Millenial failure

Where did it all go wrong for Millenials?
Was it the boomer parents?
Was it TV/Internet/Phones?
Was it our coercive public education system?
Was it the empty promise that we could be anything with the satisfaction of not having worked for it?
Was it the realization that the rewards for a lifetime of societal compliance are empty of meaning?
Why is Gen Z so much more Woke?

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Smart phones and social media, giving normalfags all day access to the internet with the ability to attention whore to millions along with kike social engineering.

That's where you are wrong. Its societal bastardization all in the agenda.

It all went wrong for them when they got out of college and had to get real jobs. So they just ran to their mommy and daddy to live with them while smoking dope and drinking shitty craft beer. They hate god, they hate capitalism(the greatest economic system ever made), they disrespect our boys in green who died for our freedoms, and they hate our judeo-christian constitution. They are all marxist bernie supporters who need to grow the fuck up and start working, move out of mom's basement and vote for pro freedom and economic politicians like trump.

this isn't hard to figure out folks

Here's some millennials right here, blaming outsiders for their failures. Hey RETARDS, there is no colossal conspiracy by "the man" to hold you down. Get it! You just don't have the right work ethic to succeed in life.

I'd argue it started with millennial WOMEN. They bought the jew narrative and became degenerate whores and slaves to social media for attention.

College tuition has increased 1,000 percent since 1978.

Wages are stagnant.

This generation has the greatest debt burden of any in American history and faces a crap job market.

but let's just stick with the idea that you just don't work hard enough

just stay on the jewish capitalist trendmill, running like an insane hamster and not getting anywhere.

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plot twist, the curve started increasing after Nixon eliminated the international reserve gold standard.

Psychiatric drugs gave much of the generation brain damage so millennials can't sustain a human level of culture, and have been reduced to s sub-human culture where they have to climb out of it to become human.

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and don't forget the feds turning student loans into for a for profit predatory lending scheme.

fun fact.. even declaring bankruptcy cannot get you out of the debt,

I wonder who controls the banks.

Who control the colleges?

You know why the government started guaranteeing student loans? In the late 70s people going through medical school would take loans from private banks to pay for med school. As soon as they started their residency they declared bankruptcy. Doctors to make shit for many years anyway until they get the experience, so they came out with a blank slate.

The jews at the banks kvtetched to government that they would stop giving student loans. Government said you can't do that because we need doctors. The rest is history.

typos, sorry it's late

Those are likely not even old millenials but just older. They all look 40+.

I've been thinking about this for the last year or two and I truly believe things have been going downhill since the 60's (hippies). Think about it, feminism, sexual liberation, drug use, it's all connected. I started to think one day, why is south america such a shithole NOW? Certainly it wasn't that bad 50+ years ago when the cartel didn't run shit down there, but they got big because of extensive drug use in the 60's. That's just one example.

The gold standard removal in 71 was the root cause of all of this. It's what freed the jews to print money to push their agenda.

No. The Titanic (((sinking))) caused something much more sinister and evil which is the cause of all of this - including the removal of the gold standard.

We can argue the butterfly effect shit all day, but the answer is ultimately - jews.

Zinger. Tech needs to be accessible but limited

sure…but how did they do it?

If you are going to charge them with a crime, you have to explain what they did.

It's cyclical. Strong men create good times, good times create weak men, etc. The internet as a catalyst has created a tighter, smaller cycle.

by creating the central banks and then eliminating the only constraint on fiat money

Are you feeling well user?

Tech needs to more accessible.

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Why do you believe what you believe?

Surely you can answer that in logical and rational fashion… you are a white man.

It's the fast food.

it started with the microwave ovens in the 90's.
people slowly conformed their brain with a hand-eye level of planning and foresight, making them even worse parents than their own.
combine that with lacing the food with HFCS which ravage your brain, GMOs, hormones in meat and the water, and you got amerimutts.
The extent is not the same in europe, but they're working on making it happen anyway.

It was the Federal Reserve creation in 1913 and then WWI in 1914. The guys that went over to fight and then all the degenerates that went to party in 1918 in Paris when it's economy was on the ropes after prolonged war were known as the "Lost Generation". If you think the hippies were bad I can assure you the Lost Generation were much worse.

Because jews are not worthy of the rights and dignity of a fair trial.
Your wording is incredibly suspect. Almost as if there's an echo in here.

You cannot base your idea on logic and reason.

Logic and reason are the foundation of White Supremacy.

Are you a happa?

Nixon was just doing what a jew puppet was supposed to do.

All of the above. Why play a game that's rigged? Economic slavery. How can one even get passed the Ponzi scheme of fractional reserve lending without feeling like a cuck? You won't get rich doing the noble thing. You will have to take advantage of people to gain those materials.

Change my mind.

Gen X was way worse, but you're too fucking young to remember, GenZ homo

Millennials were an unfortunate transitional generation, blaming technology is a retarded excuse, if that were the case then why has it not Impacted gen Z?

The reason is actually the opposite, technology just wasn’t there yet for millennials and they were stuck in a model that was dying.

We're better than those before. We weren't digital natives like Gen Z so of course they're better.

That being said, it was up to Gen X to preserve that fire from the few good boomers. Those that did are heroes.

It isn't a generation issue, it's an issue of technology and access.

All wrong, until the fifth post. Increasing degeneracy, almost without limit, driven by women's sexual liberation, was the most destructive trend for Millennials.

Gen X has the same parents as Millennials. They just chose to have kids in their 20's instead of their 30's

Nah, mine are alright.

The very fact that we've got a place on the Internet where we're having this conversation says "no".

Definitely some blame there, yeah. Don't know about other places, but here in Germany the propaganda is cranked to 11 with the dial getting turned even further now.

No-fault divorce and stronk wamyn getting that "stellar career" carrot dangled in front of them? Definitely.

Rewards? What rewards? There are no rewards. Stagnating salaries, empty pension funds and robber baron states that charge extra as soon as it realizes you can pay and enables all manner of parasites to do likewise (see also: no-fault divorce).

Much as I'd like to believe this, I'll believe when I see it. So far it has always been an unproven allegation. They are exposed to even more of the above and I don't see them taking to the streets with torches and throwing roman salutes any time soon. Quite the opposite, actually: they skip school every Friday to protest climate change and demand CO2 taxes. That's not woke, that's the ultimate cuckery.



Holy fuck I can't wait for you retarded boomers to die

This too, basically millennials were caught in a very shitty transitional period of history.

Gone fishin' for (you)'s eh?

College is joke in this country. Unless you're going for STEM or business major, forget it. Even then, most Universities post their lectures and course material online and that's not to mention the myriad of other options available.

19th century feminists were right, the patriarchy failed.
Specifically, their patriarchy failed. Those men did not deserve their women's respect or love, nor the respect or loyalty from other men.
Feminists tried to solve the patriarchy by destroying it, which ruined generations of men beyond imagination.

You want a solution? Rediscover what it means to be a Patriarch, and make a generation of them. While you're at it, make a generation of Matriarchs as well.

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What was it that you feel rendered 19th century men as underserving of their women's love?

I bet you spell dox with more than one x

Is there a chance that we can thrive without deconstructing the existing system and reverting to the old ways of our ancestors?

I predict the death of the human soul before the death of the planet. Can half the people you know still even visualize?

I can visualize, but all I see are the last things i'd ever want to.

I'd liken this to our propaganda hitting major Gen Z populated areas, which i'd still strongly consider continuing if we're to have any chance of survival. Our ideas must be passed down to the youth, especially to get them in on a forbidden truth.

They were ruined by their teachers, who gave them the idea that if they failed, it was the teacher's fault for not teaching to their learning style. Helicopter parents picked up on this too and learned they could shield their kids from consequences of laziness. Millenials learned they could blame anyone else, and everyone would actually play would actually play along with the game because it's forbidden to say, your child is lazy" or "your child is not intelligent and will never be good at math". Since you can't actually make a stupid or lazy child excel, the only option is to pretend they're doing okay and pass them. So failure became average and mediocrity became excellent.

Millenials believed all this smoke being blown up their ass that they "could do anything". Not only did they get this from schools, they also got it from the pop music. So they became narcissistic and they also learned how to manipulate others through the rules of the institution. And they loved the power they could wield through demanding safe spaces and deplatforming once they reached college. It's all just a game to them, but it was the game they grew up with.

And, it's women that run the schools, of course. I've worked in school and saw that these women aren't operating from a desire to destroy western civilization (some are), they're just silly and stupid women and there's no one willing to stand up and tell them so.

sorry for typos, I'm drunk, not illiterate