Unable to visit Zig Forums in Australia?

Australian here, recently I noticed I haven't been able to view Zig Forums for the past few days on my phone.
I also can't view using Omnichan.

I decided to use a VPN just now and I'm able to view and visit Zig Forums.

I'm with Optus so???

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Yep all the major Telecommunications companies like Optus and Telstra have shoahed our access to the Chans and to Voat etc. Anything remotely contentious or right wing that allows free speech is not allowed.

try different dns servers or stick with the vpn

Yeah, the Jews banned it. Try a VPN.

where ya been m8, isps shut it down when tarrant shitposted too hard for the world

After christchurch happened I could still use Zig Forums.
It was blocked for a day a few days ago, then it worked for a day and now I need a VPN.

Not sure how to change my DNS on mobile…

Goodbye mate!

4chan works perfectly but only Zig Forums is blocked for me.

I can help you with that if you want nigger. just tell me what system you're using. who is your provider? the major telecoms shut it down after Tarrant.

Kiwianon here, major ISP's in NZ have "banned" Zig Forums here as well. However I'm not on a major ISP (Spark, Vodafone) so I'm good although I did the DNS thing just in case.

I'm on an Android phone (ZTE FIT 4G) and I'm with Optus

oh sorry, you want to do it on mobile? you can do it for your wifi connection but i don't know how to do it for your mobile data. apparently there's some app you can get though. do any anons know how to change for mobile data without buying/using an app?

yeah see
i didn't read properly. sorry bro

Thats OK. At least I can use a VPN.

yeah, the vpn is the only way i've been able to browse /pol on mobile data since the shoahing

I am on the CyberGhost VPN

Accessing just fine here on telstra. Optus, no.

Yeah, as above - telstra nbn yes, optus mobile no.

Download the app

Haha, I'm with ya Op… Should fellow Ausfags on jewtus go into their stores and redpill some normies???

Also, I'm no leftcunt… But labor should of won and Tony Abbott should of had a better ousting.

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Same, ahh good ol aus threads… Too fucking good.

Screenshot says it all, either DNSet or cyberghost (lil spooky bloke on top left corner)

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But using DNSet mind you for 1hr+ and ISP will catch on (bots not people spying on you I THINK) and will block ya, just turn off/on DNSet and ya good.

My advice, just use a VPN and not a free one, cyberghost is well-known and isn't 5 eyes or 14 eyes, they have a 7 day trial (which I'm on)…

Kek, I trial hop so whatever floats ya boat.

Unrelated: my fourth cousin Sheila lives in Australia. Go proxy, go VPN, go TOR browser or some OPSEC whammy do.

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Save everything user keep safe