Jewish Coach Redpill wants red pilled guys to move to the Ukraine

Jewish Coach Redpill wants red pilled guys to move to the Ukraine

What's his game plan? Does he know that slav women have zero respect for western guys, will probably try to con all money out of them and want bad boy thugs even worse given that a dangerous and corrupt jew run shithole former soviet countries are?

Yeah the west is garbage these days but the east is hardly the answer and slavs are different from western euros from my personal interactions as a western euros and americucks are just seen as dumb decadent human ATMs.

He even has a verbal slip at 3:12 saying goys instead of guys… :D

We all know kikes play all sides and their intentions are never wholesome. They have one of the greatest grasps on human psychology and sprinkle lots of truths / insights with things that further their own agenda, whether it's race mixing, white genocide or stealing your shekels.

What do you think is his game plan? To get us all killed by the (((russian / ukrainian mafia))) ? I'm especially looking for slav opinions. I have been to a couple slav countries and I don't think I would fit in at all.

Who cares? Especially about a e-celeb. Stop making threads you cocksock cumsoak-rag.

Honestly after this SAT thing pretty much anywhere is better than America, get out while you still can before they won't let you leave like in South Africa

Americucks can just find some fellow trumpers and go rural and hope they don't get WACO'd.

For eurocucks like me it's not so easy. No rural places to hide and villagers don't like city slickers that pop in out of nowhere and have no connection to the village life and even these people get flooded with rapefugees.

When you destroy a place is more easyer to do when he haven't young men inside.
Look syria…

That is essentially the same in the US though, Remember Mollie Tibbetts all the rural areas that have agricultural activity (the vast majority of them) have armies of Mexicans living on the farms. We are probably going to start seeing rural attacks like the kind in South Africa in the next decade

t. kike desperately afraid of whites making babies with beautiful slav women

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in my opinion communism broke the people there

the vast majority of good people died and everybody else turned into a corrupt hyper aggressive mongrel that is willing to murder his own grandma for survival

I don't think westerners can understand the brutality of (((russian))) communism and what it did to the russian people

East is not much better than the west anymore, in some places women are even more whores than in the west. And this is for the local men, if you are a rich foreigner you'll get women who are out for the money.
Secondly the jew plays all sides, so trying to get white western men to go to eastern euro leaves western females open for subhumans to take and creates tensions and feud between eastern and western men. The usual divide and conquer jew tactic.
And I personally have a pretty big distaste against such "men", you fucked up your own land and instead of handling the problem you take the easy way out and instead ditch your homeland so you could get more "conservative" pussy. At that point you're not really a man anymore, but rather a failure, and nobody likes failures.

And to extend that to the women:

Most Ukrainians and Russians I met abroad are cold, distrusting and I would presume calculating as well.

Women from these types of environments don't want a western beta bucks who they think is waaay too soft for their environment.

Ok, here is the game plan, and the khazarians used to talk openly about this on Zig Forums but they stopped. They want slave cattle in russia. So they are soliciting the slave cattle to come develop the Russian nation where they can rule over them and slaughter them with pure abandon and on a whim.
BECAUSE THEY ARE RETARDED AND NOT SMART AT ALL…when the bolsheviks slaughtered all the intelligent, productive Europeans that inhabited the soviet union they suddenly found that they were a THIRD WORLD NATION and that they had dysgenically bred a nation of difficult to control criminals who didn't give one rat fuck about what they said and did. This was something they were literally TOO STUPID to anticipate (do you really want globohomo faggots like this ruling over you and your children? Just curious)? So now to 'remedy' their fuck up and to bring in fresh white children for them to rape the asshole of they will try and lure or take as slaves all Europeans that they can into what is logically their hellhole that they created themselves.

If you want to be ruled over and slaughtered on the whim of incompetent RETARDS, then go East young man. However, if you want to reclaim your nation's FIRST and then the GLOBE for our people, STAY AND FIGHT! This will be a death fight for freedom and we will not surrender nor will we have any mercy for them or their people because the Tzar learned what it means to be merciful to kikes. It means the DEATH OF YOUR LINEAGE FOREVER.



lets face it. The people who 'run' are the shittiest lowest cowards and not the people the khazarians are looking for anyway. They want to control the 'wind'; the Spirit of our people.

This is what is going on.

Also, Ukraine is an OPEN BORDERS SHITHOLE that is 10 times worse off than Weimar Germany. The people hate what the NEOCohens have done to their nation with a passion. But everyone who tries to revolt (and there have been plenty of attempts) is tortured with their whole extended family.


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No one cares about the opinions of kikes here

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Slavic women are beautiful but they are not OUR WOMEN. They do not have the genes to raise European children. It is still race mixing. The only exception would be European/Russians and since the bolshevik slaughter ruined their DNA, you would have to choose from someone immoral, lazy and dysgenically bred by the bolshevik khazarians.

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Is it okay to talk about Youtube personalities if it relates to an important issue? I think so.

What about idiots with pedestrian opinions that nobody cares about? Probably not.

(((they))) use jewtube to push their agenda as TV is losing it's influence so it's important to see what alt kikes are up to

Free advertising though user…look at how much mileage that TRANNY BOY got…how many threads on the catalog about an e-celeb tranny POS? Three?

Your women are shrews, kike. Slavs are white, deal with it.

They are not European, fucktard so they are not our people, you race mixing piece of trash.

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Honest question, how do you know he's a jew?

Also, the only thing they see in you is a meal ticket and someone they can dominate. You are too fucking stupid to understand why Europeans are COOPERATIVE because you are a semite…not European or White.


However you can have the cowards and mongrel filth like OP.

Because Europeans are going to stay and fight for their freedom rather than becoming khazarian slave cattle.

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he could fool me when shaved, but with a beard, being from (((Jew York))) and living in (((London))) with an (((Ukrainian))) wife introduced by (((family friends))) it's pretty clear what he is even without his goy slip up

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Pathetic, Ali

his advice on some matters is priceless, especially about HR, that alone is worth like 5 bucks of book knowledge in my opinion. Some of his content can be somewhat found from other people though, he isnt exactly novel though. He should really do more business advice. At least one thing the kikes are somewhat okay at lel.

well fug, could have done that, not even for a minecraft purpose, it just seems that he has a lot of knowledge. I dont exactly hate him, could have been a nice talk.



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Reminds me of this time i heard a black guy saying the reason he wanted reparations from the whites was because of the dysgenics. Apparently, according to this guy, the black slaves in america were bred to be physically strong and intellectually weak. the reasoning was that this genetic damage counts as a disability and needs to be compensated for.
I wonder if people in the east drank as excessively as they do now before the revolution, or if it is a new development?

agreed, i'm not a slav, but my country has many of them, had a russian gf for awhile and even once told her that i'd never have kids with her because she is a russian.
And I remember when I had enough english fluency and could browse right wing pages then, everyone thought that russians/slavs were white, which seemed pretty odd. And yet it shows how easily people are fooled by appearance, and why jews have such a position they have now, simply because of appearance. Slavs don't have much to do with rest of the whites, that is a fact, they just aren't one the same mental level as rest of europeans. Not saying you have to propagate it loudly, since we need all the help we can get, but you shouldn't really consider them equals and breed with them. Russian genes are heavily mixed with all kinds of subhuman genes, different turkics, mongolics etcetera. It doesn't always reflect in their looks, but it reflects in their culture ( or rather the lack of ) and in their animalistic behaviour, more akin to niggers/arabs than white people.
But of course many of you are americans/western euros, you haven't dealt with them, or if you have then the richest and prettiest ones so you have no clue.

I get told I look slavic or asked if I'm part Polish often enough, I wonder if I can hide among the slavs as the world burns.

Remember to subscribe, goys!

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communism was a genetic experiment first and foremost. once you remove the economics ideology and analyze the effect on the genetics of the target group it becomes very clear. communism's main hallmark is an attempt to remove the intelligent people from the gene pool, by hook or by crook. In the 50s this was done very overtly in china and the slavic bloc. Nowadays there is more nuance to it.

OY VEY!!!!!!!!!

This is true. It is difficult to breed a complete planet of slaves if you don't genetically engineer them to be complete cattle and NEVER DISOBEY THEIR 'lords' aka parasites. The whole planet has been dysgenically bred for 6,000 years with the hidden hand selectively murdering the intelligent, independant and free. This was why the USA (before the representative republic fell) was such an anomaly on the planet. It was the last FREE nation that had weaseled its way out of the grasp of 6,000 year old international Babylonian finance.

Anyone who lets their genetics be destroyed intentionally deserves what comes next death via malthusian collapse and perpetual slavery FOREVER and EVER to complete and total psychopaths and incompetent criminals.

I honestly CAN'T FIGURE OUT what happened between Jackson's knowledge and hatred of international financiers and NOW…WTF happened that people don't know and understand the real history of the planet? Was there some sort of amnesia or spell put on humanity. I can't fucking figure it out!!

Whe used to know EXACTLY why our nation was valuable and then we

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Is the "Mud Flood" a real thing, and does it, as hypothesized, have anything to do with the global collapse of Arya reign?
I've noticed a lot of what once made some logical sense, has been shoah'd, and instantly replaced with nonsense.
(pic related) Can't even find any good Mud Flood on Architecture pics anymore!
I fucking hate Ashkenazi vermin.

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Ukrainian women are as tough as a bucket of zinc anodized nails.

They can be good looking in youth but they hit the wall hard.

No, it’s jewish psychosis. The city of Chicago, for example, was picked up on giant mechanisms an entire block at a time and raised 10 feet higher to get it above the water table to keep it from flooding all the time. This happened with many cities in the Victorian era. Any “pictures” of that retardation are likely doctored versions of these events.

If the founding fathers cared so much they would have excplicitly banned masonic/jesuits and Jews from entering, like they did in Norway for instance. And don't tell me the Norwegians were more exposed to the Jews and the jesuits than the Americans.

The religious D&C is picking up on multiple boards right now. Plus, he gave his hand away with the Leftists' "muh evil inquisition" narrative. He just filed the serial numbers off.

Not even a clever joke, bub.
Stop fucking around, and dig for some answers. Unless THIS is your fucking job?

you could have made that point in a more diplomatic and less offensive way.

He looks Sephardic even when clean shaven.

What's the timestamp on this slip up? Someone needs to call him out in his comment section.

Yawn. Your well poisoning isn’t worth anyone’s time.

You left your caps lock on grandpa

wouldn't get into a serious relationship with a slavic girl if you paid me. i mean sure they are so pretty and exotic looking, but culture wise the differences are too great. the old adage that slavic men feel sorry for westerns guys because they have to put with western women and vice versa is true.

Maybe they thought they were 'the good' aspect of masonry and that they could never be infiltrated?

I don't know if the Mud Flood is real…one of the things that struck me hardest about the Mud Flood theory, and it FLOORED me because I grew up in a place where the tree stumps where as large as half a house was that the trees are so young in Russia. I mean, it is absolutely striking. I can't think of anything that would explain this readily (not that I have given it a lot of though or anything) I just can't shake that image of those young trees. It reminds me of what is due to happen in the US soon…same thing. I know because I have seen the SAINTS emerging from safety and there is not a tree alive that is larger than a sapling, just endless rolling fields of grass with a 6 month old tree on it. The entire Earth is quiet and at peace and there is only a handful of chosen humanity left. Now whether or not they will make the same choices, AGAIN (breeding with animals to produce subhumans and corrupting themselves with vice)…I couldn't tell you. Why are the two basement windows highlighted?

I wasn't going to go there because looks fade for all humanity. That is why we look on our youth and are proud of their beauty, but I thought exactly the same thing.

Ok sonny, thanks for the heads up, have a (you) what would i do without you.

Because the rest of the first floor (on MANY of those old mason buildings) is under ground!
Like I said, I can't seem to find any (pics related) anymore. In just two short months since I first looked at this, they have all been scrubbed.
Getting fucking tired of our "masters" hiding everything all the time. (all the best pics are gone. fucking frustrating!)
Burn the kikes, and break the vaults.
Release the world from blackness.

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OP… who the fuck would move there? It's been destroyed. It's a third world shitshole/warzone with a future conflict inevitable. The jew is either trolling or wants you to go there and die. Anyway, this is some eceleb bullshit. Fucking 'jewish coach' haha what shit are you watching? Something between breaks in Tel Aviv? Who the fuck else would bring us this utter bullshit but a dumb jew?


Ethan Ralph is a fat faggot and a pedophile.


I did exactly that 2 years ago. Ukrainians are WHITE, here is the ethnostate you desire. Its has the most fertile land of all of europe and is basically a / the most libertarian country.

Kikes are in power becase they would be in power in any libertarian society. They even declared it second israel (Look at Dnipro)

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i dont understand why some guys get butthurt over this
just be a thug, violence is natural
kill your enemies, pussy gets wet for you
women dont want to waste valuable womb space on genetics that wont even defend themselves ya know

I think you mean jew. And honestly most people probably don't realize the difference because they don't understand the culture. This pic is the (((Russian))) you're referring to. Black hair, dark skin. No there are plenty of white Russians.

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Shit D&C. If you weren't a slav maybe it would have had some effect. Meh.

Women got the vote and a bunch of non anglo/germanics moved in, mainly seeing America as an economic opportunity rather than a deep rooted culture to assimilate into. All of this changed the zeitgeist quite rapidly when it came to a head in the early 20th century.

Ukranian pan-ethnostate when?

They just elected a jewish president so it might take a while

I think they want two things.

Decrease birthrates - Lots of western 'pua' fuckboy types moving to more traditional eastern europe, bringing cuck values and western faggotry, fucking and ruining the women there and not breeding with them or marrying them.

White containment - move whites into eastern europe, wedge them in this small area of europe, then proceed to squeeze them to death.

Bear in mind Ukraine and many other eastern state are run entirely by jews. Some like Ukraine has jew presidents, others are run in the background by jew mobsters. It's a chicken coup and they're luring you in with women as bait.

This is where calling someone a blue pilled cuck would not be unironic.

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Faggot, you do realize that slavs aren't just russians

Well I think the main reason is he wants to go there personally, (since he's a MGTOW cuck, who makes shekels by preaching on youtube) and wants others to be the "pioneers". He want others to make camp for him.

If there is a more sinister plan than that, than it is this: eastern europeans especially those who have suffered at the hands of the communist jew have considerable pro-axis sympathy, and anti-jew sentiment, and traditional values that do not accept piss-your-pants liberalism - I don't mean people are tough guys it's just they don't give a shit about jews and "persecuted" minos, they are not into self-debasing hysterics, and libero "virtue signalling".

So they want to import brainwashed people, to serve as a core group to spread western liberalism, they want a social group with their values, that other people can join, since they are not having luck transferring their brainwashing there directly, people there reject all the feeling sorry for the jews, and piss your pants if they say "racist" ideology.

In addition they want conflict in the east, and a group of people opposed to ethno-nationalism, since their interests would go against "ukraine for the ukrainians".

And they want people they can hide amongst. So people don't say "look we're being invaded by JEWS".

you hapas really are insufferable, nice job blending in tho

literally only hungarians, slovaks and ukrainians (and hungarians aren't even slavic)

ukraine is filled with jews, dude