I’ve noticed something that frequently occurs whenever someone suggests taking action in the real world...

I’ve noticed something that frequently occurs whenever someone suggests taking action in the real world. They are called glownigger, Mossad, etc almost immediately.
My question is this: Why does the CIA want us to kill anti-white politicians and journalists? How do they benefit? Be specific.

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What's her dox?

They don't, shitstain. It's entrapment.

Action by law enforcement personnel to lead an otherwise innocent person to commit a crime, in order to arrest and prosecute that person for the crime.

Sub 100's really don't belong here.

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You can't expect retarded newfags to know that word.

So when I rile up the mentally-unstable schizos on this board in the hopes that one of them shoots up a mosque or a synagogue, how am I helping the feds? They can't stop it. Lone wolf attackers are the number one type of attack that keeps federal agencies up at night. It might as well be a bolt of lightning from the heavens because they never know where it's going to strike, all they can do is clean up the damage. That's not entrapment, that's just terrorism. And I think it's hilarious.

That wouldn't be helping the feds. Does your mommy tie your shoes in the morning or do you have Velcro straps?

why don't we all just move into the same state and create a community information site, only accessible by proof of residence?

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Clearly I didn't, or I wouldn't have included the definition in my response.

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You flatter yourself, faggot spic cunt.
Go blow some leaves, Jorge.

They are coward fags afraid of losing this comfy pozz'd world.

There is a wold of difference between inciting violence and luring someone into doing something stupid and illegal and people trying to organize and engage in activism in a legal (or mostly legal considering all the Orwellian wrongthink laws being passed) manner. Shills are promoting the former and discouraging the latter.

That way, you will find the same (((people))) making threads about shooting places while simultaneously calling you a glownigger in threads where you are trying to engage in legal IRL activism.



Because Zig Forums is filled with shills who want you to do nothing.

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For fuck's sake I knew this place shit the bed but I didn't know it soaked through to the box spring. A sage is not a downvote. This place is beyond gone.

The greatest shills are those false flaggit cowards saying "SLOB JUB MUSSID". I'm glad Earnest called these skizo boomers out. Those cowards who project their own cowardardice on the rest of the white race. "No white man could ever have courage to shoot back." They are wrong. Hail our Saints!

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Global report.

Feds don't want you to blow them up. They want to set you up then ARREST you before you can accomplish it. Don't talk to people who talk to you personally about doing a terror. Keep that to yourself.

1.) as user said here:
It's entrapment if LEOs do it. And they do it often.

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Drown self.

They don't.

They don't. Contrary to what faggots here think, law enforcement doesn't need to invent boogeymen to stay in business, there are more than enough naturally occurring ones to keep them getting paychecks.

The average cop/fed is just a pencil pushing busybody who wants to climb the totem pole and retire with a nice pension without getting killed. For the most part they don't really have a way of dealing with Zig Forums posters because so much of what is said here is either lies, shitposting or LARPing. Even when BT posted his thread about shooting up the muzzies the first few posts were calling it bullshit. So from a law enforcement perspective how do you sort out the truth from the lies and how do you keep track of posters from all over the world? Answer: you don't, you simply try to demoralize them to the point where they don't take the initiative to do anything IRL because honestly it would be near impossible for them to stop you in time unless you doxxed yourself and named a time and place several months in the future where you will attack.

But then again what would I know. I'm just a CIA glownigger Mossad shill.

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Kek, some of you guys are allright. Dont go to planet earth tomorrow


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Few things are more terrifying than random strangers being enemies willing and capable of stabbing you, shooting you, or blowing something up.

You can't know the identity of every threat, but every threat can know who you are. There's a staple reason the lone wolf phenomenon is tackled the way it is tackled on the internet.

On one side, they convince you that everything and anyone who recommends something or does something is a honeypot. They paint everything with a broad brush, to weaken the resolve of other potential enemies. No one knows what is real, who is authentic or truly on your side.

On another side, they do in fact create honeypots, use shills and plants, like Richard Spencer, and other failures. Not all of these failures start off as assets, and some become assets over time, recruited either through coercion by gift or threat.

So what do you, an user do? Trust nothing? Do nothing? Join nothing? That all depends on what the individual user is willing to give up.
Not all of us want to give up everything to take up the struggle against the current authority. There are varying levels of sacrifice absolutely necessary to take varying steps which will yield different results.

You could join a militia, even if it is a honeypot, with the goal in mind to influence the members to think like you do, or take a militia over in due time. It's a tug of war. Everything an user can do, the current authority, can do as well. They seed organizations with their assets with goals in mind to either co-opt, take over, sabotage or steer, among other goals. We can do the same thing they do. If you have less to lose, there's nothing wrong with joining a honeypot, you might die earlier, get thrown in jail, but if knowing you would die anyway given enough time with the current authorities plans in mind, at least you're making the effort to counter their plans by poisoning their movements with counter propaganda and opinion. They don't want us to do anything on our own, with our own lone wolf goals in mind. Everything they want us to do, has to be something they are aware of. Unforeseen consequences and situations are the worst elements an authority has to deal with.

The equation has remained the same, no matter the time or level of technology. The more lone wolves there are, the more fractures and unforeseen elements there are, the more resources an authority has to invest in keeping things under control and surveillance. They don't want anons who are aware of the situation to join a honeypot, we'd make terrible patsies. So instead they try to make the honeypot unappealing to us as much as possible. They want a narrow select group to join a honeypot, someone stupid, yet capable, and willing to do what they suggest. Someone who will seed their honeypot with counter suggestions to the narrative they are building, is a problem for them.

This is war. 8ch is a honeypot. And I don't care that it is.

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