/gay/ General thread for Andrew Yang

/ourgook/ or (((Commie))) agent?
It seems like discussion of Andrew Yang is now limited to only half/pol/. We need to discuss Yang because he is gaining momentum on the internet but the (((media))) is snubbing him. They either leave him off of the list of candidates or they dedicate a few buried articles to him. There are multiple possibilities:
1. He's some rando that the media has no good reason to care about.
2. He's /ourgook/ and the ZOG media is spooked
3. He's a CHICOM infiltrator
This general thread will hopefully contain the discussion to prevent it from shitting up the catalog.

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Appropriate name
OP is a faggot
So is Andrew Yang



Why has he not become a normie meme yet? Bring back the UBI 1k a month and let the millenials know their student debt will be inflated away easily by voting for him

he's anti-white and wants to give white people gibs so they dont kill slants, he said it himself, retard


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out of the 20 or so people I've talked to they've all said they just want the 1k/month
when I tell them that just promotes laziness, they usually say "idc I want to be lazy"

fucking weebs


I watched some of Andrew Yang's videos in recent days. My take away was that he is a competent man and has put a lot of thought into his proposals, which are fairly concrete for a politician. His arguments are fact based, unlike the usual empty rhetoric you get from politicians. I have no idea where he stands on the "GLOBO-HOMO yt man bad" nonsense, because he didn't bring it up.

While I doubt he's /ourguy/ or has any reason to care about the European people, the reason the media will ignore him is that he is too far outside their level of comfort. He isn't in the ZOG club, likely hasn't screwed children on camera, and they prefer candidates to maintain the status quo. I also doubt he's a ChiCom agent, since those types are more likely to push D&C.

He's obviously a Chinese agent, but realistically when you own so much of the country's debt, make basically everything for this dumb nigger country that can't function anymore, and are pretty much the only thing keeping parasitic boomer real estate values up, it's probably a real stretch to be labeled a "foreign agent". It's just getting your seat at the table.


Generally when the hoopla of a ching agent candidate is over, it will become normalized. In preceding years MORE ching agents will be thrown into politics with INSANE amounts of money.
They don't expect to win here, it's a training ground and to prep normies into voting for a chingchonggulaugdogmeateater.

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So basically Andrew Yang's a nobody and isn't a really big deal?

He can't be CHICOM is he's from Taiwan, you stupid fuck. He's also an anti-whtie leftist as well.

The only good reason to push him is because he puts pressure onto Trump to support his base.

As long as the media has their way, he'll remain a nobody. I also doubt many Americans would vote for an Asian. A large section of whites would, if they thought his ideas were sound. Spics just vote or the spic or the closest friend to a spic, and niggers either don't vote or vote for a nigger when they're bussed in to do so.


Argh, A small section. Pardon me.

Also yang is accelerationism retards,you get free government goodgoy bucks you can put towards buying precious metals and guns while your debts get inflated away. If your not demanding straight up free money this election your a slow rolling faggot whos going to let the welfare populations steal money for another 15 years.

Still not worth letting a chink rule the country.

Yes, lets keep slow rolling and choose gay white jews to rule our country so it slowly dissolves instead of just going max clown world so they destroy themselves. 50iq post by a 2d chess white supremacist.

Fuck off Chink
Obligatory Tiananmen Square 1989

Just hand the country over to Asian communists dude

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I never said that, I said you were a white supremacist that plays 2d chess, insinuating I'm a white supremacist that plays 5d chess. Reading comprehension nigger, its important



Fucking paid shill, go drown in the yellow river.

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Accelerationism would kill America outright and leave our corpse for lesser nations to invade. We would become the American Republic of Congo, fought over by spic drug cartels, russians and chinks. Hating the state of things shouldn't mean abandoning ship.


No just hand over the country to the based chinks man

Thats not even what he said, you fucking dumb chinknigger.

no thanks

Don't you have a feminine penis to be sucking, Alex?

Always remember

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Ah yes, because the current paradigm is very succesful at keeping those people out of the country right now.


Correct, now go starve in the obligatory chinese famine.


No, he's not. He had about a week of momentum after his Joe Rogan interview and most of that was discord coordinated astroturfing making him appear more popular then he was. He has no momentum and is likely not even going to be invited to the democrats debates.

It wasn't even that. Most of it was just nihilistic memes, but Trumpniggers took it seriously.

Meanwhile at OP's house.

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It's just the DNC learning from the previous debacle Bernie vs Hillary.
Now they are multiplying bernies to divide the vote between spics, neets, women, so that the next "just give your vote to her, it's her turn" it would look less suspicious.

((( Yang ))) is just peddeling more Marxist bullshit

If you think politics is about trust, then you're as retarded as the WW2 cuckservatives who got us into this mess in the first place.

Yang is a gook Nigger and fuck this Nigger slide thread

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You mean on fucking Reddit with broke retards, like yourself, OP? Yeah that's only the internet to your half black, kid brother.

All you know is some pathetic promise for a lousy grand a month. That has you so blinded that after nearly a year, you still haven't looked into the rest of his positions. He is VERY left wing. But you're such a bitch that you can be bought for peanuts. Fucking kill yourself, cunt.

Anyone have those pics of him getting married in a jewish-style ceremony?

Why would a chink, getting married to a chinkette, have a jewish-style marriage ceremony?

meme's are killer but he's not /ourgook/

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you need to suck his cock, then tell us about it in a thousand word essay, you fucking faggot.

Just give me the $1000, so I can prep for TDoTR. If you aren’t an accelerations after the 2019 state of the union I don’t know what the fuck to say to you.

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How pro-white of you!

No, you projected it.

Real accelerationists support the ZOG Emperor. He's made jewish power more obvious than it's ever been, and the cuckservative retards who he puts into complacency were never going to be on our side to begin with.

No, he’s controlled opposition now so he won’t be doing anything to rock the boat. All the while the MAGAtards think he’s doing great things. The power lies in the MAGAtards. If they get pissed off, its game over for ZOG. All ways vote for who the Jews don’t want you to vote for.

What kind of a nigger can't come up with $1k?

(420, how fitting)
How low does your IQ need to be in order to find yourself posting like this?

MIGApedos are never going to turn on the system. They're all traitors. If the time ever comes to round up the jews, they'll be out there guarding synagogues to protect God's chosen children.

Yes, and with it, fraction and separate USA into 2 or three different super-states.
This is the only way for white americans to preserve their race: by liberating a part of old america and establish a much better constitution.

Hes a literally nobody and MIGA niggers just shilled him because they need some easy targets to distract from Trumps Jewry and the fact hes a gook makes him a perfect antagonist of the MIGA nigger narrative.

top kek

Is he faking to be anti white?

Fill my opium pipe, Hop Sing! Chop Chop!

That's kind of why he actually is a big deal. He's a genuine outsider who hasn't gotten his dick sucked on Epstein's private jet

Than yang will be the same, but you get a grand a month for vidya and ammo.

Where will he get the money to fund UBI from? He cannot end the welfare to redirect the fund to UBI without pissing the niggers off. Niggers can’t into math.

How can you be this retarded?

Cutting defense spending and taxing globalist corporations like Amazon. If we have hundreds of billions for bombing sand niggers and billions for Israel then a grand a month for all adult citizens ain't shit.

If he doesn't who gives a fuck? It'll be the same as Trump now. Hell, it might piss people off.

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