Arnold Schwarzenegger kicked from behind by a Shortnegger at event in South Africa Lmwao

Arnold Schwarzenegger kicked from behind by a Shortnegger at event in South Africa Lmwao

Video shows former California governor being kicked in the back during children's sports competition.

More proof Africans revert to an uncivilized state without European influence to guide them to be civilized and have proper behaviour.

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based and book pilled

Arnold, the guy that shit on Trump for not wanting murderous illegals.

Arnold, the race mixer.

Arnold is Western Civilization. He gave everything to niggers, and he gets kicked in the back by his nigger pet.


he's a big guy

Like the SJWs that get murdered by blacks in Apefrica

Why can't they be domesticated nor bred to have that out of them?

Already been tried, the blacks in north America mostly have white bloodlines and are still savages, some better behaved and higher IQ sort of but in general they are too behind in the evolutionary chain

Good. Whites fucked up his society, like Jews fucked up mine. He's lucky that a kick is all he got.



I'm shocked that something that happens all the time happened again.


If whites didn't intervene there would be like 100k niggers left now. And no wildlife or forests.

Wait, I noticed that the bodyguards saw this but didn’t do anything until he got kicked from the back. I hope he fired them for being inept, oh wait, he will fire them if they act before that happens because dat racist!

For you.

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Whites taught niggers how to be civilised and when we left they started raping and eating each other. Nothing but human shaped animals.

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Don't know what the fuss is about, it's just a nig being niggardly.

Yes.They have tribes. It might be a unsophisticated society– one that lives in mud huts, and throws spears, but it's still a society. You fuck with someone's home, then you can't blame him for slitting your throat; that's the law of the jungle.

And? Let them die. People have been dying for tens of thousands of years, most of them niggers. What great accomplishment did bongs achieve in saving them?

Do you try to civilize alligators? Do you try to civilize gorillas? If you jump in vat of piranhas without a means to defend yourself, then as far as I'm concerned, you deserve to be ripped apart & eaten.

Why can't you fucking newfaggots learn to embed videos or better yet just downloading them and uploading them here as mp4s or webms. Stop being so fucking new

Number 1 yes you can civilise alligators, feed them, keep them happy in their environment and they won't attack. Number 2 gorilla's don't need civilising, they don't act like niggers. Number 3 the equivocation of jumping into a tank full of piranhas and the white man venturing into Africa is bullshit. The piranha is king of the water in that situation. The white man could do more with African land than a nigger for a millenia. So fuck off dumb kike.

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reminder that traitors desserve death, and if their pets do it, it's even better as propaganda tool, as it's both REAL footage and an embarassement for those jews coordinating the betrayal.

niggers can't even dig their own wells.

By what metric?
I could say the Jews could do more with American lands than we ever could; or use Steven Pinker's argument of the western world becoming a more prosperous place under globalism, free market, and free trade. Would you be fine with Jews taking over the US then? You hypocritical retard.

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false, jews are a parasitical entity.
case in point: shitsrael, despite systemic help, is to the exception of its 2 main cities, a 3rd world shithole.
also, removing kikes invariably preceed a betterment of the locals, and a worsening for the jews, and jews are aware of this.
Case in point: your post.

Throw all the insults you want nigger. What you just said was total retardation. Have you seen israel? If you think the kikes can build and engineer like the white man your truly belong in Apefrica

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No. This is the same kind of (((Christian))) thinking that got us into trouble in the first place.
Leave them alone. Law of nature. Sink or swim.

And retarded bongs that tried to colonize SA are also parasitic. I don't know what shithole you crawled out of, but you can have those crypto-niggers.

Israel is a fucking LARP you bitchtitted-faggot. Do you morons actually think the richest, most powerful Jews & Jewish organizations live in Israel. Also, bitch you didn't invent shit– stop trying to co-opt the achievements of great men. Do you actually think you belong in the same group, as people like Mozart? If you do, then you're more deluded than any kike or nigger I ever met.

More proof Europeans should not go anywhere near Africa,ever for any reason. Too dangerous for any white person, even famous people with a security detail.


saying "free market" or "free trade" is akin to saying "war is peace," which is a bold-faced lie.