SWISS ARE CUCKS ! Switzerland voted in popular referendum to get stricter Gun Control

Switzerland voted in popular referendum to get stricter Gun Control, to please the (((Soviet))) European Union.
Three articles on that.
RT: Gun-loving Swiss agree to harsher firearms control to avoid Schengen tensions : Swiss vote to tighten gun laws, safeguard EU relations Gun lobby looks set to miss its referendum target–2019_gun-lobby-looks-set-to-miss-its-referendum-target/44960944

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Soon Hitler will be the only head of state to have had loosened gun laws since a century.

Reminder to beat this into every cuck.

From the RT article:
"Over 875,000 weapons were registered in Switzerland by August 2017 to 279,000 owners, while it is believed that civilians are in possession of between 2.3 million and 3.4 million firearms. Despite the massive presence of firearms in a country of just under 9 million people, the gun homicide rate in Switzerland is very low, with 0.5 cases per 100,000 people.
Despite the exemplary gun heritage, Switzerland, which is not part of the EU but part of the Schengen visa-free travel zone security agreement, was urged by the EU to tighten its laws in line with rules adopted by the bloc following the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks."
So it's because the (((EU))) imports mass 3rd world niggers, sandniggers and muslim immigration by millions, they also bring (((proxy-warrior))) terrorist groups who do mass kiliing in European soil and then, instead of taking all those invaders back to their countries, we now have to disarm ourselves like the cuckolds the Europeans are.
Furthermore,the "gun homicide rate" for Switzerland is extremely dishonest and misleading, because statisticians put suicide into the "homicide" category, thus massively boosting the numbers of """homicide""".
Swiss people are so stupid, destroying their own Sovereignty to please the (((EU))).
Just to say, the (((Russian Soviet Union))) disarmed all the population under it's diktat and then, they exterminate close to 75-100 millions native people, most of whom were Christians.
Disarm the population and then, exterminate them all, just like the (((Soviet Union))).

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US is using illegals and intelligence operatives to illegally disarm Americans, OP ks worried about the Swiss, whom have never once stood up for anybody other than themselves.

The Swiss can eat my ass.

yes, but now they're failing to do even that

Muh Guns is like a migapede slogan at this point.

They couldn't even stand up for their own people when it counted. Why would I lift a finger for them now. I have no feelings for the Swiss that don't start and end with apathy.

Swiss Guards. Swiss Guards, Italian Guardia Svizzera, corps of Swiss soldiers responsible for the safety of the pope. Often called “the world's smallest army,” they serve as personal escorts to the pontiff and as watchmen for Vatican City and the pontifical villa of Castel Gandolfo.

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Pretty sure that Switzerland is cucked with subhuman trash at this point. Subhumans love the state more than they love their own children.
Switzerland is only 70% Swiss, which means that they are about as 'racially integrated' as most states in the USA.
Swiss 70.3%, German 4.2%, Italian 3.2%, Portuguese 2.6%, French 2%, Kosovar 1%, other 18.7% (2017 est.) (this is the nigger/subhuman population)
So there are nigger and street shitting subhumans everywhere in 'Switzerland'. It does not surprise me that they feel the need to become HELPLESS and genocided in their own nation since they appear to be pathetically liberal and completely ignorant.

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Lmfao Switzerland still has a 92% White population. The Jewnited States has a White minority (not officially but it will after the 2020 Census for sure).
Fuck off Amerimutt.

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Ignoring demographics isn't going to help your cause, faggot.

Guns haven't been a problem in Switzerland yet they're expending energy to "solve" this non existent "problem," or were the vote results rigged?

Looks like germany wants little resistance when invading.

Votes dont matter, its who counts them.
it was something about the EU being pissed guns are so accessible so they said ban guns or leave the trade union because terrorist attacks like the ones in france could happen. or something along those lines.

So you find the best men of each nation and then find the worst for the American and Irish. I mean the Irish yeah I get it but the Americans have some heroes going for them.

Look at the meme again. Under "Texan" and "Dixie" you have 2 American heroes. Southerner here, can confirm we will wreck a niggers face and literally lynch Jews for usury.

Yes but none of the Revolutionaries were Southern. Would you have a Texas or a Dixie if not for them?

I should say most of them weren't.

let this be a lesson never become a landlocked state, having no ports means you are cucked by the surrounding countries in order to export and import goods.

Yes we can never give up the coasts or lakes.

I'll bet if Switzerland extended mandatory conscription to females there would not be a voting majority who would approve of gun control measures. "Service Guarantees Citizenship".

Switzerland has mandatory conscription for males once they reach the age of majority. If they are deemed fit for military service they serve, if he object for reasons of conscience he can apply for civil protection. Assisisting fire, police, etc. This effectively means that every male Swiss citizen is literally forced to get his shit together in young adulthood.

Gun crime in Switzerland is ultra low. 0.5 gun murders for 100,000 citizens. They really don't need gun control. This is about Switzerland staying neutral. Switzerland will do just about anything to stay out of conflict.

I think make conscription mandatory for females. Sell it on sex equality and the fact that the Swiss military is short on conscripts, recommended that women be included in the military draft in order to meet its annual demand of 18,000 new soldiers a year. This makes sense from a strategic perspective for Switzerland and it. Also when you think about it, it's probably mostly women who voted for the gun laws. Get more women in military and civil protection where they are handling firearms and understand their value and you won't have this problem.

Didn't Nazi Germany mandatory gun registration. But they only ever used the registration list to confiscate guns from Jews, Johova's Witnesses, Gypsies, Freemasons, etc. It was in a documentary I saw but I can't find it in writing anywhere. One of the arguments against gun registration is that it makes weapons confiscation easier. (Which it does)

True terrorism has never been a gun issue. It's an immigration issue. Statistics show that areas with higher rates of gun ownership have lower crime rates. Places with more gun shops per capita have lower crime rates with fewer gun shops.

Whites will start to be a racial minority when boomers start dying off in mass by 2030. AMERICANS will never be able to win a popular vote again. America will die from democracy in the end the course of events continues along its current trajectory.

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No, that is retarded fake news spewed by good goy libertards and neocons. He actually deregulated, completely deregulating the ownership of long guns and exempted anyone with a hunting licence, government job, or NSDAP membership from any regulation on firearms. Just read the wikipedia.

WLP wrote a book about NS gun laws. Lurk more.

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I live in Vorarlberg and I can confirm that the Swiss are niggers.

Female conscription won't do anything because they'll be given cook jobs. It's not like they'll be put into harm's way with infantry or something.

women aren't conscripted in Switzerland but they could volunteer if they wanted to.

Oy veyyyy B-b-b-b–bbutttt wahhhh, goyyyy hitlahh was an evil dictator he totally feared his own people!!!!!!


sig sauer has a kike CEO

And isn't Freedom Group kike led as well?

Asshurt albanian cunt wasn't allowed into Switzerberg country, lulz!

Stop obeying (((laws))) that are against you, and start killing jews and leftists in your country.
Unite. Organize. Mobilize. Kill.

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Sweden is mountain locked, before this cuckoldry they even re-renovated the tunnels so only the ones they control can be entered and set to collapse with equipment they have in place cutting them off from every country except by air.

I don't see you doing that, my tor friend.

What's your badge number btw?


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They still voting ballot in person only, ink on finger, and with a real voter id with image? Otherwise they didn't vote for shit.

Where is Cascadia? We belong next to Texas and Dixie.

Still mentally cucked I see.



Guns were never that important to the French Swiss (the majority who voted for this)
They would rather be able to travel to France for vacation or Amersterdam for hookers and weed than have the right to self defense.

Civil war would be a nice solution to this, expel the French Swiss as not being real Swiss. But they won't because life is too comfy so they'll just put up with whatever 20% of the population who owns guns will now have to adhere to

There is never a ballot that asks if you don't want to be genocided.

Women are not rational actors and assuming they can be educated the same way men can be is a mistake. Some of the most liberal women in existence are the female officers and barracks whores in the American military. They will unironically support infinity abortions and gun control while using a gun every single day and demanding a bible in their kit. If you think conscripting women will "straighten them up" the same way it forces men to get their act together, you're in for a society-destroying surprise.

You aren't going to make women worthwhile again by treating them like men. Only an imbecile would believe otherwise. You'll make more ground by outlawing abortion and birth control than you ever would by giving women guns and telling them to put on khaki pants and LARP as men.

the (((swiss))) are super cucked and is the HQ of the Rothschild banking kikery foundation. Its in Basel.

The swiss banned all criticism against (((LGBT))) rights.



Voting only works when it is verifiable.

Damn shame, a man could still buy a machine gun in Switzerland, and New Zealand for that matter, till about 2 months ago.

Holy shit

Ya swiss are fags. You guys know how many rothschild houses are there? With the size of your country, you could take a walk down the street for a few hours and affect the way of the world, yet you allow it.

This vote was rigged.

The early bird gets the worm.

Fuck off mutt. Go be not white somewhere else

I am joining the military as an officer. I am going to work as hard as I can to get high up so I can lead when it's time for us Americans to finally destroy you Europeans. I legit hate you people and want nothing more than to dominate your nations for their crimes against humanity.

The only thing you'll ever dominate is a bag of Cheetos and a liter of Dew.

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Good luck at TBS, you fucking mutt. People like me fail people like you right out.

Incorrect. Doritos > Cheetos
This is why you've gotta die.

Well it's a good thing I'll be on the down low until I outrank you.


Good to know you're a wannabe Marine. A hooah wouldn't have recognized the acronym. That definitely limits our scope of search.

I bet you are one of the brick eaters that disgrace the image of the Marines.

It's good that they do that with a referendum.

America has been the greatest contributor to jewry since 1865. Confederate States of Dixie forever, damnyankee cocksucker

We need to revive Imperialism. America will rule the world, I'll make sure of it.

Nazi Germany tightened gun laws, you sick fucker of a lying leftist! You shame causes we share!

Reminder that this style of utter contrarian shitposting is the trademark of 4cucks immigrants. This board has been allowed to die by the faggot mods who sit with their thumbs up their asses all day

You're just mad cuz you don't understand the true potential of American greatness. Stop lying about shitposting and accept inevitability.

Confusing Sweden and Switzerland are we?

Seems now only the Czech Republic is based on gun…for now.

swiss fag here
I talked to a lot of people about that already but the trend is going into the direction of no mandatory military service for anyone and very few people would vote for mandatory female military service

as for the general state of switzerland I have to admit that it's going downhill for us. the good thing is that the cantons are still very independent of eachother and make a lot of the laws on their own which resulted in some cantons (basel, zürich and french niggers) becoming really cucked and others (schwyz, uri, etc.) to stay based. here in schwyz we still have a conservative majority but that will change soon because most of them are our old citizens and the younger lefist faggots will replace them eventually.

as for strategy there was an interesting proposal by dr. david dürr who I have spoken to personally, he wants to sue the swiss state on a legal basis and leave the swiss confederation but still have access to their monopoly services.

LOL, you can't leave the union when you joined, have you ever heard of the civil war in the USA when they wanted to leave the union ?
Or have you ever heard of the Sonderbund civil war, when the traditional Catholics cantons formed an alliance and wanted to live the union of Switzerland, and then, the Protestants cantons came to them like a ton of bricks and declared that alliance "illegal" and the start the civil war and they beat the Catholics and forced the modern federal system and constitution that Switzerland has.
Once you are in, you can't not left.
By the way, I know the secretary of the movement "a Switzerland without an army", they guy is an Arabic (and likely faggot) foreigner, and claims that because his country was at war, it gives him a license to come in and wreck the military of Switzerland.

Bad enough (((they))) imported the muds to begin with, but now they're punishing law-abiding native populations for the actions of the invaders.
If a shitskin terror cell pulls a Beslan-style attack in CA or Jewyork, US politicians will be demanding the same from us… Bonus points for ( ((supposed)) ) links to Iran while using 80% "ghost" gun builds, converted solvent traps, and Tannerite bombs….ZOGnald's pen would need a fucking active cooling system as he furiously scribbles away our Rights

This, despite any legal assurances to the contrary.


Honestly, Switzerland needs to be prepared for war against the EU. American here, but I see Switzerland as everything America wanted to be. Rural, decentralized, democratic, and based on a citizen's army/widespread gun ownership. So, it's sad to see Switzerland cuck itself.

Also, centralized liberal democracies are a mistake. We should've stuck with confederations of local direct democracies like the landsgeminde and town hall meetings.

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This was directly enabled by the Christchurch operation.
It was voluntary.
There will be no rising up.
Simple a removal of the means of resistance and armed struggle.
Now explain how this benefits Whites.

>Bad enough (((they))) imported the muds to begin with,
Muds have nothing to do with it.
If there had not been a muslim population to place in the role of terrorist, they would have used a "white extremist" in their fake terror attack.
The result would have been the same.
And yes, #Paris was a fake event.

Bolsonaro eased gun restrictions in hueland last I heard

>that's why the Swiss need to disarm themselves for the EUSSR to be safe
I haven't' even finished reading this and I'm already experiencing pure seething rage, well you know what Fuck France and their inflated over importance, they can go shove their baguettes up their ass, I hope Muzzies kill more of those smelly cigarette huffing faggos especially with all the stupid wars they along with the UK and Israel dragged us into because their shitty empires have failed in making Arabs and South East Asians continue kissing their ass.

~okay I'm done reading, when the fuck will this shitty bloated bureaucratic as hell Union of Oligarchs and Technocrats collapse already?

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Eyy pope where are them little white alter boys at?

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Eyy pope where are them little white alter boys at? Come on hook a wigger up man!

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It's not punishment, it's by design. (((They))) want us dead, understand this. Being or not being "law-abiding" won't change our ultimate fate in this system.

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It wasn't France or UK that dragged you into middle-east wars. It was Isreal and american ZOG who just happen to have israeli passports and even nice houses over there for them to run off to… Fact is, the US is compromised since at least 1913, when the Federal Reserve act and ADL were both created.
So now you got false flags constantly (including the big 9/11) and Bush staying Iraq has WMDs, and other lame bullshit. Well hope you enjoyed wasting all your tax money for Israel's benefit. At least they sort of got something out of it (they're holding Golan hotage for now), along with giving an excuse for the rapefugee crisis in Europe (basically executing the Hooton plan).
BTW, funny video (can't embed because 8ch says "bad request, file already exists):
Let's not forget the fucking cianiggers created al-Qaeda in the first place, during the cold war. So this is YOUR problem you created coming to bite you in the ass. And that's your just rewards for fighting against Hitler during WW2.

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Moral of the, don't register your funs, get some funs off the not so sunny market, and if your not a brainlet like me make some of our own funs in your garage. Start with something simple obviously.

I'm aware of the fact we're pretty much ruled by Aipac and OPEC, I was implying it was the French who dragged us into Vietnam though after their colony failed because a bunch of Jungle gooks didn't want to be ruled over by a bunch of pompous baguettes, I don't blame them TBH.
Don't forget FDR's (((nationalization))) of the peoples private gold stocks that the (((federal reserve))) just 'lost' by accident one day.
Did nothing wrong
I'll read about that later on, thx.
B-but we need to create terrorist organizations and cartels more powerful then their native governments to fight lee gommieism, surely it won't backfire this time right?

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The Swiss seem to have this weird dynamic where they are losing interest in recreational shooting. Possibly lots of nuisance regulations that contribute to this?

So in less than 20 years, they see an 80% drop in people who attend their annual shooting competition. This doesn't make a lot of sense. It would be good to know the reason for this.

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It's Women.

Jews are like HIV, they can't kill on their own, but they can cause the "body" to weaken. Switzerland is based because women didn't vote until 1971 (at least in the German speaking cantons). The longer I live the more I think either Anglin's solution of using SE Asian women as surrogate mothers or full on artificial wombs are going to save us.

We need an Exit from the Gynocracy if we are to solve anything.

Women are dragging us down. Even the "right wing" mothers, it's just a matter of how much. I've played the game, it's not winnable. Even if you find a good women you will be spending money (not on her directly) and thus need to make enough to pay taxes.

Switzerland is still great, even most of Scandinavia, rural UK, rural France, and the US. They are all failing on the same fronts but at different speeds and different times. The solution involves identifying the parasite and depriving it of blood. Ironically, that russian lolbertarian jew bitch who wrote those circlejerk rape fantasy books may have had the solution all along, we need to go galt but not just from the government.