Jordan Peterson tweets Talmud quote

“From the Talmud: In a place where there is no man, be a man.”

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What do you want me to say about it?

if this is news to you, you don't belong here

Since you're a fag with a twitter why don't you reply with Revelations 2:9 or something?

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Most conservatives don't even have the constitution on their walls but Jordan Peterson has a wall reproduction communist art.

Shit thread op

I find the lack of actual Talmud scans in those replies disturbing.

Infographics don't cut it.

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Or at least quote

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Peterson supports Talmudic law

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Quit being a wanna be ISIS member and go grow some circumcized balls.

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A neo-cohen

Tweet this back to him:
Genesis 19:30-38

Good post. That neurotic fast talking jewish voice going on about all the legalistic subtleties of the jews and their relationships with non jews would be funny if it weren't so tiresome.

By the way, I have a little present for you all.

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here's the documentary


I listened to that jew for one second before managing to mute the video and it was too much.
Not to say anything of its trustworthiness, if there are "true" editions.

The Babylonian Talmud, translated by Michael L. Rodkinson (1918)

The Complete Babylonian Talmud

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Kek m8.
Successful Earnest when?

Reminder that the "no idolatry" law deems Christianity to be idolatry, and the punishment for it is decapitation.

Thanks for this :)

There will never be a better opportunity to redpill randoms on the Talmud. You can't buy this kind of backdoor publicity.

I appreciate you posting this, it's very kind of you but 5 minutes and 26 seconds in I feel like I'm getting infested with lice and I fear going to the tap to get a glass of water that may be poisoned by them.

Holy shit, the comments are gold. It's like Zig Forums in a different format. Redpills for days; Peterstein fucked up hard.

I say this as someone that used to defend him.

what's the difference between the two versions you posted besides the file size?

Quick! Get Trump to reply from one of his Kabbalah teachings… we need to own him and show him who is boss!

I'm not sure if that kike is thinking this through. Last thing you want is normies finding out Talmud has Jesus burning in hell and condones rape.

It's best just to use the one from It's a kike-run website, and their translation is very blatant, even naming Jesus directly instead of the usual "sinners of Israel" with a footnote.

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Worse than Lahey.

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or even Isaiah 53

who cares

He should just reply him with this

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Scroll down far enough. I've seen it two or three times.

Don't use that version, a lot of those quotes are questionable. This is the completely factual one.

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Sounds like something Sean Connery would say before backhanding a women who speaking out of line.

I don't have an account, but I hope somebody can show @BenPlum10 these

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He needs to be flooded with every ridiculous quote from the Tlmud and shown to be a jewish servant

I don't know, but I'd go with the 1918 version as its a direct scan.

Here's some Talmud quotes

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A lot of those are highly questionable or from texts other than the Talmud. As bad as the Talmud already is, there's no reason to lie about it, so you have to wonder what the motivation was of the author of that piece - Acharya S., of Zeitkike fame.

Stick to what you can verify on and