Is Judaism more based than we think?

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No, but this is a good tool against the kikes

That sounds suspiciously sandniggerish.

For what thinking noggers are low iq?
You stupid retard they always knew.

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Even suggesting kikes are based is instant sage, nigger.

"Is Judaism more based than we think?"
Of course Jews know that Africans have the IQ of Africans. That is why they are sending them to Europe.


Get out kike.

Israel is literally NatSoc.

They know

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At the expense of Western blood and money.

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Good for them.

WTF? I'm a Zionist now! Sink a US vessel in Hormuz and blame it on Iran.

I'm selling everything and joining a Yeshiva. Match me fellow former natsocs.

That would be the smartest thing that you have ever done!

This guy calls them monkeys too. Base people come in all colors.

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Judaism to it’s core is based. It’s essentially an ideology in which is 100% tailored to the prosperity of the Jewish people. All jews are brought up to be extremely racially conscious and only to do what’s best for themselves as a people.

All jews wheather they admit it or not understand natural law. They know what diversity, progressiveness and all this insane clown world bullshit is doing to us goyim. They know that niggers, that faggotry, that promiscuity is and every other degeneracy they champion is bad for us. They will never admit their true feeling regarding these matters because they are using it as weapons to destroy our civilizations. They understand by taking our nature away we will destroy ourselves and that is what they do. Only the orthodox rabbis from time to time spill the beans.

What we need to do as a people is abide by an ideology such as natural law or national socialism that will make us racially conscious again. To start doing what’s best for us as a people. Like the Jews do for themselves, the only difference is we are not parasites like them, we are civilization builders.

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Hmm, why isn't this all over Social Media?

Jews own social media.

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They don't spread degeneracy because they believe it it. They jealously guard their own ethnostate after all.

They spread degeneracy because they know what it will do to us.

Essentially we all agree on the same things, except that they want us dead and so now we too want them dead so we can survive.

Why isn't Antifa all over this?

If you knew Orthodox Jews you'd know that they hate blacks.

There is nothing in the entire universe these monsters could do to expiate their debt for the heinous suffering they cause. There is no conceivable economic, ideological, cultural or theological resolution possible. They subsist in consummate eternal error.

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They hate anyone that's not a Jew, they call non-Jews uncleans, this being bcuz they are raised being taught antigentile propaganda such as that Jews wash twice a day, whereas white non Jews only wash once a week, and blacks only wash once a fortnight, due to such bs beliefs it's common in orthodox community's to refer to no Jews as uncleans; they refer to Jews as family


Jew thread.

I'll be the rabbi that performs your cirucmcision.

Exploiting the insatiable racism all jews harbor and revealing their nature and past, present and current relations with other races is the best way to weaken the many types of golem jews have created over time.
If you have black people you know, and can influence, tell them to look into Dr. Tony Martin and the series "The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews"

My dad told me in the old testament the Jews refer to niggers as the beasts of the field.

They think youre a monkey too user

Jews used the bible to convince Americans that taking blacks as slaves was morally justified. The numbers speak for themselves. A large portion of Jewish households owned slaves. They dominated the slave markets and the shipping of slaves.
Jews were the trend setters of the slave trade, they justified it, they propagandized it, they advertised it, and they pushed it every which way they could, and even at the time spoke of how flooding America with Africans could be a viable weapon against non-jews and Christians.

Who do you think funds Antifa?

I mean Jesus literally did tell slaves to obey their masters as they would obey God at one point in the bible.
My dad knew some old men who were in the white knights of the KKK in the 50s and 60s, some of whom went to prison for killing Jews and they said that niggers were beasts without a soul and Jews were the seed of Satan so it wasn't a sin to kill them.

Was your dad Christian Identity?

Oh, wait..

Are you sure they have kept degeneracy out of Israel?

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Everyone hates Blacks.

I met some guys from Taiwan in college and they hated niggers.. I was amazed. How did they know?

Jews are naturally gay. According to their own statistics, 1 in 8 jews openly identifies as homo, tranny, or otherwise queer. Then there are all the closeted jews.

I think the Torah rails so hard against homosexuality because jews would naturally die out if it wasn't corrected and punished.

I support anyone who is pro-white. Whether they be Jewish or black. What matters is if they support whites. Whites need allies. It's foolish to reject pro-white allies just because they aren't white.

(((you're))) a sandnigger.

fucking kikes

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but the goal is to create a white ethnostate..

are you ready to give Farrakhan Alabama?

Let the Black man go - stop lying to us that you love us. And if you really love us, let us go and give us some of this territory that we can call our own; and give us the billions of dollars that we can get started with land and with tractors and the things that will make us an independent nation.
Louis Farrakhan