BREAKING: Literal establishment faggots and trustfund commies LARP as anarchocommies

Found this twitter thread recently and it looks legit as the blue checkmarks and LARPing commies in sockpuppet accounts are seething. Expect them to crop up here by claiming that "[x right winger] is a kike shill/honeypot!". My advice is to filter them and dig for further links. Contrary to popular belief, they are an organized collective of establishment shills that try to grant rights to criminals while reducing them for law abiding citizens. Tell your politicians to stop giving these entitled fuckwits a tax break.

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More pics.

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Antifa and the Alt Right are both funded by the same people.


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Wait, I am being funding? Why in the fucking hell am I homeless and phone posting you dumb nigger?

Quality work, have a bump and some helpful tips for newfriends.

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Traitors get the bullet first. That means we have to neutralize everyone to the right of Noam Chomsky who isn't a 1488% pure National Socialist. Then, and only then, can we begin to fight our true Judeo-Marxist enemies.

Hiel Hurtler!
Siege Hiel!

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Good find user

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no sound

It's a cunty world out there and it's going to get cuntier before it gets less cunty. Fortunately, these cunts provide cunting pictures of their cuntselves, so they'll be no cunting mistakes come the DOTCR

Link me to where I can read the whole thing nigger otherwise it's useless.

You're homeless because you give all your money to Milo, Gavin and Vox Day.

Which specific journalists and MIC? Post details so people can dig.

Remember, "Everything links back to the Guardian." >>>/gamergatehq/330337
and the Huffington Post >>>/gamergatehq/331048

This is true, Hitler lost the war because he didnt purge the elitist old guard conservatives in the wehrmacht. 1945 He said he should have made the "Fight against the Right" much sooner and harder.


If you are homeless you should martyr yourself you have nothing to lose behead a jew

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We already knew that.

Care to tell us where this network graph came from?

Journos From Prominent News Publications Found To Have Working Relationships With Antifa

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Look at his nose!

Go bum around a campus bemoaning your dream of being a mathematician, bum. Or anything else. Students are suckers for redemption stories. Learn enough sci-tech-culture babbling for whatever major you claim to want.

You can *get* funded, if you’re willing to have a life after hate.

go away (((right-winger)))
Zig Forums despises you Israeli-loving cuckservatives as much as it despises antifa.
You are exactly the same as Antifa.

There's no way these flyover state redneck hillbilly inbred fucks could ever have ANY interest in (((data analytics)))….


Both need the bullet #MAGAconDACA

This is why journalists must be killed publicly. Surprised the HQ to these jewjourno's networks has not been shot up yet, or Twitter HQ. Peace is no longer an option, they understand only violence. Next IRL effort poster needs to hit a news HQ like Huffington Post or something.

This ain't cuckchan. Webms have sound here

Had Hitler started to purge everyone who was a conservative, there would be almost no one left in the government to run Germany.

Looks like some std

That chink thing on the right
She's self-aggrandizing, but that should tell you how kiked the alt-right is. "Look goy, pick your team and cheer for them as they fight each other" like it's some kind of sports show or lame comic.

When DOTR comes, nobody who wants to live is going to be boasting about being enemy number one. Those people will already be swinging. In Minecraft of course

I wish my parents were dead so I could create a real happening. Unfortunately I am an "I love my parents" cuck.

Woo a real live antifa here.

All who force themselves to be protected must be killed. They are all pawns of the jews.

Zig Forums isnt alt-right, retarded journo.

What's new? Nearly absolutly every left wing party is either a larp cringe fest, or an establishmentarian shill shitshow. They stopped serving the people's interests long ago when they surrendered to internationalist capitalist ideology and became useful idiots for the chosen people.