Have you been banned or censored or silenced from social media for ambiguous terms violations?

Trump rolls out tool to submit suspicions of 'political bias' on social media

White House Rolls Out Website To Report Silicon Valley Censorship


Tech Bias Story Sharing Tool

wh.gov/techbias ( => whitehouse.typeform.com/to/Jti9QH )

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Cool. It's not going to do anything, but cool.

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I got my instagram deleted for posting big boobs in bikini tops, do I count

About a year ago, a federal judge ruled Trump's twitter is a public forum operated by the government, meaning viewpoint discrimination is strictly prohibited.

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If the government actually cared there would be government positions for finding and reporting actual Twitter-based censorship.
Instead the government is rolling out honeypots.

Since you retards obviously don't get it, you clearly wouldn't use this to report your shitposting troll accounts getting banned; but your real accounts getting banned for simply having conservative views or stating facts that are politically incorrect.

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Ironic that this OP appears here on Zig Forums

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A literal fucking dataminer.
Holy shit

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Yeah, it's basically no different than most petitions or contacting your representatives. Have you never tried contacting your representatives over issues that matter to you?

It keeps their eyes on the platforms

Trips of truth.
Also no.

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No, I wouldn't use it at all, because I'm not in the business of giving the government a reason to come shoot me. I'm not as revolutionary as the rest of Zig Forums, I'm trying to lay low and make my riches so I can be protected by my wall of money.

You are right to be skeptical, petitions have been used to persecute people who criticize government. If you haven't been banned, shadowbanned, censored, etc then it doesn't really apply, but plenty of people have been deplatformed for stating facts or their opinions and some are even debanked for their opinions. It really just helps the WH and trump admin to collect info on social media political censorship to figure how to address the issue.

If Trump doesn't address it during his current or next term then the socialists/communists will eventually take over the US since no other voices would be allowed on the mainstream internet (i.e. where most political debate occurs today). Trump's certainly no Ron Paul (wrt the Fed Reserve) and he's not done much against lobbying and he's not done much about banking/monetary reform, but he has mentioned it before and there is a chance he's waiting until his second term before he acts on it (dealing with fake news russia bullshit then a dem-majority inhibits him quite a bit). Maybe in 2020-2022 we'll see some of his 100-day promises come though, but we can all agree he's better than hillary and the soviet-dems.

They'll get a lot of good data to use during the 2020 campaign though, which the WH can use to discredit social media ('cause you just know it'll be out in force like never before).

To submit your claim, you must enter your name and email AKA this is Trump's digital team harvesting emails for reelection campaign donations. Sage for Trumpcucks continuing to post their dumb shit here. Go away Kushner.

i would only trust this fucking honeyp0t with my PII if it was run by a non-govt 3rd party. since this is official WH, it counts as Govt Comms, and therefore in 2024 some Shitlib Bolshevik who takes the Presidency after Zion Don, such as Madame Chelsea, can refer back to this list of all the Alt-Right social media shitlords and use it for (((targeting))) you to punish you for your causing 8 years of Trump.

what you thought you were getting: RWDS
what you actually got: pink haired obese tranny soyboy Antifa deputized as Federal Marshals showing up to your house to burn it down because you tweeted some fucking frog cartoons 8 years ago.

Trump ain't going to do shit to protect the free speech of his base. he would only raise hell and crush FaceTwat if they were censoring his real base–the poor, poor kikes who just want to gloat about how they run the world and how the settlements in Israel and Golan belong to them and how all you white people are raciss.

But he's owning the libtards and DEMONrats! MAGA!!!!

I'm sure anything or at least most of what is entered into it will be obtainable with a FOIA request anyway, so it wouldn't require a leftist to take office. FOIA requests have even obtained info from high school scandals including student accounts of the scandalous incident.

There's no need to act like antifa or other neomarxist groups, always hiding behind masks and anonymity. "Give me liberty or give me death" was not anonymously posted to some bulletin board. I am speaking for the USA though, I know many other places that claim to have "free speech" turn around and ban anything that might offend someone and might even imprison them for thoughtcrime. I would not recommend anyone admit to breaking inhumane local laws that restrict inalienable human rights like free speech and thought as it could come back on them.

controlled opposition 101
>Here, watch some "politically incorrect" and "edgy" people like (((Ben Shapiro)))

repeatedly on reddit long ago.

Smart thinking. Kiked or not, there is a change in the weather in the air and I would not want to add myself to more lists.

Also threadly reminder e-celebs are inherent kikery and need to go away.


He's making it easy for them to track the dissenters. If you actually sign up for this you're an absolute retard who wants his own ass roasted.

…and you believe this will happen in the USA? I'd stop listening to jews if I were you.

Maybe not, but you still need money to get out of the country and live comfortably.


Not everyone is a 1337 memetic Aryan race shitposter that's being pursued by mossad. this is useful for retarded boomers who compete with how many anti-abortion messages they can spam. What will come of this though is absolute nothing as it is just a feel-good gesture for 2020

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No, they usually have really strong arguments.

it's not really so much the censorship, it's the constant threats of it, it's laws designed to scare, phony events and larps

If you have people that are worried about something, all you have to do is make a real believable effort that you're doing something about it. This is basically designed to make you feel bad, "you think we wrong you, prove it", but the whole time they've basically been terrorizing you.

Trump could announce a return to real American values if he wanted, smith mundt, mockingbird, exposing some fraud so the lobbying industry gets rekt… just never happens

That's why you insert high profile cases like Soph and Jared Taylor.

Eh… Kinda based. Trump is still a cocksucking shabbos goy so sage

Holy shit, if this isn't going to cause another leftist meltdown, I don't know what is.
Considering israel-infiltration/leftwing policies are to harrass, ban, shadowban any form of non-communist, non lefto-facist ideologue. This could be the start of a lifesaver for -free-speech- in general.

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So if this were to pass you mean I be able to talk the fueher, redpills, natsoc and other forbidden tactics without getting banned?

Fuck off jew.

Lol no.

I just got 2 accounts disabled.
I don't believe its proper for evertyone to remain anonymous in this Struggle, and I think that its important that we take the White Pill to the Masses, it doesn't do as much good in an echo chamber.
There are millions of Pro Whites on Facebook, and tens of thousands of National Socialists.. I would venture to say that it is the platform with the most National Socialists at this time.

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Trump would never shut down Zig Forums. We're HIS insurance policy against (((traitors))). Keep us on a low simmer on the back burner just in case. That's the way I would leverage this place if I were him.

Are you using both accounts from the same IP range? FB will shut down anything more than a few accounts from one wifi. Increasingly it's hard to open accounts from wifi hoboing too. You need to buy a burner phone to open accounts where I live.

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Duplicate thread

How bout a tool for that with the FBI and DOJ?

What are you even saying?

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It works for the Jews, and there's plenty of information on how to play the game.

You think that game is going to continue until you die of old age?
Are you so new that you don't know what future awaits us all? If so, let me give you pics related as a super seecrit tip.

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My college professors are on suicide watch, should have passed me

Call me when there's a revolution. I'll give your funding and weapons and rations. Until then, I'm looking out for myself.

Then by yourself is all you will ever be. No one is going to call you and all you will have left is a pile of worthless money and hungry niggers at your door.

Assuming they get past the armed guards, all of the weapons I own, the many walls I have, and security systems, sure.

Have you been banned or censored or silenced from Zig Forums? Even for topics which are relevant to the board?
What were you posting about?
What doesn't Zig Forums want you to know?
Is Zig Forums controlled opposition?

Yeah because jews go to Synagogue together and have always seen "The Law" as only "their law" such as the 10 Commandments as regarding what jews must do to one another but not the goyim.

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You don’t belong on 8 Chan unless you’ve been banned on at least 2 other forums

In local rag, “news article” describes this initiative as being one reporting speech instead of reporting censorship, and claiming free speech advocates are against it.

My dad works for nintendo too!

Leftypol disapproves of this free speech.

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If nothing is done, it's defeatism and terrible.
If something is done, it's a trap.

there is no winning with your type, is there?
Everything MUST be a jewish conspiracy with some dark motives.

Considering he called for the death penalty for anti-kikes, good luck on this shit protecting that.