Austrian Right Wing FPO duped, VC resigns

Austrian right-wing VC got duped by a (((Western))) intelligence asset posing as the daughter of a Russian oligarch, and discussed buying an Austrian newspaper with her. The video got leaked and he had to resign, snap elections will be held most likely which will damage the right-wing party considerably.
A lesson for all of us: (((They))) are always watching.

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Full video wont be released, we have to trust (((them))) on the content.
I think its all bullshit, but I dont really care because H.C is a putinbitch and Austria is comintern state fucked beyond repair.

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They've been doing this since WW2 in every western country. This is why all parties in western countries are pro-Israel, pro-war, pro-global finance capital, etc.

weasel words

kinda did have to, to save his party. if the party stood by him it would imply that they're all like that. the parts of the video I've seen are thoroughly enough to force a resignation. he basically offered to trade political action for favorable press coverage. do all parties in all countries do this? sure. can you get recorded admitting to it and keep your job? no. I hope that the right-wing parties of Europe are preparing a counter-offensive, collecting similar incriminating material on other parties to balance these leaks out.

also it's important to note that as a proclaimed patriot selling out to foreign interests seems "more wrong" than when a standard establishment politician does it. even every-men on the street kinda have an inkling that they're getting jewed by the establishment but they'll keep voting for it as long as footy is on the telly and they still have a bearable job.

They've been doing this to every party post WW2, it's why every party is corrupt. Once a party tends to move a bit out of the puppeteers dance blackmail is released. Almost all politicians have blackmail on them and can be removed when deemed needed. It's why politics is such a joke it is all about conspiracies and networking ties.

They already had the video on him for 2 years. Likely it was used for blackmail. It's very interesting to look at who exactly was behind this and to who they have ties to. Because chances are these kind of things are planned and happen. Yes, people are really extremely dumb on average they just care about their stupid shit hobbies and don't care at all if there are people taking advantage and humiliating them every day of their existence.

Good, that means they can play the victim card now, justifiably in certain regards, since it really shouldn’t be up to some German media wether the Austrian public learns who else is implicated.
The next candidate for FPÖ will be Hofer, which means their ceiling will be higher than it was in a few years, since he’s smarter, already achieved almost half the vote in the presidential election and is more of an ideologue than Strache was.

We won’t get to know who exactly is behind it, because the Austrian establishment colludes with them, and the voting public is expected to simply let German media decide what’s enough to know for them.
Interestingly enough Chancellor Kurz offered the FPÖ to stay in coalition if got rid of Kickl, the minister of interior and chief strategist for his party.

Now in the age of ubiquitous spying through the internet and spyphones it must be a cakewalk.

It isn't a coincidence that it was leaked right before the European elections, it was planned sabotage

yes, it says so in the article
the video is from 2017

Having crypto jew as a head of right wing party is not very bright idea. Gulible, gulible people.

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How does the right wing political parties secure themselves against this? Jews are psychotic.

Yes and jews rule the right wing parties

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Argh, thank for the educational picture. Jew Jew Jew! (((They))) are everywhere and will never stop leeching.

Could be for big tech. But usually what happens is you just network then have a few drinks food and maybe some sexual entertainment. People then tend to talk, make some deals like friends and usually corruption ensues. Sometimes blackmail material is made. But usually it's just networking and financial favors that are being done, kind of similar to how you yourself would network out some good deals with people. But of course when politicians do it, it goes at the expense of everyone but the corporations involved.

Not that much we need to shift away to an aristocracy from an oligarchy to get rid of the current system.

That's interesting, but I think citizens should be very careful when videos that are obvious blackmail material come to the surface a few years later. I'm pretty surprised this thread has gotten so little traction as it's quite a big happening politically speaking because it reveals the oligarchy we're living in.

Good. Down with this party of jew loving scumbags and freemason vermin.
The FPÖ is nothing but controlled opposition with kosher neoliberal views and the occasional "based" slogan during election time. The last man of honor was Jörg Haider and he got the Mossad treatment.

By not rewarding them for this. They can just do what we allow them to do.

This here was staged by (((journalists))) of an foreign country who work for state owned media (Germany, ZDF). It doesn't matter what the content of this video is, that a foreign country pays to wiretap, lie and trap your government members, to then launch the bomb when its currently politically convenient 3 years later close to an election, has to have diplomatic consequences.

It would have been enough to kick out Strache, who said to be corrupt and got filmed, and not punish the whole party and kill off the whole government and have elections again because of one stupid fuck getting tricked into saying something while he was drunk on his holidays.

(((They))) got the maximum reward for it, nobody gets prosecuted for staging it, no diplomatic consequences against the guys who made it, the government dissolves just before EU elections, and they get national reelections.
They would be retarded to not spend a few more millions into similar shit if they get such a good outcome. It's the ultimate weapon. And if the unwanted politician doesn't say something stupid, they just make something up.

Austrian are Latin Aryans?

This is dumb as shit.

Austria is located between Germany and Italy

- Never confide in or discuss sensitive information with a woman.
- Have an inner circle that are all on the same page as you and have been extensively vetted, tested and monitored for authenticity.
- Accept no compromises on policy from within your group or outside of it. No price is worth sacrificing your principle.
- Never conduct inner circle business in public or at a location that is not wholly owned by you. Hotels, seemingly abandoned buildings and certain residential properties can all be compromised with ease. The walls can and will talk.
- Your group should have iron clad rules for how it deals with internal disputes and makes decisions for future action. This should never take the form of a democracy or be based on financial prestige. The most important policies should always be for the inner circle only.
- Tell the press only what they need to know, not what they want. Do not engage in political question avoidance but dictate the interview with a cold steel demeanor.
- Ensure that any and all who compromise your group by leaking of information, not being totally adherant to the core beliefs, or any other trait that makes them weak are eliminated. If that extends to people they know, so be it.

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