Mississippi Strippers awarded $600K each for backpay & job suffering & discrimination

First off, what could a stripper be doing that she's making this much money collecting dollar bills and $200 private lap dances?

And what kind of suffering is she talking about, that deserves this recompense?
Did someone slap her ass without permission?

Do burger king employees sue for 3 million if a manager discriminates against them?

Our society is a joke. This is hilarious. They have literally mind raped all our women.
What the hell man!?


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Only joke is why anyone would want to go see a nigger stripper

This is split between 5 strippers.
That's still 600k.

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this is the lawyer quoted in the fox article

strip clubs are owned by jews that enforce coalburning

A nigger woman with a $600k windfall.

They'll be broke in one month.

They steel, perform poorly, and sue for discrimination when you fire them or pass them over for promotion.
They sue for discrimination and all the lost wages.

Clown world.

You know Khia is about as hot as a nigger woman can be; she's probably a quadroon, 1/4 shitskin and her face has a lot resemblance to a good looking white broad and if you were really drunk and 17 you might want to bone that bitch but then she's always got her head covered with a do rag or a hat. Take that shit off her head and you got that nappy pickaninny burr head shit going off and my John Thomas is not going to cooperate. It's not happening.

Shitskin wenches are vomit inducing on a sexual level.

White knighting conservacucks BTFO. Can they ever recover?

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Don't forget that these fucking getting spoken too or writen up for shitty behavior or work is also racist. I worked with many "minorities" and american coons are the most entitled people I ever had the misfortune to work with. Sad that my company had to hire X amount of these animals because Asian's or Hispanics did not meet the diversity quota.

Think that pissed me off the most, they would give these worthless faggot the positions you would give someone to rest or recover from an injury so they would not have to go back to busting their ass after coming back from an injury, surgery etc.

That's the real truth behind this whole thing. The niggers were treated like less valuable employees because they were genuinely less valuable. I can guarantee you that well over 90% of the patrons at the strip club strongly prefer the white strippers. Even the niggers that go to the club almost certainly want the white girls. The white girls were genuinely more valuable to the club, and so they had more leverage when negotiating with management for a better schedule and whatnot. The niggers were pretty much just there so that the club didn't get a discrimination suit against it, which obviously didn't work out too well.

This is simply another example of the world not working the way that (((they))) wish it would despite all of the laws and brainwashing trying to force us to be good goyim. So they throw a tantrum about it in the courts, human nature remains unchanged, and perhaps a few normies get redpilled in the process.

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more free handouts for niggers


You hate yourself, faggot kike cunt.
Get a real job, bitch.

You will never be white.

I get paid lots of money to abuse niggers.

Racial discrimination is not the American way.

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They had literal PC token blacks and the jew still finds a way to squeeze shekels out of them. Pottery. Shouldn't be in the business of sin.

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She has suffered even more than you can imagine. She has to - may martin kang forgive me for uttering this word - work

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she'll be back (trying) to get work at a strip club again in a year but will be unable too after getting fat blowing the $600k on booze food and assorted goyim junk.

this time though she'll be too fat to be a stripper and they'll have every excuse not to hire her aside from sueing her previous employer for $600k.

she will have 6 kids living off welfare and section 8 in 3 years.

i'm sure goldstein lawfirm will also shave $200k out of that $600k off the top so it's more like $400k, which is taxable income (35% tax rate); which mean's she will be left with $260k.

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I got cancer looking up this image for you.

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Jewish attorneys will take 3/4s of that cash.

>degenerate (((strip club))) is forced to go broke due to current year insanity.
Why should I care if my enemies destroy themselves? If anything, we need more and more of these frivolous lawsuits. It is a good mechanism to hasten the collapse.
Nothing of value lost.

nu/pol/ has a really bad infestation of reddit spacers like you. Kill yourself.

Hey a lot of niggaz would be more than happy to bone that.


Okay, the strip club will stop hiring the niggeresses anyway and nobody will miss niggeresses. Niggeress are literally unworthy and don’t benefit the businesses much.



im implying that there is open whoredom going on in the USA. And the laws against it probably are calculated for the sole purpose of controlling the business more.

I'm implying that ALL our women are under attack and there is no safe place to hide.
We've reached an apocalypse of female subversion, I'm sure there are 10 stories like this about white strippers.
I'm implying we live in a society of pure death.

Strippers are not 'my women'

This is totally true.


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Heeeeyyyyy…..that is super secret kike recipe for success…strippers just getting their kike on.

Monkey See
Monkey Sue

Strippers are forced to share tips now? This is an industry in urgent need of AA hiring. Gotta get them white girls’ tips.

but why

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Looks like trying to bake bread in a ball of yarn.
Thanks, now we all have cancer, dick.

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Speaking of bread…
Hey, anons!
Do you know how to fuck a fat black chick?

Roll her around in flour, and look for the wet spot.
Option if pressed for time: move the half eaten sandwich out of the way, and hump a fold!

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