Kikes Try Shutting Down Mel Gibson Film

Stop Mel Gibson’s new anti-Semitic movie, if needed by erecting new laws

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2000 character limit but this is also in the article and it's a great redpill about how the Jew uses shaming to control its Golem

Even a sodomite like Buttigieg was forced to bend the knee to the Rabbis.

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Mel gibson is a good american

He's Australian

Surprised nobody's commented on the co-star:


Remember HWNDU?

I have a feeling Shia came here to find out who exactly was stealing his flag, and started…

…Noticing things.

Cannot wait for the sequel. Its gonna trigger so many kikes oh I can't wait.

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Pretty sure he's a citizen now.

At any rate, more American than most born here.

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Not anymore, not since lethal weapon. Gallipoli, okay. But he's on our team for dotr


The current movie is called "Rothchild"
It's pretty amazing by the sound of it

omfg hahaha you archived my post, i've made that like a year+ ago! counter-semitism is the way to go!

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its not even out and memes are already flowing

jews always occupy all sides of a matter in question in case there will be something to jew with later. either way it will be HWNDU remastered

He's a terrible Australian, which is also good, and a Great American because he knows and values Freedom. Moreover, his best work is ahead of him and he will make going to the movies great again.

the first image is fake.

Time of Israel saying they need to make laws to prevent a film being made in the United States?

They aren't even trying to hide their power anymore.

Z.O.G. is real.


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This looks like satire written by a Zig Forumslack. I refuse to believe that this is real. HOT DAMN!!

Negative. He was born in New York state, the same as his Father and his Mother was Irish born. Mel has dual Irish-American citizen and I think has Aussie permanent residence cause he owns a house there.

I wish there were more executions for treason in this country.

Just look at how Chad St. Mel was back in the day.

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Surprised nobody's commented on the co-star:


Remember HWNDU?

I have a feeling Shia came here to find out who exactly was stealing his flag, and started…

…Noticing things.>>13297754

Good, b/c then it's easily disproven, and helps to hide his power level.

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mel gibson is practically jesus

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It's real

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An apt description

Good times…

Looks like he CONVOITED!


He must have come here after HWNDU.

You can't come here w/o noticing.

Let us pray he becomes brother Nathanial 2.0

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More chad than all the sandniggers in Chad

I'll bet anything after Shia got rekt with his whole he will not divide us campaign he started coming to the chans to figure out how to get back at us and he was red pilled.

Shia is one of us now.

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shia is a jew btw. not that they cant be woke, if they only have some jewish DNA but reject the identity. Look at bobby fischer.

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I watched "Man Down" a few days ago on a lark. It had Gary Oldman in it, hoping for at least a moment of cinematic art in it. LeBoeuf's lines are all mumbled. Film rolls like a jew consoling himself for not being decent enough to go to war for his host nation. If he were to have troubled himself to serve his country, you see goyim, that would be like God killing his own son, by accident. Also, to expand the sodomo-herzlist mirage, spurious noisome niggers pantomiming military competence. If Mel is going to get a saleable performance out of LeBeouf, he will have to enforce intermittent prayer on set.

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Yeah must be nice to be that handsome. Btw…
Hi Mel! You and Connery are my favorite actors.

Based Mustache Matt. Whatever happened to him?

I give up trying to not hate jews. I just hate them and I will never say a good thing about any jew no matter how right wing that jew happens to be.

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This, it took me about a year and a half after being redpilled to realize that there is quite literally, NO GOOD JEWS. I used to try to be a bit reasonable, because the singer of one of my favorite bands is a jew. (Disturbed, thankfully he's the only one so the other guys used to control it, but with their latest releases, it's been getting jewy, sadly, but I digress) But due to all the godforsakenly bad shit they do, and the fact that most of it is in their fucking genes, I've given up trying to excuse individual ones.

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He's still on Twitter but addicted to smack.

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Another proof that current (((laws))) are meaningless. They are only enacted to try to impose the will of the jews.
Always kill (((law))) enforcers when they are enforcing laws made by jews.
Always kill jews.

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Does the kike know those two things don't contradict each other. Rather, they make fucking sense. The jew always wants money so it's latching onto this likely gold mine of Gibson's.

Same here user , I was genuinely sad when I found out that David Draiman the lead of disturbed was a jew . I used to listen to them all the time (god forgive me for liking ''never again" because of its great solo rif and its angry tone ,I know I know I wasn't redpilled back then )
but yeah their last album has been utter shit

Wait what..I thought Shia Lebouf was a je-

Ah, based.

Are there any movies or TV shows that are completely jew-free? I want to watch something that isn't tainted with the jewish virus.

Jews did try though. They just couldn't stop him because Mel Gibson is sheer talent.

Oh shit the disturbed lead singer was a kike? That… That explains so much.

Read a book. Much better. Or get /fit/.


Reading books is boring where's my based capshit movie

A noble passion. The holy hatred is divine. Consider all the men in our history with which you share this exact conclusion and resolve.

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Despite being Jewish,, Israel is an ethno-state.

We could learn from this.

I don't know about "sheer talent"

Remember that movie about the guy who spoke with a beaver puppet? Nether does anyone else.

but he does have over 400 million dollars to his name so he can do whatever he wants.

But I'll pay to see this movie, if it gets distribution.

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By scheming anglos into duping them an ethnostate which is now maintained by white man's blood and taxes. When Israel is thoroughly destroyed is when some justice will be delivered in this world. Take your hasbara elsewhere.

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Salty jew.

And still they wonder why they are despised

Lol. That would be grand.

Why do they persecute me so?

He made a come back without jewywood. Gibson is blacklist by the jews anyways, so that only proves they do control shit

Note how these 'people' are absolutely everywhere, crawling out of the woodwork at any opportunity.
Look at those names.
Fucking MOSCHE-MORDECHAI and Raechal Shewfelt.
I ran across "Goldstein on Geld" on utube the other day, with 500 videos about how to chest people in economics.

Not the first time they shut him down. He wanted to do a the story of Judah Maccabee and his crusade against race mixing between heebs and goys. No one in Hollywood wants to back that red pill.

That because he's friends with lesbo Jodie Foster and she directed that pile of shit. I think he was just doing her a favor.

Leftypol approves of this suppression.

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You called yourself AnonFromKekistan, but not anymore, like you grew out of it. Like Kekistan was just a weird phase. Cringe, but honest genuine cringe wow.

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Wonderful. The more it's suppressed the more people will want to see it. It's human nature to want to see what you're told you can't. The hype won't expend itself in a week either. It will take

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Yup, checks out. Neck yourself, you cringe fest.

wooden doors

I always thought that his world view was shaking, and he was overreacting.

He moved to Australia when he was kid from America then moved back to America when he was in his 20’s. He has an American accent. He’s American.

This is what makes Hitlers happen.

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He has a nice house right on the Naval peir in Sydney. You can literally walk up and rind his doorbell. I hear he's an approachable guy.

It is a real naval peir as an Aussie frigate was moored up right next to his house when I was there.

If it makes the jew kvetch, you're on the right track, so do it more


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She's only a dyke because the kikes got her young and broke her.

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That's odd I never knew that, heh

Shia is Jewish.

I truly thought Mel was wearing a kippah

are these quotes real?

huh, hes from upstate new york, moved at 12 when his accent must have already developed, never knew that.

bumpan for Mel

Look at that neurotic fuck all but admit the rothschilds are jews.

Nobody ever denied that, except for kosher conspiracy conmen who claim they're secretly Jesuits or whatever else.

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Heh, I hope so.

Sounds like the Road Warrior needs our help, boys. We better not let him down or
he won't let us ride with him on DOTR

I think you mean we could relearn this.
we could however learn from jews how to manipulate your enemies to suicide

Step out of the chans every once and awhile, they lie everywhere to the point they can get away with it. It's how they create layered controlled opposition.

Go Mel, the last thread got jewed the fuck out of… He a kike faggots, he's lucky to have his career back after that based Jew speech he did.

True Australian, never take our freedom you kosher fucks.

Righto keyboard, he's not a kike… Don't fuck with me phone.

There are places in Israel named after the Rothschilds, who were openly behind its founding, and Edmond de Rothschild was on Israel's 500 shekel note.

Their jewishness was never a secret.

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Heh, still an Ausfag champ.

What are some ESSENTIAL Mel Gibson kinos?
Can the kikes even shut the film down at this point?

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Just a note about what Mel Gibson's knowledge about the Rothschilds would be. According to Jonestein (7:00 in the embed), Eustace Mullins was friends with his father, Hutton.

Mel is the greatest.

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And you're still a useless cunt that will never be white. Imagine that.