Why do people care so much about Jews here?

To be honest I don't really care about the Jews or someone scary in the top of society manipulating all of us.
I don't care that much about any of these beliefs that there is some big rich guy controlling us. Because what the fuck will you do about this nothing other than argue on the internet with people you will never meet. Even if someone does something I doubt it will change society in a way and if it does people will just forget about it in a couple of weeks.
Also what are you doing to 'save western civilization'? Complaining on the internet isn't fighting.

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Nice shitpost, asshole.

The actual Sargon of Akkad defeated the Anti-Assyrian coalition. He should have destroyed Judah when he had complete control over (((them))) but that's never the case. Those who conqueror the jews never eliminate (((them))).

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Lmao not going to get far from this one brother. After the Trump victory wore off literally every single thread needs to involve them in some way

You can call this place a ruin of what once was but that would make you one of (((((((them)

Keep crying kike

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All the others, read about the jewish tactics, that get used to jew, the goyim:

Make sure to spread this, wherever you go. Kikes hate this!

Lurk 18 years before posting again.

The reason why the 'jewish question' is so important is because it reframes the entire debate. It is not a political struggle; it is a literal battle between Good and Evil; between God and the Devil; Truth and Deception. A lot of Zig Forumsacks only half grasp this idea and instead simply use the vile aesthetic of the jew as an exaggerated caricature of the evils that are inherent to many nations of man; but it is deeper than that. Those of us who delve deeply into history and theology see the same themes play out over and over again; a faction of righteousness, a faction of evil manipulators; and an unruly and violent tide of the 'other' that can be directed by either side, which either becomes more Noble as they are uplifted by the Righteous; or more diabolical as they are manipulated by the Evil.

The battle is always between the same people. Simply put, the White Man against the malformed White Man, for that is what the Jews are whether we like to admit it or not. They are similar to us, imbued with the ability to create; but theirs does not take form in artistic beauty nor in the pursuit of perfection, but rather in endless laws to inflict bondage on their fellow man and twisted ideologies that mutilate and warp the body, the mind and the soul. The wild, bestial other has at various times been the Hun, the Turks, the Arabs, the Africans, the Native Americans, the dark Asians and the Orientals. These are people who have the capacity for good or ill; who under the guidance of Righteous Men become in themselves Righteous people, yet when the Wicked hold sway they become something perverse and violent, and become destroyers of Righteous civilisation.

The Jew does not create civilisation, for it is a parasite. Like the Devil their father, they do not use their abilities of creation to make anything that can survive for any time; instead their creations lead only to destruction - communism, transgenderism, homosexuality and various perversions of technology like social media, drugs and weapons. They take what others have made and done and seek to bring it down, to twist it and turn it against us. The Bible tells us all we need to know of this deviant and parasitic sect of the Hebrews; for they have existed since the beginning. They were the ones sacrificing their children and building altars to false gods; they were the ones attempting to re-create the ways of God in the material world, doing the will of the Devil who himself wants to be God, yet without His Creative powers can only emulate Him in a poor and vile way. This is what circumcision is; the circumcision of the heart or spirit represents a people separated from the material world, yet to the Jew the false version of this is to mutilate themselves in the physical realm. The pursuit of endless knowledge and life in the form of transhumanism or even the internet shows a twisted attempted at attaining what God offers; they cannot give us true eternal life, but they can warp our bodies and cause our lives to the extent that we wish for death; and this will only become more severe in the coming years.

This is not a petty political squabble between National Socialists and Jews. This is not a racial struggle between the White man and the Jew. This is the battle between Good and Evil manifesting in real life; between the Sons of Righteousness and the children of the Devil.

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Is “I don’t really get the hate for jews” a new one?
Needs some more polishing to really glow and reflect light. Why do you scum always try to testrun your rethoric as threads, as if you aren’t shitting up other threads already.



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Op is just a straight up faggot.

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jews - the cause of all the worst problems in the West
Kill all jews - the solution to all the worst problems in the West
Seems pretty straightforward to me. And now, with DNA testing, we can do it right and exterminate every last motherfucking one of them. I'm a little to the right on this one

Why did you even come here to post this? Take your own advice.

Who could of seen that coming

Dem's breddy much lies and fighting words.


The Jews are the prime enemy you history rewriting kike. If anything Jews were talked about less after the election because all the civnat boomer retards flooded the chans and we had Q on here for awhile.

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Global report.

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