This repulsive idiot is a reactionary, a nationalist, and a LARPer. Pol Pot and Kim Jong Un had brutal authoritarian regimes that were opposed to worker's control. He's also extremely inarticulate, and I question his ability to read.

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He's a Canadian who hates the first world and his own country, how the fuck is he a nationalist?
He's also not defending Pol Pot afaik. And there's nothing wrong with critically supporting NK. Get outa here liberal.

Tankies get the bullet too. Back to Zig Forums

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He's not a nationalist himself but he supports nationalist ideology, given Third Worldism is to some degree predicated on that. You're right he doesn't like Pol Pot though, I mean he'd be more interesting if he did honestly even if I am not like J Barg on the Pol Pot question. Not sure why OP would just use general anti ML/Tankie talking points when there is so much that is uniquely retarded about Unruhe. Mainly that he lazily just uses "first worldist" to describe anyone he disagrees with in a matter similar to DSP going on about "detractors", even tankie twatter types that are arguably more "third worldist" than him.

epic meme bro

Because you can support another person's right to a ethnostate/nation.
But he did defend multiple other regimes which Zig Forums all agree's commited crimes, he's not someone who belongs here and I don't even want op to post him just to talk trash.
It is.

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What the fuck does this mean?
Irrelevant to this thread
Congratulations, you made another worthless post.

I had just assumed you wanted so elaboration on certain claims you made which didn't really line up while also getting support for not having this thread stay up but alright I guess I misread your post since you bumped op's post.

Are you by any chance Adolf Stalin? I smell double digit IQ.

I'm not Adolf Stalin used a trip fag code.
Good on you for admitting you're inferior since you have only single digit iq.

you can be a nationalist without supporting the particular nation you're in
Good example is Israeli Nationalists who live in America

Okay? You realize jews have identified as a nation long before they had a country to live in, right?

And this is dumb on another level, Jason can't possibly identify as any other nationality than Canada. It's not like he supports Iran against imperialism because he identifies as Iranian.

So according to you what defines being a nationalist? Not the fact that people want a country, but neither the fact that someone supports their right to have a country, rather than that they are part of the ethnicity first?

Nationalism is, by and large, putting your own nation above others, resulting in attempted exploitation of weaker nations.
National liberation is not nationalism. It is the antithesis of nationalism.

I can understand why you'd believe this since let's be real here, nationalism has no concrete definition, it's been thrown around all throughout history and is especially associated with imperialism, and war, but most modern people would say the context has greatly changed in the modern day.
You don't need nationalism to do that, but you also don't need to do this as a "nationalist."
By what means, does it have to be authentic, or do Israeli supporters not count, what of black nationalists?

He stopped using a trip to be fair because I told him to take it off since it would allow people to filter him

What you're attempting to describe is called "supremacism". Nationalism is, simply put, anything that reinforces the concept of nations, instead of abolishing them.

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Thanks for dooming the board.
Just kidding we were dead anyway.

Oh boy now the real fun in this thread can start.

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I guess I pretty much agree with this.

It really is a dangerous trap that a lot of people fall into. Spooks can, on a strictly tactical basis, be used to weaken each other, but the opposite of spooks is never other spooks, and our ultimate strategic goal as leftists must never be to uphold them.

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worker's control is a fucking meme you idiot.

Pol Pot actually did nothing wrong

I am.

but retards > tankie cucks.

besides for a board that has race shills, cuntzi shills, tranny shills, why not shill for retard idpol?

oh that's right, this is a LIBERAL board with red speckles.

Most people here would say those are one in the same.
Go shit up >>>Zig Forums >>>/fascism/ >>>/leftyfash/ >>>Zig Forums if you you ever feel dissatisfied with the board quality.

Anti-racism is idealism, now please go back to Zig Forums, /marx/ or whatever liberal shithole you crawled out of

That board still exists?

No comrade, we are on /leftyfash/ now. Have you forgotten how much shitposting it has taken to turn this board so much in the favor of Nazbol?

Zig Forums is leftist fascist turf

hit the accelerator!

no, you guys openly advocate for eugenics. its either sterilize all marginalized groups or none.

Being anti-eugenics means being pro-fun and decay. Nothing wrong with cultivating a better race unless you are a leftist goon who identifies with the inferior

whites, but only retarded whites. dysgenic and hygenic at the same time. a little Schopenhauer, a little Hegel. you're welcome.

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I'm pro-eugenics, I advocate for the full extermination of pro-eugenics people.

This statement only makes sense if you have pretext otherwise you just created a major paradox and/or are suicidal.

That's the joke.

Sorry Poe's Law makes everything hard to correctly asses.

That's not eugenics unless you're suggesting there's a hereditary component to being pro-eugenics.

For now we'll just pretend there is.

some ethnicities are just more bourgiese :DD

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Your joke was shit

It's actually the entire fucking goal, you idiot.

He's one of the most evil people in history, and if you don't think so you're a genocidal LARPer and should probably kys

Didn't you tankies invent the "Liberals get the bullet too." meme?

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Tankies are organizationally stupid and their ideology is just as much of a dead meme as Zig Forumstards larping in Wehrmacht gear.

why is this a thing?

First world society