Druid/pol/ #0032 "Esoteric Operations" edition


I bid you welcome, in the manner which has become sacred to our Rite, to our most portentous triginta duo thread.
Firstly I must apologise for the lack of a cohesive thread transgression (owing to my short trip to the mainland.) We have not had the opportunity to discuss themes and topics for this upcoming general. Also the bunker thread was pruned for some reason shame tbh, there was some good posts despite it being transitory. Dunno why it got shoah'd tbh & that denied us a chance to brainstorm ideas.
Never the less, onwards and upwards as the saying goes….
In the midst of spring now and tensions seem to be growing and a stifling air of frustration, anger and uncertainly has descended upon Sacred Albion. The left and their saracen counterparts are becoming ever more emboldened in their actions. Escalation is the order of the day, both factions seemingly egged on by a complicit media (and their treacherous masters) - first it was milkshakes and stupid leftist memes, cheered on and encouraged by soulless multinational conglomerates and blue tick twatter mongs - then, in an Oldham estate, a masked gang of violent islamist scum was shepherded in by traitorous police and proceeded to throw bricks, bottles and even scissors at a crowd of native families, assembled to hear the legitimate speech of an MEP candidate.
The horde of islamists (calling itself the MDF) were not LOCAL to the area but rather, it seems, bussed in from several of their strongholds. They grow ever more emboldened, believing that is the "will of allah" and they are untouchable - while in truth they are nothing more than pawns of the globalist cabal - the barbarian horde used to batter away at the native populace, protected by evil traitorous scum who's souls are black and hearts filled with loathing for their own. A million curses upon them and their houses. Causality dictates their dominance is but a transitory state.
On the plus side, this particular event has redpilled many folk and the mask of the betrayers and their invading hordes continues to slip further and further. The tension is palpable and the right leaning natives are feeling the pressure. But the more pressure applied to the proverbial "spring", the more tension piled on will eventually cause it to snap out, for every action has an equal and opposite reaction.


Their overreach shall be their undoing and they will reap a bitter harvest from the rotten & corrupt seed they have sown.

On the Lodge front, the lads are busy as ever, following our Paths and seeking insight wherever it can be found. We watch and we wait. Our time will come. Zig Forums's esoteric ops division.
The etheric currents are swirling furiously, the empyrean is in a tumult and portents appear in all manner of places, visible to those with eyes to see. We also had some scrying pioneering in the form of visceromancy gutted that bunker thread was baleeted tbh lads, did any of you manage to archive it perchance? I thought we were in good standing with outer/pol/ and I still don't know why the decision was made to prune it as it was nearly up to 100 posts. Anyway, no point pining over the past. We must look to the future and hopefully this thread will bode well in the portent department.

This thread's governing arcana is the X trump, "The Wheel of Fortune". In this card, we see a revolving wheel which represents the wheel of life. In each corner of the card we see four winged creatures sitting upon clouds. These creatures represent the four elements of minor arcana. A common aspect to most interpretations of this card within a reading is to introduce an element of change in the adept's life, such change being in station, position or fortune: such as the rich becoming poor, or the poor becoming rich etc. Upright this card signifies changes, opportunity, luck, destiny & chance. Reversed the card signifies mishap, unforeseen setbacks, bad luck, misfortune & disappointment.

Jupiter (♃) governs this arcana and so in turn, shall govern this thread also.

Thats it for now lads. Tolerate no tomfoolery etc… Newslinks in the next post because (body too long)

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Newslinks here lads because couldnt fit them into the previous post. Video pertains to the above Oldham happening.

The other thread got deleted, what does druid/pol/ think about Bal-Sagoth?

Druids tbh

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The black metal band? Dont really know much about them tbh lad as metal was never my scene. I was a house/techno guy. Used to hang out with a lot of metalheads (or "moshers" as we used to call them) back in the day though. Good folk.
Any idea as to why the bunker thread was deleted? It had some good posts in it. Some proper visceromancy was documented. Never seen that done on a chan before. Truly bringing back the old ways but in the proper manner.

Nice pic lad.

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Also obligtory archive post


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First portent of the thread and its the archive post. Does this mean I have to read through all of them to gain insight or something?

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Only if you want to lad. But those numerals just answered your question & seem to suggest it might actually be beneficial.

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Im fucking cream crackered tonight lads so might not be up much longer. Iv archived the OP anyway so if we get slid or balleeted again, ill repost the thread tomorrow morning.

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How long till the schizo shills show up do you reckon? They always seem to come at the beginning of these threads.

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Careful lad, you dont want to summon them & their autistic screeching….
Not long probably though

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Been meaning to ask this for awhile now:

Not to detract or distract but are their major differences between Druidism/Celtic paganism (are they even the same thing?) and Norse paganism?
Are they sort of the same things at their core, slightly adjusted for culture/ethnicity, or are the gods and concepts different?
Sorry for such an elementary question, my focus has largely been on Germanic paganism but I should know more about the other forms of Western Europe as well

Brand new to this stuff, but I think it's finally time for me to abandon Christcuckoldry. What does B.O.N.D stand for? Is druidism exclusively Celtic? If not, what aspects does it share with Germanic/esoteric practices? A quick rundown would be much appreciated.

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Feck me I didn't even read this user's question before posting my own. Great nigs nog alike I suppose.

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B.O.N.D stands for -

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If you read the Roman sources you will notice that the Gauls were actually a mix of Celtic and German tribes. According to Caesar the Belgae lived in North Gaul, Northern France and Belgium, he also said the Coasts of Britain were occupied by the Belgae tribes. He even explicitly stated Belgae were a Germanic tribe in Gaul. The work is called Gallic wars. Gauls were Germano-Celtic, and as such traditions associated with druids may reflect both Celtic and Germanic traditions. So according to Caesar Britain was Germanic well before any so called Saxon invasions, and this makes me question the whole Saxon narrative to be honest.


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Hey the link below was supposed to be a reply to you

I love those guys

This is true but Caesar himself speculated that Britain was where Druidism originated, and it was brought to mainland Europe from there. Some sources estimate the Druidic tradition goes back over 25,000 years.

There is so much we dont know. And the Druids habit of oral induction and remembrance didn't leave us much to go off so we attempt to use occult means such as scrying and spirit contact (the Druids actually made themselves known to us through digital numeromancy - which sounds batshit but is actually true - its how the B.O.N.D came into being, at the hight of the "meme magic" craze where the ether was in a tumult and the veil rendered thin) to glean what info we can. We venerate our Druidic Patron Spirits and hold them sacred to the B.O.N.D and we ask them and their Gods for assistance in our endeavours, particularly scrying.

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Off to bed now lads to try and sleep as have to do the school run in 6 hours.
Ill be back tomorrow morning circa 9:3-/10am (GMT)
A portentous evening to you all. May your night be blessed with good fortune.

"May the ghosts that howl round the house at night, never keep you from your sleep. May they all sleep tight, down in hell tonight, or wherever they may be"

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That would make it pre-Aryan and even pre-Neolithic. Maybe my 4% pure Neanderthal blood is calling to me.

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Live version of that is my favorite
Love the sun wheels on the lead guys antlers

I don't know what that is, but I plan on looking it up

These methods are worth investigating, in addition to this people may want to investigate lucid dreaming and asking dream characters for information related to the druids

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Will patiently await your return, brother. I'd like a deeper dive as this article contains a lot of normie ignorance, like thinking Stonehenge was built by the Celts and that cave paintings of animals = Druidism. They also reference Irish tradition a lot, which leads me to wonder if there's a meaningful distinction between Brythonic and Goidelic Druidry.


Good to have a thread back, thanks 40k.

it's checking dubs

A lot of current Paganism (actual not wicca/pozzed larp) is about finding syncretic links between the European peoples, so there is lots of overlap between ethnic traditions which is very noticeable and indeed was similarly practiced by the Romans officially pairing their own gods to ones in native conquered territories, like Sulis-Minerva here in the South-West.

Downloaded that the first time, hope the whole book is about.

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Wild elephants have been observed performing religious rituals on a full moon. It's not just a human thing.

Excellent information on this threat, many thanks to our esteemed OP for initiating us into the ways of druidry.

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Interesting Arcana. Seeing how the last few played out, I have no doubt we'll be seeing some connection between this thread and the Arcana. I'm quite curious what it will be. The Aetheric condition is certainly quite interesting.

I personally believe animals to be more intelligent than most would ever consider.

Morning esteemed lads - hope the day finds you well and in good spirits.

Most welcome lad - although its really a self initiation on your part. You, finding your way to the B.O.N.D is a part of it. Now you have to find your Path too.
The lads here have a fair amount of accumulated esoteric & historical knowledge between us all so always feel free to ask any questions. If we can answer we will. Its always good to see new blood tbh. We are slowly but steadily growing in numbers and reach now.

Basically what said. We use repeating numerals to divine and ascertain certain information. Its how we came to be aware of the Druids in the first place. Basically….
Sounds utterly batshit insane doesn't it. Its true though, thats what literally happened. It can be seen in the archives. We had portent after portent and it became too much to be written off as coincidence. We realised someone was trying to tell us something - to break through and communicate. The phenomena proper peaked with the "Burgo the Based" Druid a couple of years back too where the whole of outer/pol/ was praising the Druids! Glorious days. Meme magic come to life. This was at the height of meme magic phenomenon too so I think the veil was rendered thinner than usual.
We seem to be quite adept at memetic sorcery although it is debated that there is a certain possibility we inadvertently "memed" the downward spiral of millenial woes, so we must meme responsibly
As to why the Druids would want to contact us of all people? We figured it is most likely because they (being able to forsee the causal threads and possible future outcomes) see Albion is once again under threat of invasion, their name and legacy has been perverted and defiled by new agers and wiccan types and this small group of ultranationalists were probably the most fitting embodiment of the original Druidic spirit who had a healthy xenophobia about them kek and thus They chose to manifest here on Zig Forums and commune with us via a medium we termed '"'ætherium electricæ''" - that basically being the internet's astral/etheric shadow.
Tl;dr - using dubs/trips etc for divination purposes.
The whole thing is a pretty crazy saga but the fact we are still going, nearly 3 years later, now is testament to its veracity. That and the LOYAL lads of course. Druid/pol/ wouldnt be druid/pol/ without the LOYAL LADS. Speaking of which…..

Thanks lad, its good to be back aye.
How are you today anyway my LOYAL bretheren? Hope things are well. Pissing it down here at the mo. I got some more tomato plants and they are coming along nicely. Hope I can get them as good as I got them last year. Got a proper good crop off them.

Cheers lad

An irl pal actually got me into these guys a while ago. Proper good stuff. He was like:
I was skeptical because his taste in music is usually shit tier but he surprised me and I fucking loved what I was hearing and seeing.
Great band

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Most deities in pre Christian European religion follow common archetypes suggesting a common root in PIE (proto indo european) belief
Tl:Dr ancient aryans

Fresh King Mullet of the Sacred Tinfoil Reptilian

Well done as always lad. I believe the suspicious deletion of the interim FPT thread to have been a test of the new governing archana tbh. You’ve dutifully crafted a fine op, on the road no less, in a timely manner.


Fine OC lad, a Celtic Ironpill self portrait?

OC for you lads. I don’t have much time for a great effortpost, but I’ll be back for follow up. Most of us here study predominantly Brythonic Celtic paganism for lack of a better word. Like our venerable OP said, our ancestors didn’t keep records and most of what we have is from Roman and Christian sources. Because of this and Anglo Saxon add mixture, we also study aspects of Asatru, Vedanta, and other Indo-European sources to recreate a more accurate and complete mythos. This is especially important for myself and the few other yanklads of the lodge who have higher percentages of Germanic blood. We’re also very fortunate to have two very scholarly lads(you know who you are) to keep the syncretism in check and from veering into larpy reconstruction. Some lads are simply interested in honouring their ancestors and the old gods as accurately and devoutly as they can. Others of us have in addition to this, taken up more esoteric studies to better combat the forces of Kali Yuga. Our OP is extremely knowledgeable in this realm and has a tremendous library for reference what he cannot recall. Myself and another lad have become well versed in Esoteric Hitlerism, although still neophytes.

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Fresh CS

Cheers lad. Pleasure to see you. Most wonderful OC. Glad something was salvaged from the bunker.


Is that what you really want? Why not free your mind body and soul from the modern degeneracy?

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Every thread they try, every thread they fail and just make arses of themselves.

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Apparently Mel is annoying the tribe again with his new roflschild movie. Could maybe be interesting to watch on putlocker(although it also has that insufferable luhbeef twat in it so hopes remain limbo=dangingly low)
Bet it doesnt even touch on all the weird occultism they are into. There is no way they would greenlight anything that actually threatens to properly expose them in any realistic way. This imo is more likely an attempt to humanise them as "quirky rich harmless eccentrics" rather than the evil scheming, manipulative cabal they actually are.

I have a soft spot for mel though. He was best when he still had an aussie accent. Aussie mel was better than hollywood mel although that drunken phone rant was pretty lulzy
Mad Max was a weird arthouse classic (the kind of film that you only get out of Australia) and Mad Max II was how you do a sequel right and is iconic still today. Iv always appreciated Australian cinema. Some real obscure gems like "Breaker Morant" or "Ghosts, of the Civil Dead".
And that weird "walkabout" film where jenny agutter gets her kit off a lot and an abbo hangs himself & shiiiet

Posting this for you bois.

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The one copy I found sells for 1500€

It's good to see you lads here it's good to see anyone who can remember their ethnic roots wake up from their slumber. Despite being a nub and American, you'd be hardpressed to find somebody who hates the Yankee Union that sold out to the Globalist Hegemony more than I. It might have to do with Serbia being betrayed by NATO just like The South was attacked by filthy carpetbagging bankers and America falling into the humiliation of being a stupid vassal state for a rootless clique of scum that had many dealings with (((The House of Windsor))) and all of their trickery. However, it's mostly because even the past hatreds of these particular have nothing on the evil they want to inflict upon on this world.

What if I am schizolad?

Check yourself before you delve into it all and start playing with magicks like LHP.

You're not alone. All kinds of things start to become open and available as if they were simply waiting for you to pay them mind.

Romans had a special liking for their Aragonese (true Spaniard Visigothic/Basqueish type) and Anglo/Saxonish vassals to the point where they became fully ingrained in The Roman Archetypal Culture.

It is as they say: "Once your here, you're here forever."

Well OP you might just be right about that B.O.N.D attracting newcomers. I am CeltoIberico (Welsh/Spanish). Before recorded history Atlantids traveled up and down the coastling of West Europa and Britannia, so they have much in common before being conquered by Romans. Perhaps Druidicism itself comes from their own grace to some degree.

Now I am wondering if these correlations truly coincide as they mesh throughout history. I imagine Druids throatsinging thousands of years before the Mongols even decided to move. Fortuna indeed.

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Maria Pastora was here.

This is far too long for a meme image, like something from leftypol. It would be an interesting infographic without the pepes, wojacks and deformed philosophers etcetera though.

Damn. That's some memoryholing I guess. Goys can't get enlightened if they don't know it exists or pay for it if they do.

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Post the others

Very good meme here. This idea of reincarnation being tied into the race can be connected to ancestor veneration.

Also the afterlife should be understood as being on the earth. The spirit world is on the earth. I have had dreams of my ancestors before, in dreams the spirits of the ancestors can communicate with us.

Keep a photo of an ancestor near your bed if you wish to contact that ancestor in dreams.

I've been getting into paganism recently, trying to work on developing my chakras, then other energy-based abilities. How can I contribute to the deity or thoughtform(s) protecting your thread/board? What rituals or meditations are you guys doing?

Let us empower our deity to wage spiritual war. I have read, in the past, about doing anti-Torah rituals to remove the J deity from the astral realm, as well.

fag thread is fag thread.

Fuck you retard. What else do you suggest doing?

You guys should commit suicide. I'm being 100% serious. That's the only happening that will ever matter, or, for that matter, will ever happen. Ever.

Thanks for the suggestion glow nigger

Any sort of ritual desecrating the star of david


looks like some jewish infiltrators have entered the board

You should relax and read and lurk. Moloech and YHWH never rest because they are burning spirits who have mislead the false jews into folly and relish the torture that they will put them through after their usefulness is spent. Punishment like that comes as a part of covenant you realize.

You can't do anything here, scum. What is a weak one-and-done really?

The symbol for the star of david wasn't always a wretched thing fouled by cruel usurpers. Just a thought. Make sure you are not one of those infiltrators…friend.

thoughts on the legitimacy of Golden Dawn work? I'm genuinely interested. It seems like a pretty complete system of initiation into adeptship, and I've had some results.

Breah…. Jewgle Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative. IRL Gears of War Hammer of Dawn.

Turn it up hetero male

Are you even responding to what I said? What the fuck are you even saying?

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Nice slanteyes. Gook Spooks go back to Chingland Bing bong

please consider suicide

You're an hour late.

Fuck you dude, you should consider that

By the way this whole druid thing would be better at Fringe 8ch.net/fringe/index.html

Fresh Neo-Folk

This general is also for British politics, current affairs, historical discussions etcetera, not only Paganism. It is here because we wish to attract new people and grow a community. I think the threads have been around for three years or more at this point and no amount of kvetching from disinterested or malicious posters will change that.

Morning lads, trust we are all well?
Another beautiful day today. Just got back from town. Had a very bizarre experience. Was sitting on a bench by the seafront making a roll up when one of the biggest fucking seagulls iv ever seen lands right next to me. Massive thing it was - looked more albatross than seagull. He looks at me and fixes my gaze. Instinct tells me to shoo him away (didnt want him getting at my tobacco tbh) but something stops me. I had a packet of dry roast peanuts in my pocket so I placed one of them in my hand and extended it. The seagull took the nut from my palm, cawed, looked me dead in the eye and set flight. I observed him fly west up the beach and he disappeared behind the treetops.
There was something in the eye contact that made the experience notable. It was like he "knew" something about me. Weird and hard to articulate tbh but I believe it was a good portent from a tameless familiar and it has warmed me to seagulls somewhat (after they kept getting into my milk bottles and skimming the cream) This particular one was huge though. Probably a good 60cm+ wingspan. He was a bro and a gentle giant, showed no fear of me and took the peanut in an almost "tender" manner then cawed in gratitude. Im taking it as a good portent lads because its left me feeling good.

Not necessarily lad - the six pointed star is not exclusive to judaism. It was only adopted by the redshields in the 1800s iirc. Reclaiming sacred geometry is laudable goal imo.

This. The hexagram and by extention, the unicursal hexigram are the symbolic language of the universe. Symbols (and abstract symbolic language) are powerful tools.

One of the better systems for the practice of ritual magick imo although I dislike its heirarchical structure. The old HoGD no longer exists anyway and i'd personally avoid any modern fraternal orders bearing its name but its ritual systems and most of its degrees are solid. Regardie's work on it here:


..and a neophyte guide by David Griffin here:


Worth studying if you want to get a solid foundation and understanding of Enochian and Hermetic Workings.

…also posting the Tarot guide of the HoGD (which expands on Waite's work pretty well imo)


Just remember to take all you read with a pinch of salt and also try reading between the lines if you get my meaning.

Proper enjoying our RIGHT WING FOLKMUSIC SQUADS tbh.

Here here - well said lad.

No druid/pol/ belongs on Zig Forums - it is a beneficial & symbiotic relationship and we are long established here. We are not going to /fringe/, we stay here, end of. It is tradition and we must be at the heart of right wing memetic logos and thought. Our place is by Zig Forumss hearthside, not /fringe/ or /x/. This is the most optimal position for the Grove's location.

Im thinking that one is maybe a bot lad. Its making no sense at all.

Kek, don't think you are lad, you are far too coherent for starters and the lack of spam or walls of tl;dr redtext in your posts suggest to me that you are definitely not schizoposter.

True that.

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No, fuck you. If you were a well-spoken and genuine portion of a paradigm and doing your thing…what would you say if I came up and kicked you in the ass? You'd tell me to fuck off, but honestly I enjoy kicking you and will continue to do so in the future when I see you. That would be rather bothersome of me wouldn't it? You deserve to be Angela Merkel's bathroom aid or something equally foul.

Fuck me lad, that is one pretty extreme punishment kek. Probably one of the foulest things I can imagine.

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Nice very nice. The only relatable thing I have is the deer under moonlight that sometimes appears in the park that I frequent. I think I mentioned the trio of chickens that appeared in the last thread, but yeah. The guiding Albatross is not to be killed under any circumstance IIRC. Bad luck and all that.

Some interesting information in your pdfs…I am planning on culminating every magick related inkling into a streamlined thing at some point. I just feel that. Can't really say anything else about it. Anyway OP Druid, how goes the leyline info and when do I get a name? Beastlad got the cool name…just kidding. I really enjoy this Grove amidst the Ridiculum ad nauseam that is Zig Forums.

Fuck these autobans for proxies are getting worse.

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The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere.

Thats the idea lad. Take what you needs from differing schools, use what feels right to you and tailor your own system which you can, over time compile into your own personal grimoire.

Its nearly done lad. Im so sorry its not been up as promised yet but been away and had a shit ton on irl so not had the time I would have liked to get it properly finished. Got a shit load of notes im gonna collate into a few greentext posts. Expect it this week sometime. also thanks for reminding me as I must confess it had slipped my mind

What would you want to be called lad? Need something you specialise in (40k, beastydruid etc), a vague location (Suffolkdruid, Yanklad, Norwaydruid, etc) or a story (Punished Druid, Vanlad etc) or something like that I suppose. The monikers just seem to happen organically tbh.
You can also choose yourself a "magickal name" after (self) initiation. That can be anything you like and you can share it or keep it to yourself. Picking a magickal name is important and the numerology and symbology of the chosen name is significant. Some choose grandiose titles (like "Frater Astrum Glorium Adonai". Others are happy with "Frater user" etc etc)
Some info on magickal names here.


Shitty site so archived but fairly solid info as far as I can tell.

Coleridge was an excellent poet. My favorite was always Kubla Khan.

>"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan A stately pleasure dome decree: Where Alph, the sacred river, ran Through caverns measureless to man Down to a sunless sea."
Fun fact. Kubla Khan is an unfinished poem because Coleridge had an opium dream and began writing down this wonderous epic he experienced (possibly something witnessed on the astral plane) Then a person from Porlock came to the door and threw his concentration. He went to the door, told them to GTFO and sat back down to finish the poem but alas, found he had completely forgotten the dream so the poem remained half finished. It's still a glorious poem though.
Consequently it entered the memetic public oncsciousness and the "person from Porlock", "man from Porlock", or just "Porlock" are now literary allusions to unwanted intruders who disrupt inspired creativity.

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Tune btw. I always liked a bit of 90s weirdgrunge

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Ah I loved reading that one in HS. Oddly enough the pearl-clutching "straight edge" kids who were upset about some of the reality behind many literary pieces became unabashed Antifa and Zig Forums types…

Indeed. Perhaps I joke around too much when I don't know what else to say.

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No. Portents, in this case, confirm you are a faggot.

I think I did a project back in school (GCSE English) where I had to "finish" Xanadu. Can't properly remember what I wrote though, it was 23 years ago.
I do remember I tied in some of the The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere stanzas and themes though, Got a decent mark for it too.

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Fresh CIVIC but sensible man
Weston is half way there & to his credit has been predicting civil unrest/war for ages now.

My name was just an easy way to refer to myself at the time. I first came to the lodge due to a "demon" that turned out to be a projection of self. I wanted to maintain some consistency in announcing myself so that the lads of the lodge could know it was me, as at the time, I had not posted enough to be told apart by writing style alone. And I am still confused for Yanklad quite often. But to be fair, I really haven't been around that long at all. IIRC, 40K called the "demon" a beastie or beasty (not sure how it was spelled), so I referred to myself as "[the] beasty lad" (with a space), so that they knew who I was. This just turned into my name, as it was easy and fitting. Now, the "y" or "ie" is sometimes dropped, leaving the name as "beastlad". I think I was the first to use the name, but I'm not sure. All of them are right though, and I digress. My point is, if you want a name it's as simple as interacting with the B.O.N.D. somewhat regularly. Eventually, you will find that there is something defines you as you in the threads, and you will eventually be called by that. 40K is called 40K because of his hobbyposting, while Yanklad and Norwaydruid got their names from their locale. Besides, earning a name organically like that is much more of an honor than just making one up IMO.

Have I been promoted? Wouldn't that make me the only Neophyte druid in the lodge? As much as I want to say, "it's an honor", I am uncertain I deserve such a title. Was this a mistake?

I imagine there is a reason for doing this, but it seems a little odd to me. I'd sooner go with a name that is fitting with my path. Even if there is something to that destiny number thing, I don't think it would be wise to reveal it. Going with a name that identifies you as you is perfectly fine. Even many of the figures in Norse mythology use such a naming system with "Brynhildr" meaning something like "Spear Shaker" or "Spear Wielder", IIRC.

The other day, I realized that "on" does not refer to something touching something at all. "user" or "An on" meaning "a short moment", I deduced that "An" was simply referring to a singular "on". If "on" was referenced in such a way, then that makes "on" not a preposition, but a noun. But for "on" to refer to an extremely short distance both in terms of something resting on something else, and to also refer to a measure of time without any other word which suggests a passage of time, it must simply refer to an extremely small amount of anything, particularly in terms of distance. But it might not refer to a small quantity of anything, rather just distance in general, as time is often referred to in the same way. "That's a long ways off", or "not too far off" in reference to time indicate that there has been the general idea of referring to time as a measure of distance rather than time itself alone at least as long as those sayings have existed. This also reveals a truth that science of today knows quite well: nothing actually touches. It's just interactions between magnetic fields and such, but nothing can ever actually touch anything, with a distance always between them. Thus, I propose that an "on" once meant a distance so small as to be nearly or actually imperceivable. Another example "Was his appointment on the first?" indicates a measure of distance between an appointment and a date, which is so small, that the date proposed is the only date the person asking the question could mean to ask if it lands on. If it was asked "Was his appointment near the first?", this gives room for it to be on a different day, as "near" is a greater distance than "on". This does not alter the term "anonymous" though, as it is not "an-on-ym-ous", but "ano-nym-ous", which means "a state of another name".

While this realization is not particularly too useful in itself, it just goes to prove that ancient wisdom and understanding have survived in our languages of today. Even if the meanings have changed, working out meanings such as this could be another source to look to for piecing together our history.

And to take this very incorrectly, but also slightly more entertaining a route, "bryn" would be spelled "broon" today, which is mighty similar to "broom". Thus, a broom was not always a cleaning implement, but once was used as an implement of war, which was presumably so effective at sweeping the enemies away, that it became common place in every household.

Thinking of it in binary of ‘on and off’ makes user a pronoun and an adverb. It describes us and our state of being; whereas NPC’s who namefag constantly on social media are off.

It has very profound implications tbh, I just can’t formulate any more at the moment.

>And of course our very own Beastielad has made some of the most rapid progress I’ve ever seenfelt:

Loyal lads and aspirants, I’ll be away for a spell. My flawless infant daughter was bitten on the forehead by a spider(not deadly but nasty and could become so), the same night on Saturday’s full moon, that my wife’s doggo developed stroke like symptoms. Whether or not these events are random coincidence, projections of my shadow self, or retaliation by the demiurge for slaying its agent(the deer) is inconsequential at the moment. These matters require all of my focus, will, and intent. I devote this abstinence from Zig Forums and food for no less than five days, to the God of the losers of Kali Yuga. This is a literary reference not defeatism. After which, I intend to recuse myself to the grove until July 15th if you seek me. Additional specific oblations will be made directly to Brigid on behalf of my daughter and doggo. I love you lads tbh; it’s been an honour and I’ll be eternally grateful for the

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Morning lads hope we are all well.

Topkek, same here. also the pigeons here (the city ones in particular) behave like flying pakis - fucking feathered rats tbh That was why I was so surprised by its seemingly out of character behaviour. I swear it looked me straight in the eyes and just held my gaze for at least 20 to 30 seconds. Then it took that peanut as gently as a mother tending its chicks.
Usually they flock about, loitering and skwarking up a racket and they will divebomb and swarm you if you are sat out having some food on the seafront. They peck open the tin tops of my milk bottles too given half the chance (although the milkman has started using the tile I leave out for him now after I left him a sternly worded note)
They shit up the place something fierce too - literally. White seagull shit all over the shop. The fucking nogs of the sky. Had one steal an icecream from my daughter once. Snuck up behind her and grabbed the cone.
This one was different however. He was an alpha seagull bro. Fucking size of him too lad….he was intimidating and I was nervous for the first few seconds. Thought I was in for a pecking. But he was just chill.

Sorry to hear about the spider bite on wee Druidess lad and your run of bad luck. Hope she makes a full recovery and the same goes for the doggo too. I often find that when bad luck manifests, it always seems to come in threes.
I wish you and your family health and wellbeing on your hiatus.

Distinct possibility. That or some group working on behalf of the enemy is attempting to cast curses upon our Lodge. This was touched on last thread and I and a few others have also had recent runs of bad luck. Be on your guard lad because its possible we have attracted the attentions of a rival group of some kind (I think it prudent that I consult the Tarot over this question) although I have every faith you are able to handle yourself physically & spiritually. We are on the side of Good & Order - strength & nature after all…

Same lad. Brotherly love, honour and respect always. I look forward to your return. Please pass on my warmest regards to the family.

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The way I see it is all B.O.N.D bretheren are all of an equal standing. No hierarchy & no leader but rather we all form a kind of "council" I suppose, with each lad covering his chosen area of expertise to the best of his abilities. Iv always viewed "Lad" & "Druid" to be interchangable here tbh but perhaps the "Druid" title should be reserved for regulars and friends of the Lodge. We are a fraternal order I suppose so it would make sense to differentiate with certain nomenclature. The OG Druids did so:

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Disturbing news from Sweden btw lads - seems their vile ruling class are now seeking to criminalize their ancient symbols such as the Runes and the Hammer of Odin. Red Ice done a video on the matter.
Poor Swedes, what a vile treacherous government they have. As bad as ours if not worse imo. Very disturbing development. Criminalizing ones own heritage smh.
There will be etheric consequences for this act of vile treachery. I swear one day the Swedes are going to just fucking snap and go full viking mode. Everyone has a breaking point.

Treason by those who initiated this.

…call for "criminalization". Acting on behalf of enemies.

Fresh Morgoth

Disgusting isn't it. Treason of the highest order.

Beat me to it that time lad, but for the captcha smh
Utter clown world

Kek, thats a first. Usually you are hot off the press when it comes to fresh morgoths lad and I dont get a look in. I like the fact he's bemoaning & having a dig at the bugmen. Iv REALLY come to loathe bugmen in the last year or so. Fucking hate them so much son.

You voting tomorrow lad? Im actually torn who to vote for. Tactical vote for Farage or Loyalist vote for UKIP? Or go for underdog For Britain? I'd vote TR if I was still in the NW but alas…..

The Breggsit party is running so I may as well throw in with them - only other options are the "conservative and unionist party" which I've never heard of, the English Democrats which I think are decent and UKIP.

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Tbh I'm tempted to spoil my ballot

Englsih Democrats ARE decent aye lad - they are big on gun rights and sheeeit. Tiny voterbase though so dont' stand much chance of getting a seat. Might do brexit party tomorrow too tbh - had my boomer parents literally begging me to tacticool vote them ("D-dont split the vote son, every vote counts etc")
Not that it means much tbh as iv zero faith left in the voting system to get us out of this mess but I suppose its a way we can stick two fingers up at the establishment. Ill see how I feel tomorrow when I go in the booth. With a sharpie so some activist cunt doesn't rub my vote out.

Oh and that shitty "Arthur" cartoon i never watched as a kid because I was a bit too old, apparently has homosexual rats in it now. Honk honk

So reddit has its own bot that posts on Zig Forums now? Ebig

Up to you tbh lad but ill wager thats what the ptb want you to do (fuck me have they been on a demoralisation campaign since they didnt get the referrendum vote they wanted…..) so i'd make this one count just so we can try and get brexit. Its literally the clarion call now. This and the next GE will (hopefully) be massive slaps in the face of the establishment traitors. I just want the cons out and liebour with no chance of getting in.


Good points lad, I have no faith in the system anymore I'm so angry so much of the time. I half suspect they'll try to Zimbabwe things I'll give voting a chance to but if they don't deliver…

A shill crying shill with this brilliant new technique the internet hate machine's days must surely be numbered

I think that is a lot of peoples position now tbh. Even the normies I speak to know something is deeply wrong.

On a lighter note, Warlord games have released a British Union of Fascists line for their WWII skirmish game!
Might have to get the Mosely one and incorporate him into the spess rhodesian force somehow. These would also be great for the Zig Forums written homebrew /tg/ game a few of us lads have been thinking about doing.

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Nice to know I'm not the only one, been thinking about the other lads under attack and wondering if it may be all of us

Stand firm lad. Iv felt it too - had a right run of bad luck as of late but it seems to be dissipating now. Ill get some wards up just to be safe but our combined loosh and tacit refusal to let any outside groups magicks effect us will prove sufficient.
Will, intent and belief are our most powerful weapon against externally projected malicious esoteric interference

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I've had a run of I'll health over the weekend I found myself drawn to a "magic defence" book in a shop maybe a sign

Intuition is certainly to be followed and I think we have all learned now that there is no such thing as coincidence. Did you get the book lad? Was it any good?

Msm speculation abounds sharia treason may to (finally fucking) resign tonight apparently.
Which vile NWO compliant puppet do you think will be wheeled out to replace her?
Gods PLEASE not sajid javid….

What does druid pol think of this?

MPGs a weird one tbh. I remember it from years back on /x/ and iv watched a few videos on it fairly recently (after the Notre Dame fire I think) but iv never really delved that deep. It does seem to represent the NWO trying to bring about some doomsday scenario and its chock full of esoteric and religious symbolism. I dont know why it was made though. Is it to troll tinfoilers? Is it just some bored, tinfoil oriented animation students project? Is it the cabal covertly telling us their plans? Who knows. There is a lot of speculation on the matter.
What are your thoughts on it lad?

I didn't and tbh I'm now suffering something else I think it's a coincidence but I'm not sure anymore

Probably won't be javid it may well be johnson a very smart man who does a love of very stupid things. I'm no fan of any of them

I dug a little deeper, the symbolism on the book cover is almost overt:

A squirrel sat on a dragon waving a yellow flag. Behind the flag is a pyramidal structure that looks very similar to the three pyramids in the plaza of the twin towers/freedom tower. In the foreground is an elfish character holding an open magic box from which 13 butterflies are released.

I'm sure there is more…

My current hypothesis is that these are items placed and inspired by the unseen to assist with the work.

Best of regards to you and your family. I hope that your daughter recovers swiftly, and that the doggo is found to be fine.

The B.O.N.D. is like a second family to me, tbh.

Sounds like the king of the seagulls. That's about how the doves and lark behave for me. I know that I've had that long of a moment with them, but this intelligence in their eyes eventually disappears suddenly, and they fly away. I assume this is their animal instinct overpowering whatever intellect was there, or perhaps the intellect simply leaves. They certainly have meaning, and a message to convey. I'm not quite sure what meaning your meeting with this seagull would have though.

While I was being a bit facetious with that question, I really was unsure of it. I did not know that "lad" and "Druid" were used interchangeably.

I should not have phrased it the way I had, nor been any degree facetious. That sort of half-joking is too vague and nigh impossible to pick up on in text. I apologize for that. I guess I must have been in a weird mood. I understood that there was no hierarchy, and was not suggesting one, either. I simply was inquiring as to the title, as I personally would consider myself a neophyte by lack of knowledge and to a certain degree, experience. But, having self initiated onto my path, I guess that would qualify me as initiate. I was using /fringe/ definitions, so it's really no surprise that I was mistaken. I appreciate your reply, it has righted some misunderstandings of mine.

I've not had any bad luck, but if I let my guard down for any reason, I find that my motivation dissipates, my intuition becomes difficult to differentiate from thought, and various other things. These are probably caused by something I did though, tbh. I would agree that a major part of it is simply refusing to allow it to affect oneself. Bad timing for me, as I need to find my next point of progression as soon as possible. To be completely honest, after progressing at mach 10, this apparent lapse or sag in progression is agony.

I've found that generally when I disobey my intuition I am in some way punished for it and made to do it anyway. That may very well just be how it is for me, but I would advise that everyone should listen to those "gut feelings".

The B.O.N.D forms bonds. B.O.N.D bonds us together. B.O.N.D for life.
The fact we have, for our Order's title, a multilayered acronym that also serves as the Lodge's sigil is perhaps a first. I'v not known any other group do that before.

Im still pondering it tbh and consulting the Tarot. Iv had encounters with tameless familiars before. Had one (documented in the archives) where a huge seven legged cardinal spider kept appearing at a certain time and at key locations in my house. The spider represented the sevenfold star and was a sign to incorporate the symbol both into my personal workings and into the Lodge as we were writing the Tenets at the time which STILL need a slight wording revision tbh to be a bit less "inflammatory" sounding I also discovered later on that the spider was one of my totemic shadow familiars, with another one being the horse - (which a paternal familial totemic animal that goes back on my fathers bloodline.)
Im still unaware of the third (we are meant to have three according to the work I am reading although in rare instances, one may have more.) I dont think the seagull is totemic to me though. I think he signified something else. Another user made the symbolic "albatross which must not be killed" reference (to the Coleridge poem) which resonated with me. I think his appearance is connected with creativity. I have a habit of delving balls deep into (usually) a hobby project only to lose interest half way through and end up with a ton of backlog usually in the form of a mountain of plastic sprues and modelling terrain materials I think seagull bro was telling me to follow through on my ambitions and intentions rather than being distracted by something else there by putting the previous project on hiatus (sometimes indefinately) It is one of my weaknesses and something I need to work on. This also applies with the pendelum project which I have been disgustingly slack on. Maybe he was giving me a nudge to get that finished too.
Thats what im taking from it anyway. Tameless familiar encounters usually pertain to something interpersonal rather than external.

Glad to be of some assistance lad. To expand upon the degree idea, I think it could be implemented without any form of hierarchy as it form a kind of triangle in b4 illurminarty symbolism etc but an equilateral one that could conceivably be "rolled" so no degree is above another and all connect in symbiosis.
Observe the (very crude and shitty constructed) mspaint diagram as an example to illustrate the idea. It can also act a kind of "political compass test" for the Lodge brothers who can pinpoint where they think they fall in the triangle.
The triangle itself represents the B.O.N.D druid as a whole. Notice there is no pyramid with the cap removed - no NWO symbolism, no elite and no leader or anything. Each user is of equal import, as he will display all three of the qualities of the triad in his person but may be drawn strongly to one side over the other. Or conversely he may fall smack bang in the middle.
Do you get where im coming from here lads or am I indulging in pointless introspective and overly esoteric navel gazing? Be honest. If its a shit idea, tell me and ill shelve it. But I think it may have potential in Lodge "lore" and it is faithful to the original Druidic makeup.

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Lads, Schizo is having a whinge about us in the meta kek.
I think I managed to ascertain why the bunker was deleted too. Having conversed with a mod in the meta, I found out that ALL our threads are reported and flagged almost certainly by schizo and are 99.9% of the time (rightly) ignored. On this occasion, it was opined that it was most likely a drunk mod not checking properly & responding to the flagging and thus in all likelyhood a mistake.

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