South Africa Will Be The White Awakening

When this white genocide (a sudden one, not the slow and stealthy kind like in most of the West) happens in the age of the internet it will be the spark that ignites the world. Cultural relativism will burn worldwide with all its proponents.

Just a reminder that the Rwandan Genocide happened over 30 years after the Tutsi minority had already been voted out of power by the Hutu majority. It has not even been that long since the Afrikaners have been voted out of power in 1994, and like what happened in Rwanda, tensions are only getting worse.

This Afrikaner explains it the best and it's a massive fucking redpill, remember to switch on the English subtitles:

Also take a very good look at pic related. Once Land Expropriation kicks in, there will be no stopping the snowball.

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Nah. Both Rhodesia and South Africa have already fallen.

Volkstaat soon, shill.

Read the pics in the above post and remember - this happens every week in South Africa according to statistics. The quotes are from Ernst Roets' "Kill The Boer". This is a real tragedy. The mass media push the starving nigger children and muh poor refugees in our faces and "humanitarian" kikes milk the gullible and push billions in a bottomless hole that is Africa, fueled by white guilt and misjudged colonialism. But nobody talks about these common people who never did anything to anybody and are killed, tortured and raped just because they live in the country of their ancestors. What would these ancestors do if they know what awaits their children? Would they be so lenient to the bantus knowing that their efforts would be overlooked, ignored and insulted?

Pretty much every White country that needs to be "woken up" is already at South Africa demographics among the people who are actually young enough to fight.

The White population is going UP not down in SA, there is no genocide.

Kill yourself. You have nothing.

Reminder that these paid shills are allowed to post here every day, in every thread.

yes of course! everything is fine.

Let them. Remember they're out there and that the fight is going on. They glow in the dark anyway so it's net positive in my book.

1990 5 million whites
2019 4 million whites

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French multicultisme


Fuck off Tallest Skil.

No one is going to wake up because the press isn't going to say a word about, except maybe to deny that it happening at all.

This is where you come in. Spread awareness.

There wont be an awakening in South Africa. Only thing will happen is a rebellion that will be killed of like in Rwanda. "If" there was a real awakening, the Zognald would be sure to go to South Africa and crush it with the media calling the Whites the typical rhetoric.

Nigs are fucking locusts. They're literally the only reason I support abortion.

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My power went out at 3am last night and I spent an hour watching the crew replace a transformer in my backyard. I spoke with one of them and told him about how in South Africa, the blacks will break them open to get the oil inside to cook with it regardless of it knocking out part of the power grid and being unsafe for cooking.
He laughed and seemed to immediately know what I was referring to. He went on to say that they used to leave the old transformers at the site and a different crew would come by the next day to remove it… until niggers in the (insert major nearby city) started stealing the copper wire from them and breaking into them.

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To elaborate on this. There are a lot of "normies" and working class white people that are racially aware. They might not be privy to our latest memes and every single story of black on white crime but they "get it" in regards to the big picture and what side they'll be on when it matters.

Where are these "normies" that are racially aware user? Lower class Whites like us are being bred out and intermixed with the immigrant slave force. The higher income Whites live in their safe neighborhoods and preach their liberalism in their self segregated community. Are you a crypto-bourgeois user? Or are you in a multiracial shithole like the rest of us?

For who, OP? Americans? It came out this week, that most Americans don't even know there's a migrant crisis in America.

Anyway, you're thinking that jew media is going to show something and that's down right pathetic. Stop being so naive. It's embarrassing.

I just gave you a real-world example you fucking shill.

I just watched Africa Addio in its entirety.

Life changing.

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I'm horny I don't know why or why I m doing here

You want grindr, that's not here.


Actually, our ancestors taught us to fight one day and party the night before

You mean the ancestors that were captured and enslaved?

No, the ones that form the nexus between Europe and Asia

Oh, you mean Khazars.

You want Facebook.

What will (((they))) get for this?

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The reason why accelerationism won't work is because you're not redpilling enough people. In order for there to be a sizeable fire of any worth, there must be kerosene or fuel to it, and without a good flow of redpills, people won't see from our side and would only view us as violent, dogmatic maniacs.

Never lose hope, anons.

White people don't get involved, they tend to simply step out of your box of containment and find something better to do.

It's rare to see a White mann such as myself stay here and talk shit to you instead of simply buying a plane ticket and going somewhere else.

I have my reasons.

nothing will awaken you dormant fools.
you're slowly killing yourselves, blame everyone around you and never see the real problem. it's all part of the plan. it's over.

go suck more baby dicks and spread more herpes, rabbi.

Rhodesia rises.

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Source please.

No it won't, it will be downplayed like every other genocide that didn't happen to jews gets downplayed and memory holed.

What we'll see:
At the start most of the violence will still be completely ignored, or called alt right conspiracy theories.
Once it becomes impossible to bury any longer, they'll switch to re-framing the whole thing as being against all farmers and land owners instead of whites by giving extra press to any deaths of mixed race or non white farmers there might be.
Afterwards they'll claim the majority of whites fled the country after the very first acts of violence (hinting that white privilege and the area's unfair wealth distribution allowed them to do so easily) and so the high number of death the evil right wingers are claiming simply can't be right. And really it's poor innocent blacks that were mostly suffering and facing violence.
Much later they'll claim that the population of whites in south Africans simply wasn't large by 2010 to begin with. And that means it could have only been a few hundred deaths at the most, and while it's sad they probably deserved it anyway because of Muh Apartheid, which you should always remember was a thousand times worse than anything the blacks *might* have done to white south africians afterwards.

This is, of course, assuming that whites don't manage to successfully fight back when shtf. If they do then the media will go full "think of the poor dindus" narrative and call the whole thing a horrible act of ethnic cleansing by evil racist while colonists and report about it non-stop for years during and after it.

this isn't fagchan. Get out

Same haha, amazing

I'm not sure if it was on Zig Forums, but there is a JPEG going around of niggers literally tweeting and commenting regarding the 100th anniversary of, someone I think was a Rhodesian President, saying they had clean hospitals, schools and even their own national car manufacturing company. Does anyone knows from where it came?

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Schizophrenia: The Post

I'm not the one who made those, user. But why do people like those exist?

OP are you…copying and pasting YouTube comments? Or are you posting YouTube comments under two separate accounts?

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Assuming shit kicks off how possible do you lads think it would be to get into S Africa to fight?

Head to Botswana and go south.

at certain point pr cucking becomes treason

arive in luderitz namibia, take the train to prieska south africa
bring guns

I never advocated for pr cucking, just mass redpilling before taking to accelerationism. You can't drive without gas.

I fucking hope
Right now there isn't a single explicitly pro-white, racially-centred
serious and armed political organisation or group.
If one were to emerge in South Africa, no matter how small, it would be a huge step forward

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You don't need to redpill people.
In times of crisis and scarcity, people turn tribal
Its in their human instinct, they don't need to be taught


and how will I know it's even happening when no one covers it.

How can I spread the word when I cannot post a link?


They taught you to party the night before because you might not get to party the day after.

bix nood fubba wip wob wann gonna finna wit boi
eat your own asshole

Whites are determined to suicide. They cannot even meet up and do the simplest of networking as Whites. No one is going here and meeting up.


Idk how it is in Eurofag land but in America there are a TON of whites who are racially aware. Pretty much all whites here who have interacted with them know they are shit. They move into the suburbs and fuck everything up, causing the whites to move. My whole family is practically racist, they are just apathetic towards it like all dumbass boomers. I swear the kikes' best strategy was making people not give a fuck anymore.

Anons, can we use South Africa as a redpill for our cause? If whites see what happens when they become minorities, they will follow us down the rabbit hole.

I think Mugabe's sister was involved, unless I'm thinking of something completely different

Therein lies the crust of the matter


They'll be forced to see it if the blacks "decide" to attack suddenly.

Yeah good luck with that lol, the entire world is watching South Africa, white fags couldn't get away with doing shit unless they want the entire world to collectively genocide them. Like many places in this world we should have genocided the natives when we had the chance

It won't.
Those capable of being redpilled already are.
Everyone else is incapable of accepting the truth, and must be killed along with the jews and niggers.
Even among some who are redpilled, there are those who resigned from acting, and are ok with having a short life, as long as they can watch the newest movies or tv show before the niggers kill them. Those are traitors who chose comfort and stagnation over fighting, and they also must be killed.

==== ====

Global report.

When will they learn that the ones in the movement now are the seed barers of the future? It is now our responsibility to prevail. There will not come about a utopia and a fuhrer to lead us to victory. We are those who create the utopia by finding it first within ourselves. The fourth reich is already here, the fools. It's us here at this board. We must carry the torch ourselves now, in alignment with our creed.

the kikes in media will not talk about the genocide and the kikes who control faceberg wont allow the news to spread either.

everyone is asleep and it's doubtful they'll wake

Remember, it's happening there every week.

I'm sure they'll allow you through, no problems

Is redpilling people in large numbers even possible in the current environment?

Remember to install the mods and put the map in your Minecraft folder.

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Are there any foreign volunteer battalions I can pre-enlist into for when shit hits the fan in South Africa?
I have infantry experience, can bring my own military grade personal equipment. I'm kitted up ready to go whenever the call comes out, just want to let them know I'm here for them.
All I'll need when I get there is a rifle

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Have seen SA Farmers in Town, heard conversations, etc.
The Liberal Farm Colleges and Universities are attempting to bring SA Farmers to the U.S.
Town of 5,000 and growing in the South East (NC), with small College with Farm courses (liberals think six acres growing Hemp for CBD oil is a Farm) near large Liberal City University.
Preemptively before refugee status makes Trump the Hero?
Why else?
Mark Zusman; Why does a Portland Oregon Tabloid, Willamette Week own a Local Tabloid, Indy Week, in NC? Also owns the Tabloid Santa Fe Reporter in New Mexico, and MusicfestNW
All about food, beer, party, concerts, CBD, etc. Selling Farm to Table (prison farm, college farm) to apologist idiots buying Avacado Toast for $7 and a craft beer for $9 instead of buying a house. Purple hair, tattoo, and pierced working the front, Illegals working in the back.
Alternatively; The McClatchy Company homo pic related
Alternatively; Tribune Publishing-Tronc Inc. and Discovery

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(((they)))'ll never allow things to follow the course on that screencap
they'll never allow whites to have their own state
if nigger army isnt enough to crush whites, kikes worldwide will force a UN intervention to "save" the state of south africa and bring it back to how it was ( as in, niggers in command, whites will pay reparations )

adapt to the modern environment, organization kills because kikes can spot and subvert or destroy any known organization
just solo everything
as a plus you wont have someone yelling at you
it also means you have to move yourself and decide yourself when and how you act, but you seem like a capable fellow

and by going as a solo user, pr doesnt matter
you get to be as effective as you want to be without any group getting attacked for it, any more than it already is anyway

yes, hence its a bit of race to see if usa and eu can collapse first so the boers can save themselves and their land without intervention
or if the boers die out first

they wont collapse
not as in the whole country collapsing
economy might go to shit, but that will affect mostly whites… so who gives a fuck right ?!
if boers are waiting for external help, they truly are fucked
external help will help niggers, not them

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I want to download the newest version of minecraft and murder all the fucking niggers with my bare hands. This just keeps fucking happening and nobody is talking about it.

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Whites have no power in SA and already are a small minority. They already lost on demographics alone.
We should help White Afrikaneers flee and save as many as possible.

The problem is that a good number of them don't want to leave. It's their home. White flight won't solve anything long term, because what happens to SA now will happen to Europe and US too.

Actually a pretty fun documentary, up there with empire of dust IMO.

Ek sal nooit verstaan hoe n mens soos n jood so min kan voel of dink vir sy medemens nie. Dit verstom my verder dat hulle troeteldiere (Jy kan hulle nie eens as diere beskryf nie omdate hulle nog laer is as die) nogtans alles sal opvreet en dan nog erge doen. Daar is bloed op die hande van julle wat hierso dinge plak sonder om te dink wat julle doen. Julle dag sal kom, dalk nie vandag nie, dalk nie more nie. Maar die Here slaap nogtans nie en sien als.

Gmod is superior to Minecraft.

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Have sex, incel

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Sorry nigs but MVDVTVRRVNVAN BVLLS have confirmed biggest dicks, mandingoid just cannot compete.

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White SAFs coming to our lands would know what it is to be invaded by niggers and defeated by Jews. They'd be immediately integrated into pro-white militias.

People will only wake up when they are faced with the same devastation that has been wrought on our forefathers who lived through war and survived; knowing at least one family member of friend who was cut down before their time. Until Mr & Mrs Mainstream are fearing for little Johnny & little Jenny, as their friends are being abducted and murdered at a constant rate, they will keep playing the game. Until their jobs cease and their material possessions are either taken back or destroyed, stolen or cease to be of any value, they will keep playing the game. We will see horrors thought unimaginable in previous decades, at least in the West. Anyone who has the capability to rescue white South African, Swedish and other white children in danger should do so. I see every offence against a white man, woman or child as abhorrent and there's no victory or satisfaction to be had in their demise; no matter how it impacts on people's collective awakening.

A good a place as any to post a webm of a Zig Forumslack's OC from a few months back.

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Literally who?

Are you ill??Pls go outside and enjoy the sun…



Now I understand why Elon Musk doesn't even care about SA. He literally NEVER spoke a word about his homeland.