WN Media is Awful

Something I've noticed about WN views of economy, history and politics is that they are – almost without exception – unbelievably infantile.

I was just listening to a Third Rail podcast and I had to stop it in an hour in because I just couldn't take the childishness of the analysis (and the high-pitched screeching voice it was being delivered in). This was by no means an unusual position being expounded upon in WN media: the US empire is dying. This guy was torturing a star supernova metaphor to death, likening the sun turning into a red giant to America lashing out in its death throes.

Let's ignore the silly metaphor the tiny-brained autist thought was so compelling he had to drag it out on his podcast. Even if it's just propaganda you have to at least explain HOW the US is dying. Is it dying economically? No, it's GDP has been growing consistently almost every year for decades. Inflation has been mild and well-controlled; the US prints money with no apparent damage to the system and there is no sign this will change soon.

Militarily? The US hasn't been defeated militarily at any time in the past century. The US Navy routinely conducts "freedom of navigation" missions in the South China Sea and no one stands in its way. In terms of technology there a few loose competitors but in terms of logistics no one else comes even remotely close. There are over 1 million active enlisted and over 600k. While it's true the Navy has issues with ships waiting increasingly longer times to get into dry-dock and delays replacing aging naval planes is taking large tolls they still have to ability to bomb anyone at any time with overwhelming advantage. The WN thought leaders online seem to be unaminous in the opinion that the US can't possibly win against Iran, which seems to be a ludicrous position – a serious analysis must be made to overcome this but none is provided. It seems to boil down to "I hate ZOG so they can't win in Iran".

Cultural destruction leading to a collapse in civilization? When will this collapse occur? California and Texas and the two highest-growth states in terms of GDP over the past 10 years. California's wealth is mostly carried by big tech and Hollywood – there seems to be no end to how many immigrants these states can handle. There is no reason to believe that the US won't or can't just continue to print money to take care of any societal problems mass immigration introduces. Middle-class whites mostly live in white-flight communities anyway and there's plenty of places to migrate to if/when they get priced out of California and Florida. What signs of collapsed are offered? That there's brown people everywhere isn't evidence of a societal collapse is imminent.

WN media is becoming mostly worthless kindergarten-level drivel of low-IQ, low-class whites who don't actually care about reality and just want to belong to an online cult and signal to each other and consume alt-media. Actual intellectual content is almost zero. If a book is referenced it's usually by some propagandist or shock-crank.

Rush Limbaugh once said that libertarians are just conservatives who want to smoke weed. Are WNs just conservatives who want to say nigger?

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That's more a TRS problem than a WN media problem. Their target audience is pic related, what kind of content do you expect them to produce?

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no shit faggo, by jew design, they'll flee like rats off a sinking ship to Israel when it really happens.

Good, that means you're not a wignat. Follow the likes of Patrick Casey and Nick Fuentez.

Analysis, Mr. Spunk?


Okay. Let's stick to major events.

WW1: Complete US and allies victory
WW2: Complete US and allies victory. Pacific War completely carried by US to victory.
Korean War: Armistice favoring US and allies who were greatly outnumbered.
Vietnam: Military victory of US, collapse of client state.
Afghanistan: Complete US and allies victory.
Gulf War 1: Complete US and allies victory.
Golf War 2: Complete US and allies victory.

Do you or anyone else have any reason to believe the US won't have a complete victory over Iran?

I agree but the US military definitely got defeated in the mountains of Afghanistan by the Taliban in some very intense KoreanWar level fighting. They were driven right out of there.

The US didn't defeat N. Vietnam at all in the Vietnam war. Far from it. They showed how wasteful and incompetent they were at asymmetric warfare, that's all. The Australians could have won that war with far less resources as they had in Malaysia but the US leadership wouldn't let them.

The US withdrew not because of the collapse of S. Vietnam but because the Marines were effectively in mutiny.

The US was defeated in Vietnam, it was defeated in Afghanistan. The defeat in Afghanistan is about to be decisive, as the Pentagon has cut off all news coming out of the country because it is losing so badly and will be expelled with no concessions whatsoever.

In Gulf War 1, the US massed troops, got cold feet and stalled for months to build up a larger force, then waited until Iraq pulled out of Kuwait to advance, and then declined to pursue the Iraqi army further. They chose instead to bomb the country exclusively from the air for about a decade before finally invading in 2003 and destroying their empire in the process.

You have a very warped idea of what actually happened, probably because you get your news directly from the Pentagon.

I vote to have this thread removed on account of it implying any given person or group would not be able to distinguish the aforementioned banter from truth in this day and age; when a ham sandwich could at this point, I see this thread as a circlejerk in the making ultimately serving to slide other threads off the board regardless of the OP intent.

How can you possibly believe this? Look at how much people pay for rent and medicine. Look at the price of things like food and gas. It wasn’t like this thirty years ago.
This is a blatant lie. Our attrition rates in Vietnam were horrendous. Out of 11,800 helicopters that flew in the war, 5,607 were shot down. We left the country without achieving any of our objectives. In Iraq the US had to pay the insurgents to stop attacking, then abruptly left with Iran now pretty much controlling the whole country.
Iran is much larger than Iraq, with weapons better suited for asymmetric warfare, rugged terrain, mountain ranges surrounding its capitol (which is hundreds of miles away from any borders), and has already demonstrated shocking capabilities in missile technology and electronic warfare. Russia and China would not stand idly by if Iran were attacked.

If we accept the maxim that war is simply politics by another means, then Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan are all losses, from a purely logical standpoint.
Your emotions cloud your judgement.

OP is a kike

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No shit

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No it was not. The US chose not to continue propping up the failed client state. In military terms the US walked over the North and stomped the VC at every turn. You could also say the North and VC won by overthrowing the failed South client state but this victory was political. At literally every single time they met the US in battle they were crushed, and this was WITH the support of the USSR which was a legitimate superpower.

Pure fake news caved-in head denial of reality. The US and allies completely destroyed every single military target, virtually eradicated the Taliban and installed a client state which has remained in power to this very day.

This conflict will go down in history as perhaps the most lopsided and decisive major war ever.

Get out of the cult. I'm not saying don't believe in your goals and values, but you do yourself no favors by living through the make-believe echo chamber.

News Flash: the Taliban control more than half the country, and the US thinks so little of the government that it installed in Kabul that it neglected to invite it to the peace talks. You watch too much Faux News.

Communism by 1980, comrade.

It’s retarded

I can believe this because it's public information. US inflation has hovered around 2-3% annually for the past 20 years. Traditional neoliberal ecenomic theory is that printing money will lead to inflation. We see, though, that the state – at least a very wealthy and large state like the US – can print every-expanding sums of money and still control inflation. That's just the way it is.

US lost 60k. North Vietnam and VC lost minimum around 700k. It's not even remotely close. Of course, the South lost around 350k so obviously there's that but even if you add those the US+allies came out massively on top.

Iran's systems are old junk, and their arms industry amounts to embarrassing parade of low-quality props. Iraq had a modern French air defense network which was immediately compromised and shut down. No one in the world comes close to US's ability in electronic warfare, only China is working hard to close the gap. Iran is large….but also surrounded by US allies. The US has built up a huge amount of operational expertise in mountainous terrain and is well prepared to dig out resistance cells. With our newer generation of cruise missiles we can hit literally anywhere in Iran without even having to endanger any pilots to the crappy Iranian AD net. I understand people don't WANT there to be a war and would love it if Iran would win, but the reality of the situation makes that hard to believe in. You have to face reality, that's all.

China will not face the US militarily until it's good and ready, which is not now. Russia is a kleptocratic shithole which WILL act in support of it's strategic allies but that action will be non-military. Russia is a factor but not a crucial one.

I remember William Kristol insisting back in 2002 that Iraq would be a 2 month war, not an eight year war.
If the US believed that war with Iran would be as easy as you claim, it would have started already.

Purchasing power has been going up, not down. Real wages have been stagnant when adjusted for inflation, that's true, but that trend has been in place for decades and collpase is not in sight. Why? I haven't deep-divded into that analysis but my guess is that the US just prints money to carry any social shortfalls.

Please look around your white-flight community. Is anyone starving? Is there anyone who doesn't have a car, a home, disposable income? Are there any disabled or infirm people who aren't getting care?

I'm not hand-waving away real issues like broken homes because both parents work and drug abuse in economically collapsed areas, but in the general view the US is strong and healthy with no obvious signs of imminent collapse.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Such as well? Is there a forecast for when this death will occur? At one point towards the end of the Roman Empire's ascendancy they could no longer fix the aqueducts – has something like that happened in the US?

lol, dumb nigger

Retard Alert
First, you're complaining about TRS, a group Zig Forums hates
Second, the USA is sinking economically. Take a look at our GDP, then our debt. Notice any problems? Not to mention that thanks to social security that debt will continue getting bigger, and that debt's interest will make even more debt, which will make even more interest, will make even more debt. Eventually, people will lose confidence in the dollar on their own, or the USA will fail to pay interest, and confidence is also lost in the dollar.
Second, militarily, the USA is behind. Sure, we've got missiles and cool shit, but we've failed to adapt to the fourth generational tactics, with high losses against easy opponents like Vietnam and Afghanistan who were willing to learn more asymmetric ways of war. Also, ask any service member and they'll tell you the military is incompetent.
Finally culture. You mentioned Texas, and you probably know Texas is turning brown. When Texas turns brown, it'll also turn blue. When it turns blue, Republicans will be trapped, unable to appeal to the Nog and Spic hordes. Now, consider that Republicans at this point, will own all of the guns, be made up of white males of fighting age, and will be desperate to find a way to keep power. Consider that they might realize Republicanism failed, a shift their view to a new position a third position.
That's why the USA is bound for collapse. Our government will become a liability with all its debt, our military is incompetent, and there's a growing underground of the right wing. OP, if you're a lefty, which I'm assuming you are, good fucking luck. You're gonna need it in the coming years

Sorry for typos slightly drunk

Alright, point us to some real "intellectual" material, then.

They were victories for kikes since they got to kill their enemies and whites.

Nationalist " thought leaders" don't have podcasts. TRS offers edgy entertainment, much of which is made by actual Jews. It is no more and no less.

Unlike leftists, nationalists don't learn what to believe from entertainers. Hard to imagine, I know.

Well yeah, from their point of view, any war in which they themselves do not participate is an automatic victory.

Yeah, ever since they stopped counting everything that’s severely inflated (rent, real-estate, education, medical care, food, etc.) into the calculation
First of all there’s no real way to even attempt to guage communist Vietnamese losses, given america’s obsession with “body counts” as evidence of progress it is safe to say that claims of Vietnamese casualties were highly inflated. Even if you’re completely right about the casualty rates, attrition was still not in our favor. Vietnam had hordes of peasants to throw into the meat grinder while the US was losing aircraft like flies. By the end of the war much of the armed forces on the ground were totally combat ineffective, with drug abuse and “friendly” fire (fragging) reaching epidemic levels. It took the military years to recover.
Than how were they able to hack a top-secret drone and land it safely? How was their proxy hezbollah able to crush the Israelis on the battlefield in 2006?

It's more than this. There are ops that Iran has pulled off that they won't even acknowledge, while the other side is too embarrassed to point them out. Take, for instance, the recent sabotage in Fujairah.

Stryke and Mike are great to listen to for current politics in the USA and nazi, libertarian, socialist ideas in general. I used to dislike TRS for various reasons, however they seem to be a source of genuinely good analysis that appeals with comedic value and is providing truths to Whites for free, excepting the paywall. I now look at detractions of Mike Enoch as static noise in the background to an overall valuable message for a larger audience, whereas Zig Forums and other fascist groups are less so to the normals. Each group has its place and the numbers of fascists and libertarians/muh freedoms would decline if we didn't have the messages to gradually transform and radicalize Whites into more purist thoughts. I don't hold that their messages are particularly effective for a single political ideology, that's not what they're aiming for, they are a big tent for the "right" in general and open up discussion where I don't see anywhere else. This is important, opening discussion will get thoughts flowing for more concentrated discussion by others. I don't hate TRS, I do realize their role in the greater movement. Most importantly, they know how to bring comedy to influence pro White values to a larger audience.

Striker's analysis is shit. He comes up with these baseless theories, then allows them to dictate his realty. For example, he got it into his head that Eunuch being doxed was actually part of an antifa conspiracy to dox a bunch of other (>implying) WNs leading up to MLK day, which came and went. But that still justifies Enoch being a jew married to a B'nai B'rith Youth chapter president.

Another good one was that Tucker Carlson's advertisers were really being targeted because he "called out Israel", in what was really a pro-Israel piece with a so-called "nationalist" jew. Forget the fact that the same group who targeted him went after Jonestein, an Israeli asset.

I admittedly haven't paid much attention to him - life is too short to waste time on jew protectors (both weev and Eunuch) - but every theory I've heard him come up with has been retarded.

the US has lost every war since WW2, and even WW2 counts as more of a Russian victory, since orders of magnitude more Russian's were killed fighting against the Reich, and America only showed up near the end after the war had been fighting for over 3 years. typical conceited American faggots, thinking your enormous internal economy's production capacity and your technological edge automatically means you're the best and then stealing the credit from someone else who actually did the work.

California is your shining example of high GDP? hah, don't make me laugh. now i know you really are a JIDF kike sent to shill. California's annual GDP is $2.3 trillion. California's unfunded liabilities are $1.5 trillion. California's economy will break off and float away into the Pacific ocean when the next Great Depression arrives. plus, with all of the millions of new illegal spics pouring across the border each year, and Govt mandated diversity Corp Boards, and taxes on every goddamn thing shooting to the moon, and totally incompetent city and state bureaucrats who cannot even build a fucking train, and police being forced to waste time enforcing gender pronoun crimes while ignoring MS13 gangrape heart extraction dismemberment murders–with all of that 3rd world shithole kudzu expanding throughout California, everything is only going to get worse in California.

As for the Fed being able to indefinitely print toilet paper, can you name one time in history when hyperinflation worked in the long-run? oh, right, "This Time It's Different" you say. hyperinflation is a ticking time bomb and it will blow America up someday soon–within our lifetimes.

what signs are collapse are there? look at the fucking homeless populations going up by double digits within the past 2 years. you built that, Zion Don. just look at the ShadowStats unemployment numbers–real unemployment is over 20%. the Bureau of Labor Stats is faking the numbers under Trump exactly the way they did under Obama. America's economy is no different than the centrally managed fake economy of the USSR or China.

the only thing you said that is correct is the lack of literacy and discussion about books. it is arguable that the majority of scholarly and academic books are irrelevant to WN, because they are written by Shitlib hyperpartisan Bolshevik professors ensconed in Ivory Towers of Communism and White Hate. but there are still a handful of Red Pilled books to talk about and learn from, and older books pre-dating the 1990's, when the Libcuck Commies stepped out of the shadows and openly seized Academia, are quite Red Pilled enough to still be worth reading. And ancient books and the classics are always relevant, because the only way we can restore our Volk and preserve a future for white children is by looking to the ancient past and by absorbing the timeless wisdom of the Ancients and by emulating their way of living.

PS: kys kike

America did help with the lend lease I in a way they were already involved in the war.

Not sure what you mean. I do accept Enoch's life narrative that he married the jewess when he was relatively blue pilled, his politics then were libertarian and anti war. Anti war, in my view, gives him quite a bit of credence to his character, he was opposed to Bush's war for Greater Israel in Iraq and Afghanistan(ultimately to destabilize Iran) Any way, it seems he gradually grew apart from his wife as he expanded his knowledge, we'll sadly never get a detailed timeline of specifics involving his wife and how he felt about her due to court orders which he can not speak about. The jewess doesn't want to be talked about. Enoch genuinely seems to hold contempt for all of her values and contradicts her values all the time by fueling arguments against jews and "leftists" narratives. As for Stryker, he may not be totally correct politically, but damn he provides some great arguments and may be a link to mend the divide for leftist Whites from joining WN Whites, he used to be communist, that sucks, but it is in my opinions a rich resource of opinions, again, that I have not seen any where else.

Nigger, he had her on the podcast multiple times and was even seen with her at HWNDU. "H-he was blupilled" doesn't work, just like Striker's lie that Newsweek "made up" weev being jewish, something both he and his mother were open about.

if you had bothered to spend 5 minutes Jewgling, you could have found that according to the CIA's own top secret stats, that civilian casualties in Vietnam were always above 50%, and in several years were above 80% and 90%.


great job Pentagon faggot geniuses. you carpet bombed the shit out of totally innocent illiterate 3rd world peasant farmers armed with pea shooters for a decade–and then you STILL fucking lost and got your asses handed to you and had to haul ass and get to the choppa in the Fall of Saigon in 1975.

and if you want to get really mad as fuck about Vietnam, just do more Jewgling about who created, funded, trained and supported the young Ho Chi Minh in 1947 (hint hint: it was CIA). see how the War Machine works, you fucking goy? the CIA and the Pentagon create our enemy, then 20 years later they draft you to go over and fight that enemy, then CIA installs some new toy poodle puppet as the next enemy to create, and the whole retarded suicidal process starts all over. but tell me more about how fucking great the US military is and how they are MUH MOST POWERFUL MILITARY IN HISTORY HUR DUR.

Not getting in to Weev, lol, I don't know enough, seems like a jew though who manipulated his way in to Anglins circle of trusted individuals. I wasn't made aware of Enoch's jewess appearances on camera at HWNDU. Why would she appear on camera if she knew Enoch was racist, yet turned around and court ordered Mike into silence about her and divorced him because of his dox. Something doesn't add up with what you say.

sage double post
Enoch's first face self-dox was at HWNDU after his info was doxed and his wife was threatening to leave him. So how could he have appeared on camera previously? Nothing you say adds up, Stryke and Mike are saying things that are tearing down jewish interests and promoting White interests. Jews would never allow their agents to so effectively deconstruct their narrative, the counter posting against Enoch is disgusting. Fuck off or provide good proofs for why a jew would be trying to get all jews out of America/ White people's sphere of influence.

Nigger, do you think a gag order on Eunuch is somehow bad for him? It's the best possible thing that could have happened to him. Now he has an excuse to never have to explain why he brought his B'nai B'rith BioQueen wife onto his podcast on many occasions.

Ya, doesn't add up, not denying your point, it still remains true what I've argued for, nothing Enoch says is anti White and none of TRS are proclaiming to be a political ideology or party that claims to represent Whites. I do believe that Enoch wishes he could talk about the situation with his wife, but once he was doxed, she panicked and pulled the plug on the relationship and tried to save herself or something like that, not sure. Right now Enoch is the biggest proponent of White rights that I know of.

Nigger what are you doing? All those whores and kikes trying to cash in on the 'alt/new/far/whatever right' are just that; whores and kikes trying to make another shekel.

Our position is one based upon the truth. If you're looking for people to sweet talk your own ideas back at you then you're doing it wrong. We learn the truth and adapt to it; that's the whole point of us being 'racists' and all the other buzzwords they throw at us. We look at the raw statistics, the history books and used some logic; and in the end it became obvious that diversity is not our strength. Thus we adapted our beliefs to it; and we did that with a whole bunch of things including the jews, the holohoax, state education, debt based economies and we ended up as 'National Socialists'. Stop being a nigger.

Enoch is mainly a racist shock jock. I find him and Sven listenable because they focus on humor, like you're hanging out with a couple of working class guys joking about current news events.

Striker is an un-listenable lowlife. His wheezing, forced laughter and constant shouting makes me think he's a psychopath. Mainly though I can't stand his non-stop stream of bizarre shit that he spews out. It's like he says something he probably got from some crank book or website as if it's self-evidently true and uses it to support some ridiculous analysis or position on something else.

Also? People like Striker and Enoch go on and on and ON at times about how they refuse to "in-fight". Why? If you're serious about WN movement politics why do you not want to expose bad actors, fakes, subversives, conmen, etc, in the movement?

I like Stryker, he used to be a communist, I find it hard to relate to that, he bridges a gap for Whites between "left" and "right" and I hope he more effectively shows communists that race matters and their values can be a positive and not just something to be hated on by commie haters. Every time I think of socialism I think of the Katyn forest massacre and don't formulate my own best arguments against communism, i hope Stryker does his best, similarly, his rhetoric could mend the East-West divide between European cultures if he's successful.

podcast nationalism wont save you.

I know. I listen on 2X speed while I do menial tasks.

I Listen to Rockwell, Mason, WLP, Goebbels, Hitler among others. Whenever I have appropriate time, it introduces new ideas while being entertainment and inspiration.

OP is cuckservative Trump-cocksucking bluepilled racedenying israeli-loving faggot retard

Don't forget; by the end of the Vietnam War the US had blown something like $9 Trillion in today's money and was effectively broke. That's why Carter was so despised; he tried to come to terms with the debt but Reagan said "fuck that, let's get out the credit card and party" and everyone said "Hell yeah, fuck that wet blanket asshole from Georgia."

Yes. Now stop listening to these alt-homosexuals' podcasts and listen to some audiobooks instead, you might actually learn something and stop being half a fag yourself. Alex Linder alone has provided hundreds of hours for free.

How are they new?
Ideas from hitler and goebbals are not that new, maybe I would go for timeless or as of recent, late etc…

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Fairly accurate (except for the phrase "white supremacist" which has never meant anything).

Sounds to me like a bunch of pretty good reasons to be a white nationalist.

Just mobs of masked outlaws, hateful invaders and a mass shooting every other week.

Didn't a huge bridge collapse the other day for lack of maintenance?

Yeah a lanklet spic that wears suits to cover his frail shoulders and a retard who think it’s good “optics” to protest a bunch of brain dead boomers at the library lol (P.S. the people who went with him had their careers fucked over)

Based optics though!!! AmNats will definitely infiltrate the GOP after their thousandth failed attempt!!!

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Fuck off TRS 2.0. Nobody understands your based spic terminology here.

New to him I'd imagine. That's a pretty large corpus he just mentioned.


This is 100% true. A fact that went all but unnoticed back in 2006 or '07 was the Shrub ordered the Fed to stop publishing figures for M3 money supply.


Reading zizek, foucault, adorno, eco, marx will make you a better, smarter national socialist lol and im not even joking

The US has not won a war, start to finish, since it defeated the Spanish.

Support the National Alliance

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K, no one cares.

This is a good example of the simpleton level of WN understanding of history, some bizarre crap picked up from YouTube when a quick google search reveals that 1 trillion was spent which includes aid to South Vietnam. Did you stop to think "wait, 9 trillion over 10 years that sounds ridiculous maybe I should verify that"?

Yes, and JO to Hitler for the Jews over and over. They could care less about saving Whites.

Yes, Schlomo WN is good for Whites.


This is what the Jews taught them. WN and alt.Right has never worked to bring Whites together and never will.


Nick Fuentez is the epitome of childish. Dude's what like 19, and wears an oversized suit while talking in a yankee noreast accent. Then he's a pseud about everything, with no real beliefs.
Very unprofessional

Because he is still young. Give him time, you sperg fuck.

Either dumb blogpost or shill thread. Sage and move on

What do you expect?

WN Media is the same as the MSM. It exists solely to make money by giving people what they want.

People who listen to WN podcasts don’t want to hear that America is, if anything, becoming more powerful and that the White race is heading quickly toward extinction. They want comforting reassurance that they can continue working for ZOG, do nothing irl and that like magic everything will work out just fine.

Just accept that almost all WNs are actually really stupid. In the last election cycle 95+% of WNs literally supported the most kosher and obviously charlatan candidate in history. Even 2+ years on the major WN organizations that exist are civic nationalist. And now instead of learning their lesson WNs who’ve given up hope in politics have turned to supporting stochastic terrorism instead of increased organization. Why? Because like all other WN crackpot strategies, it gives them a chance to sit on the sidelines and do nothing.

Nobody is going to start a podcast saying these things because nobody would listen and because the hosts would have too much to lose getting found out.

GDP highest its ever been. Debt is irrelevant. All growing economies have debt, that’s literally how you grow an economy. Credit ranking is AAA (outstanding), everybody who invests is guaranteed return. With a monopolizing tech economy and increased productivity you’d be a complete moron not to invest in ZOG.

I think having 18+ years of experience in FGW, far more than any other country, shows how retarded this is. ZOG withdrew from Vietnam with a victory, political chaos in ZOG turned it into a defeat (after ZOG left). ZOG won’t leave Afghanistan until it’s stable, which is to say never, and since ZOG has a robust economy that literally doesn’t matter at all.

Because that happened when the ANC monopolized power in SA. Because Whites in America are far less deracinated and culturally heterogeneous than those in SA. Because Whites, who will have become a minority, have such a long history in ZOG of trying to hold on to power. The cope here is incredible.

td;dr muh debt, muh zogbots, muh guns. This can’t be happening. Everything will magically fix itself guis.

Anyone who would lie to protect any jew can never be trusted - that means Striker and every TRSodomite who knew about Mike's wife.

These people are traitors no matter how you cut it.

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ZOG has built South Korea into a massive economy and SK-ZOG economic ties have massively increased both of their citizens' standard of living, Iraq no longer fires scuds on pissrael. Cope much?

If California was a country it would have the 6th highest GDP in the world. California is home to Silicon Valley. Tech is literally the most powerful industry in the world and is constantly expanding its reach.

What the actual fucking fuck? Please tell me you’re not this retarded. How’s a country with exponentially growing productivity levels going to develop a depression. You clearly can’t into economics.

Literally none of this matters. Tech oligarchs are producing more than enough economic value to offset their pets’ misbehavior. U mad?

Hyperinflation! HAH! …right, 2-3% inflation rate is hyperinflation, seriously buy a dictionary.

Not true, even if it was, doesn’t matter productivity is constantly going up and tech is taking over the world. If social problems become too great, productivity gains can easily provide UBI (In fact UBI would be cheaper than current entitlement programs).

Just another ignore reality, do nothing, magic will fix it faggot. It's all so tiring. Hey OP, it should be clear that people like these two faggots are why retard podcasts exist in the first place.

You are overreacting

You need to think of things in terms of societal cohesion. This is not going to be your traditional collapse with economic crash and a formal conflict.


Thanks for letting me know. I guess I'll stop hating jews now.


National Vanguard
Kevin Strom
That's all you need to know

When the 1% produces enough wealth to effectively subsidize the 99%, it works. Elites are happy because they make bank and can virtue signal to their hearts' content, muds are happy because they get subsidies and have a higher standard of living than in mudland.

I’m not saying I'd want to live in California or that I find it a good example of the society I want, I’m just pointing out that it’s stable. White Nationalists can only defeat ZOG by organizing in the real world and by discussing and exploiting ZOG's weaknesses. Expecting that California or ZOG will just collapse for reasons, is just intellectual laziness and is why we’re in the situation we’re in.

Do you have an actual argument or are you just butthurt?

just how much of an omega male is op? If you don't want to watch TRS, then just stop watching. oh wait, you can't, because you need a friend simulator. lmao fag

I'm sure the Soviet Union thought the same with its high GDP large amount of oil and gas reserves.


If you're getting your insights from podcasts made in the last year, then it's you who is childish. What a shit thread.


Just because a country has natural resources doesn’t mean it will become well-developed or stable, look at Africa and South America. A planned economy can’t provide resources and increase the average standard of living as efficiently as a free market. The Soviet Union collapsed because the economy had too many inefficiencies and produced too few desirable exports to allow for such vast centralized control. What replaced it? An economy which far more resembles California (i.e. a smaller more stable productive globally-integrated economy).

California, like ZOG is stable and can outlast the White race on sheer inertia if left unchallenged. If WNs actually want to win we need to stop believing in mythical collapse scenarios that allow doing nothing and start organizing irl. Even if there was a “collapse” WNs are in no position to take advantage of it so long as we just assume that a “collapse” will magically fix everything.

What replaced the Soviet economy is a couple of energy and arms conglomerates used as a piggy bank to steal from by a group of Putin’s buddies. If you’re interested in the reality of post-Soviet Russia I recommend the book "Putin’s Kleptocracy" by Karen Dawisha — a professor of Political Science and director of the The Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies at Miami University, not a YouTube weirdo hawking a fake news book.


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While I can agree that collapse on its own is not by itself a victory, having to import everything while at the same time having your white goy taxbase leave en masse and the countryside burns due to mismanagement/climate is not stability. By being ZOG it is inherently unstable

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