Christchurch Call to Action

Here's a list of the countries and companies that signed the "Christchurch Call to Action" agreement.

>The Christchurch Call to Action Summit was a political summit in Paris on May 15th 2019 initiated by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern after the Christchurch mosque fun of March 15th 2019. Co-chaired by Ardern and President Emmanuel Macron of France, the summit was intended to "bring together countries and tech companies in an attempt to bring to an end the ability to use social media to organise and promote terrorism and violent extremism." World leaders and technology companies pledged to "eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online"; there were 17 signatories to the non-binding agreement. The pledge consists of three sections or commitments: one for governments, one for online service providers, and one for the ways in which the two can work together.

As always, it looks like FirstAmendment-less countries, international organizations (like the EU and UN), and international companies (including ones based in the US) are the quickest to be censorship cucks. And yet thankfully, the 1st Amendment continues to serve as a massive "FUCK YOU" to this agreement's implicit goal of trying to shut down Zig Forums.

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How I wish he'd gone for parliament instead of that fucking mosque

Kek, this is redpill on it's own.

Logistics user, logistics. What St. Tarrant did can pretty much everyone do, provided he has enough balls and some basic training any civilian can get. I think that is also a reason why he took the GoPro - to show us what one pissed regular white guy with no special background or experience can do. And how you can see from OP and the fact that more than month after, whole world is still sperging about it, it is TREMENDOUSLY effective. On the other hand, to attack some high-profile target like you mention, with all their security teams, armored cars and villas built like castles - well that takes time, shitload of resources and intel (which on it's own need to be researched by expensive professionals, so you won't raise any red flags) and most importantly whole team of professional people with military/le/tactical background and great deal of experience. It is strange that so many anons disregard this.

can it be co-opted from the globohomo?

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Good idea, user. We corrupt this symbol and take it from them, like we have so many other things. Thus the I give you the new and improved Christchurch Call to Kill Muslims.

The Christchurch Call to Kill Muslims

The Christchurch Call to End Great Replacement

We own you, kikes.

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Same shit I've been saying like Op, basically word for word… Mozzie cunts killing people because

But old mate from northern NSW, kills 51 of them because of his beliefs and everyone (7+ billion) lose their fucking mind!!!!

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yes as always see

'CHRISTCHURCH CALL TO ACTION' Can be interpreted in more than 1 way. CHRISTCHURCH CALLS ALL WHITES TO ACTION, aka Accelerate accelerate accelerate.

If the next baste lad shoots up a place he should go on a tangent that censorship drove him to this. With no place to vent online or in real life he exploded in a violent rage of hatred against those suppressing their voice.


We never instructed individuals in their highly detailed plan of action, they've might've been here occasionally but in the end we don't mind control them (unlike somebody), they are their own person making their own decisions and no censorship will change the ability to make decisions, all we do is direct the rage toward those that cause it. We didn't start the fire but we'll sure as hell burn yours down as well. And like with Tarrant; the genie is out the bottle, the beans spilled, the goyim know. That's why they are turbo kiking right now as a last ditch effort to stop the information flow online under guise of terrorism or whatever the fuck that means nowadays. But alas they're already too late; as if the people here would stop redpilling others (even unintentionally) if the internet turned off. We have awoken and we will not be stopped by some kike ban

So, basically, the entire tech oligopoly.

Also based and checked, OP is not a faggot.

How dare they do this, that's very naughty.


Those governments commit crimes against their citizens.

This is why it's important to slightly edit content saved before you share it.

Essentially this is a desperate plea to ban the internet before they "lose everything" or at least feel like they do as they realize there are others narratives besides their own which have merit and deserve a hearing.

Underrated Post.

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(checked) Slight edits help disrupt hashing, but AI will be developed to detect and remove the slight edits.

We need to make free and open communication a paramount human right tantamount to bearing arms. We need alternate currency and sound money printed by the US Treasury.

Nice work it was so subtle that didn't even notice!


The only solution is to keep creating new content and subvert existing accepted mainstream content.

aii that's going to be a paycut, details matter shlomo

oh and inb4 >not noticing the influx of cuckchanners.

This is vital. What experienced anons could do even now, is to make a comprehensive list of websites and projects that:

I do it all for free

Oh look it's fucking nothing.

Don't care moshe, you can't stop it.


oh, so facebook and twitter are going to start cracking down on muslim extremism?? black supremacist extremism? tranny extremism? pro-abortion extremism? satanic extremism? hispanic extremism? jewish radicalization and extremism?

Hispanics are white though

Along with redpilling people, incite them to kill those companies' whole staff and those who fund them.
Keep killing mudslimes.
Keep killing jews.

Censorship is good if it targets niggers, kikes, and commies.


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no need to censor them, if there are none around

We need a communication network that is 100% not in the hands of the jews, in any way.

There are currently Russian based mail, forum, and communication systems, even several Russian facebooks, but Russia has a jewish element too.

So we need something completely independent that nobody can shut down, that nobody owns, they can at this stage eventually get at Zig Forums too (some jew will just buy it).

We need something like an OS integrated mail system - and a network of them - that the users control exclusively, and which send packets of info from computer to computer directly - like a mailing list we used to have in older days before forums, except not web based but embedded in the member's OS .

We will still have the internet providers to contend with, eventually they will go that far as to control what information comes in and out - I don't know what's the solution to that.

Maybe something like citizens band radio, ham radio, except digital?

There is also the OS problem - you should not use windows, windows is probably active spyware, and now they got under the skin of linux too with "rules of conduct" and sjw political police, deciding who can program and who can't. So we will need our own OS build, and make sure you don't buy computers that come with windows - NO OS machines only.

That was just to congregate them all in one place at one time
Shhhhhhhhh don’t tell them it’ll be our little secret

of course in all seriousness, it's not like they have any reason to fear retaliation for kicking us in the teeth.

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You're looking at NNTP.

Back to the future.

If they ban you, get another peer.

alt.politics 1628
alt.politics.british 67
alt.politics.bush 6
alt.politics.clinton 37
alt.politics.communism 1
alt.politics.congress 543
alt.politics.correct 2
alt.politics.cuba 305
alt.politics.datahighway 48 30
alt.politics.democrats 268
alt.politics.democrats.clinton 116
alt.politics.democrats.d 21 36
alt.politics.economics 1220
alt.politics.elections 116
alt.politics.england.misc 4
alt.politics.equality 773
alt.politics.europe 9
alt.politics.europe.misc 67
alt.politics.gossip 1154
alt.politics.greens 1 6
alt.politics.hillary-clinton 271
alt.politics.homosexuality 183
alt.politics.immigration 9 48 2
alt.politics.liberal 19657
alt.politics.liberalism 209
alt.politics.libertarian 0 0 127
alt.politics.micronations 259
alt.politics.miserable-failure 2
alt.politics.nationalism.white 9
alt.politics.november-surprise 0
alt.politics.obama 112
alt.politics.october-surprise 0 46 64 42 42 1123
alt.politics.perot 10
alt.politics.raccoons 0
alt.politics.radical-left 21
alt.politics.reform 7
alt.politics.religion 1 71
alt.politics.republicans 266
alt.politics.scorched-earth 564 0
alt.politics.socialism 16
alt.politics.socialism.libertarian 899
alt.politics.socialism.trotsky 31
alt.politics.trump 500 326
alt.politics.usa 79
alt.politics.usa.congress 104
alt.politics.usa.constitution 55
alt.politics.usa.constitution.gun-rights 0
alt.politics.usa.misc 25245 227

That one was unexpected.


Yeah, something like that, and certainly something like that is lot more robust than other means of sharing info.

But that's a temporary solution, since that's ONLINE too - we need something like it except without anything online - the only thing online should be the signal going from machine to machines in the mail-list-group.

>No goy all the people with (((power))) have (((protection))), you wouldn't want to waste your life, would you?

Everybody even the irrelevant (((millionaires))) have Franz Ferdinand moments. Also remember that Jap commie that got stabbed way back when?

So fucking true. ISIS is allowed to have an official Twitter account for fucks sake. It really would be better if future Tarrant disciples targeted government and corporate HQ'S rather than some random rat's nest of shitskins

Sure they do, I agree, as I do agree that there are even more suitable targets. You want to however bet your life and success on that? You plan and train for the worst and hardest possible scenario, not for the rare best one. That intel part is usually about looking up when this Franz moment happens and if it is on regular basis. And it has to be researched carefully, because just nosing around will ruin it.

This. A truck full of TATP in the alley behind Twitter HQ in the Tenderloin would send a big message. Right now there are no consequences for the actions of the traitorous media & tech giants. They need to be shown that they're not above the fray.

Oraganising and encouraging the mass immigration of millions of muslims is the real extremism.

Was it sent to them accidentally?


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This article is a week old but don't think any anons shared it here:

The UN secretly general visited Christchurch to pay his respect to the shit skins and told the media that "hate speech is spreading like wildfire online" basically translating to mean "red pills are spreading like wildfire online and the goyim are knowing at dangerous levels". The (((UN))) have set up a new body to tackle this spread of "hate speech". The kikes are shitting themselves at the effectiveness of our red pills and are moving quickly to shut it down.


Its too late, the spread of red pills cannot be stopped!

The meme magic is now backed by blood since Tarrant was one of us and the 51 dead mudslimes was a blood sacrifice.


might be good because this place is
MOSSAD brainwashing machine

Mods allow shills

This. Even if a bully is waaay stronger and tougher than you, you can still crack him by hurting his girlfriend.


Gee I wonder why all the sliding is happening.

there should be a good network of right-wing would be a good idea to have a right-wing extremist commit a lethal attack on the opponents every month.he must die in battle so that he can enter the Valhalla.that would cost us 12 fighters per year and 120 right-wing extremists per 10 years.that's quite possible.120 sacrifice right-wing's mainly to keep right-wing extremists motivated around the world and to sow fear.commit varied attacks: sometimes a feminist meeting, sometimes an ANTIFA meeting, sometimes an anti-racism meeting.or a black church, synagogue or mosque.ORGANISE ONMEDIATELY.there can be at least 1000 or 5000 victims in 10 years' time, if it's well organized.let's say those 10 years are 2019-2029.

Long live racism.

Confirmation bias. That is because kikes bomb Gaza on weekly basis, you moron. If you seriously imply that Pissrael needs to hide this, you are either young, naive or stupid. Or anti-Tarrant shill. They don't have to hide shit. Remember 2009, when they dropped white phosphorus on actual children and hospitals AND faced another Intifada which they "resolved" by tanks and machine gun fire into unarmed crowds? Which is like five war crimes in one? No one cared back then, no one cares now, when they are not doing even remotely something as hardcore as back then. Why? Because they own the international society. There was much more brutal bombing of Gaza since Christchurch, yet no false flag then.

tl;dr take your fucking meds and stop being so illiterate on Gaza bombing.

These shit for brains motherfuckers are going to get us UK level hate speech laws. The US Govt will squish you faggots like a grape.
meanwhile Muslim terrorists actually have state sponsors. This dumb fuck Tarrant already got 300 plus Christians killed and NZ lost their guns. Maybe after we lose our freedom of speech and guns you faggots will quit deepthroating this losers cock.

Acceleration bla bla bla dumb.
You guys sound like Colin.

What good are guns if your nation is overrun with poopskins without a shot fired?

You are pathetic and your cowardice is showing. If you understand "freedom" as what the state and zog allows you, while being already on four and ready to take that government dick at moment's notice, you are already lost. Also I don't see Tarrant writing those laws, do you? By your "logic" you also think that Palestinians are bombing themselves? Pic related is all about you.
Exactly the opposite is happening, Zealanders are buying guns in record numbers - to the point where many shops reporting being completely sold out. Hopefully it seems that people there are not such a physically revolting cucks like yourself and doesn't seem to be ready to give their weapons away.
Go back to whatever boomer shithole you crawled from.

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Another 3 shill threads, another bump alas so is the way with niggermods

completely forgot that qwant exists so I checked it and learned something new

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shitrael bombs gaza daily

this is an interesting phenomenon - gun sales are always skyrocketing after every shooting

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HEIL ISRAEL. I am dancing with joy here. Joy in Torah.

lmao at you nigger. who cares about bongs honestly? who cares what happens to you cucks? you worthless fucktards did all this to yourselves. the absolute state. a country of cucks.

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1984 much? Just replace lottery with sports and there you go.

While I had to laugh at first, I also wish to remind you that your pic applies to all countries on the world including mine and yours.
bread and circuses

They were always going to come for the guns regardless of whether or not we used them.

Moshe you're making it too obvious. You need to include jews in your pictures and posts to larp properly.

I was telling everyone to get trained for many years (I am that user). It is good that some people listened and remembered. The goal of our enemies is a serious one, and I think it's 100% proven that every major government in a formerly White country plans on a total genocide of our people. There is no other option, and anyone who isn't against the Rottenchilds is a worthless faggot. Shame on all state agents giving their loyalty to these freaks. They are a disgrace. The first obligation is to the public, and the public is in danger. The public is not a bunch of fucking foreign invaders. It is your own people.

Shut up shill. The kikes weren't going to stop genociding us. Faggots like you should not be allowed to post here for the enemy you serve.


I haven't laughed this much in a while. Thanks, user.

It just blows me away at the reaction to Tarrant. Media and govts have completely lost their minds over this. 14 years in prison for viewing a video? WTF? I have to use TOR or a VPN just to get here and other sites now.

Yet I don't hear people on the street or social media talking much about it. There's this eerie silence and I don't understand it.

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Kiwi began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy – willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Kiwi began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Kiwi began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
When the Kiwi began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Kiwi began to hate.

just keep fanning the fires if you can and you kiwis might be okay.

The majority were Sri Lankans, so no loss.

But isn't it that dwindling freedom we still have that allows us to come here to post and share redpills to disseminate beyond 8ch?
Ewidense pweez!!
Nothing to do with what I said.

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another edit of Kipling's poem

They found it was in their blood
It came to them very late
With long arrears to make good
When the Whites began to hate

They were not easily moved
The attacks compelled the wait
Then the architects were proved
And the Whites began to hate

Their voices were even and low
Their truth was proven and straight
Tired of all the lies on show
Now the Whites began to hate

It was not preached to the crowd
All were silenced by the state
None dared speak it aloud
As the Whites began to hate

It was not suddenly bred
It will not swiftly abate
Til all his foes are dead
When Time shall count from the date
That the Whites began to hate

Shut up you retarded faggot you know nothing about anything and need to lurk 10 more years before you infect anyone with your cancerous levels of low IQ thought

To be honest, accelerationism working in the way of attacking innocents is odd to me. Though Muslims are not innocent, I think they're pawns in the bigger game. I think if he wanted to make a statement and make his accelerationism fall in line with actual accelerationist policies, he would have aimed higher.
Accelerationism has three different paths I can determine:
1. Voting in incompetent morons
2. Supporting destabilizing events like wars or economic stress
3. Acts of violence against a class of people to put them on the spot
I think the first amendment does a great job in protecting our rights for right now
Eventually, a socialist will get into office and fuck us over and then accelerationism would mean a damn thing but for right now, we're just fucking around mates.

Wow, Japan has a US style-constitution and Italy has the 'populists' in… and they sign this?

Well I guess speech is not thought.

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It's probably because the Japs view their nationalism as different from white-western nationalism.
Japan's not Bushido anymore, and Bushido is the closest to a European-esque nationalist mindset.

The first and second amendments are literally the most important parts of any legal document world wide, for those who care about freedom.

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1st- The Right to talk shit.
2nd- The Right to back it up.

That's a weird image, its center is a cube and the White outline is that of a six pointed star.

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Can someone explain to me why these two shitskins ruled by right wingers signed this pledge, don't these two countries have mudslime problems and have a vocal right wing mob online. It could comeback to haunt them once they lose power.

Because ZOG told them to. now shut and go watch TV goy.

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Temple OS?

We're run by neo-cons; Abe is a shit cunt, and the LDP is run by America loving anti-gun demagogues. If anything they hate, they hate an armed populace, and it's a good way of controlling firearms in Japan.

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Love it, user. Keep up the work. Remove the kikes and the brownies


to me, accelerationism means getting to the start of the physical fighting sooner rather than later

Jesus Christ get the rack back to cuckchan

That’s not where the servers are, Tyler.

Imagine seeing kikes shilling their kryptok(ikery)urrency in a thread about their annihilation.
The chutzpah will backfire

This is to the mods. If I could tell the future… why wouldn't I come for you? Maybe the zoomers will because you acted like faggots. The time is coming and when the rope pulls tight, you'll know you lost. I don't fear you. I fear for you. This is 8, not cuck chan. You betrayed us. The words on the internet live forever and so do your actions. Be AFRAID! FEAR! You have betrayed the people.

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