How much should actually be done about white women who want to burn coal...

How much should actually be done about white women who want to burn coal? I understand they will eventually have to be killed, but if the kind of cunt that wants to take black dick is going to let her, the white race loses nothing when fat 90 IQ white trash has sex with niggers. How can people get so angry when obvious degenerates like single mothers, porn stars, morbidly obese women and drug addicts have sex with negroids? I feel about as much disgust from it as I do from a fly and a cockroach, the time will come to squash them but it's hard to get worked up over something so mundane.

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What you need to understand about any white woman willing to be plowed by a nonwhite is that nothing of value was lost.
Our race has a lot of fuckups. We call them leftists. They are removing themselves from our race, thereby making us stronger.
Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

women act on social cues
t. coal burner

I have no more feels, only cold, hard logic.
A self regulating, social plague.
Good riddance, to ignorant filth.

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Still white womb that should go to some white guy. People always paired and that's how we had so many children. Even if people weren't good looking, that doesn't matter, they had families.

Just shame and shun them, even if not for them, for other white girls to see.

>implying the

The real problem is the offspring will be brought up by the mother and will probably breed with a white and slowly the wider white gene pool will become infected with this alien genetic detritus.

Should we impregnate retards?

If white women keep passing white genes on to black, they could actually become a bit more intelligent and cause whites more problems than they do now.

Just look at them with disgust, and pure contempt. There's not much else you can do.

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Because the meme that only the shit ones go black is less true each year. I've seen a couple of good white women with their niglet spawn and token darky by her side, this isn't even in a city either. It started with the shit ones as that was all they could get, but white men have been thoroughly targeted and demoralized so many have dropped out of the dating game. Then we have the constant bombardment aimed at women with interracial pairings, rap stars, pop stars etc. Slowly but surely white women of increasing quality will piss away their genes. Most do not want to do this, but being women they are easily led astray and their biology commands them to settle down with a man, any man.

Why do people act like this just a women problem?

I dont know how it is in america but in london you constantly see soyboy looking white males with nigresses and chinks

Most of those men could still provide her with a good living by early 1900s standards. It's entirely on women and hypergamy for not wanting men who they see as too poor.

This. It goes far beyond women, it is all the soys too.

The American Negress is one of the most disgusting forms of "humanity" on the planet, so oil drilling is rarer than coal burning in America. Lots of otherwise smart, well-off white guys do fall for the chink waifu meme, though, and it is a problem.

forcibly drag them out of their residence and place them in breeding chambers in the commune where they will be inseminated by chad semen. their bastard offspring will be raised by incel monks to be ruthless race warriors who emerge victorious in the rahowa


seems like a cope on your part. ive seen pretty hot girls with niggers as i live near apelanta where there are a lot of nigs. my theory is that jews have subverted the culture and media feminizing white males and pushing masculinity for dindus. where i live there arent enough strong masuline redpilled white males to go around so some good looking girls give in to nigger cat calls rather than be with a soyboy who is out to apologize for everything and avoid confrontation. i have no doubt these girls would much rather be with a chad but jews have done serious damage to our brothers while constantly elevating niggers. so i do get angry when i see these couples. i dont just write the girls off as trash, i try to see the bigger picture. now id never be with a girl i know has fucked niggers and its not out of insecurity as the bbc is a media hoax. but its not like i wouldnt chase those same women if they didnt live in a nigger infested area where they succumbed to getting fucked by apes. the problem is weak white men letting all of this happen and demented jews for taking advantage of aryan altruism.

True, forgot to mention that white men mix more than the women.

We could be here all day listing the problems with relationships, the sexes, the laws, the media etc. Its all a mess designed to demoralize, confuse, satiate, propagandize.

They should be branded with hot iron and shipped to Africa. Kikes are promoting niggers as something hip and exotic, women act on social cues. Those whose instincts are working properly are naturally disgusted by non-whites and no amount of (((influence))) is going to change that. They should be preserved like gold and have as many children as possible. Those who burn coal should be sent to live in societies of their partners of choice. If they like it, they should drown in it.

Once you go black, we ain't takin you back.

So are we damned to have coherence in discussion limited to discussions of results only? Why write off all discussions of purpose as a mess? All such a line of thinking will get you is blackpilled.

You can't get pregnant from faggotry, user.

I was at a fuckin' smoothie shop a few days ago and in comes a lanky white guy with a light skinned half-breed mocha negress. Black girl working the counter gave them a dirty look when they came in