Jewish satire / art group (mossad) entraps Austrian politicians

Jewish satire / art group (mossad) entraps Austrian politicians

Just like 9/11 it's always some bizarre jewish art group…

This time they are openly about left wing political activism, doxxing right wing activists etc.

It's a quite big article but basically they set up a sting trying to pilpul the politician in corruption and then "leaked" a video of it.

The message: If you go against (((them))) they will find a way to get at you…

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(((They))) liquored him up (probably laced with drugs as well or hypnotized him in a talk with a fake (((russian oligarch))) lady looking to enter Austrias (((gambling industry))).

Lurk 2 more years before never posting again.,property=Video.mp4?hdnea=st=1558277355~exp=1558280065~acl=/BILD/61/99/82/92/61998292,property=Video.mp4*~data=u=(null)~hmac=64f9a9947d492e065b997acaf750f678d442cb075a911d7255dd8615608aee8e

Video for DL, go ffmpeg compress and translate please, its 115mb.

Go away retard

Nice try Shlomo…

Jews just like psychopathic goy women will always try to nitpick people they don't like. The culture of critique…

The think tank / "art group" behind it (probably funded by Soros):ür_Politische_Schönheit

English language news report about this.

Actually a german news channel, you should be happy you fucking nazi.

kvetch more judenschwein

This is good news. This guy is a fucking scumbag. The entire FPÖ party is nothing but controlled opposition with neoliberal views and the occasion "based" slogan during election time. The last man of honor was Jörg Haider and he got the Mossad treatment.

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A criminal mafia that ritually sacrificed humanity for their own enrichment and celebrates both culturally and through their 'pagan satanic religion' becoming wealthy off of the murder of humanity? Hmmm…semites are all the same round the globe. I swear to God that if it wasn't too far out for most people I would seriously say that they are alien (meaning, literally, not from this planet). I have never seen a case of parasitism that is this strong and unbalanced in nature.

I had this niggling thought for a while that the Earth was simply a sex slavery planet run by aliens so that they could practice ritual human slaughter and infant child torture and sadomasochistic murder…IDK the kikes just don't seem HUMAN at all to me.

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Don't want to get into trouble for being a corrupt piece of shit?

Don't be a corrupt piece of shit
Also if you fail to do even basic background checks and abstain from getting hammered during negotiations you shouldn't be in politics.
Who ever set up that retard did Austria a favor.

Reminds me of Mein Kampf chapter 2 where Uncle Adolf talks about how the (((Social Democrats))) would handle difficult opposition.

Here you go user. They are good to have around in case you need them in the future.

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They aren't in order…Zig Forums (sigh)

how did mossad fill/his blood with alcohol and have him drive at twice the speed limit?

mossad knows how to off people without suspicion

give him some drinks with pure alcohol that are so sweet that he didn't notice and have some handler send him his merry way

People confirmed he didn't drink that evening. Also, VW analyzed his Phaeton and said the damage was outright impossible/unexplainable.

Lurk a minimum of 12 years

>The message: If you go against (((them))) they will find a way to get at you…

Good thing I not longer ascribe to the idea that peaceful politics is going to win out in this environment eh. Let them dabble in their little pond thinking they are the big fish. We are beyond this now.

Not familiar with the Vehicular Drone Program are you? You car is 100% controllable BY ANYONE at ANYTIME.

This is why I always laughed at the CIA/MOSSAD 'isis' because they could have turned the vehicles off remotely anytime they wanted, bubt they WANTED THE MAYHEM AND THEY WANTED THE GORE.

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He should lurk forever in Hell before he posts. Then, maybe he will understand why we want to make the Earth into a living paradise.

it's pretty obvious that Israel, EU and US support ISIS and plan for them they even admitted it. However, the fighters themselves are no Jews they are pure, traditional Muslims who believe in the One Islamic world dream. I'm an ex-Muslim living in a Muslim country and I can assure you that 90% of "moderate" Muslim are Pro-ISIS.

wft I love muslims now…see the purity in the photos above?
here is some more purity in case you missed it…who wouldn't want to live in a FUCKING WASTELAND with have nigger semites as your companions?
Such a thing is one step from God and something that all people should emulate non-stop mayhem and violence is how all half niggers should want to live in completel theocratic oppression…

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Such fucking JOY the semites/muslims bring to the entire planet…

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Save it for your bombshell interview with Ben Shapiro.

Lol, You don't have to show me pics, I saw everything live. You saw it on TV, Internet, I lived the moment

I am sorry for you then. It must be difficult to simply want peace and be caught up in the death cults machine.

Exactly. It is a good thing for sure. As a matter of fact there isn't a single figure or party in mainstream politics that doesn't deserve this. Anything that undermines the legitimacy of democracy and parliamentarianism is a positive.

Only in this case there are vermin on all sides.

Did he not make himself low hanging fruit, get attacked by novices, and then capitulate? Has this happened repeatedly, or is this some one off instance? Sure, the attack is recent, but the evidence of being easily assailable and undersized seems to keep happening.

If such is the case, perhaps he's better off taking up some other position that would be a better fit.

what is that

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Reptilian humanoid shapeshifters confirmed.