Molech worshippers mad they can't sacrifice babies in Alabama

Molech worshippers mad they can't sacrifice babies in Alabama

No comments necessary. Jew mad that they can't perform their ritual sacrifice magic and eat adrenochrome.

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Abort all adult kikes, call it a compromise.

The kvetching on the liberal cable news channels haven't been this shrill since they were last reminded feminism was invented to sell cigarettes by (((Edward Bernays))).

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Breaking news!
Missing children numbers going up!

Seriously though any who you might suspect to be a pedophile make sure to take them out before it's too late.

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Absolutely disgenic

If only that were the only children being aborted.


Already had moloch in the filter but thanks for giving me another spelling!

shut the fuck up you disgusting kike

muh Shitler will save us. It's working!


This is organized TRShilling. Their new narrative is that abortion hurts whites because if niggers were left to breed unchecked kikes wouldn't be able to use them against us. TRSodomites are absolute cancer.

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abortion = dead niggers and retards

your only argument is "muh moloch" schizo /x/-tier bullshit

accusing the jews of baby eating and Moloch worship is crazy and stupid.

There are so many real reasons to hate them.

shut the fuck up kike

shut the fuck up baby eating Molech worshipping kike

Jew confirmed.


how can I argue with such brilliant reasoning support by so many facts and statistics?

but seriously,, you're nuts or trying to make us look bad.

The Jews in the United States have wealth and influence far beyond their numbers and since they have a dual loyalty to Israel they do not weld their outsized power in the best interests of the Nation.

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Accusing jews of killing children has been common place for thousands of years, because they do it. They're just a little more industrial about it nowadays.


Post a shred of evidence ot this.. a single fucking shred,

You can't.

Meanwhile the Zionist influence in Washington is leading us into yet another war in the Middle East.

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There's a whole wide web out there, nigger, for you to look up Jewish Ritual Murder and the many documentaries, books and papers written about it, which has led to numerous expulsions of jews out of countries who could no longer stand their sick perverted presence. Filtered.

Stop kike. Both are true, you fucking failed wizard. Your shit has no power here, fucking vermin. Nothing you do or say will stop what's coming.
Sleep well.

You might need this.

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Filtered.. so I called you on your bullshit and you ran away.

I can find documentaries on ghosts and big foot on the Internet too. That doesn't make them real.

Don't get me wrong… The jews are up to something. But it's not supernatural.

Crackpots like you serve to discredit the people who point out their influence in the real world.

Search race demographics for abortion, and tell me we are murdering "children".

Reported for paid jewish shilling. Jews themselves admit to kidnapping, raping, and slaughtering children.

he who does not wish to believe, and also wishes to not believe, will not believe, no matter the evidence presented before him

Oh.. you can still see me.

Now you're running to the mods like a little bitch.

Your shit is a myth. Meanwhile the Rothchilds are real. AIPAC's overwhelming influence in Congress is real.. Jewish ownership of several mass media outlets is real. The Federal Reserve is real.

Your spouting folklore from the Middle Ages serves to distract from the real power of the jews and makes us look like loonies.

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Time to go, Schlomo. Be patient. We'll be dealing with your parasitical infection on humanity very soon. My friend's daughter disappeared last year.
You've left nothing left of value on this plane for us besides the glory of fighting for our very existence.

We're coming.

Kikes have been found guilty of ritual murder throughout history. Why are you trying to defend and cover for them?

Reported. You were proven wrong. You defend jews.

I am not defending them. I want their influence purged from the United States..

But accusing them of stealing children in the night like the boogieman isn't going to do that.

Focus on things we can prove. Things that are matter of public record and are an accepted part of reality.

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What are you fucking doing?

Trying to bring the delusional back into reality so that they might because useful.


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non-whites are overrepresented, and in states that are like 40% black like Alabama, niglets are going to be the majority of abortions. and before you make the 'how many dead niglets is a white baby worth' argument, consider the fact that the kind of women that get abortions are not the ones that would produce good spawn anyway. these would be slutty libshit single moms raising potentially half caste smug libshit race traitor offspring. the actual percent of quality offspring in the abortion statistics is probably pretty low, and overall abortion is a positive. the only legitimate anti-abortion argument is that it is feminism and empowers wymyn, this I agree is bad but overall that doesn't justify the 'christcuck zealots trying to save swarms of niglets for jesus points'
and what does that matter? do you believe in jew ritual magic? does it give them dark, sorcerous powers? will their domination of the west stop if abortion stops because the dead babies feed them magical power? this is what I mean when I say it's schizo /x/ shit to bring up "moloch" or whatever.

What happens when the negro birth population goes up? Whites are the least likely race to kill children through abortion. You want to adopt a niglet? I'm sure a lot of White families are going to be goaded into adopting a niglet because muh niggers are a form of sentient life.

Can't kill a niglet, that'd be unfair, have to wait until he's all grown up and attacks/rapes/kills a White then enormous amounts of majority White tax payer's money whom Whites could be using in their own families can be spent on his trial in order for he to be quite possibly be executed or more likely be given a lifetime sentence in prison paid for by majority White families.

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Butthurt (((leftists))) upset they can't murder babies anymore. Cry more, (((satanists)))

Don't try to argue stats. They're TRSodomites. Check their latest episodes if you doubt it. The kikes are trying to reel in gullible christians because their losing subs.


I briefly listened to TRS in 2015, and I remember Eunuch talking about how bad abortion was and that it couldn't be justified by the fact that so many blacks were aborted, which I believe he also said was immoral or whatever.

let's see any of you actually tell a woman no. I will be over here, waiting for the earth to fall into the sun first.

Thank god the (((christians))) are here to tell us why banning abortion in a state where niggers make up over 70% of the abortions is somehow a good thing.
I'm feeding you to your nigger pets on DOTR

Is it just a coincidence that jewish power in the US has increased exponentially since abortion became commonplace?
Those child sacrifices to Moloch sure paid dividends


REMEMBER: yids rape and kill kids. "Blood Libel" has been proven time and time again and they have a billion dollar fund to defend against goyim knowing abou their pedophilic ritual murders
a fund that is clearly being paid from. Nice doublespacing you Israeli kike.

shut the fuck up pedophile kike, we know your rape and
murder children.

Do you dumb niggers think that shitskins just breed infinitely or something? Do you think that they don't have kids even after aborting their own?

White women get one abortion and have zero kids.

A spic or nigger gets 10 abortions and has 4 kids regardless.

I dunno why, but I've always hated Jews. As a very young child I used to draw about it, as a teenager I've masturbated to it, and as an adult I've fantasied about murdering Jewish people.

In 4th grade, I would routinely say, “that’s so Jewish”. I said it to a Jew on my basketball team and he got so ass blasted.

I can't wait til you hit 30

the eft still works for them too.

So what you're saying is that 14:1 odds are better than 4:0? If 80% of spics and niggers are aborting and only 40% of Whites, then many Whites are obviously having some children. Just look around. I'd rather altruistic Whites be shamed from abortion clinics, since shaming us seems to have been weaponized against us already. And let the brown hordes deplete themselves willingly. But that's easier said than done.

Most babies that are aborted are black children, what is your point shlomo, need more black babies?

Notice how many threads about this topic on the opposite end of the opinion spectrum from OP (((naturally and organically))) appeared all over the last week, and how the mods let the duplicates stay up unopposed.

Kill all women who are pro abortion.
Keep killing jews.

Those hundreds of thousands of children who go missing every year? Pure coincidence.

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Too late, kike. The goyim know.

Is this a euphemism for the 10% of the black republican vote which the republicans pander to while ignoring their 70%+ white electorate?

If the jews hate it, double down

hitler dubs confirm big habbening at 30

Well one would be St. Simon of Trent, who was murdered by a group of Jews for Passover (iirc).
Another would be that there is video evidence that PP sells these fetuses to all sorts of companies. This isn’t a secret, it hasn’t been for a little bit now.
If you support this kind of thing all because you don’t like blacks you are truly lost.

Wasn’t letting me post this for some reason

who cares? the jewish blood magic isn't real
whites are underrepresented in abortions, the demographics would be worse if not for abortion you idiot

christcuck retards

damn that's sad to hear, we are coming for them too along with you,

This claim is the founding purpose of the ADL of Bnaia brith

A thousand dead Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail, but 5 dead niglets are worth 14 words.
Taking the inferior position to Jewish supremacy.

Well it's illegal to say it in Britain they even invented a law to stop people saying it. Blood libel. Evidence enough.

Qtarded christian boomer, the post.
Gas yourself faggot, for jesus!

saged, reported, filtered

And then one day for no reason at all everyone voted an applebees waiter into power

obvious kike

Jewish ritual murder is very well-documented. The real "crazy and stupid" idea is the conspiracy theory that all of these different populations with no connection to one another somehow colluded to baselessly accuse the jews of ritual murder.

Not quite. The ADL was founded because of Leo Frank who raped and killed a young White girl, but not in a ritual manner.

Got some sources, user?

Search blood libel
Or do you still trust the same people that have lied to you about everything else when they tell you something?

Read the book "Blood Libel" and then say that again you boomer.

Watch this.

I've got the book "Blood Passover". Does it speak about the same topic?

You're a TRSodomite shill. Prove the unfounded accusation wrong like the bar you're setting for others protip you can't kill yourself.

Kikes don't have "dual loyalty." They don't have any loyalty at all. What a newfag.

Another newfag who doesn't appreciate user/imageboard culture.

This user has a valid point. Stop being fucking schizos and bitching about irrelevant details. Whether you're right or not is not the point–making points more effectively for the public is the obvious point. Stop posting if you didn't understand that and go the fuck back to >>>/x/


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Then why did your dickskin get sacrificed to YAHWEH, you kike fag?

Reported for announcing report.