(((Elle Reeve))) breaks into Jim’s bedroom (not a joke)

Elle Reeve, known for Vice’s documentary about the Charlottesville alt-right tiki torch march where she had direct access to Chris Cuntwell apparently broke into Jim’s house and bedroom trying to get the scoop on Zig Forums.



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Oh, boy. Better feel bad for Jim now.

I figure if a woman breaks into your bedroom then it's perfectly OK to just grab her and fuck her and it's in no way shape or form rape. Especially in a depraved whore house shithole like the Philippines.

Oh wait…Elle Reeve…the hot mong..haha

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i wish Reeve would break into my home, fuck i'd even let her kill me if it meant she'd have to touch me

Why even live in asian country?

yfw no pepe gf

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she's a mong dude. If you must unload your balls into her then set your pristine SS man morals aside and grease up her bumhole and blow your load there. It's disgusting on multiple levels but if it feels good do it and post the pics and vids here.

She is a human trafficker and have a look at her picture on her Twitter. It’s a pizza.

btw for those that do not know how these subhuman lugenpresse work, it means they have a documentary in the making for vice about 8ch, they will use the footage from today in their documentary for extra dramatics


((( )))
Fucking kill yourself kike. Holy fuck these fucking pizzagate Q spambots need to stop. Filtered and global reported

You should have posted a screen shot of it; Most of us have been banned from Twatter and will not hand over our phone numbers to the kikenvermin to get reinstated.

She’s a criminal.

Literally funded by Soros

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Why do they need "funding"? I thought Vice went public and had a capitalization of $1 Billion.

she is probably going to lurk in this thread
lads, what should i say?

So they've got a lot in common with the Trump administration then.

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I am not lying. Human trafficking operations is controlled by the kikes.

It's never right to have sex with a Down's Syndrome girl.

Ignore her. The attentions are money to them.

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She will include this thread in the documentary as a reaction to the video they will put out for when they broke the law and invaded private property. Where's goreanon when you need him?

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Jim should've evoked the castle doctrine and shot her. Would've given them the scoop they wanted too.

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good, I've always wanted to be a cute girl's ride to success

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Based and criminal pilled

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Jim could have called the police and told them she was a drug dealer.
blam blam

Put me in the documentary Elle

kek good fuck him


Depends on what laws does Philippines have. If she hid some mics in the house, then she's really fucked.

Who decided factual leaks of emails are a Q-larp? Jews? Did jews suddenly say, Pizzagate and all related digging on the emails, done by anons, not some jew named Q-are suddenly a Q-larp, and you just up and believed it?
You're one dumb stupid fucking nigger.

She should serve jail time in some cockroach-infested hell hole but the Philippines is very corrupt so Soros will pay up and she'll be free to use whatever she's got to smear Jim.

((( )))
((( )))
((( )))
((( )))


Should've fed her to the pigs

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She wouldn't need to smear him, he's already been shown to have gained ownership of this site to fuck over the users. He's not your fucking friend faggot.

Is James Alefantis Rothschild, his kill-room and satanic porn flick, death threats issued to people investigating him, all suddenly q-larp? Oh boy, goyim are investigating one of our bastard children who partake in jewish ritual murder.
Oh boy, goyim are investigating our fucked up satanic practices done by media guru's like Maria Abrahamic and their weird occult "spirit cooking" get together where they eat and drink from syrup mixed with women's bloody vaginal leakage, as well as mock cakes made in the image of human beings to stimulate cannibalism.

Stupid fucking nigger kike. You expect us to have goldfish memories. Zoomer's aren't as stupid as you think we are.

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But she is? Add some substance to your posts or fuck off.

No she really is human trafficker, and is part of a group of high profile world leaders and businessmen such as Elon musk, they abduct children and have them held off-world, on a space station (this curtesy of Elon) that way the authorities can serve a warrant on the location.
These things a true cuz anonymous members told me.
This had nothing to do with my paranoid schizophrenia, in fact that doesn't even exist they made it up cuz they know I'm in to them, anyhow ive told you the facts and if you don't believe me then that's your loss.

shouldve killed her
fuck you jim you sex tourist mason fag

This guy however, is a jew throwing out red herrings with the style of a child to make the whole thing seem "silly" and astroturf the idea that it was all made up.

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You sound like you have something at stake over this. Did you get paid for that post?

Only newfags need substance but here you go. You should celebrate every bad thing that happens to him.

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Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

I'm so stressed from the targeted persecution I get from the illuminati that my previous post had typos in it : /
So I'm posted it again, it shouldnt have typos in it this time, if it does then somebody or some group must have control of my computer!

No she really is human trafficker, and is part of a group of high profile world leaders and businessmen such as Elon musk, they abduct children and have them held off-world, on a space station (this curtesy of Elon) that way the authorities can't serve a warrant on the location.
These things are true cuz anonymous members told me.
This had nothing to do with my paranoid schizophrenia, in fact that doesn't even exist they made it up cuz they know I'm onto them, anyhow ive told you the facts and if you don't believe me then that's your loss.

Is that you Elon?

One of THEM

In that case, include this in the screenshot:
I'd like to drink her hot jets of piss fresh from the spout every morning while she rubs her foot on my penis. Then she can strain a little harder and coil a stool onto my bollocks, before she bends down and smears it over my entire crotch with her hair. At that point she can inject me with a quick acting tranquiliser, sending me back to sleep, and she can spend the next half an hour cleaning me off with imported soap with one hand while she gently rubs my anus with her other hand.
When satisfied that I'm clean, she can begin to drive a matchbox model replica of a 1994 lotus elise around my chest while slathering my nipples with her tongue, her downey breasts rubbing against my genitals. After an hour of this, she will slap my face and thighs and penis until I awake once more, and then proceed to dip her downey breasts into my mouth, having me suckle on them while she coats my pelvis and legs in hot, gushing pussy juices, and if we're lucky, menstrual flow.
She will then mount me and ride me to completion, collecting my seed in her downey belly, before turning around to drain whatever remains from my penis with her downey mouth.
Then she'll make me breakfast while wearing only an apron and flaunting her blapper, while she gives a step by step running commentary on how she will rub her crotch and arse all over my face before she lets me eat a single bite of it.
She does as she describes, gyrating and sliding her downey soft rump in my face, with my tongue flashing and gulping at her various holes and folds until she has had enough orgasms to light up one and a half LEDs with her electrical energy, or fourteen micro-LEDs, whichever is the greater current.
She would wash me again, this time while I am conscious, my entire body being sponge bathed and her soapy hot body slip-sliding around with her perky downey blobby tits flapping this way and that, preferably brapping on me with ring to skin contact whenever possible, as long as she doesn't follow through.
She will then dry me vigorously with several fluffy towels, and at that point she will no doubt need to urinate again, all over my body, rendering her previous actions almost pointless.

part 1/18

Yes, I have something at stake over this, the destiny of my race and all other European races. These traitors and jews want to see my race wiped out from existence, and when a series of emails unravels a rabbit hole that leads to all sorts of carnal and demonic fucked up rituals, practices, child sacrifice, cannibalism and child rape, I am very interested in exploiting any fracture of their secrecy that could be exploited to bring the enemies of my race down. Yes, I have a stake in this, how about you nigger?

Should every other people who threw the jews out of their countries when they discovered jewish ritual murder of men, women and children just listened to jews who said "it's all hearsay"? No. I won't listen to you either.

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They can't be helped, they're brainwashed sheeple, theyre the types that think 3+3=6

>he doesn't know Jim is part of the patriot CIA branch
get out

So vile and disgusting; Matchbox cars have hard shiny plastic tires, while Corgi toys have soft rubber tires. There is no comparison between them for sensual pleasure.

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Is that Anita Sarkeesian's stunt double?
Reminder that the Rothschilds did nothing wrong, and that their innocent family name is being used to divert attention from the real perpetrators of these schemes.
Watch the video interviews with Jacob Rothschild for evidence that he is just a nice old man who wears well made suits.

You want the 1960 Chevrolet Impala, the pink one. Not only does it have the soft rubber tires, it also has spring loaded floating suspension. YOu have no idea how satisfying that is.

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Life isn't all about pleasure and luxury.
A good story needs balance to it, and what is more, I would never leave the bed if she did use corgi cars. Have some decency.


They have done plenty wrong, they are one of several wealthy jewish families that have influenced global politics to be what it is today, and were primary actors in the creation of Israel and all of the related wars, including WW1 and WW2.
They are enemies of my race, and so are you.

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Vice if you're making a documentary put my post in it

where are vice offices : >

Are vice offices off-world?

So Elle Reeve is a Trap

She has a dick?

Matchbox Lotus isn't European?

Corgi is British and Impala is American.

And If you want to know my opinion you fussy little faggot purist , I'll have you know that if you were a real man you'd figure out a way to use a Scalextric race track segment to electrocute your balls during orgasm.


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It's all a distraction, that's why their name is thrown around so commonly. If they had any of the weight or power that is claimed, no one would have ever heard of their name. Think about it.
Elle Reeve is the real problem here, I heard her brapper never follows through, even when she's drunk. Something that tightly sealed is unnatural and requires deeper investigation.

Tax evasion.

Twelve year old girls will give you a blowjob on a crowded Manilla working class bus without being asked while you doze off in the tropical heat and nobody will even care.

Ok now go fuck yourself
Fuck I fell for you're bait, I'm a nigger

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Scaletrix tracks should only be used by a qualified downey engineer, and despite Elle being one of the most fetching downeys in her support group, she does not hold a license to operate one. I would however have her build a small circular model train track on my chest and have it slightly crush my nipples with each pass, but only if the models were made of baco-lite and cast iron.
The carriages could be loaded up with oxo cubes that occasionally tumbled out onto me with particularly daring swerves.

implying you aren't a nigger already

What's 3+3

Takara tomy cars have spring loaded suspension too

If Vice doesn't do a story on "this" they will try to memory hole this so hard, how embarrassing to be caught and exposed as criminal kike organization (as if we didn't knew that). Shame this wasn't a user who would treat Zig Forums privacy with more integrity then Jim ever could.

Also what "scoop"? Some fucking retards posting on a server about what anime character is cuter or the INSTANT RACIAL HATRED hivemind known as pol, a notorious hacker who employs thousands of JIDF agentshills to attack and constructive conversation? The irony of journos shitting up this place, flooding it with trash channers, radicalizing their beliefs, and doing insane shit like this as a result is too great for me.

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Disturbing but such desperation, can't have this site up and running for the next election…They don't know of any of the hundreds of underground networks of the meme hydra. Vice is an enemy of the people.

for real

Should have invoked castle doctrine

He should put a shotgun in his mouth.

Chutzpah level 1000

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VICE is a mossad opp and they forced all of the jewish powers that be to turn on their funding machinery and chime in some shekels

most of the money comes from goys though

they get on the phone with some pension fund manager and pilpul or coerce him until the shekels flow

Vice on suicide watch cause their content is so bad that people run from their reporters than actually be thought of something as normal. What a sad disgrace. If these people come to your door, dump their body in a lagoon.

Like hell they consider this embarrassing at all. This is all free publicity for them.


when it is finally time to leave the rather sodden, stained bed, we do so and Elle Reeve at once removes the bed linen and the plastic mattress cover for a thorough cleaning at high temperatures using Vanish oxy-action powder for a whiter than white finish.
While we wait for the washing to finish, Elle assembles her collection of 108 pregnancy edition Barbie dolls in floral maternity dresses, and begins to cover me with them while I am seated on the sofa, their hard plastic bellies sending floods of mild indifference throughout my nervous system.
Once completely covered, Elle takes a run up and follows it with a downey sideways leap at me, her own, slightly distended downey belly hitting my own upon landing, knocking the wind from me and sending many of the pregnancy barbies flying from the sofa and onto the floor.
She proceeds to writhe excitedly, mashing the remaining barbies between us and occasionally pausing to burp hot air into my face, sometimes with a little spittle ejecting from her sensuous little downey mouth into mine, with her licking up any that dripped onto other parts of my face.
When most of the barbies have been dislodged, she turns and straddles me completely, to begin mouth kissing and lapping and sucking at my ears, nose and neck, coating me with saliva and any breakfast-bile that might have risen during the Barbie pregnancy belly mash. Braps emiited are aimed into my crotch for the vibrational qualities, with Elle Reeve using her elite coordination of sphincter muscles to change the frequency and tone of each brap to give an almost musical quality to the performance.


Kind of like this?

>(((cohen))) going after opposition

Are we gonna get rid of these news reporting faggotry? These threads are cesspools of marxist larpers.

I hope the Philippines condemns them to the death penalty.

She probably thinks US authorities can't charge her as the house is in another country but under US law going to another country with the intent to commit a crime is a crime XD

wow wow wow wow
hold on there buddy
10 bucks a day is a lot in the filipines, average wage for capital city adult man is 8 bucks a day, so a little loli girl, especially a street girl/orphan can be had for 4 a day, or free if you feed, clothe, house and fuck her
a hundred to two hundred bucks should allow you to straight up buy a street girl, outright, as a slave

So if you fly to Russia with the intent to hire and fuck & pee on a Russian escort….

As a rich saudi, I pay to have russian women kidnapped and brought to me as slaves. Then I used them as a toilet, make them suck off camels, and stub cigarettes out on them while setting fire to money and lighting their hair with it.


Had… past tense…

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