Look man

look man

look man im fucking tripping fucking balls man, and it's my first fucking time and i just dont fucking know man, i have a lot to tell but most of it just fucking horrible and i want off this fucking ride WHY

it's a battle man, and it's only been on 150ug man.
fuck man. it's a lot worse isn't it. fuck man.

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mods dont ban me please

i just really need help right now
you've all been sending me the most fucked up shit.

i appreciate you guys aren't like the 4chan niggers, you guys just leave me here, but they were trying to fuck with me

why is it so empty here


get off the internet and go outside for a little bit, it will help

it's 1.25 in the morning man

people have sent me such horrible things

Literally fucking SAGE



its a bad trip fellas

i know it's nothing
you know it's nothing.
yet we all are
it's meaningless man.

I used to dose all the time. 150bug isn't that much. You'll be fine. I do three times that even when I haven't dosed in years.

yeah man, i know it's nothing. it's just that i've seen some horrible things lately.

Its going to be ok buddy ✌❤


perfect, so nobody is around, just go outside, you'll feel better, also if you insist on shitposting while tripping, go to >>>/tv/

you're fucking lying to me, what is behind that fucking thing just tell me.

im trying not to, it came back here man.

Kill yourself, hippie dope head.


thank you. i've become so accustomed to assuming the worse

go watch a comedy movie user, it'll be the greatest thing you've ever watched, trust me

i have transcended in even understanding how fucking high i am right now

but i'm not, and that's the beauty of it

at your dose, it's very moldable though; anything you stare at, the details you focus on/think heavily about, the features will dramatically increase, so if you look at your nose and think it's small, it'll get smaller and smaller
Don't fight it, flow with it

This fag is lying, the last thing I'd do on my first trip is post to Zig Forums. Fuck you you lying faggot!

dude, it took awhile but i got here man

It sounds like you may incur mild permanent psychosis.

i see it's fucking nothing again, why does it always go back to it.

Ego dissolution

I've always found listening to music is nice when I'm high.

this still isn't it lads im scared

dude write down everything you think and see and realize and share it with us, but don't take criticisms personal, some of us want to hear it and appreciate it, others will probably insult you, but we want to hear what you think

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it's okay to insult me, you insult me because you've seen the exact same thing and now i am just one with you in thought. i just have a lot of thinking i need to do man. it's too fucking early man.

Back when I was young and loved to get stoned I often found it was particularly good to jack off.

Music + Jack off material = good