Let's get a far left extremist subreddit banned

Hey Zig Forums. Just thought I should shed some light on a highly exploitable situation going on at Reddit right now.

Apparently the subreddit /r/chapotraphouse has become an extremely cancerous antifa-ridden hellhole (to no one's surprise), and at that quite possibly the worst on Reddit. Now I know that the stereotype is that the overwhelming majority of the Reddit userbase are tranny legbeard cucks but apparently this one sub has become so toxic with their blatant calls for violence against republicans that even the cucked Reddit admins are losing patience with them and have issued a formal warning to the mods of /r/chapotraphouse.

Does anyone expect the sub's users to actually heed this warning? As if…

But just for shits and giggles we should covertly have some Zig Forums provocateurs infiltrate the sub with throwaway accounts and post even nastier calls for violence that will leave the admins with no choice but to ban the sub entirely. Think up the most vile, depraved, abhorrent form of physical torture you can imagine (i.e 'x' should be forced at knifepoint to watch their own children being slowly flayed alive and then set on fire), and then make posts in the comment sections of posts in the sub saying that all white people/republicans/trump supporters should be subjected to this. If we pull this off, we can get the sub banned and the commies will throw a massive hissy-fit over muh patriarchy and we'll all sit back and laugh and and have a beer.

Now I know just about everyone here has a massive grudge against Reddit, but here's a chance to put that grudge to practical use and get an internet commie stronghold axed for good.


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You do know that commie soybag lurk on this board and can use this topic as an excuse when the reddit admin will come knocking at their door right ?
"it's not us, it's the evil nazi form Zig Forums"

OP is probably one of those faggots trying to get them an out.

Tbh I'm just salty that /r/cringeanarchy got banned. It was one of the last legit based subs left and it got the axe because the admins were butthurt.

Yes, I want revenge. So sue me.

you're not gonna obtain it acting like a faggot.

That was the only decent board on that whole fucking website.

What exactly are we supposed to post?


Fuck off, niggers.


That was how the wave of censorship started over 2 years ago. Shortly after Trump was elected, some faggots began reporting these lame Marxist channels on Youtube. Then that thread was passed around everywhere and it motivated the leftists to report everything. Several channels never came back, and leftists learned how much the system really was on their side.

I hope they fucking permaban you.

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Not your personal army faggot
You need to lurk a minimum of 10 years.

I hope all of you reddit fags leave forever.

These people are only here to prevent action from occurring.

You are a liar and a fucking infiltrator.

Goddamn whites are stupid

You know this is effective because of all the DSA cunts that are panicking ITT

Send Kissinger and his family a message that ANTIFA and leftists are planing to assassinate him. Include these links:





They don't like this type of shit and should be easy to make a phone call and make the sub banned.





NYPA, kill yourself nigger.

Reminder that communists are not humans. They will be dragged into the streets and publicly tortured. Their bodies will hang from every tree along with dead nigger bodies. We will play football with their heads after we first slowly cut every other part of their body. We will rape and torture their families in front of them before we start our torture on them. We will force feed them their own families. Then we will feed our dogs with them. Every single leftist will be caught, tortured and killed.








You will be dragged out and shot in the streets as well

I see why you're so interested in Kissinger's well-being.

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This faggot kike cunt.
Get a real job, bitch.

And stop projecting your vile yid fantasies onto your superiors. We will not torture, rape, and intend to cause UNDUE suffering (you deserve some).
I feel nothing more for you filthy parasites than I do about the vermin that violates my garden, and robs sustenance from my family.
I will do what must be done to remove you from my future prosperity, and then I will think on you no more, save for a warning to my progeny.
Removing you is simply a job that must be done.
Pretending to be Aryan, and sullying our GREAT NAME is all you fucking utterly worthless kikes are capable of in this world. Dragging others down, and then lying about how "chosen" you are.
The world is weary of your shit.
You end is very near. There is no where left to hide.
You glow. And you can't ever hide.
Good riddance, faggot kike cunt bitch.

Leftypol op nigger.

What about r/hitleresoteric/

Kissinger is a hero. He killed more leftists and muslims than anyone ever. Should be a role model for everyone on this board.

Cry more cuck. I'm not Aryan. Aryan's lost unfortunately and were cucked but the best escaped to South America. I am better than the european aryans that lost the war. I am south american aryan. We are the future. And we will win this time. Submit to us or you will be tortured along with your cuck white leftist friends. We will be all brothers when we decapitate leftists and rape their families.

Get hanged by your Venezuelan president

>listing Hitler besides (((Pinochet))), (((Trump))) and (((Tarrant)))
and for Tarrant fags, it is obvious psyop to support full war with Iran

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You are retarded.

You're actually nothing, beaner. A genetic offshoot, of genetic offshoots.
You're nothing but the cumdumpster of humanity. Everything you ever were was repeatedly conquered, and raped out of existence.
You are the mud of the planet. The antithesis of the inbred Ashkenazi. Full Circle, just as useless to humanity.
You'll die out on your own once we cut you off from our "generosity".
Good riddance, spic scum.

Nah, this bitch is Argentinian.

website admins don't ban themselves.

TOR/IP HOPPING faggot kike beaner cunt.
You're so done here. What is so funny to me is, you don't even know what you're doing here. You many think you have an agenda, but your effect is one of simply pissing us all off, and really not giving a shit how many faggots that might pass as "White" get wrapped up in the extermination.
The bar for beheading is getting lower every time you post, Joseberg.
Thank you.

We have conquered whole millions of savages and chose the best of them to breed with. We have created the most smartest and violent mix on this earth. Cuck leftist whites will beg for the european nazi civilized treatment, but we will have no mercy for them. The last thing leftist scum like you will hear is a helicopter landing and your family being massacred by right wing death squads.

I grew up with beaners. You're lying.
You blow leaves, and Aryan dick, and that's about it.
Keep posting though, EVERY DAY. Everyone here points and laughs, and the Fire Rises.
You will hang with the rest of the vermin, street dog.

it's just very unnerving how they don't make arguments, they just hate your speech. Literally hate speech, is someone else hating what you say. (actual newspeak.)

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Take it to /b/… It belongs more there anyway

A Chabad flophouse of badly passing trannies?

based torpedo

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If they had real jobs, labor-intensive hobbies, etc. they wouldn't have time for white genocide.

Speaking of gardens, year of the grasshopper, man. We've had stink-beetles, aphids, Japanese beetles in past years… but this is akin to a Biblical plague. This isn't code, feds, some of us have real lives. Point being, I'm going to have to use Sevin-10 dust (still have some, kek) though I hate pesticides. Plants are young enough that if I can get through the next month, it's not systemic, been in use for 50 years… I think I'll be fine. My grandparents used it and lived into their 80s-90s. I really try not to dust actual vegetables. They say wait 2 days and you're OK but uh, no. Still less than grocery-store produce, so I'm not too worried. I also know how to grow commercially, so trust me when I say their IPM is 100% - zero defects. Spray it with enough frequency and concentration so there are no bugs. Period. Don't worry, you can't pronounce the chemicals they are using, and you can't complain because it will be 30 years before they will test for it. Right after the patent runs out. They'll still claim the farmer didn't apply it correctly and dodge liability for another 20 years. You still alive, there user? Hello? Guess not. Case closed.
Learn all you can, guys. Every last man. 5 years doing my own garden. Still not ready for DOTR, but making progress.

Protip: Chickens are super easy (hens only, to start). Hand-raise your 1st rooster, kill him and start over if he is too aggressive/not aggressive enough. Trust me, you'll know. 8 years keeping several chickens. If you can't at least keep chickens where you live… move.

Many things to be done. Food is part of the equation. TV sucks, vidya sucks, I have plenty of free time out here. Internet so slow, I imagine several agents/hackers have already killed themselves due to lag.

With an attitude like this you'll be picking my cucumbers. I think picking 1 acre, by yourself, will improve your attitude. Backbreaking work.
I.e. No decent person would say:

Families include children. Hard labor awaits the savage. Don't cut them any slack. They'll rape white children, if given the chance. 16 hours of picking vegetables in 90 degree heat = zero raping.

The more intelligent and productive you are, the better your station in life will be in the near future. There's a reason society has (barely) tolerated low-IQ, violent sub-humans for thousands of years. Cheap/free labor. We'll see how it goes. With automation and technological advances, it might not be necessary to keep you around. Work on your skills and attitude.
Because all men are capable of extreme violence; your plan seems based on strong-arming white, leftist cucks. Raping/pillaging will only realistically occur inside your containment area… venture a few blocks outside your hood and you'll get subbed to PewDiePie by someone whose scope is zeroed at both ends of the ballistic curve. You won't even be successful conquering the 'burbs. Plus - even all the white liberals I know who live in rural areas are proficient 2A advocates. Sure, they're NPCs… trust (((the government))), don't prep, don't lift/train, but they'll still turn a predator's skull into red mist. Anybody can pull a trigger.

Some FBI agent's going to be all mad, reading this long post, only to discover I've broken no laws. Board of peace. Just spreading the good word. Maybe you could help society, as well, officer. You swore an oath to protect the Constitution, amirite? How is spying on hard-working citizens fulfilling your duty to serve said hard-working citizens? Unless you serve (((someone else)))… might try searching your soul instead of imageboard comments, oh, and try a hobby. Metal-working, maybe. Welding, minimum. I've got farming covered, let's pool our resources.

Also, fuck Trump.
They come here every day pretending no one knows how much of a ZOG pawn Trump is. Even based Justin Amash wants this Casino Jew gone.

7% pyrethrum root drench 2 times a week at 15ml-30ml/gal
Azadactrin 5% root drench 2 times per week at 15ml-30ml/gal
Ladybugs, nematode “steinernema faitiae”

OP is a jew


So bait the dummies. Post about a fake upcoming Trump rally and get them to say how they will be going there armed. Shit like that.

Why does he have a literal cow face?

Reported for spam.



stopped reading after that

Some jews at Fucked Company Kiwi's Astroglide forum was enamored of board raids, like oing to a webpage for Down's Syndrome adolescents and saying naughty things about the tards, stuff like that. Then they got the idea to fuck with Stormfront. They immediately got an immense blowback from Stormfront, and suddenly their lovely jew run board got taken over entirely by NAZIs. Overnight it became the epicenter of internet antisemitism challenging the board owner's commitment to free speech. Those were glory days my friend. That's how I wound up finding out about this place.

They're almost as asshurt about that as Gamergate.

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nah jk, give that sub hell

you forgot (((Richard Spencer))) you fucking faggot kike dog. about as based as all the other torfags. kys

You already tried this.
rip r/Full_Communism
rip r/CringeAnarchy

Tell me what the republican party has done for you. They deserve to be hate mobbed by antifa for being a bunch of soyboy pussies who keep giving in to the demands of soylent neckbeards.

When GOP scumbag John McCain died I did not cry.


Struck too close to home.

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this is just embarrassing

Imagine how embarassing it will be in like… fuck, I don't even know, just when I think we've reached peak fremdschämen I come here.

there are no evil nazis here.

we are all tranny nazi jew beaners here. Just ask the Jews.


Did it work? Are they banned?