Eurovision 2019

Your opinions? Support or against? What do you think about Iceland EBM band Hatari in general? You like their trolling of socialism?

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low effort shill shit

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elaborate - what you expected? fireworks?

Madonna calls them out too.

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It means your thread is getting deleted cuckchanner.

We've had a tranny from Austria, a fat kike and now a gay Dutch guy. It's obvious that singers with leftist tendencies will always win. It's not even a contest but a grand assembly of virtue signalling.

They're not being ironic. Still, many keks were had

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It checks out

yes, they are

They wave fag flags ironically but they are leftist.

they made parody of anticapitalism in several videos - they are centrists at best

How tf can you even tell?

watch their interviews - they are Laibach style trolls

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wtf?! i love maddona now!


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Was a wholesome singing competition eons ago, now it's the most kiked thing on the Talmudvision, live from Tel Aviv.

You do realise she converted to a sect of Judaism?
She is now a fucking Jew!

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Norway sent a fucking modern pagan anthem with chanting in Sami language.

Christianity also is a sect of Judaism formally speaking.


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