Table Talks is The Führer's true thoughts on a huge variety of subjects. They were recorded in shorthand and then written and compiled by Martin Bormann and his adjutant. David Irving, the author of Hitler's War and the man who brought the firebombing of Dresden into the mainstream with his first book Dresden, 1945 has seen the Bormann originals and vouched for their authenticity. Irving is a man known for his tenacity in finding undiscovered documents in the German Archives and his pursuit of the truth. He is also the only man LEGALLY DECLARED A HOLOCAUST DENIER BY A COURT OF LAW in the UK. Needless to say Irving is a man of integrity and knows his shit.

From Irving's website about Hitler's Table Talks:

The Table Talks' content is more important in my view than Hitler's Mein Kampf, and possibly even more than his Zweites Buch (1928). It is unadulterated Hitler. He expatiates on virtually every subject under the sun, while his generals and private staff sit patiently and listen, or pretend to listen, to the monologues."

Why do so many anons screech "it's fake kike reeeee" any time someone cites or mentions it? I am really not sure. I think it is mostly anons just repeating what they see others say without even reading it.

So what in it is so controversial? There's nothing about the Holohoax and most conversations are about history and other subjects.

The way I see it, it's mostly Christcucks or Slavs that call it fake the most. Christcucks because there are some comments by The Führer about Christianity (even though they are pretty mild and he actually praises Christ for standing up to the Pharisees) and some negative comments on Slavs.

Pictured is the Ostara Publications version. I own this one and would recommend it if you want a physical copy. Attached is a PDF of the book, though not the Ostara release.


Attached: HItlers-Table-Talk.jpg (600x800, 92.57K)

Other urls found in this thread: TableTalk_djvu.txt's_Table_Talk

People who claim Table Talks wasn't real tend to be butthurt Christians upset that Hitler wasn't a fan of their Judaic universalist death cult in private.

That's who the vast majority of the ones who say it are, I think. They normally then start posting image macros with quotes from The Führer's public speeches about Christianity and insist he was a devout Catholic. He was raise Catholic but he was not a Christian at all as an adult. Germany was overwhelming Christian at the time, what else could he say? They then like to accuse you of calling Hitler a liar because he may have said something in a speech he felt differently about in private, which is naive and retarded - it doesn't make him a liar, it makes him a politician.

Most Catholics who spam those Hitler quotes have usually never read or even heard of Bolshevism From Moses to Lenin

I think you're probably right there. Either that or they willingly ignore it, shutting their eyes, pluging their ears and stomping their feet as Christcucks can be wont to do

Coming from a catholic: wasn't Hitler just really mad that the Church was infiltrated with a bunch of fuckers that have nothing to do with actual christianity itself? He seems more pissed with this than the actual church being the church. Plus he won the protestant vote by being against the Catholic Church in several issues.

Religious people tend to ignore all evidence to the contrary. Personally, I'd say Orthodox Christianity is the most compatible sect with national socialism, but I'm convinced Christianity is complete bullshit

Not to mention The Myth of the 20th Century by Rosenberg, which is a wholesale rejection of Christian values. It's basically Nietsche's Antichrist with some history thrown in.

I do think it can be compatible with National Socialism and I am of course much more tolerant to Christianity than Judaism or Islam just because of it's long legacy in Europe but I think it's bullshit and unnecessary as well - National Socialist fanaticism should take the place of these types of religions


Attached: HTT_COVER_1s.png (300x300, 45.03K)

Hitler really didn't care about religion so long as it didn't conflict with National Socialism but by the late 30s it was very clear that Christianity and National Socialism were fundamentally at odds and so Hitler proceeded to do away with the former in the name of the latter.

To be fair, I'm pretty sure those conversations never actually happened, and were just a literary device by Eckart. Not to say that it didn't necessary reflect Hitler's views.

Fuck off slavshit spam nigger

Do you think you're going to succeed in subverting the truth with that spam? Filtered (again)

Here is one of the quotes about Christianity itself:

He also does heap some praise on Christ and says that Saul (later Paul) was a subversive kike that twisted Christianity as it became

No one believes you.


Your point being?

It obviously is real but gets in the way of the idea that Hitler was a white nationalist who was friendly to all white people like Russians, Poles and Serbs, which is totally false. Hitler was a German nationalist who didn't have the interests of these nations at heart, to put it mildly. You can still learn from him and even love him but you should be honest about what he believed.


Someone needs to translate Mein Kampf into pro-DACA language

He didn't "hate" any of the people's there, only the USSR power structure was the issue.

Why put the word hate in quotes? I didn't mention that word. You're using modern leftist terminology to try to explain a historical point, which just doesn't work. The second book makes it clear that it's not just the USSR power structure that Hitler regarded as a problem.

On Slavs

But The Führer also wanted to assimilate and Germanicize those Slavs who had the most Aryan blood, so it was not all Slavs.

Attached: images (3).jpeg (243x207, 6.28K)

Yeah but you were vague with "didn't have the interests of these nations at heart, to put it mildly". There was absolutely no animosity towards the people of East Europe.
Be more specific then. And not your interpretation.

In other words, he didn't want to meddle in their affairs.

Basically, yes. Adopting the best of them and Germanizing them and turn leaving the rest in their own filthy lands to be dirty sunhumans, albeit within the German sphere of influence

Catholics and jews had huge influence in power after world war 1 and the Wiemar replublic

He wanted to take their lands for incorporation into the greater German Reich.

No, shlomo, we’re not going to believe your lies.

As a slav, hitler killed less civilians/partisans than communists/socialists did after war.

If you want to look at what flower revolutionary commies and soft socialists do IRL when they get to power:
Corpses are towards the end of video. Not for the faint harted.

All right Moshe so can you present any evidence at all that Hitler was in favour of an independent Russian state? Or are you just larping?

Funny you say that as the times I remember being told that was lies is exactly when those views were mentioned.

Yep. I can. Now you prove that “Generalplan Ost” isn’t a jewish forgery (which we already know it is. Get the fuck out.

The type of ratfuck kike Bolshevik scum that did this are the very group of Slavic peoples the Führer looked down on so

I didn't mention Generalplan Ost as it's not relevant to what Hitler believed. You still haven't presented any evidence at all of Hitler being in favour of an independent Russia. You're not talking out of your anus are you, Moshe?

Millions of Whites are suffering from poverty, unemployment, sickness, homelessness, dispair and agony.

They have no where to go, no one to help them as Whites have no one representing them. The State tells them to fuck off because they are White. I see this first hand daily in real life.

You did this White Nationalists/Alt Right

with your larping, Nazi porn, vulgar mentally ill politics and doxing/derailing every attempt by Whites to create something that would work. You are the real enemy of Whites. You created the political climate for this to happen. And you continue to give aid and comfort to our enemies who wish to exterminate us by forever denying our right to self defense.

Quotations from Hitler's Table Talks
The essential thing, for the moment, is to conquer. After that everything will be simply a question of organisation

The Slavs are a mass of bond slaves, who feel the need of a master. As far as we are concerned, we may think that the Bolsheviks did us a great Service. They began by distributing the land to the peasants, and we know what a frightful famine resulted. So they were obliged, of course, to re-establish a sort of feudal regime, to the benefit of the State.

Our role in Russia will be analogous to that of England in India.
(ie as colonizers)

Even in Hungary, National Socialism could not be exported. In the mass, the Hungarian is as lazy as the Russian.

Dubs of truth!
That explains why him and the best of Germany went to Latin America, the people there are the closest to the Aryan ideal and Hitler and his top men knew that.

This. These WN faggots could care less about Whites, just Stormcucks larping forever.

Quotations from Hitler's Table Talks
The Russian space [will become] our India. Like the English, we shall rule this empire with a handful of men.

It's not a mere chance that the inventor of anarchism was a Russian. Unless other peoples, beginning with the Vikings, had imported some rudiments of organisation into Russian humanity, the Russians would still be living like rabbits. One cannot change rabbits into bees or ants. These insects have the faculty of living in a State of society — but rabbits haven't.

If left to himself, the Slav would never have emerged from the narrowest of family communities.

The Germanic race created the notion of the State.
(pic related)

Nowadays we have no interest in maintaining Baltic States, any more than in creating an independent Ukraine. We must likewise prevent them from returning to Christianity. That would be a grave fault, for it would be giving them a form of organization.
Oooo. Very sinister sounding. Any leftists reading this should definately use that one.
I find this very ironic because the jew actually probably says this very thing about White people today. Their policy of preventing White people from organizing for our own collective interest indicates that this is literally their policy.

It's better not to teach them (the Slavs) to read. They won't love us for tormenting them with schools.
lol. Reminds me of how we talk about niggers in Africa.

Even to give them a locomotive to drive would be a mistake…We’ll find amongst them the human material that's indispensable for tilling the soil.

Attached: Somewhere in Germany 100 BC.jpg (770x437 129.57 KB, 101.46K)


Attached: 1ö923912ö83ö.png (640x274, 125.81K)

Quotations from Hitler's Table Talks
The Crimea will give us its citrus fruits, cotton and rubber…We'll supply the Ukranians with scarves, glass beads and everything that colonial peoples like.

To-day everybody is dreaming of a world peace conference. For my part, I prefer to wage war for another ten years rather than be cheated thus of the spoils of victory.

The real frontier is the one that separates the Germanic world from the Slav world. It's our duty to place it where we want it to be.

If this war had not taken place, the Reich would scarcely have increased its population during the next ten years, but the Russian population would have grown vigorously.
So he did want war. At least according to Table Talks. All that talk of peace must have been a lie.

The safety of Europe will not be assured until we have driven Asia back behind the Urals. No organised Russian State must be allowed to exist west of that line. They are brutes, and neither Bolshevism nor Tsarism makes any difference — they are brutes in a State of nature.


Pic related, fuck you OP.

Attached: jew fanfic.png (782x847, 150.63K)

Quotations from Hitler's Table Talks
On Colonizing Eastern Europe
This Russian desert, we shall populate it…With this object, we have undertaken the construction ofroads that will lead to the southernmost point ofthe Crimea and to the Caucasus. These roads will be studded along their whole length with German towns, and around these towns our colonists will settle…in twenty years the Ukraine will already be a home for twenty million inhabitants besides the natives.

We shan't settle in the Russian towns, and we'll let them fall to pieces without intervening…we're absolutely without obligations as far as these people are concerned…let them (the Russians and Ukrainians) know just enough to understand our highway signs, so that they won't get themselves run over by our vehicles!
Dang. Someone tell this user

There's only one duty: to Germanise this country by the immigration of Germans, and to look upon the natives as Red-skins.

If these people had defeated us, Heaven have mercy!

They (the Russians), on the other hand, have an inferiority complex.

The Table Talks are really the fiction of a jew. The whole story of how the writings where found is bullshit too. Of course a jew found it somehow and translated it himself, and we ought to believe it all.

The real question is: are slavic women breed-worthy or would Hitler consider it miscegenation? I'm considering finding a Ukrainian wife.

Most of partisan and party leaders were actually cryptojews


The whole back story of how this was "found" reeks in typical jew fashion. Irving is a great man but even he should question the whole Table Talk shit knowing full well it was "found" and translated by a jew and that manuscript was never shown. As far fr the second book of Hitler, also found and jewed in translation by jews, however the original text was obtained by Ostara Publications and re-translated into something that wasn't jewed and most close to the original.


So much this

Post the pdf if you have it.

Here ya go TableTalk_djvu.txt
Have fun.

Quotations from Hitler's Table Talks
By instinct, the Russian does not incline tovvards a higher form of society.

In the eyes ofthe Russian, the principal support ofcivilisation is vodka. His ideal consists in never doing anything but the indispensable.

People sometimes say to me: "Be careful! You will have twenty years of guerrilla warfare on your hands!" I am delighted at the prospect! With a number ofsmall armies we can continue to dominate a large number of peoples.

The touchiness of the Italians comes from an inferiority complex

I think that a peace which lasts for more than twenty-five years is harmful to a nation.

To exploit the Ukraine properly — that new Indian Empire — I need only peace in the West. The frontier police will be enough to ensure us the quiet conditions necessary for the exploitation of the conquered territories. I attach no importance to a formal, juridical end to the war on the Eastern Front.

And yet these subhuman creatures are the ferment that undermines the State! I make no distinction between them (insane subhumans) and the brutes who populate our Russian p.o.w. camps.

I'm not saying that the Table Talks are real, nor am I saying that they're fake.
But if they're real, it pretty much destroys most of Zig Forumss narrative on WW2.
The Hitler of TT is absolutely uninterested in peace. Only expansion and colonization of the new "India" (Russia)

TLDR: IT'S FAKE, Hitler's Table Talk is just François Genoud writing what he believes Hitler would or should have said.

“In 1979, Genoud phoned Mr Irving at his Paris hotel, and said: “I have a gift for you.” He handed him a package. It contained a copy of the complete typescript of the Testament. The package gift from Genoud raised a new problem. Every page was heavily amended and expanded in somebody’s hand-writing. Mr Irving, astonished, asked Genoud whose was the writing. Genoud admitted it was his own. Later still, he admitted in conversation with Mr Irving that the entire typescript was his own confection, saying: “But it is just what Hitler would have said, isn’t it?””

“Hitler's Table Talk

Those who deny Hitler as a Christian will invariably find the recorded table talk conversations of Hitler from 1941 to 1944 as incontrovertible evidence that he could not have been a Christian. The source usually comes from the English translation (from a French translation) edition by Norman Cameron and R. H. Stevens, with an introduction by H.R. Trevor-Roper.

The table-talk has Hitler saying such things such as: "I shall never come to terms with the Christian lie. . .", "Our epoch will certainly see the end of the disease of Christianity".

The problem with these anti-Christian quotes is that the German text of the table-talk does not include them, they were made up by François Genoud, the translator of the French version, the very version that English translations rely on!”

Attached: Hitler giving speech.jpg (1000x562, 45.1K)

SS men were forbidden from taking Ukrainian wives so you'd better call the whole thing off user.

David Irving says they're real, a bunch of autistic larpers on pol say they're fake. Who is most credible?

Lebensraum was a thing; nobody denies that. Hitler didn't want a large scale war with France and Britain, though. Expanding Eastward was always a part of his plan.

The thing is a lot of larpers as well as the more intellectually challenged anons do deny that, depite the overwhelming evidence.

He writes about this in his Second Book, as well. Too much war exhausts the best blood of your nation; however, too little war breeds weakness. War keeps the country from becoming a leftist hellhole. Wartime values are, overall, superior to peacetime ones.

> [Hitler] was that classic German type known as Besserwisser, the know-it-all. His mind was cluttered with minor information and misinformation, about everything. I believe that one of the reasons he gathered so many flunkies around him was that his instinct told him that first-rate people couldn't possibly stomach the outpourings.[16]'s_Table_Talk

Hmmm. Good point user.

Quotations from Hitler's Table Talks
The Esthonians are the elite of the Baltic peoples
Noyce! We're number one! We're number one! Suck on that, Latvia!

I must say, I always enjoy meeting the Duce.
Maybe it is fake.

It should be possible for us to control this region to the East with two hundred and fifty thousand men plus a cadre Of good administrators. Let's learn from the English, who, with two hundred and fifty thousand men in all, including fifty thousand soldiers, govern four hundred million Indians. This space in Russia must always be dominated by Germans.

Nothing would be a worse mistake on our part than to seek to educate the masses there. It is to our interest that the people should know just enough to recognise the signs on the roads. At present they can't read, and they ought to stay like that.
Oh damn! So sinister sounding!

We'll take the Southern part of the Ukraine, especially the Crimea, and make it an exclusively German colony. There'll be no harm in pushing out the population that's there now.

In the Baltic States, we'll be able to accept as colonists some Dutch, some Norwegians — and even, by individual arrangement, some Swedes.
Yeah but you'll leave Estonia uncolonized… right? H-hitler? You just want to colonize Lithuania and Latvia… r-right?

The German colonist ought to live on handsome, spacious farms. The German Services will be lodged in marvellous buildings, the govemors in palaces…In the event of a revolution, we shall only have to drop a few bombs on their cities, and the affair will be liquidated.

What India was for England, the territories of Russia will be for us. If only I could make the German people understand what this space means for our future!

We must attract the Norvvegians, the Swedes, the Danes and the Dutch into our Eastern territories. They'll become members of the German Reich…As for the Swiss, we can use them, at the best, as hotel-keepers.

On Turkey
The first thing to do is to conclude a treaty offriendship with Turkey, and to leave it to her to guard the Dardanelles. No foreign power has any business in that part of the world.

As Allies, I prefer the Turks to the Bulgarians. That's why I'm ready to conclude a trade treaty with Turkey, by which we'd supply her with arms and ammunition.

As for the ridiculous hundred million Slavs, we will mould the best of them to the shape that suits us, and we will isolate the rest ofthem in their own pig-styes; and anyone who talks about cherishing the local inhabitant and civilising him, goes straight off into a concentration camp!

Lebensraum was an esoteric metaphor for South America.

Welp, he got his war and his country was destroyed.
How ironic that the war he wanted actually turned his country into a leftist hellhole.

Not at all. Have you ever read Hitler's Second Book? He talks about how America is lucky to have enough land and how Germany needs more living space. He was talking about literally annexing land to the east of Germany.

I already answered this: Hitler wanted a small war, not a large one. He didn't want a war with Britain or France.

Wow the guy spared from nuremberg execution did a 180 on his opinion of hitler after working diligently with him for years and years? color me SHOCKED

Well, he got one.
Small wars have the habit of turning into large ones.
It's pretty hard to have any sympathy for a man who wanted to start a war and then got his ass kicked.
It's like seeing a bully try to start fights with smaller kids only to have them gang up on the bully and toss him down a hill.

Reality refutes that claim/interpretation:

"It is clear that his earlier derogatory remarks, made in the flush of early victories and rampant German nationalism, did not represent Hitler's ultimate position on Russia or Russians."

"This was evidenced in Hitler's later actions as well, when, for example, hundreds of thousands of Russians were allowed to take up German arms and uniforms to join in the crusade against Communism in the "Russian National Liberation Army" under former Soviet General Vlassov."

It was pretty obvious even early on that Bolshevik Russia and Germany were going to have problems. Britain and France did a volte-face and declared war on Germany for invading Poland. Hitler really wasn't expecting that.

That filth was written by Roper (?), none of that tripe is in the Ostara Publications true edition.

Attached: 3.JPG (974x1407 841.75 KB, 476.22K)

Hitler was a faggot and backstabber.

Also, anarchists more reliably became fascists than communists. Mussolini himself was a huge fan of Proudhon and Bakunin, and Fascism originated among syndicalists.

'Anarchism' in the 19th century resembled more syndicalism or a confederal democracy than a society without a state. Hell, 19th century socialists were often redpilled as fuck on racial questions.

Attached: Cantonvalencia1873.png (174x192, 58.21K)

Oh look, another variant of NatSoc D&C.

I wonder if the esoteric kike, the KILL ALL WHITE NATIONALISTS spammer or the MUH BOLAND shill will be in here.

Oooof course.

And there's the esoteric kike.

And there's the WN spammer.

3 for 3.


Totally not a concerted effort to attack NatSoc though.
Totally not a conscious group pursuing this course of action.

No, no, no. This is just organic, you see.

And THANK GOD we have such quality moderation to handle shitposting threads like these!

What would do without our mods, who always manage to get rid of posts using BLACKED imagery, even if they aren't spamming, but leave these disgraceful multi-IP shilling substrate threads up for days if not weeks at a time!

Maybe there should be some pasta in this thread too. I know how much you love pasta…. But do I want to spend the time feeding you again today? Wew… I don't know…

Then he was an idiot.

Or maybe this thread is just infested with jews.

He did knock France off in a month, so there is that. But, yeah, there really was no way to win a war against France, Britain, and the Soviet Union–especially not with the US's help later on.

Pretty much.

Anyway, nows a great time to talk about a new initiative.

Are you tired of seeing threads like these? Are you sick of coming to a compromised Zig Forums?

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no shit captain obvious

wtf I hate hitler now


The Daily Stormer

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Sages "shitposting" thread 13X.

Thanks for the thread, guys. Helpful since I used to think 8ch was Nazi LARPing circa 2016. By 2018, NS ideology was obviously the only way forward… so I converted. There is no other option. I still have another 6 months of lurking, so my apologies for posting. Just responding to, then filtering, a hater.

So, we've reached consensus that all slavic peoples are sub human, non-Aryan scum?








What's up with all these homosexual content coming from mad monotheists? Also why are you posting pictures of christian men and calling it pagan, as if forging holohoax documents? Who could this be?