Toughen up, Get real, and accomplish something

I only recently came back to imageboards and this reminds me of how 4chinpol used to be when everyone without an extra chromosome left that shithole years ago. I didn't miss out on anything that's for sure. And behold now this place too is fucked up as well. It's the same shit aids ridden spiritual jew cuckporn merchant garbage over and over, go figure. A fucking low quality shithole to like 4cuck where everything of any productive value whatsoever is slid/shilled/deleted.

Onliners, you have no right to call yourself anything by just posting shit online LARPING like 99% fags i see here and other places. It may be painful to most of you that someone points this out, but you are literally fucking nothing, because you never realized your potential. This is real life and not some fucking VR simulation or alternate reality. And if you've been on these 4/8ch shitholes for ages it's time to take a fucking hike. Waste of fucking time besides occational news. Most of you know everything there is to know about this Jewish world, go and do something, go and actually accomplish something.

People here should be getting to know their peers, connecting with new friends, and politically doing real life shit instead. But no instead you keep sitting here and allow literal jewish paid shills to enduce most of you into paranoid schizophrenia. It's really fucking pathetic. For gods sake people get a life, you were created for the real life, not this garbage. I'm sick of all you mother fuckers literally doing nothing but crying ONLINE only about all of this, let me guess it's all you been doing this garbage for years? Man up instead and get real become a real man like alexander the great, AH, oswald mosley etc. Strive and become the change you want to be in this world, or else there will be nothing.

Just let it sink in that this isn't a fucking game of monopoly or some freak alternate reality dream nigger VR game. This is real life. It's not going to get better, it's going to get fucking worse every day. and it will all end worse than you think IF you people don't muster up a little fucking courage and do something that actually matters.

The outcome of you not doing anything is that we'll be living in a coffee colored consumer slave dystopian USSR shithole soon always being watched, and in this jewish future you did not struggle against you'll always regret you never did something real that actually mattered before it was too late. You'll always regret you no real purpose in life and ultimately that your life never mattered, because you never did the right thing, even though you were on the right side you always took the easy way out. You knew the truth and saw evil, but you did nothing. It will haunt you for the rest of your coward life.

Remembder: It's the future you choose. Every last one of you that cares about our future has a responsibility.

Anyway enjoy your stay faggots, until you become real men enjoy your loser containment zone. And thanks a lot you fucking losers who run this shit, i hope everyone of you fucking losers responsible for this garbage board has a freak accident and dies a painful death for being reprobate human trash.

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time to neck it OP, didn't read

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Consider taking your own advice loser.

didn't read either, fuckin fag

Yeah, you said that already, redditor.

you do something glowshillfaggot

Butthurt betas, what excuse will you make this time?

Stick to USS Liberty if you want to win

What do I have to be butthurt about? Not reading your shitty OP?

I get you're just a brainless loser who got triggered, not a part of the people with something inside their heads I'm trying to reach.

Just get back to offing yourself already since it's clearly the first thing on your loser mind.

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Shit, hit too close to home. The only ones left on this shit site are shillfags, newfags, blackpilled fags like myself and occasional advice-fag like yourself. I am just enjoying the shitshow, not even posting anything of value.

Going to be honest, didn't read.

You need an outlet to express yourself, you need to find a constructive purpose that fuels you and your mind, whatever good it may be for us it will give you a peace at mind that you actually did something real and made a difference, that you did something for the cause and awakening against the enemy.

I used to be like you once but making an RL effort has been like balm for the soul. It really spices life up from the fucking BORING rootless shit we're all forced to live in these days. I started thinking and realized i could not continue to accept or forgive myself for cowardice.

I see most people online that are awake are for the most part the most anti social, paranoid, boring, people ever. Practically prisoners in their own homes/mind who try to justify their inaction and cowarded ways. Don't be like those fucking good for nothings, don't lose grip of yourself and become like that, you're better than this.

(((They))) want you to lose faith in yourself, your resolve and people around you. Never give into it and to irrational fears. Freedom will never come without a fight.

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I agree with your sentiment OP.
But I've got another angle for you.
This place Is only a husk of what Zig Forums and Chans used to be, no doubt about that. Still it's pretty much the only place online I can stomach. The whole internet has become an unbearable walled garden full of poz. This shithole might be one of the last bastions of free speech. So I still drop by and do my best to prevent it completely drowning in shit. I'm aware it will never be the same but how can newfags learn when there are no oldfags to teach the basics? You can't lurk if there is nothing to see.
That being said I'm also doing my part in the real world and activism and networking are in many ways better than shitposting. But to write off Zig Forums as useless even in its current state isn't right.

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fuck you kike i'm not reading your shit

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I can only wish more people were like you and me. I see too much hand wringing and not enough action, i see resentment and excuses for action when i bring it up and it annoys me to no end, it's just not the white way, it's the loser's way and the way of defeat.

Even if you are just one person you can make a difference in this world, even if it's a piece of paper or a can of spray paint every fucking act of resistance matters no doubt. I refuse to give us up without a fight, the time for obedience and civility is fucking over, i won't let myself go without a fight because these rotten kikes have done too much evil, they have destroyed our ways of life. And for this they deserve every last piece of resentment left in this world and we have every right to do so.

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I am a prisoner of my mind. I can't connect to people and have no goals in life. The redpilling only amplified whatever was wrong with me. So I'm not a byproduct of chans or any other shit forum. I was fucked in the head before. Anyway, the biggest problem is finding something worth achieving in this life. Good physique, career, status, friends, connections, traveling - I don't give a shit about any of that stuff, wish I did, but I don't. Also living in a 99%+ white country feels surreal when browsing chans, it's not as bad here but it's coming.

This post to me looks like a bunch of Jews trying to convince lurkers and this board is low quality. This is a psyop black pill thread.
Remember anons, you’re no value in the final hour if you have an heroed yourself, whether that be out of desperation or for the movement (not discounting the martyrs sacrifices).

Have fun here and irl, it’s not one or the other.

Grade A projection if i ever seen one. How do you know people here do not have pursuits outside of shitposting? Kind of arrogant to come here and call everyone a loser just because you felt like one before.

Over the last decades, (((they))) have engineered a society of isolated singles and balkanized "lifestyles". This is catalysted by a far spread paranoia, lack of common identiy, culture and independence from centralized institutions.
People dont know where to go for support and networks and "manning up" wont change that, so if you dont have any advice on how to actually get started IRL you can go fuck yourself you shill faggot, your entire post doesnt have anything useful content so I just asume you are LARPing.

Don't worry user. There are plenty of good men out there. Just because they don't post here anymore doesn't mean they lost the spirit. They just prioritize other ways of fighting or want to get rid of the spotlight.

Then pretend to care. Like it or not, you have to try to connect to others, even if it means lowering your power level and dabbling in things you consider “for normalfags”.
It’s not easy doing the right thing user, but unless you got actual medical autism, I’m faithful you can get a life, just don’t make excuses for yourself.

If you think this thread is a black pill you must be feeling the pussy guilt, it's not about that and definitely not about suicide lol. It's finding about finding your courage and meaning left in this depraved world, getting out of the beta bitch mentality and start doing something that actually matters and gives you purpose is important, something your dad should have taught you.

That sucks buddy, It sounds like most of these things you envision in yourself are simply not true and are at best irrational. Maybe you have not allowed yourself to experience the joys life has to offer despite it's shortcomings, don't look at everything in a bad light, try to find the rough diamonds in this mud, they exist. And don't focus on the obstacles, they are there for you to climb and overcome. What you are starts with your mentality and how you relate with yourself, and never put yourself down. Become what you always have wanted, and don't let anyone fuck with your dreams. Everyone has their talents, but you just need to find yours.

Bump for truth. I need to stop using this shithole

I know that feelarino little bambino

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Didn't read but do you mean that shitposting isn't an accomplishment?

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prove it you overt mason

OP is hiding something from you

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Not sure what point you are trying to make. ethier you are a ignorant porch mason or a illuminatus deceiver. anyone hiding daath is a kike and you are asking us to be fish in your fish bowl spewing memes about "work ethic" claiming nothing exists outside your manufactured little burning entropy ball of slavery impelled forth by our spirit. Your world is finished. YOur little sandbox is done enjoy the final days of your craft. The exoteric kike scapegoat is not going to reengage the pawns who reached the other side of the board. Those you are speaking to only stick around here to protect newfags from YOU u fuckin blue pillar scumbag

thats some next level schizo shit

u responded to the hidden sephirot (daath , G in the compass), with the Black Sun which corresponds to it. You know exactly what i am talking about. Now you hide behind that statement lol.


A big part of getting out there is that uses here aren't selfish enough to improve for themselves. We need someone we can be mutually loyal to and work hard for. That's where many of us hit a wall. It isn't like old European days where courtship was the norm. Nowadays, individualism is rampant, and it's everyone for themselves, save a few diamonds in the rough.

As for myself, I found my virgin worth giving my all for while I was working abroad in Thailand after falling for the STEM degree meme in college. I feel like most anons would bloom with any girl like mine at their side.

Oh… it's THIS thread again. Fucking YAWN you homo in Tel Aviv. You don't know anyone here let alone what they do. Now crawl back in your mother's rancid cunt.

>>>/pol3/ or neincucks lads.

Normal Whites meeting up in real life.

yeah that's what i thought you fucking coward. obfuscate and vanish. Don't wanna break any oath you made to your little boys club

what have you done OP?

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i'm thinking larry silverstein is a very potent one too. people need to know that jews did 9/11

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There really are no opportunities to be politically active right now. We are almost waiting for a collapse or a war to happen before our views become palatable to the masses once more.

Gave up on this place two years ago when book threads were banned.
Never regretted it.

Absolutely based and redpilled. Thanks user, this is what we need.

Great thread OP, people really need to start taking their shit seriously. We can convert by shitposting, but some of us need to at least start shit in real life. I'm part of a pretty large nationalist group, great and supportive guys in their 20's. Several are already married and some have children.
We meet up and drink once in a while, but most of the time we coordinate political actions and help each other through the clown world.

You're wrong. This place is actually worse than 4pol now.

You too.

Thank you for your payment.

Come home to Cascadia if you aren't there already, join the fight. If we have to be the first ones to rise up against ZOG, so be it.

Instead of asking "What have you done", why not ask yourself "What have I done"?

Millions of Whites are suffering from poverty, unemployment, sickness, homelessness, dispair and agony.

They have no where to go, no one to help them as Whites have no one representing them. The State tells them to fuck off because they are White. I see this first hand daily in real life.

You did this White Nationalists/Alt Right

with your larping, Nazi porn, vulgar mentally ill politics and doxing/derailing every attempt by Whites to create something that would work. You are the real enemy of Whites. You created the political climate for this to happen. And you continue to give aid and comfort to our enemies who wish to exterminate us by forever denying our right to self defense.

Step up the braincell usage. Hitlers views weren't "palatable" in the 1930 with 100% jewish owned media and evil commies either. Totally dead argument, and no by the way there won't be any fucking collapse because they want a slow boil not a fucking civil war life and death gambling situation, because they cannot deal with a civil war for jew takeover (in america in particular).

If you think becoming minority's in a crime ridden fuckhole of a third world garbage bin is "palatable" for most people you're just fucking braindead stupid my friend, that's what we need to drill through people's heads, that and that jews are traitors/behind it.

Nobody actually fucking likes this situation, i've not talked to ONE person yet that's not a fucking totally retarded brainless visibly leftist gimp who has ever SPECIFICALLY spoken positively about the third world garbage replacement allowed to come here, i've never heard anything positive about muslims and jews either despite the kikes brainwashing.

You have to remember most normal people fucking hate this situation but are fucking pussies afraid to speak out and whenever i drop some shit about the situation i get mostly agreeance and positivity but a meek one bc of their brains being mindfucked for XX# of years. But agreeal nonetheless.

Stop choosing the fucking coward easy way for a fast shekel when there LITERALLY isn't a future for whites out there. There is no fucking respawn on this planet god damn it. You get one fucking shot, DO SOMETHING with it.

Listen buddy shit tons of IP hopping shills here(like always on img boards) who just 1 drop and sage, and try to fuck every thread doing D&C and shizo bullshit, and mods intentionally allow this its not NS/alt lite/WN. It's the mods on this trash site you can blame, not real people who care about this shit. The mods always slide and fuck over the real life threads and thank the mods for not pinning those instead of QDDTLGBT session garbage.

how much is Qushner paying you?

No less than 6 million shekels per hour my schizophrenic friend, kusner brings it to me personally every day in cash with a bottle of jack and a couple of hookers.

Good point but i think the idea was that OP said

Someone who calls people "literally nothing" must have some major accomplishment.

On a somewhat unrelated note OP is a masonic deceiver who responded with the black sun symbol when i mentioned the hidden sephirot and then called me schizo and abandoned the thread when he realized i was not a member of his boy scout club and did not intend to keep the secret or interpet it the way his handlers would like. I view the numerous purposeful misspellings in the OP as an attempt to make it seem legit (if you misspell something our cognitive bias presumes that it is very unlikely to be shill, especially not high level) unless you believe that
truly believes that it is spelled

In which case he is beyond retarted and shouldn't be dishing out advice in the first place

He said this 2 times. He must view this worldview as a major issue. One he wants to correct.

nope, 322

your value is not your utility to the cube. it is intrinsic.

What ails thee?

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Alright OP, I agree with much of what you say. Aside from dropping occasional meatspace redpills, I don't do shit but shitpost and effortpost and occasionally try to get people to be practical about what this place preaches. If that were all I did, I would agree that I am a useless pile of shit. But it doesn't end there.

I am self employed with a few guys working for me. I run my ass off 60ish hours per week, and I work a trade so I am not sitting in an office somewhere sucking corporate cock for good goy points. I practice shooting when I can, I fish, I try to have beneficial hobbies while also doing my best to combat alcoholism from being on here so long I relate more with /doomer/ than Zig Forums. I live in a kiked up metropolitan hub (broward county) and I am trying to save enough to move out of hell and into nature (Tennessee and Missouri come to mind). The only quasi-decent idea I have had with respect to IRL organization has been infiltrating environmental groups and trying to promote EcoFascism (Uncle Ted and Pentti Linkola) to try to get something going. There simply is no other way to network where I live with politically minded individuals.

And if you actually believe in the lone-wolf siege tier Tarrantism-as-an-effective-vehicle-for-change bullshit, then you have no idea how every major successful political/revolutionary event in history has occurred.

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You sound like a good fella boss. [email protected] if you want to get in contact. Will delete in 2min.

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so you know who emailed you, email sent prior to this post

I don't know if I am a sucker or what, but I always make a new protonmail account for these posts and they never reply. Has happened to me 3+ times now.