Equality Act is going to horsefuck all of us

For the three of you that will read the bill and form your own opinion:

and the other cucks that complain there's no sauce.

Some interesting bits to shitpost about:

SEC. 701A. Rules of construction.

3) in subsection (e)(1), by striking “enterprise,” and inserting “enterprise, if, in a situation in which sex is a bona fide occupational qualification, individuals are recognized as qualified in accordance with their gender identity,”.
(A male identifying as female is allowed female employment. Straight porn may have some extra "members")

SEC. 1101. Definitions and Rules.


“(A) the race, color, religion, sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity), or national origin, respectively, of another person with whom the individual is associated or has been associated; and

“(B) a perception or belief, even if INACCURATE, concerning the race, color, religion, sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity), or national origin, respectively, of the individual.

(Look ma, genital blackface!)


“(2) (with respect to gender identity) an individual shall not be denied access to a shared facility, including a restroom, a locker room, and a dressing room, that is in accordance with the individual's gender identity.”

(Just walk in there and grab them by the pussy, as long as you say you're female, it is illegal for them to object.)

(Women’s shelters might not be permitted to turn away men who identify as women (give that bitch some blackface))

I know you'll all h8me for this part:

SEC. 1107. Claims.
“The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (42 U.S.C. 2000bb et seq.) shall not provide a claim concerning, or a defense to a claim under, a covered title, or provide a basis for challenging the application or enforcement of a covered title.”

("Bless you, my son." the priest said all over the face of the altar boy (off-Whiteface this time))
(Enabling someone’s sin is the same as indirectly taking part in that sin, and I'm dis-enabled.)
(Let's just buy everyone drugs, hookers (children for those that want them), and a nagger to slaughter)

SEC. 10. Housing.

“(1) the race, color, religion, sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity), handicap, familial status, or national origin, respectively, of another person with whom the individual is associated or has been associated; and

“(2) a perception or belief, even if INACCURATE, concerning the race, color, religion, sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity), handicap, familial status, or national origin, respectively, of the individual.”;

(more genetial blackface, this actually runs rampant through most sections)

I've also heard it was harmful to children, but I didn't look too close.

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Sweet accelerationism

nice, so at this point both in the EU and US the HEAT is turning up fast. gotta gas,gas,gas.

If you don't kill them all, they win.

They are just forcing it on us now. They have completely given up on even getting a fraction of public support.

Bump for interest

Accelerationism working. They're turning up the heat too fast.


This passed? Good lawd. Is there a step after Satire? Because that's the only response I have right now
Don't mind my hairball creating hole between my legs, i'm 100% male ;-)

“(A) the race, color, religion, sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity), or national origin, respectively, of another person with whom the individual is associated or has been associated; and

English is my second language. What's being said here exactly?

Oy vey, Mr. Shecklestein. No (you) from me!

How to fight this:
Since the logic in a shared space is "no expectation of privacy" becaue "shared", all an user needs to do is copy off of somebody's test, worksheet, and other classroom assignments because there is "no expectation of privacy" in such a "shared" space. When this goes to court a judge will have to reconcile how there is an expectation of privacy in a class room but not a dressing room.
They wont be able to.

How to fight this:
"Discrimination" based on race, sex, age, and genetics are no different than discrimination based on economic status and opportunity as one's economic status and opportunity are directly affected by their race, sex, age, and genetics. Thus, if it is unlawful for African user to sell his cutom built house on custom developed land (art/creative works) to only Africans then it is also unlawful to not sell it to somebody who does not have the requested amount of money. As it would also be unlawful for Harvard to not accept my application for enrollment for Fall2020 classes without payment or without merit.

Accelerate this kind of shit.

>This discrimination prevents the full participation of LGBTQ people in society and (((disrupts the free flow of commerce.)))

Imagine being so off-putting to normal people that the government has to make a law which forces normal white people to interact with niggers, fags and trannies in the running of their own businesses

1. To make a distinction; to note or observe a difference; to distinguish accurately.
Seems they want to remove the ability for Anons to tell things apart.
Such as "lies" and "truth".

This is disrupted by simple competition and, thus, protected by the same logic. The gvt cannot compel private entities to speech of any kind. All the "equality" laws are unconstitutional. If there can be a "womens only" or "blacks only" college there must be legal precedent for "womens only" and "blacks only" grocery store, school, pool, park, and so on. jews are just too stupid to work through the logic of their arguments before they push them as "law". For example, "religious" equality and protection laws are unconstitutional as they violate the first sentence of the first amendment, thus, if jew religion gets protected, so does any anti-jew religion, even though neither should get any protection because the first amendment is not "freedom of religion" but "freedom from religion".

And all of this was started by the Civil Rights Act in 1964.


This is conclusive evidence that racemixing is bad. First time someone posts real evidence on the subject.

Dude… Who gives a shit?
The US is dead, has been for awhile.

The introduction of a bill to make it official that the US is an international joke is fine by me.

You must be jew here.

They never cared about public support to begin with.


Same with words like gay, retard, pathetic, they've obscured their true meanings to make the goyim incapable of functioning.

Gay means elated or cheery.

Retard means back-timed or delayed, and sometimes thinking slowly is thinking deeply, so retarded thinking is actually deeper, and they don't want you to think deeply goy. If you can say it swiftly perfectly the first time then it's ReTARdED and that's bad goy, never think you can formulate your thoughts and present them.

Pathetic comes from pathos, which means capacity to suffer in Greek.

It is necessary to not be pathetic or capable of suffering sometimes, like when cutting off someone's head in battle, but other times one must understand the suffering of the world to know the truth and to understand how unwise our ways of war can be. For example, the Pathos of Christ is the divine idea that "God has suffered" or at least has shown us he has to capacity to suffer like us. And so, one needs be pathetic and predator to be a proper steward.

It were true to say I would be happy to be austere, gay. and pathetic with retarded discrimination.

so then they are all terrorists

if you can not rather

Weak evidence is not real evidence

goodluck rental goys, the queer cult is coming after you next.

You fuckers thought it was funny sending them after me.

Ive been warning people, get out of the US before its too late

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wait there is stuff in here for people to be recognized legally as whatever race or sex they want it looks like
thats retarded, but it means someone can claim they are a negress and get every single gib, scholarship, win discrimination suits, ect

someone who actually knows what they are talking about confirm this for me, because I am kinda talking out my ass

Question is where do we go? It be best to stay and fight.

South America, like the Germans have always done.

sure would be a shame if the sewers stopped working, be a real shame if for no reason at all power lines started being severed
would be such a shame if infrastructure were damaged

Wow these rules are awesome. I might just start hanging out in the female locker room at the gym now. Even though transgender identity is bullshit, thank God its here. As a man it gives me the freedom to go into womens locker rooms. I love the taste of freedom.

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Your interpretation is correct. Laws apply equally to all.
You can be an African black jewish woman from South Africa, even if you are the exact opposite of these identity labels, and you get all the protections and gibs granted to such groups. This bill will pass the next two stages because this text only seeks to clarify the 'sex' category already under special protections by ensuring the inclusion of certain groups.

Please read about this shit law and the jew concerns therein:
And use this ruling to reclaim the rights of private individuals and groups that individuals form:
Simple First Amendment violation tbh.

(20) LGBTQ youth are overrepresented in the foster care system by at least a factor of two and report twice the rate of poor treatment while in care compared to their non-LGBTQ counterparts. LGBTQ youth in foster care have a higher average number of placements, higher likelihood of living in a group home, and higher rates of hospitalization for emotional reasons and juvenile justice involvement than their non-LGBTQ peers because of the high level of bias and discrimination that they face and the difficulty of finding affirming foster placements. Further, due to their physical distance from friends and family, traumatic experiences, and potentially unstable living situations, all youth involved with child welfare are at risk for being targeted by traffickers seeking to exploit children. Barring discrimination in child welfare services will ensure improved treatment and outcomes for LGBTQ foster children.
so more welfare gibs for homos and trans?

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>Demand the (((media))) write positive articles about them for being so diverse and inclusive

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And you're the only person saying its weak, so, maybe weak shilling is not real shilling?

Yeah, and look at how well that worked out for them.

Oh, what a surprise, its the esoteric nigger.
I wonder how big your team is…

Don't mind him, he's just the mentally ill jew who occasionally LARPs as a South American, when he isn't LARPing as a White European.

Who gives a shit about public support when you control everything?

There are 1 billion whites in the American continent, 300 M in the US and 700 M in Latin America.


Nah. You're just a jew.

((( )))
You kikes project too much womp womp

Pretty much anywhere in the world other than South Africa would be an improvement

Called it.
You're the same jew whose been saying for over a year that self-reported census figures from South/Central America are reliable for discerning who is and is not White; but even in the US those figures cannot be relied upon, so your argument falls apart.

Nah, if all you ever do is run away, you'll only ever be running.

They can't be any worse than the US ones

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I always figured this was the ~final~ solution to Human Resource Quotas.
It just requires one brave user to get a Human Resources degree.

That's my point, they almost-certainly ARE worse than the US, because all the mudfolk down South want to be White just like here.

And unless you expect me to believe 90%+ of the spicniggers in LA are White, I don't see why you'd think I'd fall for similar claims from Uruguay or whatever either.

Daily Reminder
The US is less than 50% White at this present moment.

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It LITERALLY Doesnt work. You faggot. Nobody Wants it. Nobody Supports it. Its another Stepping stone in the hyper accelerationism. they think their only chance is to literally hyper force feed sjw extremism. It doesnt work. it back fires. but they refuse this reality. If you dont understand that you are a lost cause. The Liberty Reset is Here. Stop Being fucking scared of it you RETARDS SAGE

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Burn it all down, that something marvelous may be built in the ashes.

Thanks for the whitepill

Its a good LARP you got going after all.
You even managed to espouse the inability to do basic arithmetic.
Props for keeping it classy, jew.

The people you let rule you.

((( )))
Womp womp

it's worse in Mexico, do you honestly believe 63 percent of the population is white?

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Well, I guess most spics are innately communists, so… Good shit man, 11/10, quality LARP.

Fuck no, nor does anyone else.

Thing is, this faggot spicLARP kike has been at this shit for so long, and the mods have never done anything.
I'm starting to suspect he's another in the band alongside the KILL ALL WHITE NATIONALISTS guy who appears to also be in league with the MUH BOLAND NatSoc D&C shit.

This board is basically unrecognizable, its just a slower crappier 4chan. I've started visiting there, and now I actively urge people from 4chan to come to Zig Forums in hopes that I can achieve a reversal, turning this place into the shithole that cuckchan has become in turn and starting an exodus.

I think it's a bit higher… I know it's whiter than the US, but not by much

This kind of shitposting should warrant at least a temporary ban, force the faggot to switch IPs or something, but no, his shitposts continue unabated.

Just made myself a reminder to post a "COME TO THE REAL CHAN!" thread on cuckchan later tonight.

We need to talk about esoteric pioneers there

No we don't jew.

what was the evidence?

I do. Mexicans coming to the US are from the other ~40% that are mayan/aztec. The ones who run mexico are Spanish + German mostly.
It's the US classification of "white" that is the problem, since Arabs and Mayans are not "white" and "white" isn't even a thing. Anons should just start suing government agencies for using the label "white" to genocide them and erase their "nationality" and "race", using this very law against them.

Probably BLACKED spam or something, he was no doubt responding to his own posts that got beleted.

Just came up with a new tactic. I'm going to go to 4chan and tell them that Zig Forums really needs help because they've been getting spammed with bad shilling. Gonna ask all 4channers to come over to Zig Forums for at least 20 minutes a day to try to help out. Maybe I'll make a reddit account and post in some of the gayer Trump-themed reddits as well.

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Seems legit.

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Thanks for reminding me why I filter torpedos in every thread

He's right in so far as "White" really just means "European" and thus the US classification of "White" - which includes North Africans, Middle Easterners and mestizos - is nonsense.

Pic related.


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And an interesting article from awhile back to go with it.


>What racial category do Jews belong in, anyway?

>Religion is not asked about at all, for reasons rooted both in privacy concerns and objections by American Jewry in the years immediately following the Holocaust.

>Nineteen options will be offered under the MENA designation, among them Israeli and Palestinian, as well as Egyptian, Syrian, Lebanese, Turkish, Iranian, Moroccan and Algerian. Even Sudanese and Somali are being considered.

>Its a little arrogant for the government to dictate to any citizens what you should be identified as, Khalaf told Haaretz later.

>Now, with growing immigration from around the world, increased intermarriage and more children being born to couples of different races, the race and ethnicity question has gotten vastly more complicated than it used to be.
I thought we were always a nation of immigrants…

>Increasingly we have more Americans not answering the race question, said Roberto Ramirez, assistant division chief of special population statistics at the Census Bureau. Were testing the MENA category because its coming from the community.

>Respondents choose to identify however they wish to have their race and ethnicity recorded.




>The addition of new census categories will be good for the Jews beyond Israeli Americans, said demographer Steven M. Cohen.

>Jews have an interest in an America which is more vividly Hispanic, Hindu, Muslim and Middle Eastern.

>While Judaism is a religion, the Jewish people is a people.
>Peoplehood, at least Jewish peoplehood, transcends ethnicity and race.

>Original Jewish concerns about the census related to Nuremberg laws, said Marc Stern, general counsel to the American Jewish Committee.
>Putting it on the census implies somehow that the government has some interest in knowing the religion of its citizens.

>American Jews want to maintain a distinct identity and on the other hand want to be fully integrated into broader society and dont want the distinctiveness to come at a price, Kelner said.

"White™" strips you of your ancestral heritage and cultural identity.
Using this label is an act of genocide.

1. A Phoenician (Semitic) princess who had three children by Zeus in Crete, where he had taken her (rape) after assuming the guise of a "White™" bull.

The name is another jewish meme layer.
It originates in maps drawn by the "church" soon after they lost their war by immigration.
You must find your true name.

You can use the same data. Every candidate who runs for office gets this information. Then make openstreetmap app that shows where all us jews live. It's legally "public records" data and cannot be restricted from such use, especially if it is made in the context of connecting jews to other jews.
where jew at ?

The Akkadian naming for europa comes from sunset land, as asia goes for rising sun, so the semitic tale is at best inaccurate. As usual they just copied something and added their filthy perversions to the mix.

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On the bright side, People are still going to get price fucked out of a good home anyway. No provisions preventing that ever seem to appear.

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Tor is bad, just to be clear. It doesn't even offer real anonymity, and was the product of a joint venture between the US spooks and the jews.

Not really, no. But you are the WN MUST BE KILLED poster.

The full quote is really much more telling.

So, basically, they want to have their matzo and eat it too.

Excellent. Now we all identify as jews and rake in those sweet, sweet shekels
Harvard, here I come

Makes no sense since Africa is to the west of Akkadia, where the sun sets. Until the t&o maps, the only account of 'Europa' as a place was the coast of Greece, this was when they thought the whole world was Asia, North Africa, and Greece. Debunking that the term means "west" doesn't change the fact that the name and namesake are Semitic and most likely a trick.
It aligns with the false jewish claim that Europeans come from the middle east and also gives jews land claims to Celtic lands.


Just an example of why Nah

Thus, I must conclude this is once again the "KILL ALL WHITE NATIONALISTS" spammer, who is trying a new narrative out, namely, "Europe doesn't exist bro its semitism".

Not very clever, but then, they've not been sending their best for some time now.

Definitely nah.

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Seperates IP from routing.
Is a very subjective term.
There is only 'anonymity'.
Things like Bitcoin aire 'pseudonymous', i.e., not anonymous.
It was created by Paul Syverson and other Navy spooks as the protocol nicked 'Onion Routing'. They handed it over to to MIT students who made the 'Tor' name, updated protocol, and browser. Tor's board has since been overtaken by jews, so I see your concern.
Tor is safe to use if Anons can seperate identity from IP.

No. "White™" doesn't exist other than to genocide "Europeans". Nationalists are a good thing and we need more. That faggot doesn't make any distinction between "White™" and "European" and spams like a nigger.

There is another name for our homeland that isn't Semitic.
Stop being a fucking jew.

Is a jewish faux-anonymity platform generated by jews and the US spooks. There's no anonymity to be had there. Anyone who suggests otherwise is a fool or an asset.

Yes you are.
See? Why do you lie?

Your lies hold no power here.

The Civil Rights Act was the death of this country

Akkadia is inbetween Arabia and India-asia, thus, Africa, specifically all of North Africa, is directly west of it, not Europe.
That is in reference to the west coast of the Agean Sea, i.e., Greece.
Not a sourced claim or logical assertion. There was another name for what the Greeks called all of Europe that wasn't Greece but for some reason it slips my mind.

So mesopotamia?

Seems legit. Europe is nothing but a semitic lie, just like Whiteness. You seem like a reliable and honest person.