What the actual fuck is going on in Pelzer, South Carolina?

/x/file here from cuckchan,

There seems to be weird shit that's happening in Pelzer.
The OP in that thread typed in "tryfg" on jewtube. And a video like this sfter a couple of attempts popped out
There's many more like the shit embeded.
Apparently some poor sod went there in 2017 and was never from again
My theory these videos are connected to Elsagate.


Uploading the coordinates themselves
I think this place is probably a killhouse that these satanic kikes use.

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No, it's aliens, duhhhh.

schizo boomer thread #1324967

Well, this thread is off to an amazing start.

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I feel bad for the racist boomers that won't understand the beauty of your post.

Yes please post more schizo threads, Zig Forums isn't littered enough with them.

At least sage

>you're a schizo if you notice (((things))) that don't seem right.

/x/ on fullchan is slow, that's my reason.
Besides, don't you know about jewish blood libels?

That's why masons use the sluggish schizophrenia line when they see you know too much. Biggest demoralization squad around.

I think you mean kikes.
The fact that there are several different accounts that lead to this video is odd.
I feel that Zig Forumsacks should look into this.
I honestly hope this shit isn't some larp tho.
Anyone know anything about the town, Pelzer in SC?

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Alright, I checked out the board OP, and all reasonable people would clearly see it's just a hoax made by OP to get some notoriety. All of the videos we're posted a year ago, never doubt the drive of an autist.

lets just see how this thread goes, if it gets closed or if there is a clamor to have it shut down, i guess you are onto something.

Actually, you fucking newfag, that was a quote by a CIA director pertaining to an official report that contradicted the media narrative.

some of the videos were posted 2 years ago (check the precise date in the description) and the suggestions thing is definitely not a hoax

Welcome to 2017/8 newfag OP. Proven connections from back then:
Pelzer >>> Pelzer light people >>> Order of the Eastern Star >>> Killary >>> Pizzagate >>> Elsagate. Search for archives from that period. We were decoding their cipher and using some serious autism track down such locations. Most of us are too blackpilled now. You could have video evidence of them eating a child on camera shown on MSM and the only one who would get jailed is you for exposing them. Is Assange a free man? Exactly! It's FAR worse than you think.
Also IIRC, some shady derelict buildings were found relating to missing persons. That's one of the buildings. That looks like the barn by the river.

Sperg your phone posting into the Pizzagate thread next time. A thread died for this.

Video definition has really progressed since this was taken
and sage

Have you seen the killary uma vid?

As a native of the BEST carolina and the BEST state innthe whole union i cant tell you 100% for a fact the only thing going on in that small town is poor black and white people selling meth, heroin, weed, and what ever else to each other and such, its no different than any were else in my beloved state

Holy shit, a white person killed 200 Jews last week! How come no one posted about this??



Well hear that lads, this totally legit user from the area says nothing is going on. Nothing to see here goyim.

What made you think just linking to cuckchan and a mobile jewtube link was good enough? Post the fucking info in the thread itself.

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That is not a reason to bring non/pol/ bullshit here, you jew cunt.

That looks like a video of a soccer match