What do you think? The "Informed Father" Act

It's time for someone to do something about men's rights too. Men are humans and deserve equal rights.

Like sex offenders that are put in a database so women can avoid them, so women that had abortions should be put in a database so men can make an informed choice before they choose a partner.

Females that had abortions will give birth to inferior children, men should know if a woman had an abortion before they can decide to have a child with a woman.

As we recently saw on social media, women are proud to have abortions so it should be no problem if the fact that they had an abortion is made public. Half of the taxpayers are males, if a woman receives public funding for an abortion then that should be registered and made public for every law abiding citizen.


If a woman wants her abortion to remain private then she should go to a private clinic.

Women should understand that their actions have consequences and nothing is free.

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Will never pass, and even then being "informed" doesnt mean there will be consequences.

Why would it not pass? The overton window was already moved far right with making abortion illegal. Democrats would be happy to have legal abortions (but with a conservative twist). Conservatives would be interested in passing it to please their 63% white male voters.

And ultimately it would be in our best interest. Non-whites can have their abortions while white males will know what white whores to avoid.

Something like Sweden's Legal Paternal Surrender would be better for 14th amendment appeals.

I'm surprised this is not a law yet in any society that considers itself 'civilized'.

As if females would allow any lists being made of them detailing anything about them. I remember there was something like a "whore list" in my country and oy vey the kvetching was insane and then poof suddenly no mention of it ever again except for the 2 weeks promoting anti-anti-slut behavior. Expecting females to be hold to any account is impossible in a kikes society, they ARE the "get out of jail free" card. Time and time again women will distract, obstruct and de-contruct anything of value, abortion being the perfect example of this, the backlash proves this alone. and for all the naysayers: They'll still have an abortion, just illegally. and when people start pulling out baby limbs out of the trashcans, see dogs fighting over dead fetuses maybe they'll get the message, maybe.

Sage for shit thread that could've been posted and used to bump another abortion thread.

No, it should be legal for them to have an abortion. But if they want the abortion to be free they should accept that their accessing of abortion funds will be transparent and available as information to all taxpayers.

If a woman will want to have abortion privately she will have to pay a private clinic.

It's a much clearer fight than your proposed one. More likely to succeed in equal nations too.


I don't see what the big deal is about rape. It's just a dick in your hole for a few minutes. It's nowhere near as bad as murder, cancer, or getting flirty eyes from a fat chick. And really, women can't be raped since the vagina is designed to accommodate cock. Only men can be raped. If a woman is penetrated anally against her will, she's just experiencing male rape, which is an excellent learning experience for her, to discover the struggles that men go through.
For women, rape isn't a big deal. It's just typical female exaggeration to get attention. They all fantasize about rape so they actually enjoy it. They just want to trade in their "victim" status for clothing and jewelry and don't want to give sex away for free. Really, the only punishment for rape should be to pay the equivalent of the going rate for whatever sex act was performed with a local prostitute of equivalent attractiveness. Since it's the same punishment, why would anyone rape a Feminist instead of a beautiful woman?
Those fat ugly feminists that scream the loudest that "no means NO," are actually hoping to limit the amount of sex the genetically gifted attractive women get. And, in so doing, hoping that some hapless male starving for sex will find himself scraping the very, very bottom of the barrel where the fat and ugly feminist will finally have the chance to scream, "YES, FUCK ME HARD."
Hey fat ugly feminists, it isn't going to work. You only really have one option. Lose the weight, learn how to use make up, and get an overhaul of your personality. In some cases you may need extensive plastic surgery to have any hope of getting my cock rammed into your ass. In some extreme cases, it is entirely hopeless and you should just give up. If you are this last case, try having sex with animals if you find you can approach them without scaring them away.


and redpilled

"If a woman wants her abortion to remain private then she should go to a private clinic."

Its NatSoc, its fascism. And something that is already there does not have to be established. I wonder how many would really want it any other way.

To begin with we are doing everything wrong. There is more I posted recently. All the preferences do not exist. It works about the same in everyone. I can show proof of this if this post is replied to.

Under the right conditions it looks like it things can go mainstream and get accepted general support.

But before this, it would all have to be looked into. Its like laying hand on the light switch. Even though everything remains as it is, the goals, it feels like someone is on the light switch some times.


solution is simply to kill (((culture destroyers))) and return to coverture

It is gay in a way. Men's rights hahahaha. Actually saying it. Yes, there are people who think otherwise. So this thread, I don't mean OP but why he posted it. But the whole thing about feminism is disgusting at times.

Has it been this disgusting? That before anything else, first coverture ?

K enough talk


Actually, that OP felt he had to say it

Please, this:

Well but anyhow, it has always been the libcucks that sent everyone else to the gallows, war and everything else.

So currently its the fukken feminists on your path.

Time to stop being sheeple weaklings.

Its better if it is said at a good time for it, but to not. It can lead to unstraightness.

Rather than fighting for 'rights' or 'recognition' in the manner that the undeserving have over decades, we should seek a return to normalcy. A return to common sense and the natural order. Where men are men, women are women and children get sent to bed with a sore butt for misbehaving.

Yeah. By Gawd the transexual sissy femboy (…) however.

Own original form is best. What are they having a problem with it. Can't.

It's a crime because you are devaluing the property of the man who owns her (either father or husband), rendering her unfuckable. I would kill someone for vandalizing my car as well.

Lucky you, I couldn't even get into the society cause it was overrun with niggers and immigrant families who sucked up all the local business, now everything is a taco stand and the local radio is all about Jamal's rap album mix over the local radio stations.

To clarify, it depends on the quality of what has been ruined. Most modern women are already disgusting used-up whores so you would be correct 90% of the time

this truth cuts deep

Shitting your britches? Abortion was made illegal in 1 state. You're talking like it's vice versa.

But really: no name. We're all libcucks. We're all doing it to ourselves.