Atlantis thread 2: Deluge boogaloo

Atlantis thread 2: Deluge boogaloo
Too much good history in the thread to let it die, so let the debate continue.

Summary of general consensus opinion from first thread:
Atlantis was based in the Eye of the Sahara, but was probably an international empire, it was sank during the Great Deluge that flooded it from the East (hence the silt marks flowing to left on aerial photographs), the survivors of Atlantis then traveled around the world and established various cultures, hence the global myths of blond haired, blue eyed Aryan gods.

First thread

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Schizo distraction thread

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take your meds

Oy gevalt don't post Aryan history

Thanks op. Eagerly awaiting the return of the user that posted this extremely interesting article that ended up being partially redacted, and is from the CIA library.

The emerald Tablets are required reading in the meantime, and offer clues and instructions for the earnest seeker to work out his ascension to the next plane. There is some truth everywhere.
Godspeed on our journey lads, and Heil.

Phonefagging, can't post PDF.
Here is a link to the Tablets.


Book in question.

I had a video systematically debunking the richat structure being atlantis, but it seems it was shoah'd off jewtube. I'll have to dig for it.

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Yet thus far the Eye is the only structure that so closely fits the descriptions.
So what's your alternative and what are your best arguments?

Damn. So much hate without reason.
You know, occult has always been a part of 8/pol/. And even if you guys shoa this thread like you did the last one, all the Atlantis discussion will just move to other threads.

^ Ignorance and emotional response

Is it possible this could be the flood described within the bible(and so the survivor was Noah and his wife)? Or this could be possibly be the babel event too.

It's real, friends. Civilization is far more ancient that we are taught.

At least embed the video

Atlantis was in the germanic sea. The Doggerland sandbank. Europeans are the real atlanteans.

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Did Atlantis have advanced technology?

Aswan quarry

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Yangshan Quarry

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I had loved the last thread. The Berber connections were particularly interesting

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Sieg Heil Zig Forums KRIEGSMARINE. The secrets of Atlantis lie in Antarctica. Also the richat is connected too. It’s too perfect for it not to be it


Ziopedia for general information:élap

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Kikes clearly don't like this thread

The Blue-Eyed Bearded Gods of Mesoamerica

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The Atlantid Race took much of their knowledge from whoever (or whatever) came from The Super Continent Gondwana and were basically the progenitors of humanity as a whole. I wonder what percentage of blood they had that was related to those who came from that ancient continent? Antarctica was once the seat of Gondwana long ago, so it really makes you think about what is buried miles below the ice and dirt.

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Antarctica is probably a place where advanced, likely nonhuman beings lived during the glacial minimums.

The Mexica said their original home was a swampy place to the north called Aztlan, see Florida on Glacial max map.

As you can see on that Glacial Max map, Southeast Asia and Australia have significantly more land, which is likely Lemuria/Mu.

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Well well well.
Another day, another piece of history upside down.
Thanks user.

So begins the monotheist asspulls to distort reality. Hide and move on.

Satellite image of the islands of Santorini. From the Minoan eruption event, and the 1964 discovery of Akrotiri on the island, this location is one of many sites purported to have been the location of Atlantis.

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Interesting theory. The problem is the dating.

Yes but how did they get there?
Also, during glacial minimums (like today) Antarctica was probably still covered in ice. This has been so since Antarctica moved to the southern pole.

Many periods of time, Antarctica was perfectly habitable.

Look up "antarctic forests"

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The best research source for Atlantian evidence is newearth channel of based Slavic hottie historian Sylvie Ivanova.
She calls the controllers of fake history penguins.
The special think about newearth is that she actually visits every place she makes a video about and shows you parts and details which are often completely omitted by the mainstream quackademics and media.
She has a whole series on the survivors of atlantis.
Videos are documentary length with HD images.
She covers a variety of other suppressed topics such as evidence of giants and dwarves.
Yes, dwarves, there are tunnel complexes that can only have been built by very short people, in Spain.
She also has videos showing deliberate (((suppression))) of real history, and expounds a theory which says that 1,000s year was added to our calendar relatively recently. (which explains the 'dark ages').
Notice in many medieval paintings, the first "1" in the date is actually an i. The i means Jesus, e.g in the year of our lord.
The kikes pretend the i is a 1 and boom, you've added 1,000 years.
To make it seem like the kikes have had power for much longer than they actually have, i.e demoralization.

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Thank you so much for tbis. Just another reason to keep my slav blood pure

She also has a playlist of Russian language stuff.



Megaliths in Japan

This is true but that was many millions of years ago.

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That timeline is not certain. The world was much different just 13000 years ago.

It is assumed to be millions of years ago.
A bit like humanity is assumed not to have been on this planet for millions of years.
Ancient maps prove that humans have seen Antarctica when it was green. And not only that they saw it, but had the level of sophistication required to map it.

Plato's dialogs that talk about Atlantis put it past the gates to the Mediterranean in the Atlantic.
What possible reason could you have for thinking it is in Africa?

Are the Emerald tablets legitimate? I see that Newton has a translation, but when I look it up on YouTube the only people talking about it are fat bald yids and niggreses.

What maps are you referencing?

True, but I can't just believe something without evidence. Where is the evidence that Antarctica was green in, say, the last 12,000 years?

There are many.
But Piri Reis for a start.

Awesome, luckily I speak Russian fluently despite growing up stateside

Can anyone comment? I was a bit unimpressed with the emerald tablets. Really really like tge kabylion tho

Geotechnical engineer here,

The image you posted is an example of a dome that has been eroded, a natural geological feature.

In short: You're a schizophrenic retard and should probably stop posting

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Then how can you make an assertion such as "millions of years ago" with no evidence?

I don't know, but we don't know. I won't make any claims of it since there's much not known about the area.

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Hey retard, a geological formation that likely formed millions of years ago if not billions, does not rule out the possibility that a civilization inhabited in approx 12,000 years ago.
Nowhere in the story of atlantis does it say the islands were man made, just that the island had concentric circles, of which the richart structure matches closely.

What does a geotechnical engineer do exactly? Polite sage for off-topic

The tard-lites in power tell themselves they’ll be killed if they ever betray their self-destructive systems of corruption, but that’s a bug chunk of what makes them tard-lites. Truth is, people love seeing villains redeem themselves. Most people are peaceful.

A great effort is ongoing to hold back the message of peace, because if the whole public resonates with peace, honesty rings out across a culture. And, fundamentally, that would change the relationships of power too much.

We are to submit to the drowning of all potential, as did the mythical Atlanteans, because our leaders have become psychotically convinced of their righteous worth to act as judges with no need of incorporating wisdom beyond their own. The public is deemed unworthy, and therefore the leaders shall indeed die, but all of this is utterly avoidable.

The so-called gods who drowned the mythic Atlantis were the leaders. We know those gods again today. An active leadership not murdered by corruption’s weakness would reshape the world utterly by deploying new technologies whose deployment has been held back.

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Atlantis needed not the judgment, and in that myth its judges died with it! Be as the advanced people of Atlantis, and not as its barbaric leaders who threw away a heart of progress for that it did not obey them!

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Yes he seems like a low-intelligence pseudo-intellectual (oxymoron I guess), very uneducated. I haven't spotted it before as far as I recall.

Bullshit. Education does not overcome genetics. Epigenetics exists and has effects on life but is not related to race and is much not as powerful in terms of effect as many commonly portray it, especially in “popular” science.

What about all the genetic differences we know of related to brain structure and functioning between Africans and Europeans or Asians? They account for a minimum of one standard deviation in IQ, and that is using data that has Africans with some European admixture.

Your “education and epigenetics” is not magic and will not change that - even if it could they do not deserve it and have done nothing to earn it themselves.

I believe he is some kind of a cerebral narcissist who also likely has high-functioning autism of some kind. He thinks he is way more intelligent and knowledgeable than he is, though he does seem to possess bits and pieces of interesting facts mixed with a lot of techno-futurist fantasy and speculation.

I miss when these were full of archeological evidence and theories full of logical reasoning.
Oera Linda kind of stuff. Where mythology meets anyhropology, with correlating evidence and multiple sources for claims, rather than frivolous speculation and conjecture.

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Based on what we know about climate, it seems unlikely that whatever is on the South Pole would be ice free. And based on what we know about geology, antarctica has been in this location for at least the last few million years.

Looks more like it's depicting the southern coast of South America to me.

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We are still getting out of a little ice age. We are not even near the average base line yet, let alone at a warming period such as the Minoan or Medieval warming periods. Stop buying this global warming nonsense

Obviously it was warmer 4000 years ago than today. However, do you really think that this small increase in temperature melted all the ice in Antarctica?

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Some people are planning a visit to the Richat structure. A group of youtubers.
There's also that Atlantis small organization that openly displays its masonic symbol.
Masons are largely cucked, jewed and the top ones complete enemies of Whites, but down there some of them are just clueless. They think there's good shit to find in Kabbalah and Hebrew stuff when one can actually completely dodge that stuff and directly go for Sumer, Babylon, Persia, Egypt, India, Greece and Atlantis.
It's going to be dangerous, there's been a recent surge of localized AlQaeda in Eastern Mauritania.

– very special digits here
What's the source of the video? I'd like a higher quality of it.

Anyone looked into Jürgen Spanuth's Die Atlanter (1976)?

The red line in your chart is speculated temperatures, not current temperatures. Also your chart even shows the medieval warming period was around 1000 years ago while you claim 4 thousand. Are you really this unable to read graphs, or are you paid to shill the global warming myth on Zig Forums?

Yes, why would you join the freemasons if their esoteric knowledge can be found elsewhere immediately free of charge?

arrogant asshole

Learn to read. I made no such claim.
Can you not recall that one post ago you brought up the Minoan warming period? That's what I'm talking about. That was about 4000 years ago.


Much closer to 3 than 4, and I also mentioned the Medeval warming period which was only 1000 years ago. You never specified which warming period and are trying to now use the older one as an example while ignoring the newer one was also an example. You are pushing this globohomo bullshit about climate change and can't read graphs. How about a climatologist explaining it then? Also yes a few degrees Celsius does matter when you are talking about above or below the point of freezing.

Vikings used to grow tomatoes on Greenland, are you going to say that was a myth, or that it must have been millions of years ago because of the stupid long debunked theories your school system taught you?

Contextual clues.

If you can't address my actual argument and continue to misrepresent what I said, I'm just going to filter you.

I'll try one last time to treat you like an adult;
As I said here
According to this graph, it was indeed far warmer during the height of the current inter-glacial.
This does not mean that Atnarctica was ice free. An average global difference of about 1 degree F would not be warm enough to make Antarctica ice free, nevermind make it capable of supporting civilization.

When did I ever make such an argument? I disagreed with your assertion that we are in a glacial minimum right now. You keep trying to redirect it to other things, then when I attempt to touch on it slightly with the vikings thing you completely ignore it.
Not even your graphs were talking about Fahrenheit they were using Celsius. Big difference, and your repeated purposeful misrepresentations are noted
No one actually filters people after threatening to do so. If you were going to filter you would have done it already. This is a basic tactic to try and get me to cuck and be nicer to you so we can hold a discussion on your terms instead of even ground

Oh for fuck sake.
Post one
Pay attention to the conversation

That was my mistake. But you are trying to make a mountain out of an anthill.

I'm here to discuss ideas. Not to play your little smoke and mirror show while you run off on angry tangents and ignore what I write.

I think the Richat structure is the "city of atlantis" but I also think that Atlantis was a catchall term for the ancient society that was based around it. I think the world was destroyed several times, so we're gonna have more than one "atlantis" (advanced societies that were destroyed). Also relating to this could be the hollow earth theory, where the source of civilization is maintained safely away from the surface destruction

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Atlantica has a chain of Islands and the center of all of them has at the mouth of the mediterranean sea. It has funded when children of the skies meet some humans. The leader of them created by cosmic dust as the rest, created all it the power of the spirit, molding a structure that appear as a blackness yet forming. A temple was formed it the whole plan, it has the entrance to the halls of the dead where the leader sits it others on thrones along it death. The templer high priest was on the duty commanded by them to create teachers of men.

Soon enough all the islands got corrupted; teachings of light can be easily made into teachings of darkness. A war for the medditarrenean began (world domination) the empire of Atlantica stratch into the whole dominion and the giants, heroes, transcended humans of that time are present into old literature and oral history as gods but they are just divine and distorted. Soon the war reached the greek empire more old, it has a empire made by the divinity Atenas full of wisdom that created an army system and warriors capable to face the power of Atlantis. While this happen at Atlantis corrupted people of darkness were creating a portal (similar as today's CERN atempt, i forgot what it was) abhorred by the creator who sended the flood that wiped out all of the wars and Atlantis.

Thoth the keeper of records were at that time obeying the leader of the children of the skies and going to colonize the barbarians of Egypt and forging a kingdom it him as king and teacher.

Now i'm going to explain what they hide in the evidence of present. The pyramid was a beautiful creation it the point of cold and the rest until the base made of beautiful white stone, a work made by Thoth using the secrets of gravitacional force ( it's purpose was to build a entrance of Amanti and who wanted to go whould purify the body laid on the sarcorphagus for 40 days.

The survivors or Thoth builded colonies on South America, Central America etc… This is why the megaliths (large stones, impossible for humans to manage) existed there, the same for the pattern of pyramids seem on Australia and Chile (i think)

Hystory is forged and nobody wants you to think that humans are capable to fly or that they have wings on their backs. They forge inventios and it's the cage of you bird. They forge it their advanced old knowledge in their formative years in mystery schools soon to be promoted and exposed to not circles within circles but agents of deceit and agents of deceit that originated and are deceive by the one circle it permanent and inchangible state where they contact the liar fallen angel leader of the rebelion.

They contact a person it the right and left ideology and deceive them saying they work for the ideal of the leaning ideology and persuade the person this is the type of deceit that operate within the agent of deceit and agent of deceit system.

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(being an autistic broken record will not help)

blue eyes, appearing 35K years ago, not 7K -
does not really fit your chronology here
- also people who stopped fishing that way still have them after countless millennia despite living in a variety of places, from cold to hot, low altitude to high, care to explain?
- also stop peddling that shit about eating fish making one population smarter because you'll find plenty of shitskins living off of fish for millennia and they ain't getting smarter at all and whites living on coasts aren't noted for being smarter than inland whites.
right, so you've got fucked up theories, with not a single element of evidence, not a picture, study or else

Looks like a giant abyssal mouth eating up the area shown in clear blue surrounding the islands.

The dim geological structure looks like a small demon crawling out of the depths, the right arm ending with three crooked fingers. We can barely see a long, serpentine body that goes South-West.

French probably looted Atlantis and divides the profits with UK and US. Thats why it is a secret.

what a stupid cunt!!
churches have detailed chronologies
"they inserted a thousand years in our history" is flat-earth tier pure demented shit

perhaps we have the pillars wrong
atlantis would of been in a network of vast islands
there could have been other entrances/exists to the not-that-enclosed mediterranean sea
whats the proof the pillars of heracles are were we usually put them???

lol no, you meant "slimy jew here"

posting better pictures of the richat

Attached: 3-Richat-700x440.jpg (700x553 156.43 KB, 229.17K)

look, another fake picture of giant skeledons!

maybe the french looted your mothers cunt and divided her brain with tyrone and fernando. explaining you. family secret you know
(why is this thread attracting so many retards? looks like our friends get triggered on atlantis)