Eurovision 2019 -- The 64th Eurovision Song Contest was hosted in Tel Aviv, Israel

Are we not going to talk about this? I knew it was going to be a shitshow, but I didn't know it was going to be so bad that even the mainstream media would shit-talk it. By the way, did you happen to notice any hidden messages or symbolism?

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I don't see it as a worthy topic for discussion. I didn't even know it's happening before I saw this thread.

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I should've posted this on /b2/ then. Sorry about that, I'll probably get banned now.

But on an unrealated topic, does seem broken to you? I keep getting an error message whenever I try to post something. It doesn't even seem functional. The only other viable option, besides Zig Forums, seems to be which has at least a fraction of this sites user-base.

I was perma-banned from 4chan.

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i support cookies that forces people to lurk for two years

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Let me guess, most singers were nigs, sandnigs and fags?

The (((locals))) were rather buttblasted when the "anti-capitalist" bdsm band displayed their affection for a certain another group of locals

In addition a geriatric singeress that had a million dollar paid non-competing act at the end displayed a similar interest in this certain other group of locals.

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Oy very boaz your kippah is showing

Poor Earth, Jews are fucking nits that need KP-24.

We know this schlomo, but the last bit is wrong... The new age is coming so keep sitting there, kvetching how the master plan is well underway, cause you won't know when it hits, just like the f├╝hrer did.

Seig heil.

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Your bait is weak shlomo and so are you.

There were so much symbolism when Madonna sung.

Why do we care? Fuck off.

Im surprised nobody on here has called out the sjw judging, where it was a two horse race between two (((progressive))) "songs", a feminist message from North Macedonia up against an inclusivity/multicultural message from Sweden. Macedonia were in the lead before they finally got around the public vote, where neither of the agenda strewn shits saw any success. The most popular song from the public perspective was an up beat spiritual track featuring some nationalistic singing. It far outscored any of the others but couldn't turn around the bullshit jury votes, so some forgettable crap won out on the balance of votes. Check out spirit in the sky from Norway if you want to see the true winner of last night's eurovision.

Here you go kids:

A singing contest, held in one of the hives where the elite, corrupt and destroy the world from the shadows. The products of their influence, gather from all over their sullied land to compete with each other. To decide which of them best display the depravity that has been imprinted upon them.

What's not to love?

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I'm glad it's getting so blatant that a "Euro" competition is being held in Israel. Hopefully people start noticing things.

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Pure coincidence, just a bit of fun with the fashion team.

Israel (The Middle East) participating in the EUROvision song festival is ridiculous. The whole show is ridiculous anyway. It's not worth my time.

Totally not the left eye of Horus or anything.

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Honestly if they don't notice this, they'll never notice anything.

I feel like I'm better off not know about this.

It's probably better to sit back and let the world burn. It's too far gone.

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could you post more images of celebrities having a left black eye if you got em

wtf, I didn't notice. Thank God we have mutts here to crack this conspiracy

world better blow up entirely or these fuck heads will survive in their richfag underground tunnels. if the world "burns" that just means all goyim on the surface get holocausted


A negro team representing Sweden with Israel's flag in the background. It's actually quite poetic.

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Who was the winner in this faggotry parade?

The Netherlands, so next year will probably be just as gay.

The left hand is considered Satanic in Christianity, maybe we need to start looking into the left eye too.

Honk, honk!

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Looks like eye of Hel, Loki's daughter tbh. "Beautiful" on the right side, rotten on the left side.

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This was discovered last year. Most celebrities have some sort of story that they got in an accident and have a black left eye. Whenever that happens, you know the celebrity is a dirty motherfucker which is more the rule than exception

My take is that it's part of some ritual they participate in, but I haven't found anything related to the subject .. yet

That would make a lot of sense as well; we know these celebrity turbocucks have a big boner for mythology

Fuck off yid.