DarkNet Markets removed by feds

Noticed alot of markets are being closed down recently.
Empire Market
Wall St Market
Valhalla Market to name a few

Please list valid market url's still working, alt links also if possible

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Taking drugs is degenerate behavior. Exercise.

Good, kill yourself. Reported for asking for illegal content.

Nice try, FBI

I don’t want any drugs.

Why do you think we are on the drugs?

Shit where will I get my pounds of Columbia’s finest cocaine now?

I'm afraid I don't have any information on that, officer.

Why does everyone assume this is a druggie?
Might as well be some (((fraudster))) scum looking for stolen credit cards.
Anyway. Fuck off OP. Your kind is not welcome here. Drugs and stealing are for niggers and marxists

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I'm quite ropeable officer, guess I'll have to go back on the street and buy my points of gear off you again.

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Empire is backup 4h4pl4c3rb7xt3ge.onion/ (make sure you VERIFY MIRROR)


Based as fuck

You are shilling so kill your self.

They're bullshit markets anyway. As if they aren't known about 100% by everyone in the security state. Who believes they aren't? Everything has to be off grid.

Same I had no idea what he is talking about.

Oh shut up.


Also based asf

Here ya go.

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Nah some work, but I can't be fucked and user is truly user (so im with most people who don't wanna be v&)… Just be a social cunt like me and buy them off streets.

Basically a useless thread for torfags and or FBI.

Found the normie. Kys.

Your mom does.

Agree. Normies gtfo. What happened to all the anti-drug war people? It used to be swarms of them.

I do

based and redpilled
time to buy meth

Meth is for pussies
Where's the PCP tho?

Who gives a shit about drugs. All I want is blockchain powered freedom of speech.

I know you faggots are being ironic but fuck yourself and die for aiding and financing the FUCKING CIA

user you idiot, you can make pcp with the chemicals you find cheaply at home

Do you want stolen credit cards numbers? Pretty easy to be find but just as easy you can get caught.

What's the recipe? Im feeling like eating someones face later.

Pretty sure the face eating drugs have to be purchased from the kikes/CIA

Asking experienced darknet anons, would there be interest for private live streamed remote controlled assassinations?

I think the dark web would be useful for crowdfunding assassinations of political opponents.

Why private? So you can have us pay you a bunch of bitcoin to watch you strangle your grandma or some shit? Either Saint Tarrant the shit or fuck off.

where am i going to get my steroids now?

I am actually severely disappointed that when I floated this idea last year, nothing came of it. It would just be a pool of money that would grown in size depending on how many people wanted it or how many people the politician fucked over.

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From a tranny doctor

Finding somewhere online to buy steroids is easier than finding somewhere online to watch CP

"Anti Jew Thots"
really user? Could you be more obvious about your disgusting mongrel DNA

Thread violating US law up for an hour now.

Wow…I wish the FBI was tracking your shit, but I know there is no justice when it comes to you kikes. Filtered.

Mods are on siesta

Got some from pissrael?

You don't have to go to israel to find kosher nostra clowns they are everywhere undermining nations and playing traitor and murders.

Try vegas

Why are the glowniggers so scared of cryptomarkets?