Mutt Nationalism

How do you do, Zig Forums? I'm a shitskin from a shitskin nation. My country has always been plagued by rampant corruption and violence, and yet people still think the political climate is right vs left, no other alternatives, so you'll be met with confused stares with stuff like nationalism, and also that we've been programmed like good goys to react NAZI at even cuckservative stances.
I am currently following a nationalist group and they have decent ideals, pretty similar to what's discussed here. I'm gonna translate some paragraphs up next.

This is what rubbed me the wrong way.

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You start off with segregation. Nearly all problems of the world can be rooted back to a single ecological crime, miscegenation race mixing. Start by fixing the most fundamental problem. Segregate and breed only within your race.

A homogeneous people, a race of people who do not mix their seed without dire consequences, can never be controlled by the jew. The jew first seeks to destroy a soul of a people through miscegenation, then to alienate them from their culture through control of their finance.

If your country is as bad as you say it is then it cannot be cured simply by changing leadership. Usually corruption runs from top to bottom in a country. Also having an exploding population makes a country unmanageable.

So where to start?

Here's where you start; work to give universal literacy to all the women in your country. Literacy among young women makes the birth rate collapse to a manageable level, such as replacement level. With a manageable population then you can start working on other structural problems.

That's a good issue you're mentioning. This country is MUH DIK-tier when around women, and women come in different flavors, not too different from what Europe or USA are facing. They think they're stronk women but open the legs for any idiot that sweet talks them, and a large part of the population is seriously ignorant, thinking things like witch doctor's or prayers will cure them. So you have rural girls that are very ignorant, and urban women that drink the modern degenerate lifestyle Kool-Aid. Ironic how many in the country insult or hate the US, and yet can't stop consuming whatever Kikewood churns out, as well as media or fashion trends.

Bear in mind that historically, slavery wasn't solely a source of cheap labor. Slavery served the role of occupying the time of the lesser peoples with functionally important tasks. Seeing as how the US is the dominant social force in the world, you've probably been taught to view the role of slavery in a capitalist/materialist view: indentured servants cheaply create materiel to be sold in the market place for a capital gain. That's a jewish take on the historically important goal on keeping the lower peoples occupied. Idle hands are the devil's playthings. Particularly when those hands are attached to a sub-80 IQ chimp who just wants to get his dick wet. A whip at a slave's back keeps him from impregnating 10 different (yet indifferent) women.

Brazil is nationalist and they have many mixed race people.

Just build your own family the right way and don't worry about this "nation" meme. Nepotism is everywhere. Every race and every political system. Build your family and instill loyalty. That's the only support you can count on in the end.
Also, never put your dick in a feminist.

How can you be a self-aware shitskin and not kill yourself? Just take out as many kikes as you can with you. Your country needs a dozen nukes to be dropped across it.

If you're from a South American country (I'm assuming you are), then unfortunately there's not much I can say on this matter. The situation in South America is complex and not all that familiar to an Anglo like myself.

You should probably look at what your national forefathers wrote on matters of race and the nation and use that to inform you. Also, remember that the present state of your nation is not necessarily a reflection of their actions/choices. Their vision has almost certainly been subverted.

The problem for Latino countries, South and Central America is that their founding civilizations are

1. Blood drenched cannibalistic human sacrifice drug deranged maniacs


2. Insanely murderous conquistadors suffering from some of the most psychopathic greed ever seen in history, and it's a greed untempered by the Protestant work ethic. It's the most ignorant and superstitious variant of Roman Catholicism imaginable.

Not a good combo, frankly.

Just enjoy your life until you're genocided, turner diaries style… in minecraft.

The Conquistadors weren't just regular Spaniards. Spain took the opportunity to get rid of its undesirables by sending them on a suicide mission halfway across the planet, and the result is that many of the Conquistadors were criminal elements, many full-blown jews and Moors, and so therefore it is dishonest to lump mestizo rape-babies with regular Hapas.

Yes it is.. both are unworthy of planet earth.

Well yes you're right. But it was fun to say what I said..

I doubt you understand the words you just typed. Being an ignorant nigger doesn't help anyone.

Oh not this shit again.

If you follow any group identity outside of race, you're controlled by them. And race is what they stole from you. So the only reasonable way to move forward is to rally under the victim complex of having been robbed of your racial identity. Don't try to proclaim what you are, accuse them for robbing you of your natural identity. You should be at the forefront of resistance against jewish race-mixing.

Go make your own Zig Forums call it like >>>/muttpol/ or >>>/mudpol/ but don't try to make this board your own, its not yours, and you will fought far more here than any of other White places you try to make your own.

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I understand completely, it's a finite planet, the most superior, creative and beautiful should inherit it.
There is nothing wrong with mass sterilization, are you a Christcuck?

Americans, Hispanics, Mediterraneans, and Slavs are white. Their nation: the United States of America.

D&C shill, filter ID.

WASPs became SHAMs (Slavs, Hispanics, Americans, and Mediterraneans)

Maybe, so long as you aren't the scum who define White folk as non-White just because of feefees.

Funny as when you mention to be a shitskin, I see much less shills around.

In what world can mutts be defined as white? Feelings don't come into it.. its facts.

It's hard to understand things when you're a half breed. He clearly stated (correctly) that spics and hapas are both mongrels and thus unworthy of existence on our planet.

It's always fun to mention to a proud spic that they are the half breed bastard spawn of Spanish colonizers and the inbred natives they raped.

Now you're being dishonest, pretending I said mutt mongrels are White. Shame.

What I am saying is, you just have to look at the haplos and what the race has achieved.

No such thing as a euro mutt. We're all from the same stock.

The US was created by the jews as a mongrel nation. The split into states was made by them to prevent the US from having any unison that could harm the jewish cabal. The stars on the banner representing the states are stars of david, representing zion ownership over the nation. Europeans where driven out of their homelands by jews to build this mongrel nation. The "white" identity was created by jews to destroy their European identities, and to further cause division by attributing it to Hispanics, Mediterranean and Slavs. The "American" identity is based on the American Dream, which was being sold to them by the jews.

This! Anyone who says Slavs, Hispanics or Mediterraneans aren't white just got BTFO

Stop the D&C between brothers

No, Bolsonaro is a ZOG nigger, and the South is my country!
In many ways it's the same shit as the USA; this country will not resist in it's current form as the dynamics of the neo-liberal status quo change and the interaction between the internal ethnic groups modify.

The ultimate endgame of the brazilian white man is to establish a ethnostate on the south with very foward-thinking eugenics (to compensate for the lost time with niggers) and annex the rest of the country as a client state.
That's or dying as a people and getting gradually mongrelized as the countrye's economy devolves into desindustrialization.


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Far from it. Your problem with comprehending the big picture is "time". That is the jewish advantage over the rest of the world…they had the time to follow and perfect the way of crime for over 5k years, while systematically covering their tracks through historical revisionism.

The first post is the best post.

Do you even understand the etymology of "natio"?
A 1/4 negro 2/4 native 1/4 Spaniard doesn't have the same "natio" as a 2/4 Spaniard 1/4 German 1/4 banana.
Nationalism is for those who actually share a "natio". Otherwise it's something else, not nationalism.
"Civic nationalism" is itself an oxymoron and intellectual abortion.

I advocate NS for your cunt.

Just go on a basis of ancestry to your nation if you're in a mutt country. Only people who have ancestry from, say, Brazil can be Brazilians; in this way that would include all mutts of Brazil while deporting anyone whose ancestors have played no part in the formation of the country.
(I.e., only peoples whose ancestors built the nation can be Brazilian (i.e. have ancestors from Brazil). Anyone fresh off the boat ain't Brazilian by descent.)

The basis of Nationalism is the family. Even a mongrel people are related to one-another through one parent or the other; and it is this familial relation that is important. You are a family, a tribe, a people with shared blood; and you are but one such family, tribe, blood-kin in a world of many others. Nationalism is about prioritising your own family, tribe, blood-kin's health and prosperity.

Talk in those lines and it makes more sense. The reason your culture is what it is, is because the families with the same blood in their veins act in similar ways and in the past formulated various things such as dress code, music, ideology and all the rest. These things manifested uniquely among your own people, even if your people are a mongrelisation of other peoples; you are now unique, and it is your unique people that you seek to uplift. Let the rest of the world worry about their problems; you must focus on your own before you can help anyone else.

Nationalism is obviously right and true and natural. People only oppose it because of misguided idealism as well as a total lack of understanding of history, philosophy and such basic things as the means of survival. Portray everything in this light, perhaps avoiding potentially triggering words like 'nationalism' or 'blood' and instead focusing on family, folk, people, but making it obvious that you refer only to those who are related; and you'll have success.

Good luck Nationalist Mongrel bro, and remember that White Nationalists support non-White Nationalism as well (as long as our peoples do not come into conflict, which is usually not an issue as Nationalism usually has an inherent 'isolationist' aspect to it).

you can't do much. if you're from latin america, you must be aware that ethnically, the average latino has african, mediterranean, and a cannibalistic indio heritage. Perhaps at one point this wouldn't have been much of an issue, but as time passed and as the colonizers kept mixing with the colonized, plundering the shit out of the colonies, spreading cuckstianity and corrupting their administration, the small issue snowballed into an eternal cancer for south america. Instead of genociding the natives and building settlements for colonizers like the Anglos did in the north, the meds created a bastardized line of confused individuals, with no "nation" in common, with an artificial culture that falls short compared with their european and Asian counterparts.

your average latino country is rotten to the core. corrupt, impoverished, materialistic, hedonistic, etc. it runs through the blood of the average inhabitant there.

embrace the truth OP. your country cannot be saved and will therefore collapse eventually. once the jewmerica gibs stop flowing, once the USA collapses, so will the rest of the continent. if you're a good man, get yourself fit and take some youths under your mentorship. teach them to not be niggers, the value of physical and mental health, redpill them on the eternal jew, be their guide.

Ignore this kike. The theme of redemption that is so integral to Western civilisation should inspire your people, no matter how righteous or wretched, to make themselves better.

they should strive to make themselves better. but for your average south american country, far worse than muttmerica in nearly every aspect, there is virtually nothing else you could do. you're the living antithesis of a nationalist movement. your own blood dictates that, not me, not you nor anyone else. A nationalist movement implies an unity of blood and family. your average mutt in the south shares ancestry with so many ethnicities from around the globe, that they can't know where do they come from or who do they are. they are mystery meat. claiming otherwise is disingenuous and shows how ignorant you are on the complexity and ancestry of the latino issue.
stop being retarded. you don't know what you're talking about. once america collapses and europe rises again, latin america will go back to being either european settlements, or small independent communities. maybe then a real nationalistic spirit can surge.

Read Bunge, he was very redpilled on the problem injuns, mestizos, blacks and mulattoes would suppose for the future of Latin America. Some religious orders were kinda redpilled too. Shane all they did was just discriminating them and not actually finishing them Roca style.

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Good luck man. When I started browsing 8/pol/, my brain is filled with visions of posts that I saw on the board, posts filled with hate, posts indicating that when Whites have their ethnostates, the non-Whites will be decimated and taken over. That image of the sheer possibility of Whites conquering the Earth and killing any non-White has never escaped my mind. Initially, I brushed it off as a super idiotic thought. But the more I pondered, the more I realized that shitskins like me ARE doomed. Think about it. The reason why other races STILL exist today is not because they managed to fight against White colonization but because Whites empathized with the non-Whites. And another thing, Zig Forumsanons may disagree with me, saying that White people's ultimate goal is just "White ethnostates and nothing more". I beg to differ. With the Ethnoglobe woman spreading her idea, many here began to follow her ideas to the point where anons now debate which is the ultimate worldview : White ethnostate and leave other races alone in peace or full Ethnoglobe. Everyday I see more and more anons following the idea. Besides, there can be NO peace on Earth. Different species fight for the limited resources that encompass this rock. Even IF all races get their share of spaces on the planet, peace will be short lived. Maybe my definition of short lived may be different from yours but it doesn't matter.

With all this in mind, you think you're safe in the future OP? I know for a fact that Ethnoglobe may happen some day, maybe even after I die. Why? Whites are born with everything. Everything. All thanks to excellent genetics. Other races may lack some of the White man's genetics, and some may even have none (i.e niggers).

Just accept the fact that there's no peace and that you're forever a shitskin. Live life as it goes through you.

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kill all humanoids

bump for shits and gigs

this. all sandniggers (south "europeans") and gooks should be wiped out

I respect your rationale. Very rare in this day and age, especially among the artificially arrogant subhumans.
Good luck!
If you survive, don't make babies. Live out your life in your hidy hole innawoods.

Nice faggot