ITT: 'liberal pretending to be leftist' dead giveaways

ITT: 'liberal pretending to be leftist' dead giveaways
Give me your best ones, bois.

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So the bourgeoisie don't look after their own interests and in the process they don't end up incidentally fucking up the working class?

The groups per se don't. The individuals do, but we express it like this in language. Just like 'Country X legalizes marijuana' means that the government of country X legalized, not the country per se.


Electoral politics can be a legitimate strategy for exposing the system though.

Only if you do it like Brewster.

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These are all vulgarizations, right? Simpler, easier versions of more accurate but slightly unfamiliar concepts.
I want to say you should see these as an opportunity to educate, but I wonder how possible it really is to overcome these sorts of gross simplifications. Almost every progressive vulgarizes feminism, antiracism, etc, too.
I think it might actually be necessary to try to create new gross simplifications that are still basically right but just incomplete, and get people closer to the right idea. The vulgarization of 'the the 1% who own 99% vs the 99% who own 1%' might actually be a good example of that. To create vulgarizations that are still useful and try to push out the harmful ones.

These are people who would jump off a bridge if sargon of akkad made a video about why you should not jump off a bridge.
These people should be fucking sectioned.

>thinks that we must "support" on Facebook puppet states of non-American countries in their fight against American imperialism

Exploitation is different than oppression, but the proletariat are oppressed by capitalism, overtly by the state and covertly by artificial scarcity of shelter, food, etc. We have no reason not to acknowledge this in tandem with the exploitation inherent in wage labor.
While not perfectly synonymous and it is important to stress we want to abolish social relations as opposed to just distribute wealth evenly, I would be surprised if "capital" did not correlate to "rich" over 90% of the time. Furthermore I'd argue rich proletarians, such as executives and politicians who don't own capital, have interests more aligned with the bourgeoisie than they do with the proletariat, and can be expected to side with reaction.
"Democratic Socialism" is completely meaningless and we shouldn't use it at all.
Seeing immigration solely in economic terms is liberalism, it treats us only as resources to be used by capital in production.
This could mean anything. We should be skeptical against "science" and "rationality" in the sense of not buying into "Ben Shapiro Destroys Leftists With FACTS And LOGIC" shit that gets dressed up as rational or scientific advice to make the proletariat suffer so corps can continue to waste resources.
What the fuck does this even mean. If you don't like sports or capeshit films don't be a dick and pretend your enlightened taste makes you superior, but feel free not to enjoy dumb shit.

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What hes talking about are radlib tumblr drones who jump straight past the skepticism of ideology being framed as 'rational scientific truth' on to distrust of the concept of scientific rationality, just because certain rightards invoke it as a mask.

All the typical sjw tropes.

Good ones, although I would amend
>believes in human rights literally
and put it in the abstractions category. I think 'human rights' are a useful framework for thinking about morals, even though rights literally speaking aren't real.



Fake anprim detected. Hierarchy is the way of nature. If you don’t want national primitivist anarchism under a system of tribal chieftains you’re doing it wrong

Just come out as an ecofascist already.

Green anarchism ≠ anprim. I want libertarian municipalism. Mutual aid is the way of nature. If you don't want democratic confederalism under a system of coordinators with imperative mandates and consensus decision making you're doing it wrong. Also this

I don’t follow Jews like Bookchin who romanticize nature and who do not follow social darwinism. Tribal chieftains in a decentralized Aryan primitive society are the way to go. Everything else is Capitalistd unsustainable Jewish daydreams

Have I been time warped back to 1995 or something

go away Ted Kacynzski you're drunk.

Ted K isn't a white nationalist

haha good joke user

tankies btfo

At this point they're not even pretending to be leftist though. These aren't shitty/fake lefty opinions, they're straight up liberal opinions. Here's some actual liberal pretending to be lefty stuff:

The bourgeoisie don't act as a cohesive unit. Some of them coordinate like with the Bilderberg group or Davoss, but how much coordination that involves is pretty little. That one guy talking bout taxes at Davos kind of showed how little class consciousness some billionaires have. They know they have common interests but most of them have too shitty a conception of economics to know what is really in their collective interests. They are in effect just the people who won at capitalism - they are greedy fucks who succeeded at maximizing their income. By the nature of capitalism, any of them who would be actually looking out for long-term billionaire interests would be scrambling to apply band-aids like social democracy, but that would push them out of being at the apex of capitalism because it counteracts the greedy acquisitive behavior. So that means the people who end up with the most wealth/power are exactly the people who are as greedy as possible and as small-minded as possible, unable to see past boosting their net worth higher. This concentration of stupidity is the capitalists' greatest weakness precisely because it frustrates their ability to organize and act as a cohesive unit.

More generally, is correct. Individuals in a group may organize together, e.g. the NAACP, but that is not the same thing as the group itself being a subject.

Each of those is so far removed from the original concept that it's hard to see how they could serve as a bridge to the socialist equivalents. Oppression for instance is mostly about overt power making life more difficult (e.g. cops harassing black people), while exploitation is a specific and comparatively technical concept that describes a subtle, hidden violence embedded in the structure of the production process. It's not just more complex, but based on a completely different way of thinking about the situation.
Probably the closest existing one, yeah. Also it's less a vulgarization and more a generalization. Classical antiquity wasn't capitalist but you still had a tiny minority owning everything. Same principle. It's a succint way to talk about class and you can segue into the actual mechanics of class in capitalism.

Pretty good.

We should be critical of science as an institution that exists within capitalism and is subject to its material influence. We shouldn't be critical of science as spooky magick invented by white devil westerners to oppress totally not ahistorical wicca and the traditional juju of indigenous peoples.

this even though I'm closer to Nazbol

Nazbol-Anprim alliance when?

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darwin did not support the idea of artificial selection. if he was still alive, the farthest he'd go would be abortion for tard babies and sterilization, but not killing.

I'd go for the opposite for a dysgenic society.

NTs need roped and gassed.

Cavemen never aborted tards and neither should anyone else.

I am.

Outside of occult circles I haven't heard this.

Fucking this.

You'll never see the rightists accusing their own moderates. Stop your gatekeeping, do not divide the left, use the moderate supporters to add to our power, take them to speechs and educate them.
Also, stop being a faggot, voting IS important.

Yes, but Darwin didn’t coin the term social-Darwinism.
Abortion for tard babies IS killing, but that doesn’t make it bad. Sterilization and euthanasia of severe tards, the deformed and many others along that line is not just good the cultivation of the a better stock but it is also humane


I wasn’t aware that this was a liberal board

Fuck off tankie idpoler. These are the leftist warriors of our generation

A glorified socdem calling anyone a liberal is rich.

Fuck off Capitalist, you’re obviously not a leftist and are instead some purity-spiraling jew

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What are you going on about?

What that user is trying to say is that your posts are destroying the quality of this board and reek of defeatism and fascism. Ergo, kindly head back to Zig Forums

You first my dude.

You’re obviously not in tune with board culture, Jew

Speaking of liberal tells.

Some more examples:

The wicca jab was at occultists and the like. The other part is about decolonialism, which has some people saying that former colonies should reject everything that comes from Europe, including science. Here's an example of this retardation.

>supports moderators

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What place, and period in history, are you taking for your model of Aryan "primitive"?
Or are you just going to hit the road in your VW camper van with a paperback on Charlie Manson and a bong? (Aryan brotherhood maaaaan.)
The Hebrews in the Iron Age were a tribal people themselves. (The preceding Bronze Age culture of the Sumerians, who weren't a Semitic people, was the one of massive ziggurats and cities built of clay.)

Absolutely based.
I'd say
would fit in there quite nicely



Actually good advice

Focult has more in common with Evola than Marx.

If you are Nigger, sure.

Wow thanks so much for compiling this list of tells and helping us play the part more convincingly!

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Evola is better than Capitalist Marx anyway

Zig Forums officially endorses foucault

I am sure that the ancaps do at least, because little boys.

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Both Postmodernism and Premodernism reject reason and the Dialectical notion of progress.

voting is important you dumb fuck, and its hard not to pretend not to be a hardcore socialist in a world post-cold war and where 10 deputies is a huge success for every self labeled communist party in every single country which is not a one party state capitalist tyrrany. What the hell do you expect, to radical left politics to get ultra-relevant with a snap of a finger? those soccdem even if they are too god damn light have the political power to change the working class for the better, especially in america where workers conditions could be greatly improve by someone like Bernie

where the fucking hell did you get that from you illitirate ignorant dunning-kruger monkey

Go read your beloved PoMos you defensive baby

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Nice, I liked that one


t. liberal

That alternating case meme is fucking repugnant.

tRiGgErEd mUcH SnOwFlAkE?

Return to twitter


fukken saved

"workspace blindspot"


So how are you going to achieve the promised land?

We wont

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the why even bother?

The promised land isn't a place. It's a direction. You don't strive for the horizon to actually get there, but for what you will find on the way.

Social democrats and liberals got done much more for the workers than commielarpers who time and time again prove to be even worse than fascists and rightwing idiots. Look at every country that ever implemented communism and how the working class got demolished by the government parties. Actual communism without a state regulating won't happen anymore considering how many modern processes in regards to services and production are dependent on state intervention.

Groups like black lives matter are needed to voice their opinion in a climate of oppression against them. Trump isn't a fascist, just a conman yelling loudly about issues such as migration and doing nothing to fix them. Gun regulation is absolutely needed for America it's insane how much murders and killing take place due to ease of access. I'm more concerned with the local lunatic shooting up 50 people than I'm with 'fascist' using them.

Human rights have done more to ensure standards for workers than any communist system implemented ever has done. In the contrary, communist states such as China ignoring human rights has lead to disastrous working conditions.

go back to pol nazi

You do realize that the Gun Control laws have been used to prevented various Black communities needing to get the weapons to defend themselves with. How there is a racist underpinning to the concept of gun control?

Guns are the very thing the working class needs in order to defend their communities from aggression by the state.

Agreed that reformism has its merits, and armchairs/turd-worldists denying its success are tippy-top LARP, but your description of MLs as "communist" is unnecessary, and…
BLM, except for approximately the first femtosecond of its existence, is mindnumbing SJW cancer eating away at racial and class politics in this country. Up until BLM, I always upheld black activism as the 1960s IdPol activists that got an "A grade" on the test feminists flunked in the 1970s, having successfully rebuked black IdPol like Farrakhan, in favor of pivoting from victories in abolishing explicitly racist laws to still-relevant fights against poverty and ghettoization. BLM got that all wrong, by taking what should've been the nucleus of an all-inclusive movement against police misconduct and the prison-industrial-complex, and turning them into progressive stack oppression olympiads. Beyond the internal politics of BLM itself, there's BLM as an external-facing political campaign, which threw away countless open-and-shut cases of highly sympathetic people being blatantly murdered by the police to focus on divisive cases varying from dubious to clearly justified, and wasted political capital backing pointless riots that destroyed black/poor communities instead of taking the fight where it would've mattered (let alone attempting to create a legitimate political bloc via direct dual power mutual aid and/or electoral politics).
There is zero correlation between gun control and violent crime internationally nor historically, whereas crime in the US compared to other places and times is highly correlated to wealth, equality, and social service shortfalls. Speaking of social services, if you're talking about spergouts (serial killers, spree killers, terrorists, etc.), better mental health services would do FAR more to prevent them. This doesn't even touch on the fact that most gun legislation is technologically ignorant about guns to the extent it has little or no impact on the capabilities of legal OR illegal weapons IRL.

all of these language games…
Change your language based on your audience, don't try to attach yourself to a specific dictionary.

Karl Marx was the prophet.

Kek. Where did you get this hilarious bullshit?

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He probably thinks the USSR, DPRK, China and Cuba were real socialism.


I honestly used to enjoy leftpol and leftypol to a much lesser extent. But honestly this entire website is pretty fucking cancerous and uesless. Pol still remains the highest tier of butthole cancer but still remains just one thread in a pit full of self-righteous fucks that live to shit on other people’s opinions. I got jumped on in another thread for saying bernie is the next most viable option for america and most likely and able to further us along marx’s stages of development. All i got were generic ass replies like huff puff he’s just a filthy liberal and the only vote worth voting is the guillotine and I should vote Trump because that would accelerate the downfall of American society. Thank fucking god most of you remain in your armchair. Yes, spend more time critiquing blm on your principled ass ideas, edgelord. I’m sure you like myself did the math and came to the conclusion that non-hispanic whites are about 3 times more likely than a white person to be murdered by police. But who the fuck cares. This thread is trash tier for self jerking purposes. I hate you all.

Non-hispanic Blacks* (was obvious mistype) but i’m sure someone will be here shortly to call me a jew anyway. “Just call him a jew 4head, it instanlty increases your credibility 4heD”

That's the prime giveaway of political illiteracy of our times, not only of liberalism.

Oy gevalt