Fashion industry = slave industry

Fashion industry = slave industry

Model agencies are generally owned by jews, which enslave goyim via debts. (surprise, surprise)

Contracts are signed where the girls are held liable for all expenses incurred from housing, to meals, to being chauffeured around among other things.

Unruly arrogant girls from first world countries are simply discarded and held liable for the debts by jew run courts, which is the most benign scam.

Girls from poor countries like Russia, the Ukraine etc. that cannot possibly pay back large debts are coerced into Epstein type operations where they are used to reward good goys for their deeds or to entrap useful people.

The last stage for the most compliant girls with a very suitable character due to strict parenting or abuse is MK ultra type programming which turns them into undercover agents for (((them))).

Masonic symbolism shows showcasing abstract haute couture that nobody ever buys serve as a ritual at the same time.

Haute couture might also be a jewish money laundering scheme just like modern art as it's a very impenetrable world by outsiders.

The top end of the fashion industry is exclusively jewish btw. with Karl Lagerfeld being a crypto jew that hid his identity.

Whatcha sliding moshe?

Ok? Those in the model agency are to far gone anyway and won't ever have White Children.

shitty thread

A lot of models are very young (12,13) and the cream of the crop in terms of looks from the lower and middle class.

They might have children down the road if they don't suicide themselves or get suicided but they will probably end up broken as well as abused children and teenagers are often abusive themselves when they get older.

Jews are removing some of the best blood from our countries this way.

If you remove the top 1%, you destroy that Civilization. It is slow, but 100%. gas the bikes, race car now.

Any girl unfortunate to get into modelling will be led astray by jews and encounter degenerates, drugs, perverted sex behaviours, etc. Same shit as in hollywood but seedier, is my guess.

Elite fashion uses only transgender men on the catwalk, pageants, competitions, advertising.
You're white knighting for men in drag and breast implants.

What exactly IS Victoria's secret?

She has a penis.

Talking about kike fetish world and making a shit thread: reported and hidden

Reporting the fact that AwesomenessTV kike fetish world is the literal omniscient global authority:


Every single Epic Sellouts video was purged from Youtube today, including archives.
They're taking this exposure very seriously.

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This :^3

it's always parasitic

>The last stage for the most compliant girls with a very suitable character due to strict parenting or abuse is MK ultra type programming which turns them into undercover agents for (((them))).
You mean that Hitman 2016, where you had to kill an Israelite Jew who used models as spy was right ?

The elite blurs reality and fiction - a common gas lighting tactic to make victims think they're going crazy and to keep them in shock and fear.

Pretty sure that was the whole point of the movie Neon Demon.


I rather have all DACApedes be given citizenship

that movie has keanu reeves pimping a teenager out of a motel. Nicolas Winding Refn is a spiritual kike if there has ever been one. his idol is Alejandro Jodorowsky, a kike.

Shid. Anyone have the foresight to have local copies?

They pimp out the girls and most of the "clothes" contain drug shipments.

There was a fucking Magnum PI episode about this, we know.

And they get really pissed off when you present them photographic and other proof of their lying.