What's your ethnicity and gender?

I'm a frequent lurker and lately I've been curious about the composition of people on this site. All jokes aside, who are you?

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I'm white, jewish

If you're gonna shitpost as a fed who can't do datamining subversively, boy you sure are dumb.

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I'm New Zealand and my political stance is Marxism-Leninism.

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Haha, you got me, I'm actually writing a paper on the Christchurch shootings.
I would actually really appreciate if you took the time to answer though! I'll go first, I'm Norwegian, female.

Swedish and my gender is non-binary. pronouns Xir,Xim, Xis.

Australian Marxist, female.

I hope you have several beautiful children that die of cancer.

Swedish, Queer.

Nigger you glow so bright I need shades to read your posts.

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Fuck off kike.

I'm a jewish jamaican drag queen

Black woman of course… We are ALL black women here. What a fucking stupid question.

I don't think the glownigger knows this is a stronk black wimyn hair weaving pottery and poetry forum.

I guess I'll put you guys down for "no comment"


put me in the screencap

my ethnicity is a car and my gender is Voorm voorm

Give me something to work with and I'll put as the cover image

How's this for a cover image?

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quintessentially British

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Use what words we can, we will never say anything more than what we are.

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Hyperborean, androgyne

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Jewish girl with a fetish for being raped by nazis.

If (((you're))) jewish it's not a fetish. Stupid kike.

Honestly this is already helpful but if any of you would want to email me to talk about the forum, my name is Nine and my mail is [email protected]

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I'm an extra-dimensional jabberwocky

I identify as a US Naval Aircraft Carrier. Baby planes are inside me.

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Why are Cianiggers always either puppyposting or catposting?

non binary stallin kin here

you fucking retard

gotta be a mundane to handle the mundanes

You didn't fall for it when I tried to imitate you so I guess I just tried a completely different direction

Baby planes or baby brains? Fairly sure the chiefs of the US Navy, like most US chiefs of staff, run on the aborted fetuses from PlannedParenthood.

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I'm a national socialist Amerindian spreading my message in Peru

Male nigger, faggot. That bleached mop of blond on your head offends me, Tyrone. If you ever want a piece of my bootyhole, shave that shit off and let your brilloturf go in.

I am a meat popsicle.

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I’m a Black man and proud!!!

You don't have to lie to make friends.
You're not really proud, are you?


Got you now, sucka!!

Why don't you like datamining? I just don't wanna misinform anyone

Imitation is suicide, envy, ignorance.

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One race. the human race

motherfucker I am a transwolf and I am beu ti ful bitch. Check your privilege Cis scum

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