D&C Shills Fuck off

Don't let them divide and conquer you!
Some (((anons))) have begun posting anti-Slav memes and posts. These posts are a form of concern trolling. They're trying to undermine NatSoc ideology by claiming that it has deviated too much from Hitler's original ideas.
The Reality
Slavs are just as Aryan as the French and English. After Russia began to be freed from serfdom, famous thinkers, novelists, chess players, and so on emerged from Russia. Russia is a threat to the Jews and that's why the Bolsheviks created the Holodomor to undermine the Slavs.
Slavs are also based and fought against the Muslims. Today, the (((media))) keeps on kvetching about based Putin.
Finally, Hitler never hated Slavs. Groups like the Russian Liberation Army proudly fought for National Socialism.
What to do
1. Remember these guys are not real NatSocs. They're trying to mock us and to make us look contradictory. Sage and ignore.
2. Remember to cultivate a pan-European spirit. Remember that Jews have been funding inter-European wars for centuries. Remember how countries like China rose after they stopped fighting eachother and started fighting against common enemies.
3. Remember that all European humans are currently in the same boat.
4. Remember to support whatever Putin does. The ZOG is against Putin, so what Putin does is always right.

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Isaiah 53

Remember that Putin and (((Russia))), the successor state to the Khazarian Khaganate, are shilling hard on this board.
Slavs were ruled by the Khazarians and therefore are part-Kike.

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First of all, the word is 'khanate', and second, the Khazars were never a big enough group to amount to that. They were also western Turks and never would have been Mongolised enough to be part of a khanate. (((Your))) shilling is blatant and Russia did nothing wrong.

Pol Slavs: Czechs, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Croats, Slovenes, Bulgarians
Jew Slavs: Russians, Poles, Serbians, Bosniacs

can't be divided, there's on one of me. decimals aren't the whole.

Hitler cultivated only the best of the Slavs and hated most of them. His collaboration with the Slavs through the protectorates he created was ultimately a form of realpolitik. Slavs are not Aryans.
Do not allow yourselves to fall down the slippery slope! If we accept Slavs as White, soon we might have to accept Arabs, Chinks, and eventually Jews as White.
Hitler saw Slavs as untermensch, and we should trust Hitler because Hitler did nothing wrong.
Remember that "Untermensch" referred not to niggers but to white-looking sub-Aryans.

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Serbs descend from the Kievan Rus' and early Balkan peoples, and Bosniaks are Turks. Ukrainians are subhumans. They really aren't sending their best here anymore, are they?

every group, and thought now has a psyops by the kikes attached to it, and then it also has a psyops by us attacking it, what a weird new time. Long gone are the days of a single believable post!

an age of political, propaganda and psyop warfare has finally come from the streets, to the chan, lel. All of these weird strategies being thrown around. Its almost glorious. But probably confusing for newfags.

(((OP)))'s shilling is blatant. He uses red text like a journalist, and he says things that reveal him as a blatant government shill, like:

Serbs are subhuman bydlo scum, Bosniaks are Slavs. Ukrainians are red pilled, supporters of Hitler and enemies of the Russians, thats good enough.


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Hey look! The kikes are kvetching!
This means that we've struck a nerve! They want us to hate our Slav brothers and sisters, and we must not allow that to happen.

Take your meds, Hillary.

the Russian women are less than a walk away from where I sit.

Russia is one of the most based countries in the world. They have the common sense to protect their birth rates with economic incentives and to ban globohomo from turning their children gay.

a D&C thread pretending to be anti-D&C. how very imaginative. you really need to consider trying harder.

Greetings, zoomer. Enjoy your stay.

Baste and kikepilled.

Imagine being this bluepilled

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Fuck off pornfag
If only you had a brain more developed than a 7 year old nigger with Downs Syndrome, you would be able to make your point without resorting to posting porn pics.
Agree with sentiment though.

its a dutchman thread. russia is the new fracture point, the whole polish german thing was way too obvious and becoming untenable.


Remember that Putin loves Netanyahu!

Love you too

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ישעיהו 53

How about we actually discuss this issue instead of listening to a kike slav shill like this specimen right here?

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Kike spammer

इशाया ५३

You are trying to make us abandon NatSoc ideology in favour for Amerimutt Pan-Europeanism. This cannot be allowed to happen because it would mean the death of unique European cultures.

动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo

Thanks Mr. David Schlomo Ben Baron-Cohen, very cool!

you guys know we have ids on this board right how am i a jew?

a lot of the things you have said are true. for a european, i guess it is only natural to see the slavs as immigrants. i am really just calling out the dutchman because it illustrates how comped the mods are.








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oh shit nigger, it's old Zig Forums

here is a rundown for newfags
1. Slavs are defined as Aryans
2. Having your country taken over is ok, but only when it is aryan people doing it.
3. Any attempt to protect your culture is calling for the shoah of aryans.
4. Adolf Hitler was evil.
5. Slavic countries are especially based and something for aryans to aspire to.

Khanates are for both Turkic and Mongolic peoples.
I think that pureblood Turkic peoples are white enough. We need more Jews. They look white anyway and their girls are hot so having the Jewish population triple would stop White genocide.

Hang yourself.

Nice b8 mate.

Your actually are responding to the Dutchman.

Who is the Dutchman?

Along with anti-slav posting there has been lots of anti-christain posting.

I am not christain, I don’t believe it’s an eugenic religion like the pagan religions we used to live by but that is not of important concern at this moment. We are on the endangered list as a race. The only thing that matters is a mutual hatred of those who want us gone.

Once the main threat has been dealt with we can sort out this minor shit amongst ourselves in a civilized manner.

Some d&c poster I first seen him trying with awful arguments on how germany is bad and that caused ww2 (despite other wise) and use jewish revisionism on history trying to argue lands and using endless circulatory logic (for everybody to see) and trying to create bad blood for other Europeans and using endless emotional arguments and saying national socialism is anti European and more bullshit like that.
How ever asides from the dutchman shills have been getting desperate as of late, don't know what's making them kvetch so hard.

also slavs are inferior to western Europeans like the English, French, Germans, and Padanians. they're still white and on our side but I would disown a daughter if she married a man of slavic descent, it's a step down racially. it's not "muh dee enn see" to point out actual true facts, even if they hurt feefees

don't think khazars left as much of a genetic footprint on Russia as the tatars. lot of Russians have some asiatic blood from them and other ethnic groups from the former russian empire and current russian territory

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Slavs are of Indo-European descent and are ethnic Europeans.

Must be why Western Europeans are vehemently resisting the destruction of their countries, culture, and race. Oh wait… Also, by your own logic several of the Nordic countries are vastly inferior to several of the Slavic ones.

jews are based and redpilled, anyone arguing against jews is an anti-white shill.


Jews are not white and never will be.

If youre going to go by IQ then I can easily make the argument that youd prefer your daughter marry a jew or a chinese. The IQ argument and IQ shills need to sit the fuck down.

yes certainly, hapas are the master race after all.

jews are aryan. don't be anti-white. look at how based israel is.

They’re Semitic, not Indo-European. Horrible bait.

t. slavnigger untermensch

This is a fact and you failed to refute it. An inability to form a proper argument and attempting to divide ethnic Europeans is very subhuman.

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now you're just being antisemantic.

so slavs are ethnic europeans but jews are not? both migrated to europe in the 3rd century.


Kike number 1
Kike number 2
Kike number 3
Samefagging kike
Allcaps, all redtext retard


It's a leftist meme that means "someone who does not hate Slavs"
This desperate torfaggot invented that meme to target me for defending slavs
This is literally a kike.

Essentially this literal kike goes around switching IDs, screaming about how Slavs are subhuman, and then lying about anyone who does not follow his lead.
Which I have proven on another thread is actually 90% his own IDs.

Enjoy another pic.

Slavs are indo-Europeans and the proto-Slavic homeland is generally accepted to be from or around Central Europe. Jews are Semites, non-Aryans from Asia, and are not native to Europe like Slavs are.

Jews think that healthy and beautiful environments are evil. Might have to do with the fact that they’re inbred and genital mutilators.

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It was created with the amount if anti natsoc and anti hitler and endless circulatory logic anons were noticing which caused the same crying dutchman to change tactics each and every time.

How ever this is a kike.
Uses a jidf meme.

It's pretty obvious that you're the same faggot.
Slavs are White. You demonstrated taht you hate National Socialism by arguing otherwise. You are literally a jew and I demonstrated this quite clearly by exposing your desperate ID hopping kvetching.
No normal user above IQ 50 bought your poison you disgusting degenerate.

Sorry meant for this guy.

I never mentioned in a bad light slavs.
The crying dutchman is a tard who uses reverse physcology and uses "muh land" as a thing against the nsdap (which didn't work and caused him to change tactics.)

Filtered for ID hopping and being a kike

Here is the (((ID hopper)))
Basically, most torposting ITT is just one scared kike

Basically, if you filter the IP hopping kike, the thread improves.
You cannot debate it because it is not interested in the truth. All it cares about is vomiting forth anti-Slavic insanity and convincing everyone that National Socialism is about curbstomping Slavic children.

Same shit. DIfferent IDs
Filter and report (not that the mods give a damn about one desperate jew)

Imagine being this disingenuous.

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What do you mean Im a kike? I'm 100% German (25% Berliner, 25% Turkish-German, 25% Jewish-German, 25% Chinese German)
Dude it was a sarcastic joke of course Kikes aren't white

Oh nevermind. You're a piece of work as well.
You should be gassed but for now I'll filter you.
No sane ideas come from anyone who says shit like that.

That was an accident user.

My fellow Aryans, this degenerate cartoon demonstrates Slavs aren't European.

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Slavs, Hispanics, and Mediterraneans are all 100% white!

Don't listen to (((OP)))

This faggot.

See, that's another thing about these anti-slav leftist shills.
They're often accompanied by this ID.
I suspect that they're the same person.
Pushing three equally ridiculous positions at once to make National Socialists look like morons.

((( )))
You sure like to D&C us


>(((Israelis))) are white
I wonder (((who))) could be behind this post!

Look at this absolutely furious slavshit. You are not white, you're a fucking subhuman. Nigger tier. Your anti-Hitler, anti-National Socialist kvetching will never change this fact.

I bet you thought turkroach Kampfy was white too

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Jesass Christ the shekel shills really working hard these days

give it up hooknose moneypigs, the goyim are becoming immune to your bullshit

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No slavs and celts/Nordics are not the same. These should not interbreed, they should not share land and room either. But they have capacity for friendship and cooperation between them, and there should be friendship and cooperation between us. So to some extent I do agree with you.
But just ignoring the differences in genetics, culture and heritage is a form of pan-europeanism that will further destroy our peoples.

Jews are White; ignore the D&C
Remember that it is oftentimes the Jews whose safety is threatened by mass immigration. Jews like Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager, Bat Ye'or, and Pamela Geller have been the most vocal voices against mass immigration and have helped break people out of the leftist echo chamber, thereby permitting them to be redpilled.

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You mean the same retard that thinks.
Your not fooling anyone with that shit kike.

um sweetie, who hurt you?

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88 isfags?

since when?

You mad gook?

Fuck off.

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By all means collect all the id's from here and I can easily prove you wrong with a screencap.

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What about Southern Italians?

Ben Shapiro supports nationalism, just not along racial lines. Israel has a form of nationalism that does not discriminate against converts of other races.

hahaha that's what i came here for - the dutchman never dissapoints - keep wailing like a gypsy at a jewish funeral :)

Gypsies, Slavs, and Ashkenazi Jews are all White because they are all Caucasoid in their features

Remember that Russian women are hot blondes who want to carry your White genes