The Ultimate Blackpill on Western Civilization

Whenever European Civilizations are on a winning streak for centuries, the populace forgets it own mortality and the whole society shits the bed. Our downfall isn't our empathy or compassion, it's our ignorance to our own collective mortality during times of prosperity.

The Jews exploited us at the right place and the right time. I don't think saving Whites is impossible. Few things are truly impossible. However, the chances of saving our race are slim. Even William Luther Pierce thought the chances were astronomically slim, and he was an optimist compared to the author of The Camp of The Saints.

The Romans should've exterminated the Kikes. We'd be colonizing the Galaxy if that happened. In my opinion, Rome was really the zenith of White Civilization. Shame it got destroyed by naked Krauts running from chinks like a bunch of faggots. White flight from the North really did destroy our chances of colonizing space.

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I'm not demoralizing anyone. Our ancestors literally brought the kikes to the brink of extinction over late tribute payments. Now, those same kikes are replacing us, and we're not doing anything. I was just showing you how far our civilizations have fallen here. Whites back then would've butchered ten kikes for every one White child abducted and molested by Rabbis.

Hell, they tried to exterminate us with a plague and we only just kicked them when we should've enslaved or killed them.

If we survive this, which is unlikely, Israel must learn to be multicultural, and we Anglos will be at the center of that transformation.

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This is next-level "history repeats itself"-tier intellectual-superstition.

Rome was destroyed from the inside over in-fighting due to christians & jews slowly making non-converts aka "pagans" an enemy of the state. You would know this if you weren't ignorant. Stay bluepilled, blackpiller.

I know that its foundations were eroded by the Christians, and no, there were no Jews, as the Romans destroyed Judea. The fleeing Krauts, however, were the final blow.

Roman emperors, such as Nero or Caligula, were more legitimate European rulers than Merkel or Macron, despite their eccentricities.

I'd take Nero—so long as he turns Kikes into candles—over Trudeau anyday.

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the spread of christianity was the symptom and final disease, but not the cause, iron age Romans, those extremely pious, frugal and austere men of the early and middle Republic who built that city and civilization were more or less extinct by the time of the Empire, replaced by nu-Romans, merchantile and opulent Hellenized types, often "new men"(i.e not from the original aristocratic core) that Romans of old despised, and with them the Mos Maiorum slowly but steadily lost its weight and importance

I mean, it's like saying liberalism destroyed the west; it may very well give the latter the final death blow, but to come to this point in the first place, Europeans had to change in the first place, slowly abandoning our Romano-Germanic-Catholic medieval Tradition

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Demoralization the post.

Are you paid to be a physiological agent?

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I am not worried about saving anything, I don't care about the west, I just enjoy spreading anti-semitism, which could be called a war of the mouth against the jews.

the magic card has this quote: "battle doesn't need a purpose, battle is its own purpose".

"… fight for the sake of fighting, without considering happiness or distress, loss or gain, victory or defeat…." - Bhagavad Gita quote(I'm not hindu, just like the quote)

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This claim is based on nothing concrete.

Wonder how the christfags will spin this.

Look, in iraq, youd go on a patrol and the lt. would try to talk to a guy on the street about where insurgents were, literally 2 hours later the same guy would be found face down in the gutter. There was nothing anyone could do about it, it was chaos. The entire world tingling with pockets of people that understand the severity of foreign threat by hostile forces embedded in state control structures. Outside of that you have people who are corrupt, people who get paid, and people who are worried about gas to get to tacobell. The people who get paid want to be "liked" by taco bell people, the people who are corrupt want to appear to be legit to the people that get paid and the tacobell people. The jews at the controls are okay with all of the above being genocided if necessary/possible. So when this whole thing breaks into a shooting war, which is absolutely inevitable, all the people, except the jews and those that know the jews, will end up in some form of absolute chaos, killing eachother, leaving the people who know jews, and the jews themselves, to duke it out. Its going to be interesting. The best part is, jews will do a big foreign war like iran/china to weaken the internal strength of the USA, but all that will do is make any domestic threat priority of jews appear secondary to people that get paid who would be focused on the external threat.. And anyone that did investigate, would basically figure out that jews are maliciously at war with the US, pretending to be Americans.

They dont forget their mortality, they forget that all the rules of nature are in play, and never were not-in-play, and never will be not-in-play as jews would have the rest of the world believe.

Not really. The Romans annihilated the jews because they revolted against Rome.
Funny story because during the revolt, the kikes besieged several centuries in their barracks in Jerusalem. Seeing the hopelessness of the situation (with the entire city revolting) the Romans attempted to surrender. The jews allowed them to turn in their weapons with the promise that they'd be allowed to go home if they surrendered their weapons. Guess what happened?
The kikes slaughtered the defenseless Romans the moment they had been disarmed.

Though in fairness, the Roman tax collectors had been brutalizing the jews for years, particularly in the lead up to the jewish revolt. However, given the way these sneering jewish cunts acted everywhere they went, they deserved a hell of a lot worse than random executions for not honouring the emperor and being exploited for money by the Romans. Disgusting jewish scum deserve it

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You're right. The Romans should've completely exterminated them like the pests they are.

I fucking should, that picture is double digit IQ tier


We can win, but the only final solution is to eradicate the jew completely of of the face of the earth, so that it won't rear its ugly head again in the future. What a wonderful world that would be where we are free to progress without being constantly handicapped and undermined at every turn…
We are fortunate to be living in an age with DNA testing so it can be done effectively, but the question will be; what %age of jew DNA will avoid holocaust 1.0??

Jews underwent a specific evolution to subsist as parasites upon Aryans. They understand us but most of us don't understand them.

Most Whites are not as innately aggressive, racist, and violent as Jews are, and it's always been that way. Even the National Socialists were lenient on kikes.

Aryan victory requires us to invert the Jewish persecution narrative. The reality is that we have always been the victims of the Jew, not the other way around, and that we are the good guys, not the lying, psychopathic genocidal Jewish parasite.

Until that happens, Aryans will always be their victims.

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I'm starting to think that the Jews are probably exaggerating about Roman persecution, just like the Holohoax bullshit.



Can we only win by associating ourselves with a persecution narrative?

Well, we're (white men I mean) actually persecuted, so, it's not as much a narrative as it is just everyday reality. We're all kike toys, man. :[

Not much has changed in 1500 years in Europe. Now such insulting is known as "hate speech." Also, there's a lot of anti-pagan stuff in the Talmud as well.

Islam is the sword of Judaism, Christianity, its shield.

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