A metaphorical, esoteric analysis of the ending of Game of Thrones

Obviously Spoilers ahead for the last episode.

Dany is the representation of the aryan woman. Aryan Beauty and Fertility. She is the metaphorical womb of the aryan race. The Stallion that mounts the world is the potential of the aryan race.

Jon is the representation of the soldier, the traditional man, stoic, masculine values. The giant sword from Mormont he is often seen carrying around is representation of his martial vritue.

Tyrion is a representation of jewish intellectuals. Mind over matter. The pen over the sword. His bad advice to Dany was self-destructive. Not once did he give good advice. Everyting he told her were basically poisonous ideas. These are all represenations of what women today believe and think of as self-evident. Everyone perceives him as extremely intelligent, despite the bad advice. Jews also have a rich history of comedy, so it's not surprising that he is also the quipmaster.

I could write pages and pages of this, but I don't want to bore you all. What happend was that Jon basically let himself be manipulated by Tyrion to kill his own woman. He rejected marriage with her. He rejected breeding with her. Dany isn't actually infertile. She did birth a kid. It was just a disgusting mutt devoid of all beauty and strenght.
And what the viewer noticed was also an extreme sense of dread and suspicion of treachery, leading up to it, that completly evaporated once he killed himself. Not even the Dragon did him any harm. It was all in his mind.
This is the theme of our current gender relations. We are scared of our women. Because they have a metaphorical dragon on their side, that they didn't use to have. The divorce courts and feminist marriage laws.

Dany just wanted to be loved by a strong man that helps her conquer the world and Jon rejected her. Again the theme of sexual frustration ending with a destruction of a city isn't surprising. It basically represents feminism as a giant civilizational shit test for men.

And when they meet in the throne room, we can see that Dany regards Jon with absolutely no suspicion. Do not be mistaken and think that Dany somehow reprents an already tainted woman, because she was married to Khal Drogo and so on. She is the reprentation of feminity and women in general, not a single woman in this context, so she was a stand in for different kinds of women at different times. In the early Seasons, if you remember, she basically called for the destruction of the white race with her foreign, middle-eastern looking husband and ally.

And how did the story end? Jon retreated north. This basically represents the retreat of the white europeans to remote locations and abandoning the cities. While his culture and goverment is devoid of strong masculine figures and instead ruled by weaker men devoid of higher ideals and morals.

But this is not an end for us. When I watched the ending, I kept hoping it's a a dream and when the show didn't utilize time travel to fix the situation, I thought about an alternative ending, where Jon would unite with Dany and marry her to take over the world.
The only thing that prevents us is fear.

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So she fucks other non-white dudes than fire-bombs other aryan women because fucking dragons? Nope. Shitty analogy.

You just needed to read further:

The jewscast mentioned that many people want to just scrap this season.


The only thing to learn from Game of Thrones is the difference between a white man's writing (George Martin), and Jewish writing (Benioff & Weiss).

GRRM is 1/4 kike, user.

Please leave this forum, which doesn't GAF about talmud-tv.
Go away, anywhere but here.

The jew copied the master J. R. R. Tolkien.


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Didn't sage..

You're analyzing a show written by jews.

great analysis

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No, you just needed to write less.

Yes. It's a very popular show that has a lot of meaning for normies.

That term is ironically exclusively used by "normies".

We need a meme after Drogon carries her away of him leaving her bloated corpse on some island next to a giant pile of dragon shit.

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Default J. R. R. Tolkien's world a metaphor for our world ?


Stop using subhuman allegory words.

No, it has none. Except the very basic "lust for power for the sake of power destroys you". You think kikes are going to write about Aryan philopshies? Toppest of keks.

I laughed at this too
Jon was a whiny indecisive bitch in S8 who was complicit in the burning of the city because "muh dany". He was nowhere near stoic, which Martin wrote him as in earlier seasons. Martin is a hack, but a successful hack. D&D could not carry his hack philosophies to their fruitful end.

Your analogy is trash. GoT was written by a Socialist Jew who plagarized everything good in his setting from older and less well-known authors of fantasy like Robert Jordan. ASoFaI is 30% Dragonlance, 60% Wheel of Time, 5% Lord of The Rings, and 5% original Jewish content like a page and a half devoted to describing a naked woman violently shitting all over herself.

All G.R.R. Martin brought to the table that was new or unique was pointless violence, a fixation on incest and the scatological, and a culture-of-critique style deconstruction of European mythos and the Fantasy genre. Or in other words, all that he brought to the table that was his own was exactly what you would expect from a fat Marxist Jew, and did not improve the story or narrative in any way.

Stop obsessing over Netflix McCulture and read a good book instead of devoting this much brainpower to Cultural Marxist horseshit and allowing it to live rent free inside of your head.

G.R.R. Martin is a literal Communist Jew, you braindead normie fuckwit. He outed himself as both during Puppygate. It's on his blog.

He copied Tolkien, but he directly plagarized from Robert Jordan. Even the name "Game of Thrones" is stolen directly from Wheel of Time.

You might not think that symbolic is useful or has any meaning, but believe me. They do think that.

You still think of them too much as persons and not representations.

You think only artsy movies use symbols or are worthy of being analyzed?

Figures. So much sexual degeneracy and cultural marxism pushed in this show. It'll be forgotten in a year.

Meanwhile LoTR will be talked about and read decades to centuries from now.

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LoTR is a masterpiece which I couldn't describe.

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Daenarys is the PINNACLE representation of the fucking JEW Woman. a complete manipulative Compassless Vampire. and Jon Put an end to it. Jon can go fuck any white bitch he wants. Whatever the fuck. You TRAD KIKE LOL Go fucking hang yourself.



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I don't think a dumpster fire of degenerate garbage like Game of Thrones IS "worthy of being analyzed." Nothing made by a Jew ever is.

A thread died for this blogpost of yours. Stop digging through a semitic shitpile and pretending the corn bits you find are complex symbolic diamonds.

I recommend that you live in reality and accept that this is a popular tv show with a big influence on normies, whether you think it's a good show or not.

Hip hop is popular as fuck too, doesn't mean it has any meaning in it. What part of do you don't understand?

There is no meaning in GoT because jews cannot understand natural philosophies, they only eternally seek to subvert it. GoT is nothing but plagiarization of other fantasies written by whites. Now fuck off with this garbage thread.

lol richard spencer liked my tweet about this (yes I am the actual OP, I didn't steal it)


Tell dicky we know he's a cia nigger and he'll hang first on the day of the rope.

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I like his unconscious cinema stuff though. It got me much more interested in symbolic and esoteric metaphors.

Btw I listen to a lot of his stuff and he explained that one picture that gets used to say he has bush ties, that the wife of bush didnt even know who she was on the photo with.

Congratulations, your random thoughts on a televizion show are public in the sea of nothingness (social media).

I just need a bit of time to get this shitty show out of my system. This short analysis I have written up is just my way of dealing with it.

Jew actor playing the handicap is the new ruler

I see

thanks for being so understanding, user

Dany was a literal SJW

Your allegory is insane.

Gonna have to disagree. She is the fantasy escapist character of leftist SJW women who want to be the goddess/queen of unwashed brown hordes and weaponize them against people of their own race and culture. They accidentally made a brilliant analogy as the SJW queen destroys the capital city and literally rules of ashes and dead bodies as her shitskin hordes cheer, while surviving white men are executed in cold blood by nigger soldiers.

Nigger you’re drawing parrellels from a badly written HBO show, adapted from an incomplete book series written by a cuck.
Get your head checked

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I read the books and enjoyed the portrayal of internal interactions where it's just a bunch of little men and cunts using any means necessary to persuade or trick each other into doing what they want. (jews) daenerys is a cross breeding child bride that uses a series of unreal bullshit to do more unreal bullshit by being a literal witch, in which sense, she tricks people into admiring her strength and power which is only derived from mystic bullshit and trickery.

The only thing that was good and righteous was the house of stark and the men that take the black. dudes in the north were just badass hill folk.

I don't know what you're watching the show that has all those fuckwits glued to their screens pissing out worship for, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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Jon went to Thule.