Its the Joos!

I came from Twitter hearing about you dorks. Whats your deal! Pic is you.

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kys faggot.


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OP is probably just a LARPer but you're a newfag. spoiler your degenerate shit and sage gay threads ffs

OP is a faggot

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imagine calling out a newfag and then forgetting to sage myself

No one is going to spoiler this faggots shit tier thread.

Imagine being too stupid to figure out that it actually is the jews and that Hitler was right all along.

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You guys aren't making Zig Forums look good but nice laughs

How about we debate a topic of jewish interference?
Such as 9/11?

I doubt OP has to 'imagine' it…I am sure it is part of his nature.

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Yeah, I kinda have to agree with you.

Yes, (((they))) most certainly are a problem, but they aren't omniscient, omnipresent or omnipotent. They can't see everything you do, or control everything you do like the resident qtard schizos on here like to spout.

If only we could be more reasonable and not so fucking paranoid and retarded, we could actually destroy the globalists.

guys like (((13294062))) however are here promoting obvious zionist baning funded controlled op failed leaders like the crypto jew on his dad's side shitler.

Zig Forums is really on its last legs now, wish this place could be rid of all you newfags

You are paid to post here.

Remember when that foreskin chewing rabbi got his fingers blown off? That was a good day; Saint Earnest is underrated.

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I meant on the jewish angle of things.
I'd consider this place… Chaotic Neutral, tbh

I don't understand what part of "I want to kill the jews" is so hard for people to understand.

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Redpill an obvious heckler…
Feel free user. This person didn't come here to 'learn' something.

All of the SAINTS are underrated. Especially SAINT EARNEST.

There's nothing evil in getting rid of a few ticks.

Thought as much, never did respond to my post, he did

Muh jews are based user

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He is (1) and done.

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Heartbreaking…it is our most intelligent and talented who are being targeted…and when it is all over there will be nothing but niggers and subhuman low IQ idiots like OP who are left.