say. There is nothing wrong with Whites/Europeans understanding who we are and that the planet was given to us, for us alone. The time of the trial of the subhumans/nonHUMANS is over. They went down in epic flames succumbing to every form of degeneracy, murder and parasitism that could be imagined by mankind.

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That's literally the mindset of many white nationalists and Zig Forums anons here. I mean if you're born White, God literally gave you the full benefits of life through amazing genetics.

He did. We are amazing and the world belongs to us, not 84 IQ globohomo faggots and degenerates.

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We are living Gods on this planet.
We must be fanatical against ALL. Not only jews.
All who are not white must be killed.
Non-whites must never be allowed to exist.

They were a mistake

Bro with all due respect ethnosupremacy is for kikes, who want everyone to fight while they sit in fucking Esylrium or whatever that faggot space ring movie was. Healthcare!!!!! Thats what these people risked their fucking miserable lives for?!!!! XD

Yeah, Whites are Israelites. We were killing fags and baby sacrificers since the beginning. That’s why the left hates us.

Be fanatical against evil, be fanatical against yourself.
Race has nothing to do with this and should represent itself

Every creature can be saved, advocating killing of people with this capability by race is the very definition of evil. Honestly even Jesus himself probably wants to save Jews and other evil creaturas. They suffer while they murder. The evil fools dont believe in divine justice and neither do some of you w your blind racially superior kill attitudes, if youre even actually real and not just demons in some head. The power of Christ compels you

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All life forms are chosen.
What you must do is fight and survive.
Then conquer, defend and survive more.

Claiming being chosen is like claiming having this or that right.
The only thing we have that makes us better (in our opinion) is our greater spirituality, our heightened sense of virtue, our good looks and greater creativity.
But if we don't fight and survive, these won't mean shit. Our philosophers won't mean shit. Our science won't mean shit. Our pyramids, Ziggurat, Parthenon and cathedrals won't mean shit.
Fight and survive, the rest is just Jew-tier niggerism.

Die, piece of shit. Die with them.

yeah, i agree with this, real men forge their own fates, and the gods look on knowingly

It belongs to whoever makes the most demands without capitulating. So far all we do is capitulate.

Maybe you should learn to read and make and argument, disgusting

We sure are…

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Your religion has done nothing but slowly rotted out western civilization over the last 1700 years

Almost feel like an exorcist around here.
Youre assuming too much. Im a seeker of truth like everyone here should be, chances are that might lead you to Jesus. The Bible has obviously been subverted over time but you should still be able to discern on your own what is true, being hateful towards a religion or people as a whole is dumb. Dismissing Jesus himself as semetic=bad is retarded. Things should be judged on a case by case basis. You should contribute instead of just spewing dismissive trash. Obviously if the truth is subverted it will be harmful, that doesn't mean everything is false and you can't learn anything

White people are Gods gift to the world

baby wolf???

"But he who does not believe will be condemned."

Sounds like death to jews and muslims to me.

Coyote, ya dingdong. Wolves are fucking huge.

Have fun then niggerlover
Yeah like the last 1700 years

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Secret king delusions, now that's something we did not need.

Fuck empires. Embrace nations.



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Not even niggers love niggers but im guessing Jesus loves every creation or else they wouldnt exist?

Hurr durrr worshiping material reality as the end all be all HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Sad really

You faggot

You dumb fuk no one owns anything. We weren’t adapted to rule the planet. We to stay in our own land where we belong and were adapted to be in. But first we need to kill the kikes first. Then we need to put the Africans back in Africa, the Muslims back in the deserts, the Asians back in Asia. We need to put all the people back in their places but what about the America’s and it’s lands? In the collapse they will fight for resources and the people who come out alive get to survive. Natural selection is aryan af

That’s not what my heart tells me and God’s law is written on my heart.