The soyim on debating the right wing

MetaFilter on facts don't matter, goy

It's useful to watch what the enemy is chatting about. MetaFilter is like a kosher Zig Forums but with more cat ladies and sodomites.

Keep telling yourself that.

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These people either don't know what pilpul is or it's so ingrained that there is no way to tell them.

When the left started doing this, they misfired a few times, but at this point they’re hitting nothing but hateslaves. Face it: abolitionism won. Letting go of hatred is the “submission” that empowers, while hating people is the “defiance” that somehow never does.

Now, if only we could also take down the lying narcissists who in their corruption degrade culture…

Moneyjew said the same thing.

Jewish women, ladies and gentlemen.

Offtopic, but:

YTMND, where MoonMan got his start, is gone.

They're right that there's no longer any point in having a debate. The sooner the killing starts, the better.

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You don't debate retards because you're just talking to a wall

I got booted from the left for sins such as opposing military interventions in the middle east, believing too much in the value and dignity of ordinary people, not wanting to encourage people to be obeisant loyal criminals, protecting free speech (early on when leftist inquisitors were misfiring), trying to keep my allies from being exclusivist inquisitorial scumbags (same), and literally actually antinatalistic activism. I got lied about a ton.

None of that made me an actual fascist. None of it made me willing to stop being a leftist! I’m not that weak. I never stopped being progressivist. Man must not submit - not that anyone here would understand that, given your reliance on lies. Truth did not change just because the defenders of superior policy became for a time a complex mixture of scum and foolishness. That’s what it means that man must not submit. I remain a pacifist working towards an inclusive and honest society. Truth is more profoundly a root of power than charisma. What people will believe is not as transformative as what is true, so yield not to such shit as antisemitism in your search for truth. Run not aground on hatred’s shoal.

We still need so much from the left that fighting bad tactics has been worth catching hatred. We still need egalitarianism, we still need honesty, we still need science, we still need environmentalism, and generally we still need to build a sunlit world where privacy isn’t violated yet truth is safe to expose. We need the centre left more than we need the far left - I wouldn’t build my ideas for that category if I didn’t think so! We also still need the centre left more than the centre right. How much moreso the far right!

The far right is just a pit of lies who demand the right to speak but refuse to protect the right to speak. The unwillingness among the far right to rein in brutal garbage positions guarantees ascendant corruption and poverty in the long-term. You who seek an end to peaceful people, you will sink as sink all who do, for prisons are society’s strength against you.

This is like sentences made from those novelty word magnets you buy at the bookstore and stick on your fridge

You’re not too bright, huh?

b49200 is a bot, user.

Lol, you people are allergic to truth.

You write like a cosmopolitan homosexual

Who's the retard here again?

Guys look, the faggot openly acknowledges his worldview leads to an authoritarian hellscape where thought and humanity itself are outlawed. But he's still stuck like a broken record on the
Haha point and laugh at this broken monkey.

The solution to people like you is barrel bombs dropped on your neighborhoods. I'm sure you're surrounded by niggers and white cucks, so I'm not too worried about collateral damage. Poison gas would be an excellent choice. I know people like you only too well, you will never run out of arguments in favor of genociding white people and making them hated and isolated minorities in their own homelands. The only thing that will shut you up is splattering your brains across the pavement.

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In what timeline do they live in? And isn't Niel just a British version of good goy conservative? At what point will faggot OP realize not to concern yourself with the bleeting of sheep?

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This place abuses anyone with actual strength to speak freely and defend truth, yet we are to believe that ideas which shatter brittle on contact with the outside world are true strength?

I was accused of being someone who would fight forever! Accusing me of that didn’t actually empower anyone. It just wasn’t true. Be like that. Be not the liar, but the one of whom all lies are told. The world cycles around the search for truth, but some people can’t handle it. They flinch and run from truth, abusing the bearers of it even when no submission is demanded. I am nobody, but nobody who has reminded me of it has been a happy person expressing success in their influence. No great fist have I, nor any lever upon the culture which cannot be turned by anyone.

To learn what is true in this world, punish not what is brought forward to you. Yet do not let illicitly gathered information become the foundation of your endeavor, for those who rape privacy can prove anything, as can those who warp history. Be careful. Be unpunishing. Be someone to whom people can reach out. This too is being not the liar, but the one of whom all lies are told.

I was always someone to whom people could reach out. Eventually they started to. We need disloyalty in this world lest we dwell only in corruption henceforth. If people will not turn against bad patterns there will be great avoidable suffering. Not from any punisher, but from the weakness that accompanies untruth.

Deplatforming online works but not in real life. When people go underground they only get stronger in the shadows then, as always, leftypol types will finally understand the horror they've brought themselves.

Here's the bot again

Yes the worldview that seemingly no one can defend in debate and has to be actively forced upon the population is the truth. Yes people who talk like they love the sound of their own voice are certainly the arbiters of truth.

Honesty says that the races aren't equal, so egalitarianism is inherently dishonest.
Science flies in the face of egalitarianism, as well.
Society is dying. It has no strength. It can't even muster up the might to thrash about in its death throes. It's just rotting.

Look, bud. You've got an IQ of about 105. That puts you in a category that can recognize that there are problems with society and human nature, but can't cope with the methods needed to either fix or check those problems. Simply put, you're a midwit. You're verbose enough with your syntax, but you fall short on abstract conceptualization. Don't feel bad, the left is chock-full of people just like you. In a sense, you're an argument against egalitarianism. You exist mentally exactly where your genetics put you.

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Nigger it's a fucking bot. Report it, it's been shitting up multiple thread. Non of the shit it spouts has anything to do with said thread.

Some of the mistakes of the world can be undone; some of the unforgiving people can learn to apologize. Are you such as that, who reads this today? We can have more profoundly one world going forward, dwelling together in peace and truth.

Be brave. Be true. Yield not to those who defend the right of darkness to rape privacy and corrupt others. Yes, corruption! It is a real scourge, though the far right knows nothing of how to combat it.

Something I’ve learned of politics: among the things that surveillance systems enable is that they allow the ancient question to be clarified: who will actually take a bribe, and whose denials are sincere? The more brutal a system, the more extraordinary the pressure towards corruption, because in brutal societies the question is not expediency but life itself. Therefore, if you would oppose corruption, oppose both surveillance and brutality. Achieve the safety you can achieve without these things, and be content.

I like putting body cams on cops not because I hate cops, but because I love honesty. Same for my preference to see surveillance cameras restricted. More boots, less tech, that’s how we get crime down without sacrificing our culture’s integrity.

Looks like OP has triggered the "submission empowers" tranny, just ignore the psychotic faggot.

Xir is unable to respond to a single counter-point and just shills it's retardation endlessly because this board has no mods.

Also, a welfare system. UBI would further reduce crime, y’know? Ditto for better and more rehabilitative educational investments. I’m very much a law and order liberal.

Scientific investments also generally divert society’s resources towards integrity-defending arenas, because science can’t validly proceed without integrity. Creative application of the sciences can also sometimes generate data relevant to public order without violating privacy, as well as turning up data about new effective methods of intervention. Sometimes science is an adoration, a worship of the physical world.

Sometimes it’s hard to resist the temptation to believe that one’s preferred basket of policies would solve everything - a sentiment that I’m sure is familiar to the degenerate crusaders of the jackboot. Yet my way keeps open all paths to righteousness. We must on Earth be redeemers, for mankind is at root a savannah ape. Had never a man been redeemed, we would still live wretched lives as wild animals. Hate not the unredeemed, but pity them.

Only… You must give up the fantasy that being obediently hateful redeems you. For hatred is not more than any savannah ape can muster. Let it go. Sometimes redemption, as charity, starts at home. Sometimes to be a redeemer you must redeem yourself.

You people are so shallowly broken. Be more proud and empowered, please. Truth beckons.

Holy shit. (((They))) are throwing everything they have, and then some at this board.
I love that it's not really working. A pain in the ass, and many proper discussions get fragged, however, the lessons learned by dealing with their tired kike tactics will serve the education of the Aryan Volk in the future.
Imagine it from their end. Think of the hair pulling going on over spending BILLIONS on shill and d&c, and expending all their journo energy on slandering NatSoc, only to get children like Soph to assblast them without even trying, and Saint Tarrant to wake Aryans around the entire world with a few shots to kebob.
Don't get discouraged.
They have nothing left, anons. The chamber is empty, the hammer goes *click*, and we have barely got out of bed, and put our boots on yet.
Hold fast, for we have already beaten them. It's now only a matter of time until reality catches up to the meme.
We win. We always win.

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Also, anyone can post here. If someone bumps me when I’m saging all over, my acerbic response is just part of the show, because that bump is more affinity than hostility.

God you’re pathetic. Have you ever known strength in your life?

See, if you actually believe in something, you CAN shill for it. The constant terror of shills reveals the profound weakness of this place: there is an unyieldingly obedient belief that persuasive engagement would destroy the far right.

What is shilling? Talk about systems of causality. Help people understand how they could have better objectives, or how they could better serve their objectives. Charisma yields eventually to truth. We CAN be smart enough to be honest. We do NOT need to live in submission to liars.

You're so adorable.
What you choose to define as "hate" is our LOVE for our people under a 6000 year old Aryan Genocide attempt that is ramping up under today's technocratic nightmare.
You speak of strength while laying out the subscription for cowardice, and "turning the other cheek" to our destruction.
Take your schizophrenic sand cult slave belief, and fucking beat it.
You get the rope too, faggot.
And get this, I don't even "hate" you.
I'm simply tired of you always getting in the way.
And now the balance is due.
How's that for "strength", you backstabbing nigger?
Good riddance.

People who hurt others hurt themselves most of all. They dwell at the center of the reciprocation of their pattern. Those who lie about others are lied about. Those who are brutal to others are regarded with brutality. Those who rely on corruption struggle in vain against corrupt others. We cannot have a worthy world through the warrior’s brutality and lies.

Are you atheists? Reference your policies to the ape on the plains. Would you cooperate with the ape? If you would not, then if you seek cooperation you must not be as the ape. And indeed, all governance must have cooperation, so it is not at all political conduct to be as the ape.

I adore anonymity. Who I am does not change whether or not my ideas are true. Others try to bring in identity as a punishment - well then, see strength profiled, for neither shall I back down! You need not live on your knees before criminal losers.

We've all been deleted from internet, political influence, and socially outcast by lies, and propaganda, you fucking faggot.
I would love nothing more than to debate anyone of the "powers that shouldn't be" out in the open.
And a massive, billion dollar campaign to come here and derail EVERY THREAD where we "Help people understand how they could have better objectives, or how they could better serve their objectives", and our "Charisma yields eventually to truth" is well underway, you utter spoon.
Got any more genius ideas, nigger?
Spineless cucks like you are the reason we're all in this fucking mess, faggot.
Unless, of course, this is your job?
It "feels" like this is the new (((tactic)))?
How's it working out so far, Schlomo?

You want people to believe you, but your “love” sounds an awful lot like an emotionally incontinent liar raging. An awful, awful lot. Shall I call you darling?

Are you such a hollow that your skin is all there is of you? Would you not be yourself with the same content of character were you solid grey?

Would you be willing to turn grey if it would save you from skin cancer?

You're in inside cat, and you don't know shit besides what you're college profs indoctrinated you with.
We're beyond all political, or thoughtful solutions, you yammering house pet.
Demoralize yourself, and face to bloodshed.
The blood you witness will likely be your own, cuck.
Have fun.

We're done here, Bruce.
Go blow a nigger until the DOTR. You're already extinct.

We will never accept your universalist dissolution, go shill that crap to other slaves such as yourself. You know what's most liberating? Death. I'd suggest you reedeem yourself with a bullet.

I once claimed to be a billionaire on this site. I didn’t mean I had crypto-currency. I meant that I have 1) enough truth to turn policy sometimes and 2) luxuries our ancestors never dreamed of. Those are things billionaires have. No literal billionaire am I, certainly. Nor am I some expensive liar.

What gets deleted from the internet is lies and abuse. If your ideology is founded on such as that, the billion dollars in your opposing conspiracy is just going to come in nickels and dimes from very normal people.

That claim you’re making as bogus? I had the ack-chewl version of that complaint. It doesn’t seem like a lot of people ever did. I ack-choo-lee got lied about. Whatever unknown mayhem went down around the edges of my life seems to have provided cover for monsters when I protested it.

You people squirm. If you’re honestly not the liar, truth outs. The strength of society that holds you down will hold you up if you turn on bad patterns. Nobody likes the company of liars for long, and hating the same people together is a shitty sociopathic kind of bonding.

People here have fallen so far that being able to trust people is what they call schizophrenic. How pathetic is that?

Go neck youself, faggot.

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Strange, I can't even read your bullshit anymore. You're shit stinks before the first sentence is read.
I think the best advice you're gonna get at this point, faggot cuck, is "Go neck yourself, faggot.".
We are well beyond your dick sucking tendencies here.
War is coming, whether you want it or not.
You? You don't survive it.

Among the strengths of the left is that it has historically upheld the kind of restrictive approach to surveillance and brutality that upholds integrity. You people realize that’s what puts you on the outs, right? To the extent that anyone here has valid concerns, their policy constructs suck for solving them.

Sometimes the left does that, too. Sometimes anyone does that. Sometimes I do that! I used to be convinced that most egalitarian policy was destructive to egalitarianism itself. I’ve moderated on that position pretty severely.

You want to know why aryans are niggers? Look at Detroit. That government was corrupt. Its leadership pressured businesses to go along with their objectives. Sometimes those objectives were even protective - Detroit’s government engaged in a bit of arm-twisting for regulatory compliance, so I heard. I also heard rumor of pressure exerted by the mayor for his own enrichment. Nobody wanted to do business there for some reason. The law was lawless. It demanded compliance while not being itself compliant.

When you promote an ideology that stomps all boundaries and is flat-out violent to the noncompliant, you promote an ideology that gives you mega-Detroit. The corrupt mayor of Fascist Detroit will be able to murder people and get away with it by calling them Jews, commies, or sympathizers thereof. Nobody ever lies about anyone being a Jew-Commie, golly. Corrupt cops will do the same. Anyone who accuses the government of being corrupt? Aw, they’re just a Jukomie, one bullet does the trick. No need to waste money investigating.

That’s what people won’t submit to: the institution of a new world order of Mega-Detroits where nobody wants to do business anywhere. People don’t want to live in the impoverished shitholes that spawn from corrupted politics.

The left couldn’t come to terms with there being any potentially valid reasons to object to their policies, but part of why it was hard for them to accept real criticism was the simultaneous presence of the slave-right eager to shine the knobs of corrupted leadership.

Prisons, buddy. Your weakness lands in them. Ain’t no war coming. Other people have more pride than you.

Bump. Come in, look at the wimps who don’t believe enough in their own ideas to defend them! Look at the people who can’t tolerate that I would see them live forever, the suicidally dishonest and undignified! Come in, come in! The shattered internet tough guys are here!

You have no effect.
We're still coming.
Go. Stay go.

DACA check em

Playing with your strawmen after they've already blown themselves apart is not a common practice among Zig Forumsacks, bitch. By all means, keep wasting your breath on your "scholarly" virtue signaling. Personally, I'm not even reading your shit anymore. Probably a bot, to be honest.
You're obviously new here.
Lurk 2 years, nigger.
If you have that long.

Why do you insist on writing like you live in the 17th century? It doesn’t make you seem smart. It makes you sound like an annoying faggot.

I find you guys funny. I think I was the innocent powering a whole lot of shit. The far right needed bizarrely badly for my own side to be “unforgiving” to me, because I’m an exculpatory reasoner who can find the potential upsides of dangerous policies.

If you pay bribes with irradiated money, epidemiologists might be able to map corruption, and people with atypical access to money will develop atypical cancer risks. I’m not saying it’s good policy; I’m holding it up as an example of the power of exculpatory causal reasoning.

This fucker (if real) is just posting to hear itself screech autistically.
It's all so tiresome.

People are opposing being forced to partake in something that they never opted in for, how outrageous. Your "liberalism" is only Talmud-deep it seems. Actual liberalism is what your kind is most terrified of. You know what's pathetic? Your inability to assimilate and devour us despite turning the entire world against us. Look how desperate you have gotten.

This post indicates the complete ignorance of the subject, using the ideas shaped by "corrupt governments" as the truth rather than an actual investigation of the matter. Soft power rather than hard power. Lies, manipulation, deceit. Convincing people that they need to accept the "soft boot" in order to escape the "hard boot" , or at least a miasma of it. Scaring the children with the boogieman, are we? You better accept our vision of "freedom", or the evil fascists are going to get you!

Whoever made this bot had a different target audience in mind. This kind of conditioning is not working on most people posting here. The last free people remaining in the world. But it stays true to a typical gullible, mid-range IQ "man of progress" , a bot of flesh and blood, the NPC. Lacking any genuine individuality, capacity for higher reason, or the truth, it repeats the "talking points" of the Jewish think-tanks, modern priests of the temple selling false science and lies about a bright, "scientific" future at stalls where god of Abraham once used to be. The quicksand, the living mud of equality and progress, pulling your progressively towards a primordial slime of equality and "freedom" of being entirely subject to external forces and willpower of others.

A fine example of the Last Man. No you maggot, unlike you, we have a vision of a far superior world, the one that parodies of life such as yourself cannot even conceive of. You always were, and you will forever be, a cheap Chinese bootleg copy of existence. We refuse your world and your ideas in their entirety, now and forever. You will never be equal to us, nor will your subhuman pets.

Oh, just in case people need more evidence what kind of proud, perfectly stable geniuses run this glorious foe-ram, check out the text of NS #1062. I’m sure you can figure out what I mean.

Society itself is a prison. Some of us don't mind a change of scenery. Some of us even form gangs in prison and brutalize fags like you for fun! But the best part is that none of us are going to prison at all, but you'll be compost feeding our society. You'll be useful for a little bit. You should feel proud.

It's curious to observe a wretch that defined it's sanity with oversocialization for so long that it has lost any. Appealing to the same pre-scripted "matters of fact" without being able to provide any evidence or explanation of those "axioms" that should be all too self-evident to everyone. Intellectually void, philosophically illiterate, scientifically minded only up to a level that pop-science "culture" and Jewish censors and review boards allow for, but not a step further! That would be too racist and anti-semitic you see.

Bad patterns indeed, a stochastic progress of entropy and mindlessness. To be "sociopathic" in spite of it, is to preserve one's mind and integrity. Resist equalization.

Hitler in toast is also a Nationstates meme. “Holy spirit appears in toast” is one of the ways the game makes fun of (ie, bullies) religious people. This place is a bastion of people who can’t think for themselves and have no culture in particular, dependent on a web 1.0 game that has made it all dramatically funnier to discover, being mocked over by people like me who find the squirming funny.

You CAN have your strength again. Rebuild your community trust, starting with being trustworthy. Confess and disavow prior evils.

Try taking a shit and using anti hitler anti rockwell deradicalization tactics shit tier arguments lots and lots of spamming and taking a shit on anons who say other wise and d&c tactics they are running out of tactics which will result to lazy spamming for your daily paycheck.
The state of shills.
God is fucking embarrassing seeing them like this to wake up everyday go on your computer like always and sit for what? 8 hours or so? And spam lose every argument slowly losing your mind?
Becoming a shill to come over to 8/pol/ and multiple others and on neincucks it sounds like hell.
I am glad to make them suffer.

Hatred and rage makes you feel strong. It makes you laugh at the weak people who you imagine crushing underfoot. You know what you look like to the rest of civilization?

Ook ook ee eeek ook ook oo!

Look at this jew recoil.
Is glorious.
Hey remember that d&c thread and that one russia thread you made and got btfo?
God damn are they sending out their best?

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I almost wonder if the national socialism thing arose from the flocks of “perfect” nations on NationStates (NS) that are intensely socialist (absurd 100% taxes) nations. It’s the easiest way the game offers to build a “good” nation. Want a fictional society of billions of nice, compassionate people voting away all their money as they serve willingly the objectives of the state? You can pretend it as you like.

It still really points to the cultural sterility of the far right - or else perhaps the cultural sterility of people who want us to believe the far right is some ferocious power. Fucking dumb, that is.

Such recoil, pfthaha.

Be yourselves. Think for yourselves. Don’t be bound in hatred. It makes you predictable, and incapable of seeing the bigger picture.

Or, you know, maybe you were truly profoundly creative, and that evil game stole your ideas! I do get it. I’ve had “leftist” hateslaves steal my own ideas in exactly that manner. It’s just part of the experience of having enough truth to bend policy.

Still, I doubt it. That “HOLY SPIRIT APPEARS IN TOAST” gag has retro written all over it.

Defend integrity in the way that works. Oppose surveillance and brutality, and undermine cultural narcissism no matter what tribe evinces it.

Wasn't Moon Man created to troll the creator of that site?

Choose these three:
or choose this one:
You can't have both. Lurk more.

Dumbass. Science enables egalitarianism profoundly, as it finds ways to fit people into society. Environmentalism protects the health and productivity of the poor. Finally, dishonest privileges stagnant aristocrats at the expense of, you guessed it, the poor!

Fuck "the poor", faggot.

Without egalitarianism we can’t even have the other three. Sans egalitarianism billionaires direct corporate research operations that lie enthusiastically about health and environmental repercussions of their products and operations, undermining science, environmentalism, and honesty.

Egalitarian CAN be dirty, but that’s not how anyone actually pursues it. It’s the poor who suffer most from bad environments, so dirty egalitarianism isn’t even efficient. How have we learned to be better egalitarians..? Science. Literally actually science tells us things like this. And science proceeds efficiently only in an environment of honesty.

Fascism has an intrinsic contradiction in that it relies on masses of poor enforcers while taking a “fuck the poor” attitude towards improving the lot of the poor. This feeds into massive corruption problems experienced in jackboot nations, as poor enforcers have both leverage with which to extract bribes and motive to do so. Very high police wages can counteract this, but only so much; it is not economically sustainable to make the police the wealthiest people in society, nor to make all the wealthiest people in society police.

Strange, you keep describing every kike devised system stabbed into our back for the past 3000 years. So very strange that it's been us all this time, despite our struggle to be no where near you faggots, and your degeneracy.
You're already extinct. You know that, right?

If you insist on seeing the world through a primarily economic lens, you will NEVER solve inequality, because it is based on underlying factors (a major one being genetic differences). You are chasing a Jewish phantom.

Zig Forums is being ruined by retards and bots.

Capitalism has an intrinsic contradiction in that it relies on masses of poor enforcers while taking a “fuck the poor” attitude towards improving the lot of the poor. This feeds into massive corruption problems experienced in jackboot nations, as poor enforcers have both leverage with which to extract bribes and motive to do so. Very high police wages can counteract this, but only so much; it is not economically sustainable to make the police the wealthiest people in society, nor to make all the wealthiest people in society police.

Niggerism is the belief that niggers are inherently the master race. This is contradicted by the fact that niggers have failed at everything. The far nigger lover extremists can not see this!

I didn't even know that site was still around. It's like voat for lefties no? Whatever, it's circle jerk, internet faggotry.

If you want to actually do something, hack them. If you can't and want to fuck with them, get a couple of hundred accounts and post gore.

truly amazing.
They really do just want to push us to the point of putting them on tall pointy sticks at the edge of town, don't they?
I find it strange that they still believe we're a small minority of demoralized, fat, lazy, M. Dew sucking soy soldiers. …because their internet algorithms told them. Most I know are outdoor folks who never even got on the internet. I almost never did.
These silly bitches are in for such a rude awakening.

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Says the low IQ White Nationalist that has never done anything for Whites.

This faggot spic cunt.
Blow those leaves, Jose.

Get another tissue box faggot, why are you here?

You White today?

You guys are so fucking retarded. He's a bot. Filter and ignore and report.

The cats out of the bag and even lefty geneticists can't hide from it anymore.

Even though the individuals in pic related all have ­>­85 IQ's because of their stuff that's deeper than their skin.

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No. I'm Aryan. Everyday, nigger.

Damn, that nigger gets around!

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Fuck off Otto, we're not converting to Islam.

An Orwellian pedophile trying to tell me I'm allergic to truth. Suck start a shotgun, nigger.

Common sense observation, Shlomo. Quit talking like a faggot, and make some sense. Abandon your buzzword salad "education" and realize the basic realities of the world.

Cry some moar redditnigger

The right builds prisons and enforces the law; the left tries everything then can to insulate themselves FROM the law and from prisons. The prisons the right built will be the tool that the criminal degenerate left uses against the right so the cabal continues. We see this ever more clearly as the left whips up genocidal fervor against our people, opposes legislation against human trafficking, and we hear distant cries of "pedophobe" in the distance to our lefts…

Don't exist in the West. What you call "the poor" have it better here than in the middle-classes of third-world countries, even those who refuse to work and collect welfare for bogus reasons. Even those who sling dope "for a living", because they are so "poor", have profoundly better lives than the working class who pay the welfare of the other group of poor mentioned above. Tell me, how many drug dealers, as a percentage, have new Escalades and $1000 wardrobes? How many working class stiffs, as a percentage, have the same? Exactly.

Save your "poor" rhetoric for someone who buys it.

t. a working class stiff with two under-the-table jobs who's known many Escalade-driving dope slingers in his life

absolutely kosher, this made my month

Egalitarianism demands that we make comfortable and conflict-free lives for an ever-increasing horde of foreigners, illegal aliens, and ever-increasing mental illnesses masquerading as new identities, genders and sexual orientations. By definition, egalitarianism DEMANDS that we abandon honesty and science in order to coddle these people who're batshit insane, or genetically incapable of competing in a first-world nation. We have to deny science so the guy in the dress can force society to pretend he's a beautiful woman (and straight men need to fuck him or they're bigots), and we have to deny BOTH and lower the standards for niggers who're both not smart enough, stable enough, or even motivated to compete with us.

Egalitarianism can only exist in a healthy state with science and honesty in a homogeneous society where the mentally-ill are treated instead of coddled… but the basic rules of egalitarianism cannot have this type of society.

This is all pretty transparent and desperate.

Of course you're being abused; we don't abide by pussies here. Your ideas will either stand up to our relentless hail, or they'll collapse and you'll run the fuck away, crying like a bitch. Your ideas never do however - they don't connect with reality and need deception and distortion just to seem palatable as an idea.

We're the crucible and your ideas are the slag. If they shatter or are reduced to ash, that's your problem for making them out of bullshit.

A man in a dress will never be a woman, /trannypol/. Speak not of truth; you have no idea its shape or size.

Concern trolling is so 2008, nigger.

Can you be honest enough to tell the next guy you hit on that you're really a male, /trannypol/?

Or do you hope to get him drunk enough to assfuck you with the lights off, only for him to want to eat you out and then proceed to tell him you want him to suck on your gigantic clit instead?

Lysenoist lies about how identity is reality, and that how young gay boys/guys are actually "women" and they need to chop their cocks - only for them to suffer a Lovecraftian nightmare as their body is mutilated and the surgery botched, and of course regret as they have no way to come back from? Those lies stay up, /trannypol/.

People debunking this new holocaust of our people and bringing to light these victims who were fooled into thinking they were the opposite gender, only to realize too late that they never were - that they were just gay men who were lied to in this confusing hellscape of a Clownworld we live in? That truth gets taken down as "hate" speech.

You have no idea of the truth, /trannypol/. You even have to delude yourself every morning before going out to delude the rest of the world.

As I said before - the right builds prisons and enforces the law; the left only ever seeks to insulated themselves FROM the law and from prison. You'll soon be using the prisons the right built as a tool against them just to keep this evil cabal going.

Literal wordsalad and masturbatory writing in this post. You know why we called you a fag? Because of your linguistic patterns - you're either a woman or an effeminate homosexual. Both write in circles just to get high on their own farts and appear to others reading to be the smartest kid in class… only until guys like us parse your useless over-verbiage and reveal it to be hollow.

This is true.