Nuclear Lies

Some Nuclear Anomalies and Sources Pertaining to the Questionable History of Nuclear Bombs

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‘’’Death Object’’’

Exploding the Nuclear Weapons Hoax

About the Author:
Akio Nakatani is a Professor of Applied Mathematics and Statistics. His research interests include Stochastic Systems, Parameter Estimation, Stochastic Optimization, Monte Carlo Methods and Simulation, Neural Networks, Statistical Pattern Recognition, Statistical Image Analysis, Nonparametric Bayes and Bayesian Hierarchical Models, Time Series, Graphical Models, Nonparametric Bayes and Bayesian Hierarchical Models.

Business as usual, I see.

Here's our supposed proof of "Atomic bombs".

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‘’’Ground Zero’’’
Telephone poles & wires still standing!
Directly below "nuclear" blast???

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'''The Hiroshima Mushroom Cloud That Wasn’t’’’

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First pic shows what they claim was a nuclear "mushroom cloud"
Second pic shows it is actually of two clouds which in the other pics were misleadingly photographed to look like one mushroom cloud

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whatever mods should delete but won't, the end.

In this photo, we can see on the right how that might look like a 'mushroom cloud' from a nuclear explosion.

But the original photo on the left clearly shows that fire is burning and billowing into the air.

Someone doctored the photo on the right to make it appear as tho a nuke went off

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The explosion of atom bombs over the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 resulted in very high casualties, both immediate and delayed but also left a large number of survivors who had been exposed to radiation, at levels that could be fairly precisely ascertained. Extensive follow-up of a large cohort of survivors (120,000) and of their offspring (77,000) was initiated in 1947 and continues to this day. In essence, survivors having received 1 Gy irradiation (∼1000 mSV) have a significantly elevated rate of cancer (42% increase) but a limited decrease of longevity (∼1 year), while their offspring show no increased frequency of abnormalities and, so far, no detectable elevation of the mutation rate.

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‘’’Trinity Test’’’
Prior to the first "atomic" test, a bomb composed of 100-tons of TNT was detonated.

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Here's your 'crater'

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Born Secret
Did you know that the science behind how an uncontrolled nuclear fission reaction creates a 'nuclear' explosion is completely 'classified'? Not talking about how to build a bomb. I'm talking about the actual physics of the atoms.
Someone could get a PhD in nuclear sciences and work their whole life as a nuclear physicist, but they still can't explain how 'nuclear' explosions are possible

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Here's a photo of giant piles of TNT that were exploded to make it look like a "nuclear explosion" test
Also see vid

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Why fake it?
They certain originally thought they could build 'the bomb'
But it didn't work.
It may in fact be physically impossible.
It was a 'theory' after all when they started the manhattan project.
Why might they decide to go ahead and make it look like they were successful?
Japanese surrender, Soviet halts advance in Europe. WWII officially ends. No one fucks with America again. Etc.

Castle Bravo
First H-Bomb Tests
That's where they pumped liquid hydrogen (and/or whatever other combustible materials) into the supposed "H-bomb" which was nothing other than a spout which spread the material to create a giant fireball.
Which they called a "thermonuclear device"

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looks like hydrogen gas exploding…

Watch sloooowly

Pic 1: gases in the air surrounding the "bomb" igniting. Note the tower which sparks the ignition from high up.
Pic 2: time lapse: sped up to make it look faster. clouds moving quickly.
Pic 3: see the vents coming out of the "bomb" to disperse the gas?

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This is nothing more than a giant ball of burning hydrogen

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The bnai brith nuclear threat at Vatican 2 was the reason for the creation of the nuke hoax

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im intrigued, but why would the Soviets not expose the US for faking a nuke? You'd think that would be a giant propaganda piece


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For keks:

The Nuclear Scare Scam | Galen Winsor

I think you're on to something, OP. The concept of nuclear fallout that lasts for centuries sounds like jewish horror porn. It sounds like the shit they made up for the holohoax. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were back up and running pretty damn quick.

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Self bumping your thread over and over doesn't build your case, though. It makes you look like a spammer.

Science is paradox

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If you get anything from these posts, find and read this:
‘’Death Object’’
Exploding the Nuclear Weapons Hoax
About the Author:
Akio Nakatani is a Professor of Applied Mathematics and Statistics. His research interests include Stochastic Systems, Parameter Estimation, Stochastic Optimization, Monte Carlo Methods and Simulation, Neural Networks, Statistical Pattern Recognition, Statistical Image Analysis, Nonparametric Bayes and Bayesian Hierarchical Models, Time Series, Graphical Models, Nonparametric Bayes and Bayesian Hierarchical Models.

So if the nuclear bomb is fake, then what bomb did hitler possess and sought against from using it for any warefare?

commies are run by …?
who runs your country …?


dont kno to what you refer

So the South Africans, Chinese, and Indians are also all as kiked as the West? I find that hard to believe, especially during the cold war. But not totally out of the question I suppose.

Yup. I link science articles regarding that.
The train station was up and running right away.
The city got back to biz as usual immediately.
It was just firebombed like every other jap city.
No Nuke!


found it.
download this now before mods nuke this thread

Germany had built a nuclear bomb or something similar and hitler said not to use it because it would damage nature and trying to hid it from americans and the kikes.
So if the nuclear bombs were fake what did hitler have and is something that no one should ever use?

never heard of that.
either way,
doesn't change the facts I document herein

Ok, so if the bombings were carried out by 300-400 standard bombers why arent there any primary sources claiming to have seen this massive swarm of aircraft?

ah i see, theyre claiming they were all arrested and executed. interesting.



pg 172-173 of this

also do read this which was posted at the top of the thread

and keep these links for further digging

thanks for the postbin ill definitely fuck around in there


ok op, I'll bite, but only because this thread popped up while I was already watching a video on this:
suggested by this jew on owen benjamin's flat earth video Can't say I'm convinced of anything by this. Their arguments amount to "looks fake and I can think up reasons why it's implausible".

Firebombs don't create ash outlines of people, cause radiation sickness in survivors, produce survivors with eyewitness accounts and cause statistically anomalous amounts of cancer for decades after.

Atomic Bomb Test Faked >>13293892

Hiroshima & Nagasaki Faked: >>13293857 >>13293867 >>13293877

H-Bomb Faked >>13293919

Subsequent Testing? Watch this:

Nuclear Radiation Over-Blown Exaggerations >>13293939

That's my case for getting you to investigate on your own. I can't make up your mind for you. Plenty of links provided throughout.

You'll see I'm right and this will become just as prevalent on Zig Forums as the holocaust being fake.

Do read this

More links >>13294155
Zig Forums should particularly like this site >
and Zig Forums should particularly agree with this >

this site is jammed with dumbasses

Where does it even say that in the wikipedia thing. It's pretty common knowledge how nuclear fission would create an explosion, even I could explain it to you.

What's the compressibility factors for all six (or seven!) allotropes of plutonium?

Start at page 25:

You said the physics behind it, not how to create one.

is this the latest fake conspiracy theory to discredit others?
you guys are really good at this

Did you read it faggot?
How about trying that first before pretending to know what you're talking about so I don't have to listen to you shit diarrhea out of your mouth

Lets say I accept the idea that Nukes were not real then, are they real now?

Was meant for you

Are you 12?

Hm, well atom bomb was fake, japan bombs were fake, h-bomb was fake, subsequent test were fake, then they banned all testing.
So you tell me when they became real

look. my bad.
just dig a little first.

i laid out my case very plainly and if you actually look at the links and sources provided i'm 100% sure ALL of you will agree

Read your fucking 200+ pdf? Why the fuck should I waste my time on something so retarded. What's wrong with debating it here?

i told you start at page 25. that chapter answers your question. you dont have to read the whole thing. but you should or why even be here

Alright, I read that chapter, now what?

the big nuclear lie is that's what these ufo machines are running on. they are nuclear powered flying crafts that are created and funded through government tax dollars. it's all connected to the military industrial complex and the people who control nuclear materials.

now what would you like explained?

Read these:

But the best use of your time will be to finish that pdf you dont want to read

I hope you next, kikey.

t. Jamal

Bumping your own thread constantly doesn't help user , if anything It shows you re trying too hard to shill for a conspiracy theory

I know you can read but im having a hard time trusting that reading comprehension past a 10th grade, future navy nigger level. Do you understand tyrell?

How come the size of the nucleus is a valid argument? How come the author doesn't understand that "electro static binding energy" and the mass lost during fission are the same thing?

I can't answer all your questions. The pdf is the best source for that. Evidently I cant be bumping my own thread. Was banned yesterday just for posting about the topic.

Here are a few excerpts which may pertain to your question.

(a) There exists a tractable configuration of a certain material which neutrons
can traverse with a sufficient hit rate on that material’s nuclei to break them up,
thus propagating a growing nuclear splitting process;
(b) The above can happen at sufficient speed and to a sufficient degree to build
up explosive pressure within containment without being impeded or prematurely
halted by any other factor.

It’s not easy to get a neutron to hit the nucleus. Think of it! It’s like shooting a bullet into memorial stadium and trying to hit that mosquito. Most of the time you miss.

When it starts off, if you have a lot of neutrons to start, you can’t keep it together
very long. It becomes vapor.
(Phillip Morrison)

also see here:

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purpose of an imageboard is discussion OP

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This thread is fucked, but funny… Kek

Posting in a Weevlos thread.

Weevlos is Zig Forums incarnate not /x/. Also nothing in this entire thread is suggestive of the paranormal, it's all skeptical.

OP is probably the offspring of two chinks who go all mutated and shit because they lived in Hiroshima.

What about the highly radioactive concrete dome that is still there in the Atoll islands right now? Apparently these's a few pieces of plutonium there that failed to detonate from one of the nuclear bomb tests and it's making everything very radioactive there.

doesn't even know what /x/ is.

yes the nazis developed one but due to the nazi leaderships esoteric beliefs it was decided it wasn't a good idea to use it. some germanic religious teachings prohibited it.


Just you wait till the drop neutron bombs on Lebanon, Syria, Iran

Yea exactly, why isn't Bikini atoll fuggin glassed?

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and they are not using steam turbines either. if those motors could be used in nuclear power plants we would have very clean nuclear energy.

So like, the interstate highway system was designed for nuclear warfare, since a flat surface doesn't get pounded as much as any other structure like buildings. I'm not really suspicious on this point alone

Also, explain to me radiolabeling chemical compounds for analytical purposes
Wrong about that radiation part

That's what you're told, but there's no reason why ZOG couldn't have seeded all their conventional bombs with uranium or plutonium dust to spread radiation around and make it seem legit.